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Feels weird to see stuff that feels like it was put in an ai blender and traced over. Don't know wether to call it smart or souless.

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Why “don’t you know”? What can I tell you to draw your pending conclusion?

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Why are you posting gay shit? kys fujoshi.

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It is smart, don't pay attention to seething luddites, they simply can' keep up.

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I coom
Honestly I just find the traced art odly cringy.

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If you can get away with it you might as well do it

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The era of people tracing over ai art generation has begun. Wild the only reason I can see it was because I generated way too much shitty ai hentai on my ipad.

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Absolutely brutal you can literally see the before and after ai shit. It is so jarring seeing the artstyle change in like one day.

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Not even once.

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oh c'mon, you don't get huh? this is the ONE opportunity for artist that such an AWESOME tool has been gifted to them, and yet so many of are still blind about this

why not just drop the ego, learn to use AI and JUST DRAW with it assisting you?

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Yeah they even deleted a post where it was a bit too obvious it was AI

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It's all ai is good for. being a tool

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same thing where you could tell when people start tracing/using 3d and then claiming they drew it all. finally now people will admit you're not crabbing, but they used to eat it up all the time that artists never lied and always drew by hand

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If the end result still looks loke their regular artwork then good on them.
If it ends up obviously AI and they cant prove otherwise, then they have brush up on their skills.
t. Used to trace over AI for background. Now I copy/paste some background elements I like and paint directly over 60% of them and add a bit of details.
Usually it involves way more than simply drawing your own heads on top of AI body because, but even then it's still way better than just pumping out AI straight from the generator.

My artstyle doesn't look like the result so I wouldn't use the heads. I could take the clothing tho since I can already draw those. The bags are wrong, better to erase that part and draw again. The pre-AI hands are better drawn lmao.

Also, gay faggot.

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A noose is a tool, use it.

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Wouldn't even have a problem with it if it didn't look like shit. OGs traced all the time but it didn't look like shit. Same with a lot of manga artists. But the combo of AI and expedient fanart/coom digislop just doubles the worst traits of both. But hey, if coomers & consoomers are willing to eat shit ...

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let him cook frfr bussin tiktok dance she/they stanley sippy cup twitter free palestine

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I dont get why he didn't like experiment using AI by piecemeal. Instead of just slapping his own head and face onto a pre-generated image.

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Most ai tends to look similar, it’s always the same lines, poses and perspectives.

Ask for a Timelapse , problem solved ;)

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you can pick which layers you show kek

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I mean I really doubt anyone is going to even ask for a time line of disgusting trash like the OP.

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I fucking told this place that this would be the new thing

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> why not just drop the ego, learn to use AI and JUST DRAW with it assisting you?
Because I’m not a permabeg

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Saw someone reference an Ai Trunks image to make this sick drawing on twitter.
As long as you're not tracing and just referencing from Ai and know where it gets things wrong there's nothing wrong with stealing ideas from it.

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You are toasted if you get caught, like this guy >>7148525 is on thin ice, even if you stop using it people are just not going to bother.

As for OP i'm still absolutely mindfucked, my mind says it's photoshop and not AI due to how awful everything looks and i mean everything. it's like hes copy pasting webtoon porn faces and pasting it on top of actual porn or something, it's macabre how uncanny it looks, not even AI looks like that.

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If the generated art looks mid I'm gonna call it out

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left looks better

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That's if the audience cares enough

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Fuck you, that's how it starts.
Start with an "it's just for easy inspiration" and we'll end with an "ai art is fine" in some years.
You shouldn't give then a chance at all.

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I doubt most coomers care. Though honestly imo it just looks too offputting

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>Tried to indicate the bag should be shaded
>AIjeet gave it fucking candy stripes
Truly the fvtvre...

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AI "artists" refuse to discuss art, "Artists" refuse to discuss AI. Wannabees whine to the jannies.

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they traced over pintrest references and 3d models before this.>>7148503

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>fucked up lighting on his hair
>ugly colors
>boring composition
>likely didn't learn anything
you know (probably not) how in late 00s - early 10s every 'art advice' from deviantart retards said not to copy other people's art to study because you'll pick up their bad habits and mistakes? It's actually true with regards to AI slop.

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> AI "artists" refuse to discuss art
Bit obvious, most of them don’t bother using any artistic techniques like color theory and composition

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Art is going to start looking more and more samey thanks to AI, anime is probably going to suffer the least (or the most depending in how you look at it) because while there are exceptions, anime looks very similar to one another, I'm in the going to suffer the most camp, because I really really like anime that doesn't stick to the norm

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The big ones look quite different
Jjk being a big one, the artstye especially the opening imo mogs the rest
Jjk and the outcast honestly have the best artstyles

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This is literally picrel (but somehow even worse)

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people who do this are fed up with drawing poorly so they see AI like gaining ultimate power.

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The trash takes itself out. Keep drawing and you'll have value in a sea of idiots that pretend.

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Lmao that aigis pic. I'm pretty sure thats copied from hungry clicker

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You will never be an artist

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>fed up with drawing poorly
sigh. welcome to /ic

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AI is here. It's in modern life. Cope

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>Males with female asses
Are shotafags secretly straight for short haired girls?

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They have girls faces too. It almost feels like shotas are a cope for men who can't imagine themselves fucking girls with pixie cuts.

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And I and a majority of others' disgust for it is here to stay. Cope.

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people like this treat drawing like some special ability gifted from god

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Hi there, are we doing it again I see

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ngmi faces

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Did you actually read this article anon?

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Of course. He asked chatgpt to summarise it.

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Painting over AI is the new tracing/painting over porn photos.
The faggots doing it are not the skilled ones, and it shows through in the final product, where the areas they tried to manually adjust are so obviously lower quality, like those faggots on pixiv posting hyper-realistic naked bodies with a pasted-on prebeg anime face.

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>Did you actually read this article anon?
It's FYI. Cope.

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nta but the article makes the opposite point you think it's making

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>nta but the article makes the opposite point you think it's making
Ok. What point was I trying to make? That Anti-AI is the Establishment point of view?

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Your point (unless you are extremely retarded and fumbled it), is that a majority aren't against AI. Your article states that 51% are against it, and of the remaining 49% a majority are unconvinced.

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Ok silly. I was agreeing that the Establishment point of view is that AI is bad. ok?
The rebels are for AI and the sentimentalist, fearful traditionalists are against it.

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if you really meant to agree with that anon (that the majority of people are critical of AI), then you need to learn how greentexting works, because quoting the word
And then posting an article beneath it implies that the article is meant to disprove statement that the majority of people are critical of AI.
You should try lurking for a while before you post again.

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that’s a long ass arm. tracers are just as bad

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Lol there is a lot of this stuff on rule34

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Cut him some slack. If the little faggot had actual use of his brain he wont be shilling AI slop.

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I cant wait to make a fool out of every AI artist by challenging them to a analog draw-off and the confidence fade from their face

honestly its absurd that AIs wont tell you the artists they copied from. There are technical ways to do this, even AI companies will tell you there arent becuase they dont want to respect IP and pay royalties, and consumers are so stupid they dont know they are being gaslighted and artists are too fame hungry to educate themselves and combat the obvious threat to their IP

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That's hilarious how it still ends up looking like ai lmfao. It's just like copying 3d gives you stiff poses and any /int/ can instantly tell it's traced 3d. Only the top 1% of artists are able to utilize 3d and its probably the same for ai.

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every time i distance myself from all the ai shit some aitard makes such a fool out of himself i can't help but give him a (you)

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I was banned somewhere on reddit for posting speedpaint that referenced generated image

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Begs gonna Beg

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It shows. You changed her hair texture so now all of the lines in her hair make no sense. The original hairstyle also doesn't make sense with the original texture. You didn't really learn anything by copying and if you were a GMI artist you would've noticed this.

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make up your mind or go back to /beg
you don't know what you're talking about

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that image is such very skill issue sir

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Sorry, my superior pattern recognition triggers every time I see an AI picture

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Use AI to do something about that atrocious English, ESL-kun.

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Not to mention the poses lol got less dynamic

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Because retards will shit themselves senseless at the idea of artists not hating AI. You can train a model off your own art and they'll still screech about "muh stolen artwork" and "pick up a pencil".

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>he got filtered by a pencil

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Seems like their style changed within a few months looking at the time it was posted. Also the fact that they put 'NO AI' is also saying something. One of the posts they put their stuff onto a AI detection website.

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>Also the fact that they put 'NO AI' is also saying something.
Not really. Most artist do that anyway
It is pretty obvious that it is just ai, and those ai image checkers are pretty bad at their job.

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>ai generated but marked as not ai

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invisible walls or waste precious time trying to make le funny way the game stops you getting out of bounds? (it's a serious game)

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Label me ignorant, but how can you tell.

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AI image checker is terrible unless the poster is using some generators that comes with metadata and didnt bother to modify the files before posting (like NovelAI would include all the prompts/seed/settings into the file's metadata).

Usually it's just common sense to figure out whether the artist uses AI. Their recent artstyle is completely different than their usual artstyle? Check. Suddenly they could draw X better when they used to suck at it ? Check. Constantly posting multiple images everyday? Probably AI. Why the fuck is the ass is so damm smooth details but the face is all jagged and stiff? It's fucking AI.

Tbh I never really cared if artists trace over AI or 3D. If you can transform it enough that it removes all the 'AI' aspect of it like if you draw good enough that you remove the stiffness that you'd get from tracing over 3D, then it's whatever.

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With a 3d trace you still have to draw, with an AI trace the drawing is already done, you're just copying it. You could've very well just fixed up the original AI image instead but people really want to pass off AI as their own works through tracing. They're the same type of people that would trace other artists works except now they can get away with it since AI produces an original image. It's a pretty scumbag thing to do as an "artist"