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>Miura died very young
>Tetsuo Hara has been almost blind for years
>Hagiwara fucked up his health permanently and doesn't even draw manga anymore
>Togashi can't draw like pic related anymore

Does going for significantly more detailed and technically proficient art than usual requires fucking up your health significantly to accomplish it when you're working in weekly and bi-weekly manga?
Is this why most current mangakas strive for simpler art styles in general compared to something like Berserk or Hokuto No Ken?

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Hey, when the the company keeps squeezing you more and more and more and you can't fight it you have to find way to save yourself from premature death.

I mean the solution would be pretty easy the company could just hire more assistants for you. But no that costs money, bullying and intimidation is cheaper.

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>Togashi can't draw like pic related anymore
He never drew like that outside of 1 or 2 pages out of thousands.
>weekly and bi-weekly manga?
Miura was working on monthly manga.

How hard is it to get the basic facts of your own assertions right?

>Is this why most current mangakas strive for simpler art styles in general
Most mangaka (generally speaking) are striving to make the best work they can in the time they have. It's going to be eating into all of their lifespans. You so carelessly ignore the effort of people working themselves to the bone as we speak. Let's see you try make anything like Berserk or HnK. Guess what: it's not just a matter of trying.

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>Tetsuo Hara
Tetsuo Hara, who has suffered from a deteriorating eye condition called Keratoconus, in June of 2023 received a corneal transplant surgery – "The surgery was a great success, and my vision in my right eye, which was 0.03, was restored to 0.3. I can see things 10 times better than before."

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>Is this why most current mangakas strive for simpler art styles in general compared to something like Berserk or Hokuto No Ken?
Shonen Jump readers nowadays don't care about detailed and manly art anymore, Japanese boys (and fujos) would rather see relatable guys as MC (and bishounens as rivals)
Tastes change over time and the current generation grew up with Naruto and his boyfriend Sasuke.

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>current generation grew up with Naruto
I mean the manga artists like the guys that created My Homo Academia and JOJOtsu Kaiser
>Bleach is probably more influential tho

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You clearly never read anything by Togashi, go back to /pol/

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I've read all his manga. Pic related is that same volume as OP's pic is from, in fact it's the very previous page leading up to it. It's so easy to check and see that the page in the OP is an extreme exception to the dude's typical work.
So why are you lying?

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based proof-poster

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togashi GOAT

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They strive for simple styles because they're producing on a weekly schedule. That shit is brutal even with assistants.

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>it's bad because they produce it frequently and consistently
maybe they should stop that.

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Shounen JUMP wouldn't like that.

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I actually like the simple style more, capeshit is exhausting to read for example, meanwhile, I can devour volumes upon volumes of this >>7140426

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More accurately, the readers wouldn't like it. I doubt the publication would care either way if there was no difference in sales/profits. The market is ultimately shaped by reader demand.
But it's not like the authors have no choice but to draw weekly manga. If they wanted to they could make monthly manga instead.

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You're actually stupid if you aren't just drawing the minimum to be readable with good flow and easy to adapt into a potential anime to be desu

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What a bizarre thing to say. It's stupid to want to push yourself and your craft?

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It's so clear that most of Togashi's manga is him taking obvious shortcuts but he's good at making it look very interesting regardless.
Love the man's work. Reading YYH or HxH is like flipping through a scrapbook.

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Sleep deprivation and chronic stress kills you if that's what you're asking