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Is there an art course or book that shows how to shade like the GOATS but in digital? When I use fountain pens and map pens on paper, it's not hard. When I try to do it in digital I don't know what the fuck to do to get same results. In fact, mangaka who do digital art have dogshit shading.

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How come there's no digital artists who know how to do good backgrounds like classic mangaka? Oda uses digital as reference, only to draw on paper. Horikoshi uses digital just for minor details but then does most of the work on paper. It's not even that they hate digital. oda uses digital for colored pages, but for black & white he sticks with paper. Then the mangaka who use only digital have the most dogshit art imaginable. Then you have some artists switch to digital and their art starts declining.

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Artists like Gege use digital only, and their shading seems like ass compared to Akira Toriyama who uses paper. How come digital mangaka can't draw a background or shade even if their life depended on it?

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You don't know a mangaka is drawing digitally when they do it well. It's called "survivorship bias", look it up. Sage.

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Probably because most of those OG mangaka studied real life before going into comics and cartoon drawings, they drew real backgrounds and studied real perspectives and real people.
Nowadays there's a lot of incest going on. Instead of learning real life first, now artists study anime and manga art only. They study other people's interpretations of life instead of doing it themselves.
The whole "you got to know the rules before you break them" has a lot of truth to it. Most artists also want to immediately go into the flashy stuff (fighting, action, as well as cool moments) and refuse to do the "boring and basic" stuff like learning perspective, backgrounds, buildings, vehicles, etc...
Add to the fact that with digital you can simply buy a couple of 3d assets and use those for the backgrounds, vehicles, and so on.

So all in all, the reasons for this decline are the abundance of art-incest, lack of technical knowledge and ambition in learning the basic and boring aspects of art, and the advantages modern technology has brought, to cut corners and cover weaknesses.

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>Is there an art course or book that shows how to shade like the GOATS but in digital?
A former art mutual of mine managed to somehow achieve that, even though those days he mostly draws hardcore pornslop an such.
I'm too interested on how to ink with trad-like levels of subtle details and hatching digitally as well, It might be an effect of being /beg/ skill myself but I consider my own art not detailed enough.

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Here's an example of his SFW stuff.
Not exactly pro level, but pretty advanced when it comes to a good chunk of fundamentals and everything looks competent enough by most standards.

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I think inking traditionally and digitally should be treated differently from my own experience. When I ink digitally - I almost treat it like a sculpture or an engraving, using blacks to carve into the paper and describe form. An eraser will help me do this as well since I can easily adjust and make changes with vector layers. When I'm drawing with a pen I'll have confidence in my lines because of the relationship between my hand and the paper (something I think is lost with the tablet).
Pic related is an example of a good digital inking (@hanzo1101). Notice how the image has a classic manga or 19th/20th century book illustration look with its use of crosshatching and lines instead of screentones.

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Anon the mangaka he's talking about were not the OGs. The OGs were around the Tezuka era and before. Toriyama's time was already multiple generations into copying the previous guys. Toriyama stood out precisely because his work wasn't that.
It's simply a case of OP being a retard and only looking at the GOATs from the past when they were always extremely rare.
How do you replicate the GOATs? You don't, they're the GOATs for a reason.

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There's some sweet manga pages ITT. I guess you could replicate the pen strokes with a digital brush tool .

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why not just draw traditional and not be a faggot

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>When I use fountain pens and map pens on paper, it's not hard

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i've been wondering how much of this look was simply automated as a result of the manga printing process? like do certain values of grey get remapped to various screentone patterns, and the image just emerges this way?
take for instance yusuke murata. I think his manuscripts get finalized digitally, and the grey values are often solid tones. you see a lot more solid tones for filled in colors as opposed to screentones. I wonder if its because a lot of modern manga can have a formal digital release, and that is probably what gets distributed online, more so than physical scans.

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Murata is shit at storytelling just like toriyama but they are both goats at drawing comics

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Just ink it in CSP with the g-pen.


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Use screen tones and layer them to achieve variations in value. You can buy these from any Online art supply shop that sells japanese stationary although they are going to be expensive since most Manga artists just use digital tools for the same purpose.
Clip Studio is the stardard for this as it comes prepackaged with an extremely large library of templates.

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>just like toriyama

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>toriyama is shit at storytelling
...in the opposite dimension.

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this entire thread is retarded. its called rendering not shading. older mangaka used ink and zippatone/toner packs for everything. modern shitters use clip studio and blender and similar programs for it. some do mix of trad and digital. for soem artists theyll render with copic for grey tones or if doing color pages. others bust out gouache or water color.

the issue with modern digital versions is they arent even inking the hatching or other lines. its all with digital brushes so you get the same look and generic linework with no variations. across so many no talent 3d tracers, it blends together and gives the modern shit look to all manga. the lack of imperfections in the linework and hatching is the major imperfection of modern manga. it also leads to the faux amateur look gege and chainsaw guy do. they are blatant 3d models and objects for everything but the chicken scratch lines and shit looking art let people forgive it somehow. like they believe its just bad artist and not deliberate shitter.

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>this entire thread is retarded.
>Reply is nothing other than regurgitated advice from previous posts in the thread.
>Somehow manages to get the information wrong anyway.

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Rattoreipā X 2099 (Rat Raper X 2099

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>How to shade like this in digital?
Are you serious? This is so easy!!

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You are reading wrong manga.
Also what's the point of focusing on "digital"? Digital can imitate anything to the point where it will look like traditional, so it sounds like you're expecting a certain art style or else it "doesn't count".

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Here's some studies I did from photo reference. I only used one brush so I could focus on my crosshatching. I think inking texture is still a challenge for me, but this was still fun.

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Because you're using a cherry picked example. Two can play at that game

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Just make a hatching/cross hatching brush

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download brush

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To actually answer the question after 4 fucking days..
Look up dithering.