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These are the people getting artist jobs btw

explains why modern video game characters ugly as shit

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I feel like he's just making shit up.

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you're telling me there are still places where I can get paid to draw sexy elf ladies and nobody told me?

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regardless of the political leaning, most media is going to look sub-par; if everything were beautiful, nothing would be. but a notable amount of leftists go out of their way to try to "stick it to the evil, white, cis, hetero man" by going against conventional forms of beauty and, necessarily, create monstrosities. it's entertaining, at the very least, so I'm not losing sleep over it.

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while I agree the a politics is cringe, this guy doesn't even draw female characters, he makes things akin to anthropromorphic rats and disney cards. You can talk shit about his politics but his art isn't ugly or really making videogames worse, I would lay that at the feet of orgs like sweet baby inc

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No the guy in the op pic is probably like 40, those old dudes are dead or retired, and now we follow a viscous cycle where they instead became the higher ups who punish people who want to draw sexy elves and not respectful elves.
There's this problem where one group hampers another artists creative vision, and the cycle repeats itself forever and ever instead of people realizing

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> twitter bio
> Jesus-following Hobbit
yea dude he's a total socialist. you people are fucking moronic.

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Christian democrats and socialists are far more common than you think anon, I doubt he's a socialist, but he probably is unironically a milquetoast leftist who believes in both right wing and left wing notions of respecting women.
NTA btw.

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I don't know or care about the dude in picrel, I was just adding to OP's point about video games being ugly.

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attitudes towards depictions of women and especially sexualization of female characters are changing and there's nothing you can do about it.
die mad

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I'm not a Christian, not a democrat, not a socialist, but I still find "sexy elves" cringe. like, who's your target audience? lonely 30-ish fantasizing about banging fucking elves?


wouldn't cancel it either, wouldn't cancel anything for that matter. but that's still utterly cringe.

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>but I still find "sexy elves" cringe. like, who's your target audience? lonely 30-ish fantasizing about banging fucking elves?
Sexy characters isn't just about titillation - it can also set a mood, tone, and make things feel mature. If you have a series that's going to go to very dark places, nothing will clue the audience into this early on more than how it shows and handles sex. Brazenly showing the sex may feel like it's just there for sleaze, but it does let you know what kind of ride you're in for.
Heck, a bit of sexuality in something that is otherwise fairly clean, mundane, or immature can elevate it and make it feel entirely different than had it not had the sex.

Granted though, it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the good uses of sex and nudity were just cases of creators being horny, rather than using it for any intended effect.

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kek this is cute and funny

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kek i see more sexually explicit things everytime i walk into the gym then ive ever seen in modern video games
american purtinanicalism is so weird

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>dood le sexy elves
Fucking coomers how about you make them cool instead but that would require you to take your hands out of your pants for a microsecond I suppose

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Cool and sexy are the same thing, unless you are born in america and think pic related is the peak of character design

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No they're aren't, they can be, but usually aren't

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What's going on with that picture? Is her tit out or am i blind? can someone redline?

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ChatGPT wrote this message.

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I wish I knew were this job was I would happily work on that place

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>He-Man but it's not about He-Man anymore
I've never seen a reboot butchered so hard.

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His face explains everything. Why do they all look the same?

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You can do both

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>coom la coom
Great example there retard

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And again, I knew if I typed this eunuch's @ along with the word "fanservice", I would find these gems

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Vegetarian eunuch male spotted

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Disney adult.

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Reminder pic related has x100 the amount of followers as the guy in OP's pic has and is one of the highest paid porn artists on Patreon at the moment. More zoomers care about Derpixon than this dysgenic fuck lmao.

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>meaningless plebbit tier buzzwords
You're nothing more than a normalfag for liking that trash.
Kill yourself.

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>>meaningless plebbit tier buzzwords
That's what you use when you call every pic with woman showing sking "coom", subhuman
Back to your pbs kids cartoons /co/ autist

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Next you're gonna post some other fotm anime and claim that it's "cool and sexy" or even worse fucking genshin impact or something

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>nothing but assumptions
You're the dumbest blackest nigger gorilla out there

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>11 years ago

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>explains why modern video game characters ugly as shit

This doesn't make any sense, because the person writing the post isn't the director OR in a senior position. The people truly calling the shots are the ones in sales and marketing.

Which goes to prove you have no fucking clue about shit so maybe you need to shut up.

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go back to larping as a heckin tradcat, prude faggot bitch

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>half naked bitches fighting and ending up in poses like this totally isn't coom
Go back to sucking cock and jerking off to your troons you desensitized faggot

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>I think Kill la Kill is coom and degenerate
>Yeah, it objectifies women, it is cringe to watch!

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>a certain amount of time passed
>that means it wasn't flavor of the month when it aired
Anon please
When that shit was over people moved on to the next thing immediately except for the usual hardcore autists, I don't even remember what the next thing was because I stopped paying attention to anime a long time ago.

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>makes up stuff
take your med schizo nigger you're hearing voices again

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Shut the fuck up retard

i'm not making up stuff, you and the basedboy on op have the same arguments, horse shoe theory is right once again, you both should hold hands and walk into the sunshine together

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>but usually aren't
I disagree, I think for women (and usually men, though not as strictly), sexiness is a major part of their 'coolness'.
Pick a beloved female character people agree is 'cool', and she's at the very least, highly attractive - more likely she acts in a way that is highly desirable as well, and probably wears clothes that are at least somewhat provocative.
Heck, even if a character is steered away from being sexually provocative, if they're cool people will still find them erotic, because 'cool' is sexy.

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>i'm not making up stuff
you clearly are
it's nothing but braindead assumptions and schizphrenic coomer shit
now go
and dial8

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Americans are all about body positivity, but if you are a leftist, it only applies if you're ugly, if you're attractive you should wear a hijab

And if you're a right wing you advocate anti wokeness but throws a sissy fit the moment a character dares to show cleavage, then she is a degenerate whore and you're a coomer for looking at it

Absolutely insane society, I wish the french had become the cultural world power after WW2 so I wouldn't have to deal with these annoying retards

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>Shut the fuck up retard
Thank your for showing everybody that you are, in fact, a mentally handicapped discord wanker and nothing more.

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i've never used discord in my like you schizo. Your argument is fucking stupid, i'm not going to engage on it

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>Your argument is fucking stupid, i'm not going to engage on it
Because you literally can't, you know I'm right.
Just consneed and leave the thread all of your posts are retarded anyway.

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I can but i'm not going to throw perals at the mental midget swine. You should leave the thread, shouldn't you be hearing a a jordan peterson speech or something of the kind?

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Just leave before you drown everybody in second hand embarrassment.

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I like shows about cute/sexy girls beating the shit out of each other and monsters
But I understand you might be gay, you cannot help it.

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I'd play this game

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mental midget cattle

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I bet some of you here are the same kind of insufferable kind that whinges about wanting a "skip the sex scene" buttom on streaming services

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should have hired me

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There's more porn than there has ever been.
now even celebrities are turned into digital whores with deepfakes and the content of onlyfans sluts is leaked and shared with complete impunity.
You will be objectified and you will be unhappy.

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I call bullshit. If those senior dudes still worked in the industry there would still be some decent games.

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fake and gay for clout

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>"I can send you reference"
>Didn't reported his superiors to HR
Yeah, he's making shit up for internet clout.

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I really cannot be assed to give a damn about anyone who throws a hissy fit about seeing someone more attractive than them on TV or anything else. Self insert niggers are also a disease, male or female. Same with repfags. Most people grow out of wanting to see their barbie dolls or action figures look like them. Grow the fuck up.
>Granted though, it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of the good uses of sex and nudity were just cases of creators being horny, rather than using it for any intended effect.
I think this is usually the case also. An unintended good side effect of the coomery that happened during brainstorming, I guess. Nobody's innocent.

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there's no salvaging this turd

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Well one actually makes good shit which is the difference

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>explains why modern video game characters ugly as shit
Only western video games.
Just look at any Japanese, S.Korean or Russian game and you can find plenty of sexy ladies.

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It's so weird to see a random piece of art on Instagram and the comments are all coomers trying to summon Derpixon or Diives.

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In a bizarre twist feminsts "women as sex objects" shit has become actually true because of internet hyper sexualization

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So this is who that C.S. Lewis quote is talking about.

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The anglo are just the french's rape babies turned insane by Protestantism.
We'd need something absurd like Italy regaining the hegemony, for a real change in culture to occur.

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which quote

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I don't know what you thought you were doing here. Please do not try this again lol.

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>he thinks HR is there to help you
lol lmao

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culture war faggots are like a cult
they believe some shitty character artist or owner of a twitter account has the power to change everything about a game

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>Please do not try this again lol.
I do as I please, faggot.

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>I don't know what you thought you were doing here. Please do not try this again lol.
The way that you write is gross; pleading at me like a teenage girl bullying a classmate by feigning concern. But I'm guessing you're an adult man which makes it cloying and creepy. How vile.

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Fucking Cancel culture, not surprised the troons are happy about this.

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this definitely happened

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this ain't it anon

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Libtards and feminazis glorify obesity and ugliness. It's truly bizarre. Anime and chinese gatcha games are so popular because japs and thinks see obesity and ugliness as disgusting and worship cuteness and beauty instead. Radical libtards genuinely believe they can change global standards of beauty if they shove enough fatties and uggos in out faces while telling us they're beautiful. It will never work.

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>Radical libtards genuinely believe they can change global standards of beauty if they shove enough fatties and uggos in out faces while telling us they're beautiful
I'm not entirely convinced they do believe it. maybe they do, just to be clear, but I'm not sure they've *really* had a good pondering on whether they could realistically effect change on a wider scale in terms of beauty standards. I think at the very least it makes them feel good about themselves; I would bet many who push this ideology are actually pessimistic about their ability to effect change, but that's not what's important to them.

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lmao complains about his first paying job and then loses his biggest one.

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"Some niggers just need to kill themselves" it's from one of the Narnia books

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You know what I'm tired of? Artist's being celebratory about there jobs. You have testament. " they told me to do this". No wonder the entire industry has gone to the rich who get richer.

Cunt industry

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Aslan was a real nigga

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I dont' know who are you or that other anon, but Kill La Kill is absolutely coom trash anime
How can you see this pic and deny it

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I liked the story. I rewatch it every year lol