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Where does one get nsfw commissions in 2024?

Anyone got any discord servers they can recommend? The forum world seems completely dead by now, which is what I last remember being a thing. Is hentai foundry still popular and does it get enough traffic to get an artist exposure/commissions?

Help a brother out /ic/

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local or cloud GPU imagen or novelai service

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post your work and prices and I may commission you

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I would had liked this pic more if the tail was shit being shhoted out her asshole
Also no bare feet, fuck u

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Sent ;)

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have a twitter, most of my clients come from twitter, get into discords that you think people who would like your stuff are

if you have a niech fetish that you want to target than go for it and share it on discords for it, i never used reddit, but that might also be a good place to post espetially if you are a actual good artist (unlike me)

godspeed anon

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>i never used reddit
There's spacing in your text so you're lying.

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Hentai Foundry is pretty much dead in terms of engagement. Even the best artists there get engagement closer to that of what Newgrounds SFW featured pieces there get. The owners and mods being pedophiles doesn't help.
Twitter is your best shot right now in terms for numbers, but if you want to build a community I recommend using that, Newgrounds, and Discord together.

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>Where does one get nsfw commissions in 2024?
I get them from fandoms on Twitter. I draw fanart of fotm bitch doing POV anal. She isn't fucking a character, she's fucking (you) and talking to you.
Recently I did of the RWBY bitches and I got 3 comms on the same day.

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Twitter is trash, ten million twitter reacts are worth a single Facebook like.

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Do you use hashtags? I'm certain that images marked NSFW don't show up on hashtags (even if you enable the setting to show them), so do you post SFW work to attract them to your profile?

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I'm doing free art commissions on my Twitter which includes nsfw. @curvylucoa

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How does one ink like that?
Inking is probably the only thing I don't understand for shit.

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Literally just look at the lines. They're right there. Then, copy them. If you can't do that then no advice will help you.

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>free art commissions
Now that's just sad

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What's worse is nobody has replied. Time to die.

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Twitter and discord are the places I get most of my clients from. Just make friends with fellow artists and make your own discord server.

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I regret looking this up

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>Look up name with the intention of giving a pity commission
>Images return from name search
>Want to nope the fuck out
I'm willing to give you a chance. Will you draw me some Apu Apustaja frogs for a little bit of shilling?

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Sure. Anything specific you want them to be doing?

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Try drawing Apubeard based on this son
Go to the $Apu music playlist and listen to Apubeard, king of the seven choccy seas. As a matter of fact I think I'll join you in drawing him too. Don't be a faggot and drop out on me.

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In case you don't get the song, it's just Apu as a your quintessential pirate with a hook and eyepatch.

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Here's your pirate.

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Nice. Come back to this thread in a couple hours.

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Alright I'm back. Are you still here?

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Yeah, I'm still here. What's next?

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Post the same drawing with your signature just to be sure I want to send you some Crypto.

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What's your Ethereum address fren. Uh maybe I should have asked for it as you posted the image, come to this general thread where where we have ID's and post a drawing of a smiley face next to your signature again ek sorry but I'm just paranoid about scamming Jeets that may be lurking.

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I don't know what you're talking about, man. I just wanna do free commissions that's all.

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Well then you have my gratitude.

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Anyone else want free commissions?

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uuoooohhhhhh cat nunny cunny ToT

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You're not getting commissions because your art is beg teir. Learn anatomy and how to draw faces. Your nowhere close to ready to give commissions.

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That's why I thought of doing free commissions to get better at drawing. Of course my drawing skills are so shitty that I can't even get free commissions. It's so fucking embarrassing.

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lots of blur color mixing

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Anon, you need a reality check, and I say this with a very good inention: do not post anything for a good year or so. Draw and do not show it to anyone, because its pointless, but keep track of your progress which you'll eventually see. People are not interested in it, and no pro will take you under his wings or redline your stuff. You are at the stage, when you shouldn't even do loomis head, but a shitton of cylinders, and boxes.

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I see your good intentions and thank you. Anything else?

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oh fucking god no

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there is a telegram group called coursebuster they have a lot of leaked Coloso and proko courses also books that you can download for free and start learning/training rn

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I don't have telegram.

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omg dude, then open one, or learn by yourself, or buy their expensive courses for 2000 usd or kys

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I will kill myself.

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>AIsloppa falsefagging thread
This plot point is getting way too cliche. Mikufag get better content!

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do not give up to easy man, fight for your life