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Exactly how many hours, days, and recourses until I can draw a fox like this?

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however long it takes before you harness the racism within you

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you have to develope a soul

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redpill me on this fox

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Nobody knows your situation or your skills.
Just draw it and post it here.

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Niggas here think learning skills in real life is like grinding shit in WoW because that's the only thing they ever put any effort into.
They always ask for advice like they're looking for the most optimal mob to farm. Hopeless losers. None of you will ever make it.

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Wtf, don't just jump straight to lineart. Download a program where you can have multiple layers. Create a sketch layer first. That fox is a combination of multiple basic shapes. If you would start drawing a head then draw an entire ball, not just the chin. Begin with a sketch marking where a head, torso, arms, hands would be and focus on getting proportion and likeness right. Don't bother with cleanliness just make it look simillar and appealing. After that you can create a new layer on top, lower the opacity on a sketch layer and trace making fast swipes and clean lines. A good workflow with layers really matters if you want to make your drawing process more controllable and fun

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>Be fiddleafox
>Say things about black people and trannies that everyone knows but wouldn't admit, all in a private DM with a friend
>"Friend" leaks DMs after fiddle refuses to do some gay vore erp with him

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bad advice

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I was using a mouse and did it in a minute.
Also you're thinking too hard.

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>leaks DMs after fiddle refuses to do some gay vore erp with him

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just draw it over and over really small on one big page thats how i learned eevee heads

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Could you tell me what exactly bad about my advice? Don't use Paint? Do basic construction?
I see you can draw stuff on the whim but not every one can do that so well. My sketch is a shitshow unless I clean it up or do a lineart layer after. I just shared my workflow which works for me.
Save up for a tablet then. Even the cheapest of tablets would be much better than a mouse. C'mon, I'm just trying to help

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2nd panel in that is the best. theres no need to really do linework, better to just clean the roughs :) saves time between drawings, making more drawings possible

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yeah, I do that too for requests and if I just wanna have fun but I don't think it will do for finished or professional works. Lineart is still kind of a standard in digital art and an important skill to have (even though I'm still getting there)
I also find coloring the right one easier because you can put flats in a minute. Both ways have their pros in my opinion

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One afternoon

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Your sketch looks great but the lineart ruins it entirely, you should ditch the final step and embrace the dirtier, more spontaneous and soulful look

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Adobe illustrator looking ass. You ruined all its dynamism and charm with those lines, they have no flow or appealing line weight.

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huh, interesting. I didn't even find my lineart particularly bad at all. I'll think about that.

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I dont think your lineart is bad, I think it just looks almost too clean is what those anons are saying.

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I have a tablet I'm just lazy

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bro went from master to beg with lineart

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Second panel is CUTE!

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I wanted her style too, but I’ve come to learn it’ll never happen
It’s just inherent to individuals, it’s in their blood. Amateur Japanese and hispanic artists mog professional westoids with more appealing styles than what they’re grinding and studying but still failing to copy.

Fiddle was Latina, and highly regarded Latino artists with over 10k Xitter followers always say it’s impossible to learn a style when I ask them because “every artist has their own style”.
It’s not fair

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like 4 hours if you are not autistic retard

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I dont like your clean line art just like the rest, but i know you will get better over time keep practicing!

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im sorry anon, but you will NEVER be able to draw as cute as her.

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>I wanted her style too, but I’ve come to learn it’ll never happen
Your attempt is too anime-esque, fiddle's style was only anime-esque incidentally

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So your logic is that in order to have this style, I would have to try not to copy it? What sense does that make?

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No dumbass
You recognize that fiddle's style is largely inspired by anime and Pokemon, so you focus on that part instead of her actual style, which is why you fail to mirror her style

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>“instead of her actual style”

So use something other than what you want as a means to an end?

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You are either intentionally misinterpreting what I'm saying or you're retarded

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How is he wrong though?

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Godddddddddddd I want this fox girl to fart in my mouth so badly

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Fiddle is a biological woman

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Based GMIchad

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>nigga being robbed
>slacktivists: "They rob him cuz he black!"
>nigga robbing the hood
>slacktivists: "It's societies fault he has to rob the hood!"
He's right though. Every time anything blacks has been involved, some activists are quick to defend them. You don't see the same thing with Asian or any other races.

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Took me about an hour. Critique?

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Very nice, now draw her pawfeet

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post your averies

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Took me a few minutes in sai, easy peasy

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Now heres her in my style

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Seconding, pls do

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I like the leaked message of how she says she hates 99% of the people who follow her and like her art because they're the LGBT crowd side of furry which is unfortunately the majority lol