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How do you lower your self-expectations when it comes to drawing? The fear of failure and irrational desire to get the perfect results on the first try in the least amount of time paralyze me like nothing else. I am dreading starting a new drawing session. Despite my rational mind knowing that I will never achieve perfection on my 1st try and that this is okay, deep down there's a part of me that refuses to accept this and sabotages the entire operation. Is it an ego thing? A pride thing? Is it because I wasn't praised enough by my father? It seriously pisses me off because when I finally start drawing I feel great, even if I didn't finish a drawing in the set amount of time I've given myself, it still feels great but then the next day, this whole torture game starts again. It's insanity.

What do? How do you lower your self-expectations?

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It's a capitalism thing, capitalism is at fault, blame capitalism. "Society" is obsessed with speed, productivity, success. Just draw. Don't look at the time, don't be too harsh on your results, all practice leads to improvement. Keep that in mind and just draw.

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Pick a drawing subject that requires your full attention, then put on some loud ass music where a lot of shit happens. For example, something like faster styles of metal, denpa, breakcore, not something like singer-songwriter stuff or ambient, basically whatever you like as long as it's fast and complex.
Now your RETARDED BITCH ASS left side of brain which EXISTS TO OVERTHINK SHIT AND CALL EVERYTHING YOU LOVE CRINGE is occupied with the music, while your right side, which is responsible for creativity and perception, can do whatever it needs to do without STUPID FUCKING LEFT SIDE OF BRAIN messing with it.
It helped me (shout out to Weaselcore by Mochipet, it knocked out my SHITTY LEFT SIDE OF BRAIN for good), I don't know if it helps you but it's free so why not try it yknow. Good luck!

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I will try, thanks.

I have noticed the self-doubt did get a lot quieter that one time I blasted this loud white noise video for like 5 hours straight.
Maybe I should start playing it regularly. I'll experiment with your suggestions as well, thanks.

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You need to change your mindset. I fucking love failure, I love making mistakes, I love when I finish drawing something and go "damn the hands look like shit" or whatever. Why? Think of the alternative: You finish a drawing, you see nothing wrong with it. NO ONE is perfect at art, and NO ONE makes perfect artworks, not even masters. So now you are in the horrifying situation where you drew something you know should be flawed, but your brain is too retarded to realize which parts are wrong and need improving.

This is why mistakes and failures are a fucking blessing. They tell you what to fix, or if it's too much to fix, what to focus on studying next. The day you stop seeing flaws in your drawings is the day you stop improving, not the day you become a perfect artist.