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If you're on a break after drawing and feel like sharing what's on your mind about what you're working on, the industry, things that excite you about art, or anything that frustrates you about drawing or the process of art then grab a cup of water and chill out here. Remember to keep discussion on-topic as much as possible.

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Why didn't I draw more when I was young and had plenty of time and neuroplasticity left?

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Digital art is frustrating me. I don't feel like I'm progressing, learning or growing. Maybe its the tablet, maybe its the software or maybe its just me. I wanna break my tablet.

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fucking hell

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my mom started after retirement and went pro
take the pet portrait pill

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true, i don't feel good when doing digital i feel more frustrated as well. Its much better on physical paper, though it can get hard also but generally its more fun

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Finished a doodle and honestly, it's the first one in a long few months I've done since I worked on art. I am a beginner so I am expecting to not have the best style starting out, but this just makes me regret not taking the chance of drawing and practicing more when in middle school or high school. Video games and youtube videos are a real curse for learning and affecting your dopamine man. Really makes for trying to start a long term project like video game or webcomic shit impossible.

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Draw larger while zoomed out, and then shrink your drawing after. Don't fight against the pixels by drawing small.

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Listen anon, life is hard, everyone is suffering, everyone is struggling, don't beat up yourself or shit on others over it. Yeah, life's not fair, fuck it and ride it out to the deep end.
In our noble pursuit, often time, it can get lonely, it is necessary to accept that you came alone and you will go alone, you have to face it, you will face rejections after rejections, failures after failures, and that can be painful. If it can be endured, endure, never complain. You have this fire inside of you, this sheer unaltered and unquestionable power within you. Believe in yourself, and create that masterpiece, you know you have it in you. Keep going, keep doing, never give up, never give in. Throughout history, it only take one to change the world. Do the best you can, when you can, we might be alone but we are never lonely, the creative powers flows through us since the ancient times, it surpass time and space, the first caveman who drew on the wall, Michaelangelo who painted and carved, to you today, you and your magic box and magic pixels, you have it in you, learn how it is and how it should be. Become glorious, become maximum, become undeniable. Let's meet there in the zone.

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I caught myself trying to undo on pen and paper last night. What have I become?

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It took me years to find the comfy spot but for me getting an android tablet and drawing with the right tool helps. But i do sketch around on paper especially for learning references

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I came to realize that Im hated on this board. Most of the time I post something, one or two anons show up to actively attack me, and if someone says something nice, they accuse me of samefagging; cant even participate in any of the discussions using my art because the first thing I get is insults directly related to the point at hand.
I'd say it's normal given the board we are in, but something about those replies Im getting recently feel very personal.

It doesnt really hurt me in a way that is significant, I doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things, the only thing is causing is that I lurk less and post even less, which is a win for me. But still, I cant help but wonder what I did I even do? I dont post in ill will, yet Im regarded as some kind of ill poster. Is it because my style is recognizable? Drawing what I like as opposed to what this board expects me to draw? There has to be some logical reason.

Can somebody explain this to me? I dont want to P my W because then I wouldnt get a proper answer. Im just curious to know what's wrong.

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And being hated by two randoms is not the same as being hated on the board as a whole

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Everyone's hated on this board, you're not special or unique
Get over yourself

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It is only personal because you made it personal. Most anon here mean not harm, they come in various shapes and sizes. However, I know exactly who you are, and you know exactly who I am. That is why it is personal, we are communicating in a way that you wanted, in a temporal existence where you and I exist, where I can never leave, it transcend all your abandonment issues, it is your way to feel safe. I can promise you that no amount of meaningful relationship or friendship will fix you, your attachments will not heal you or give you the closure you need. Only you can find it within yourself, one day anon, you will be whole again. But not today, you are not ready to meet me, the hatred is of your own making, you are not ready to face what you have done.

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>one or two anons show up to actively attack me, and if someone says something nice, they accuse me of samefagging
bro this literally happens to me
look at the latest meltdown here >>7135965
the advice I give is keep posting as this will make the schizo seethe
if you stop he will win

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I used to care about how I was perceived on /ic/ and about being hated but once I realized that the people who disliked me were all losers who could offer me nothing while artist far better than me genuinely enjoyed my work and were always helping me and rooting for me, the care I had to give about the negativity had reached a zero. Put stock into the opinions of the people who want to see you make things and make it and not the bitter failures seeking to drag you down so you end up bitter and miserable like they are.

Posting my work because I already know I am worthy of being a great artist and it working to become just that. >>7134012

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Letting time go by and hoping people forgive and forget doesn't work on /ic/. You need to kick their asses.

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I've never hated on you before, but after reading your whiny, self-absorbed mopey woe is me faggot post, I will make it my life's purpose to hate on you from now on every chance I get, you insufferable stain.

You are a fleck of undigested corn on the asshole of God and your very existence lessens the value of the universe.

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NTA but when you see the state of the board, what is it about you that makes you think, "let's make it worse"?
Also post you work faggot

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wtf are you talking about most of those replies were worshipping you, even though it sucks and the proportions were hilariously off. are you insane?

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>/ic/ poster
Just another day.

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errmmm?? according to the shizos it's just me replying to myself
>even though it sucks and the proportions were hilariously off
what does it have to do with the previous topic? you sound butthurt

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who the fuck is claiming you are samefagging? you seem to know how to quote posts, so could you show me who these people are?

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did you even read the thread

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no I rarely read entire threads, I only follow the relevant quote chains. As for the samefagging, anons are responding to your shit talking, so its hard to know for sure if someone is just actively hating you.

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>if someone is just actively hating you
also this post
even the mod deleted it

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Well anons being consistantly praised is rare on /ic/ especially if its generic anime shit, so it wouldnt surprise me if I got called out for samefagging. people do in fact start noticing patterns on this site

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I'm noticing the studies I did in the past allow me to make certain marks like the artist just by instinct. So I'm going to trace my favourite artists works 1st thing every morning until the marks are in my bloodstream.

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I think I'm starting to like pencil/pen and paper more than digital
Pencil is lighter and it moves without much drag and sketches seem nicer even if they're messy.
Lineart is more difficult because of larger sizes needed for inking,but it still could be managed.

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if you aren't samefagging, then there's a guy stalking your posts asking you "how did you do it :OOOO blog???"
you can't really blame people for noticing patterns, it's really noticeable when it happens every fucking post, you'd think whoever's interested would have read your answers by now

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>you can't really blame people
It's literally same schizo
The self proclaimed profissional painter he said that in both threads

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i notice it too lmao
i wouldn't even say it's unlikely that you have a stalker trying to subtly poison your reputation, there's enough schizos on this board, but it's obviously unnatural

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enjoy your stalker while it lasts. You’ll get lonely when they stop while you think they’re still after you months and years later.

>> No.7140780

when in reality all you're just attracting the same kind of people over and over because you haven't changed

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I honestly have no idea how someone is supposed to work full-time, study, and work on their art at the same time.

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With a boring job where you don't do anything for half the hours.

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You've got to be mentally ill to believe this.

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I am mentally ill. We are not on the same wavelength. You can never be me,

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You can't, the people that say they manage to do it are helped by their families, crippled by anxiety and under meds, lying about the effort one or more of the things they do actually take, or all the above.
It's the same shit at those uni guys that say they pay their own fee, 99% of the ones I met actually received buckets of money from dad, brought laundry home once a wek and were working under acquaintances of their filthy rich families
Sure there's a few that actually manage to do it, but you can easily tell they're constantly on the edge.
tl;dr just do what you can and put survival on top of everything.

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Imagine being so weak, insecure and needing attention that you develop one way Stockholm syndrome to an internet stalker

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you don't
something must be sacrificed

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yes we’ve already confirmed i’m mentally ill, mr. neurotypical. now excuse me while i utilize the fullest extent of my illness into art

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>oooohhh I will use my "needing to fuck but can't cus too shy and afraid of rejection" wrought quirky madness to fuel the sacred fire of Art"
The fact even a 14 years old passing by could analyze from what your supposed mental illness stems is pretty manifest of what kind of shallow first world problems bitch you are

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I'm beg and everyone say contradicting things - you need to pick up this book and grind it, expect you don't and you need this other book, expect you don't and you just need to draw everyday, except you don't since drawing everyday kills your artistic gains and you need to do these specific drills, expect you don't and you just need to draw from life, except you don't since copying is harmful for your artistic skills, except it isn't and you should copy shrimps or whatever, except you shouldn't since you need to grind basic forms first, except you don't and drawing whatever you like is the way, except it isn't since you need this specific book, except you don't since...
Right now I just draw shitty human figures, study Loomis and Faragasso and pray for the best. Man if I ever become good I'm gonna start a war on all shitty retard artists who give shitty advice man I fucking hate these pricks so much.

>> No.7140954

>needing to fuck but can't
What? In case your goldfish attention span forgot, my quirky madness to fuel the sacred fire of art stems from an anon who thinks he's still being stalked.

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I think every community for any topic is like this. Maybe art has it the worst, though.

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Art and music production are the worst imo. I also play fighting games, and the community gives pretty much the same advice for beginners - you need to be able to do this and that, here's how you do it, if you're struggling with this thing, then try this training mode drill or something like that. I know that these things aren't that comparable but still.
Music production is fucking horrendoues though, everyone says shit like "just trust your ears bro, do whatever you want as long as its fire bro, there are no rules bro, just learn music theory and mixing basics bro, except you shouldn't mix your own tracks bro because..."
Sorry for ranting imma go jerk off, go to sleep, wake up, do my uni asssignments and then draw shit as usual.

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That's why I always give advice and critique in a very vague manner. Someone still learning the abc has no fucking need of tutorials and technical course, the first thing he needs is to learn to fix his stuff in a way he feels comfortable with, or he won't even be able to correct his studies and shit. Perfect example are those guys in the /beg/ general that know by memory anatomy, perspective and all that stuff but can't put them togheter
Before learning to draw good you need to learn to draw, and the best way to do it is to find your own fucking way to do it

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Learning art (or any creative thing probably) isn't a straightforward, clearly defined process. There's no one singular path that's guaranteed to work for everyone. Recall all the different "learning styles" you were taught about in school. Problem is some people like arguing more than they like drawing and love to fight over which methods they think are more "effective" or which books are "better". This muddies the waters.
Might be a hot take, but if it encourages you to regularly put pen to paper, it's valuable. Only you can figure out what works for (you)

Beyond that, knowing HOW to do something, knowing WHY something is done in a particular manner, and being able to effectively communicate that knowledge are 3 very different things. You can totally develop an intuition for something without understanding the "science" behind it. But without understanding at least some of the "science", it can be difficult to explain your thought process, especially to a beginner. Approaching the average artist for advice is like asking a grandma who measures with her heart for baking tips.

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one day it's my wrist, the next day it's my neck, the next my back, the next my head, the next my ears
it never ends

>> No.7141550

once you realise most art driven forums are just nodraws who parrot things they heard and fight for them for no fucking reason other than to fulfill their primitive urge to combat their percieved rivals, everything will make sense

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There is a group of dedicated schizos on this board hellbent on running off anybody who stands out. There have been several anons in the past who were generally well-liked but were eventually run off because some schizo(s) felt bored and needed another target to ree at. They never post work because they don't draw and they don't even believe in the things they like to bitch at people about and will scream and name-drop constantly just to destroy threads and make you feel hated enough to the point of leaving for good.
Better to ignore/report them and focus on the posts from people who want to see you succeed instead. I've been in your shoes too anon and honestly, the best thing you can do is focus on you while letting the babies cry themselves to sleep.

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This is Tonyo shit all over again. I'm here every single day since 2013 and have zero clue what you're talking about.

>> No.7141589

unironically this

>> No.7141594

You're my next mark.

I'm trans, btw.

>> No.7141655

I've seen enough shitcord screenshots about this to know it's real. Almost noone of these people post on /ic/ but still do target harassment campaigns to run the people off of here. This is currently happening in /asg/ with someone named subu. The things people do when escaping /beg/ gets too hard.

>> No.7141666

You're all stupid as fuck

>> No.7141669

You can't draw.

>> No.7141670

Now listen here, I've been here long enough to know everything and everyone that came and went. Subu has had hate pinned on him for years--it's not a recent thing. The fact you said it like "currently someone named Subu" as if it's a recent thing tells me you're either a) new or b) Tonyo trolling shit all over again.

And for those reading this (and for archival purposes) here is a repeat explanation of how this troll works


And for the history of what "Tonyo" is, just use the archive and sort from oldest.

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The Cheen Club's gayops have already been exposed several times over on this board, and even the thread you posted talked about it. Cope.

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No matter how hard they try to deflect they always end up proving me right.

>> No.7141755

yeah and my dad works at adobe

>> No.7142025

Oh yeah? Well The Sect-6 club says you're gay and that those screenshots were doctored! Take that, criminal scum.

>> No.7142073

I refuse to listen to female youtubers as a man. I just can't. If a man is giving advice I listen to them only. Women can just cost on by with beta providers.

>> No.7142098

why is it that in 2024 its still fucking impossible to make myself just draw? I would rather stare at the wall than draw, even though I like drawing. And I can't trick myself with "I'll just draw for one minute" because I refuse to be tricked, even by my own brain

>> No.7142122

at that point ask yourself if you even want to do it. there's a good chance you're better off spending your time doing something else that you find fulfilling/rewarding

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Sounds like insecurity nto me.
>t. Dadvocate enjoyer

>> No.7142227

>Literal secret club feuds like if it was /a/ 2007 irc circlejerk niggers
I'm fucking done with this board

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Sound like absolute confidence to me.
Women only deserve to get fucked and get fucked.

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dude earning $70,000 per year with AI art. Life is a joke.

>> No.7142235


>> No.7142236

The mexican cartel earns billions skinning people alive.
Fast food chains earn millions selling poison.
Your local drug dealers earns thousands selling crack to kids.

>> No.7142238


All I’m getting out of this is being a W2 employee is the greatest scam of all time and I need to be like these guys.

>> No.7142240

>willing to sell his soul, his essence and his humanity for money
>his other alternative is wageslaving

>> No.7142242

Holy moley, you are such a soulless thing, I implore you to donate your organs to someone less pathetic than you are

>> No.7142245

Oh no, I don’t mean becoming an AI artist, I just mean it’s a lie that you can’t make a living with alternative means and the insecurity of it all. Meanwhile there are people like these getting away with thousands per month. They’re making it and so could I.

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You're missing the point.
They make so much money because they don't give a fuck about the consequences and everyone suffers for it and they got to keep doing it because they shat in their own plate as well.
They didn't make it. They are prisoners of their own greed and actions.

Who says that AI sloppers money is legit and clean? Who knows what kind of network is behind that.
Same goes for nsfw tards earning gajilions a month.
If it was that easy to make a killing, everyone who tries would be making bank.

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I think no one is going to tell me the truths of my art anymore. Everyone handicaps their judgement or misses the point for one reason or another. Compliments, insults, critiques, validation, nothing is helping me anymore. Even when I make improvements, I feel like Im just running in circles or losing my way, and then I look back at my old art, see how bad it in comparison and ask myself: "Did people really like this back then?", which only makes me even more doubtful. If people couldnt tell it was that bad back then, what are they not telling me now?

My art stays at a permanent status of being "good for all it's worth, just not good enough" and nobody is telling me this. At this point I think I have to find the truths of my art on my own, because no one is going to tell me even if they wanted, not even you faggots.

Is it on me for asking such a broad critique?

>> No.7142412

>I have to rely on myself instead of others to give the most objective critique of my artwork
well, of course

>> No.7142496

>"Did people really like this back then?", which only makes me even more doubtful. If people couldnt tell it was that bad back then, what are they not telling me now?
The people who love your bad art are actually just retarded, and that's okay. Even retards experience pleasure, their experience of your bad art's value is real to them, and you should respect it (while also secretly laughing at them for having shit taste.)
People see the world differently. The artist, by default, sees the world with a higher fidelity lens than the follower. This is how it has always been, your brain has literally grown more connections throughout its visual cortex than theirs due to years of training -- if they were able to see what you see, they wouldn't find you interesting in the first place. They'd find you mundane, expected, predictable, because they'd have an internalized map of the way you see. The follower almost always lags behind the artist in terms of technical skill by ten + years, more if the follower doesn't even draw. Much like you couldn't see flaws in the things you loved as a child, they are literally incapable of seeing the flaws in your work.

It's important to weigh the sources of all compliments, insults, critiques etc objectively. As a general rule:

-Feedback from artists you regard as better than yourself are worth twice as much as feedback from artists at your level.
-Feedback from those who don't draw can have merit, but it's generally worthless.
Anyway, try drugs.

>> No.7142518

Your brain is energy efficient. It runs like so:
>if reward - energy in > 0 then do action
For every action, the brain requires compensation. Like a payment. When you pick up the pencil, you are investing energy & time into somehow feeling good. If you never get that payoff, your reward system gets bored & you can't get motivated to draw anymore. The only solution is to find ways of getting that payoff. You need a reliable way to draw something every day and feel good afterward. Not gesture drawing, not perspective. You just have to enjoy it. That's all that matters right now

>> No.7142536

why isn't this taught in school

>> No.7142580

Then how people learn anything in first place? Like accounting.

>> No.7142607

Well I pretty much just don't work on art on work days I can't by the time I'm home there's 5 hours left to the day I just want to do nothing its the days off where I can do something and they add up slowly

>> No.7142616

Pyw, I'll give you 100% sincere criticism and throw also my instagram, so if you're mad you can have your turn in ripping me to shreds. I don't fucking care anymore

>> No.7142627

Schools in general are the first source of ignorance in modern society, and they're made that way on purpose. Have you ever asked yourself why they don't teach how to deal with law, taxes, accounting and all that other immaterial shit that govern our everyday lives?
Kids learn because they're gratificated by the novelty of having done something themselves, higher educations are theoretically based on the long term satisfaction of having a cool job, but like the number of PhD people working at Walmart demonstrates, it's something that doesn't work anymore very well

>> No.7142632

I promise you will feel infinitely better if you draw after work. Don't let them win

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The gender double standard will always exists and, no matter what you do, you will always be in the wrong side of the conflict. You will always be treated harshly while women are given the world and a bit more. You will always be disposable, while women are given inherent value. You will always have to prove your worth to be given the bare minimum, while women only have to prove themselves if they feel like it.

So what are you going to do, anon? I see a lot of men on this board choosing to live miserable lives and complain about the double standard as if that's going to change anything. Some "men" even believe the delusional idea that changing their sexes will give them the privileges of women, when in truth all it does is revoke the very little bones we are thrown as men.

I've chosen to fight, divert my anger into living a life where the good things soften the inherent misery of my gender, to the point I can only see the good things of the value I have gained on my own and I can live without needing to think about the misery. Women will forever have it better, but so do other men, and other women have it worse too, so what's the point of bitching?

If you are a sorry excuse of a "man", you will continue bitching and whining at things you will never be able to control in your life. But if you are a real man, you will stop bitching, you will man the fuck up and rise your head in triumph, for your will achieve a happiness while controling the course of your life, where no double standard will wear you down.

>> No.7142736

nah, youre all just losers that cant stand being uncomfortable for more than half a second, any slight sign of discomfort and you go into a mental breakdown
At some point you're going to turn 50 unless you kill yourself before then, I think most will

>> No.7142742


I can see what people are getting paid to the exact dollar. It’s my day job. Too many so called “prisoners of their own greed” are making $$$ and it’s not being talked about enough. I feel like this board makes people beleive it’s hard to make it.

>> No.7142793

Fuck off Gabe

>> No.7142852

I think I'm on track to discover a new kind of art. Disclaimer, I'm a diagnosed schizo so this may be hard to follow. One famous anthropological comment is that "less civilized" cultures try to compensate with gaudy ornament such as the multicolored dresses of Africans or the garish colors of Hindu or Thai art. This is a very astute observation but I want to take it further by connecting it to architecture. See, in primitive cultures size means everything. They cannot really imagine things in terms of abstracts so when it comes to important things, size is the only real vector that matters. This applies just as much to religion, hence Asian cultures for instance building massive statues of the Buddha or Krishna. Of course these statues could not be further from the heart of the actual religion, but most people can only understand size which is why these are so ubiquitous. This even applies to most European architecture -- though accompanied with the second vector of ostentation. The Europeans never discovered other ways to represent beauty beyond these two vectors, so we are deeply impressed but that is it.

Asia is largely the same, but an odd development happened. Japan intercepted most of China's architecture, but with a caveat: a strange scaling back of the triumphant and intimidating features of Chinese architecture for a more subdued and meditative feel. Early Western visitors to Japan (i.e. Lafcadio Hearn) observed that it was the "land of the small", for Japan had pioneered a near endless variety of small crafts, of folding fans and lacquer-boxes and little knick-knacks. Conversely, Japan has a striking lack of massive buildings to symbolize their culture (e.g. Forbidden City, Brandenburg Gate). Is this a coincidence? No. They have implicitly rejected the twin vectors of scale and ostentation on which the entire rest of the world operates. Rather than scaling up and adding ornament, they constantly scaled down and reduced.


>> No.7142853

So, it's minimalism. But don't be fooled by labels. This minimalism was simply means to a much greater end: satori. That's right, Japan was designed from the ground up to encourage enlightenment. All Japanese aesthetic principles such as Mu (negative space) and wabi-sabi (beauty of decay) stem from here. Even if to the average person it appears as simply a love for natural beauty, the core is deeply mystical. And there is no greater expression of this than zen architecture. You may believe zen art is meant to be harmonious, but you couldn't be more wrong. The point of a zen garden is to confuse and challenge you. That's why you cannot see all the rocks of Ryoan-ji from the veranda. It is the physical equivalent of a koan. There is a logic but it cannot be grasped through normal means.

The zen garden is a completely new form of art. It's a direct inversion of what art normally is, and functions more as an abyss that transfixes the viewer and changes him. Unfortunately, the effect is weak so hardly anyone has that experience. One could probably study what works for the garden and create a stronger version of it. I don't see why not.


>> No.7142953

>日本 #1
>You may believe zen art is meant to be harmonious, but you couldn't be more wrong.
fuck, im a stupid faggot kms, nippon wins again

>> No.7143283

back hurts lads

>> No.7143548

>nah this scientific explanation isn't true, you're just a loser
okay? that snot an explanation, that's just an insult. You literally just read his post and turned your brain off and decided to attack people for some reason. Why are people so terrified of things that they need to just attack it when we're just discussing it?

>> No.7143558

The problem is that you're a retard trying to find every conceivable excuse for why you aren't drawing

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So, I've come around full circle with AI and I've been thinking - if I take an AI-generated piece and trace it out while adding own detail to it, would it still be unethical?

I was thinking it could be like rummaging a junk-yard and making a piece out of someone else's garbage

>> No.7143567

oh you're ESL, got it. Finding explanations to things isn't defending laziness you retard. That anon clearly outlined some ways to change lazy behavious that makes sense, but you didn't read the entire post. Don't reply to me again.

>> No.7143571

Keep finding "explanations" for things then, see how far it gets you after knowing them. Let's see if your behavior changes. It won't. You're just going to keep not drawing.
Prove me wrong. You can't.

>> No.7143578
File: 207 KB, 605x495, 1682129635864862.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Posting a traced work and pretending is yours is unethical regardless of what you're tracing for the sole reason that you're making an extremely handicaped piece of art where the artistic and crafting merits are severely undermined. You just drew on top of another drawing, that's all sorts of lame and disingenous.

That said, you're on a good mindset, you just have to change "trace" to "redraw" and you should be good to go. I did that too, I redrew some AI pieces I found and they were received fairly well. Go and redraw AI slop to your heart's content, anon, make the AI your bitch.

>> No.7144096
File: 996 KB, 706x942, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kill me, someone, anyone

>> No.7144107
File: 581 KB, 870x750, 1656564564658774.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>think of making parody tutorials mocking this type of basic bitch self-sucking ads
>remember that in the arts humor is verboten and everyone just wants to suck their own dick and feel heckin valid
>or jerk off to porn and comment on porn about how horny they are
Do not wish to take your own life, Anon, go commit minecraft.

>> No.7144127

I think it's fine. I've done AI paintovers before and it's fun in a "colouring book" kind of way.
I did not however, find it artistically satisfying in the least.
I'd say knock yourself out if you're just drawing coomslop or just don't care about self expression. Otherwise maybe don't bother.

>> No.7144134

I sometimes slam energy drinks and draw until 3am on a work night because I'll be FUCKED if my employer deserves me at my best and rested every single day.

>> No.7144147

just keep improving desu. keep studying and keep drawing: if you do this, you will improve 100%, i'm sure of it. even if it takes like ten years. then you can shit on everyone who was rude to you

>> No.7144150

i've decided the ipad pro (nabbed a 3rd gen) will work, but it really needs a screen protector. i'm currently using my screen protector from my xp-pen like a bum but it's way too big kek

>> No.7144232

It's gets funnier was that leaks happened right when Delta was shitting up multiple threads doing after several anons while spewing bullshit about everyone in that server
The leaks were real anon

>> No.7144238

Your mom’s OF leaks? I know that.

>> No.7144241

Your deflection is cute

>> No.7144570
File: 112 KB, 581x864, 1662754693415358.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can physically feel a stress ulcer coming on. I'm doing deep breathing but I'm so fucking stressed out from work that it's probably already formed.

Fuck this life man, fuck it so much. I want to quit so fucking bad.

>> No.7144656
File: 1.63 MB, 500x281, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was having trouble keeping a consistent line weight, as I would normally draw lighter the longer the stroke. So I reversed the pen pressure of my G Pen, making it lighter when I press down harder and harder when I press lighter. The effect looks pretty cool, kind of like a felt pen.

>> No.7144676


I think I would make endless amount of furry slop with this method, and be like "hey look at all this shit", dump it all on some patreon page and forget about it.

Otherwise, there could be some serious fun to be had here. Thank you, gentlemen for your thoughts.

>> No.7144739

holy fuck the slowest day at my job EVER thank kamisama

>> No.7144779

>thread start positive
>as time pass
>increasingly whiny and schizo
>trannies in thread
>one long hair dude being a faggot
You guys having fun?

>> No.7144851

The entire board has reverted back to endless baitslop and very little art in the pass week or two. Summer is fast approaching once more.

>> No.7144876

4chan summer syndrome seems to be perpetual these past few years.
Anyways, caring about the current state of the board is a waste of time, it's a sign of being on here too damn long. Good threads are still around, rare, but they happen sometimes.

>> No.7144945

If I can't make it, I'll off myself (in minecraft). I already have a "real" job and I'm 100% sure that this isn't sustainable, the stress is getting to me and things will only get worse if I stay.

>> No.7145400
File: 3 KB, 304x52, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7145409

at this point just have the url with "general" in the search as your main /ic/ link cause damn aint shit else worth it huh?

>> No.7145530


There are only a few people on the board making threads which is why you see an east vs west thread 6 times per week minimum, twitter threads 20 times per week, and then chris threads and a sprinkle of AI discussion. I have no idea why people stopped making meta threads that talk about anything interesting in the art world…oh I know why. Because largely most of you are lazy sobs who want others to make the threads for you.

>> No.7145535

The last good meta thread was talking about ancient relics found. We need more threads like that.

>> No.7145549

/ic/ is my home, Inshallah degenerates will face retribution from God. I have learned of this word "loli" and I thought they talk about lollipops but it's not, Inshallah God will punish you.

>> No.7145553


God has a sense of humor. If only you knew.

>> No.7145555

He's right though 90% of threads are garbage

>> No.7145626

You can't reason with a Muslim, they aren't ready for the Allah. 72 virgins? All of them are 72 years old. And there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. Allah Kek'd and did I mention, 72 of the same sex.

>> No.7145629

Please stop making these threads, they went completely to shit

>> No.7145637

True, let's have ten more aislop threads and twenty more "how do i start learning how to draw?" threads.

>> No.7145641


You should know by now if these threads don’t exist anymore the catalog will get filled again with baaah woe is me threads.

>> No.7145642
File: 25 KB, 262x311, OHTHEMISERY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bro I'm starting to lose faith that I can draw

>> No.7145643

sometimes someone whose account is plastered with "NSFW DNI" or something like that follows me when I clearly post NSFW and I'm wondering what the fuck they want me to do, police them and remove their following on their behalf?

>> No.7145646

those threads show up regardless

>> No.7145648

I sometimes wonder how I can consistently get the drive I had to finish a drawing to completion like I just felt yesterday when I completed a full drawing.
Maybe it's the lack of a subject I care about.

>> No.7145689

I always have a goal in mind. I set a goal for 30 days for 30 paintings. And I did 1 painting every single day. It's matter of will, you are in control of yourself, set goals and meet it.

>> No.7145716
File: 1.40 MB, 1280x1440, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I keep seeing AI images from this one twitter account. I don't particularly hate it, I like what it made, but god fucking damn man. Why am I shit? Why is everyone else just better? The bar of appreciating my own shit just keeps getting larger every day with no foreseeable breaks. >>7143565 might just have a legit idea, minus the tracing bit. Maybe I should just take the blackpill, I have no incentive ties other than draw obscure shit that I like

>> No.7145728

PYW and we'll see if you need the blackball prescription.

>> No.7145731

You talk like this because you're not enlightened, may Allah forgive you.

>> No.7145738

That was not a Muslim referring to Allah as “God.”

>> No.7145749

Allah is the one and only God, please refrain from being a homosexual.

>> No.7145756
File: 416 KB, 2048x1448, 1612876108180951041_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it'd be nice if instead of those we had more threads discussing specific artists' work (and even doing studies of them)
I might start with yoshioka seiko's environments

>> No.7145820

>PYW and we'll see ...
I already know what my status is

>> No.7145878


>> No.7145888

Would it be absolutely insane to just make an art account where you make art of other people's OCs however you want? Just a shower thought I had about somewhat anonymous art postings.

>> No.7145899

It's been discussed multiple times, social media and internet continuously shoving in your face better artists than you is the single most absolutely detrimental thing that can happen to someone that enjoys drawing. Doing this stuff is 50% skill 50% believing, if you get completely discouraged while you're still learning it's just fucking over
So the solution is simple and hard as fuck at the same time, steer clear from any form of social media, or at least just post your pics and get the fuck out until you have another pic to put up

>> No.7145901

That would imply the majority of people on this board care about art, but it's really not the case

>> No.7145911

sounds like a waste of time honestly, if you are doing it for molesting people, 100% waste of time, if you are doing it for try to get a high reach and grow faster... you need quality so why aren't you just doing whatever other kidn of drawing that could get more attention like fanart or the topic of the month?, also i find drawing OCs extremely time consuming of you want to get something compared with just drawing anything else from your imagination because you are attached to a delimited design, not made by you, that you will need to adjust visually to your style, with all the errors and ugly design choices that could have and you will try to figure out in your brain to get them right.
I put that in the same category as doing "free requests": will just attract a bunch of ocasional viewers that will just ghost follow you at least and will leave with the time since you will not doing more drawings of their oc's, and attract other people that want the same thing, for free, while you could be getting organic viewers just by drawing what you want.
That's my opinion based on experience with requests and watching other guys in the oc's world.

>> No.7145927

In that case, curious what your thoughts would be on an account where it's just art in other people's art styles. Another shower thought I had for a while desu. Besides the OC thing isn't for hate or popularity, it's just because a few I find hot or cute or whatever but the owner is either dead or against anything with them drawn in a certain way so most of that shit is hidden away in a small unreleased folder.

>> No.7145939

You're not bad. You're just in an environment that makes you look bad.

>> No.7146035
File: 181 KB, 1024x768, 1703213196067103.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daily reminder that the AI zeitgeist is a psyop to demoralize and ultimately kill off what little personal creativity this and every society had left.
It is an operation to monopolize media even further by the soulless industry kingpins, Disney, Warner, Apple, Paramount, Sony, Netflix, Fox, in order to choke and completely stifle independant publications so only they remain (and thus recoup lost profits)
The only way to fight back is to realise the truth about AI. It sucks, it always sucked and will continue to eat ass, while its real capacity will go on to be exaggerated, mislead and lied about. They will continue to make you accept it further, incrementally, as merely a tool to be used. And the further they lead you into the path of acceptance, the more others will see AI as an inevitable demise of real creative expression.

DO NOT be fooled by yet another corporate demoralization scheme. You are the only hope to stop this.

>> No.7146039

If she's considering AI then no, she's just bad, retarded even.

>> No.7146057

Let them. The people who need AI were never going to be good without it anyway.
It's like heroin. Easy ticket to feelings of infinite love, and with absolutely zero negative effects!
Let the weak prompt and bury themselves in mountains of unfulfilling gens with diminishing returns on personal enjoyment until there's nothing left but the hollow empty feeling doom scrollers live in 24/7. It's what they want, and it's what they deserve.

>> No.7146073

every single faggot who makes "just a tool" and mealy mouthed compromise arguments should kill themselves. unfortunately it wont ever happen because midwits rule the world

>> No.7146167

The few good threads get bumped out because nodraws would rather sit in blatant bait threads arguing with each other for 300+ posts instead of actually drawing or contributing anything meaningful. I could make as many threads as I want, but it takes more than one poster to keep a thread alive. But sadly I do agree since most people can't be bothered to bump their own generals. Can't really blame them though, there are simply better things to do than to try to "save" an /ic/.

>> No.7146226

They won't even post their own artwork. They never tried or never cared.

>> No.7146237

No, I'm not posting because there's no point to. I don't need a judgement from anons to tell me what I already know.

>> No.7146239

You never even fucking tried. Go home.

>> No.7146250


>> No.7146260

I ran into some cartoony anime stuff on twitter the other day and I wouldn’t have known i was AI without the hashtag. It was pretty fucking good, too. 1st time I was demoralized.

>> No.7146306

Post Those ai twitter links so i can steal from them.

>> No.7146309

This would make for a funny image if instead of the cute girl the artist was a balding guy.

>> No.7146335

Chicken buck buck buck buck

>> No.7146359

Allah is from Alal, Yahweh is from Ea. You guys don't even know Gods oldest name.

>> No.7146425

I’m not going to say who, and I know she’s just trying to help, but Americanized Japs are too humble they come off as like Americans are all coddled 2nd graders. I feel so insulted getting invited to her discord with her donut steal “materials”. Give me a break.

>> No.7146537

I'm always hesitant to post my work because I know it's average and not worth responding or giving critiques to. It's awkward, and it'll just fade away as if I never posted it to begin with.

>> No.7146665

I masturbate a lot.

>> No.7146679

To your own artwork I'm hoping

>> No.7146684

Are you just posting it and expecting a comment? Most people won't critique your work unless you specifically ask for criticism.

>> No.7146705
File: 762 KB, 609x796, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so is the twitter blur fixed

>> No.7146706

Is it weird to not have an art style? The majority of my drawings are fanart. And while I can look at other artists who put characters in their unique styles, I could never do it myself. I always try to draw the characters as close to the original design as possible, because that's the design that I like most. I just can't wrap my head around drawing it any other way, because it would feel "wrong."

>> No.7146745
File: 120 KB, 431x415, 1697726535588956.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>stumble across shexyo thread
>every porntard seething that he's successfully scamming kids and coomers and they aren't
>they cry about getting blocked by him
>tweet them something
>get reported and my account locked
lmao the porn ban can't come soon enough

>> No.7146824

I've been having a rough time lately trying to come up with anything to draw or even stick to finishing any current pieces. I'm really slow, my quality is low, and it's been even more frustrating being around really good, successful artists who bust out amazing pieces on a daily basis. It's gotten to the point where I'm in the middle of a piece I think is going great, then I lose interest because I take literally weeks just to make okay-at-best stuff while I see others make appealing and creative works each day. I seriously try to avoid comparing myself to others and doomposting like this, but I haven't felt so hopeless, lost, and terrible as I do now. I want to get on their level, but I don't know what I can do other than continue drawing and studying what I can for now. It just feels like I'm spinning my wheels in place while everyone moves forward and keeps getting better.

>> No.7146829

it shows on the app but not on the desktop meaning this is their own engineer fuck up

>> No.7146847

Just take a break from art socials shit man. At least while you're working on something

>> No.7146852

I'm completely cut off from media since a couple years now. what recent shows/anime/whatever are you guys enjoying?

>> No.7146891

I honestly avoid major sites and browsing endless art feeds, I guess it's mainly become a problem with some discord communities I've joined. I want to be active in there so I can grow, but there is a very clear skill gap. I'll need to actively disconnect from everything, then, thnx.

>> No.7147305

ooh I think I found my niche on accident

>> No.7147399

Set a goal, write it down, and do it. It's not that hard. Start simple, draw 2 hours
etc. There's many people better than me, it is good that they are, it just means I got more to improve. Changing perspective is not easy, if they can do it, so can you. Don't give up.

>> No.7147525

is it furry or porn related?

>> No.7147640
File: 181 KB, 391x326, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>s-sniff... I failed as an artist guys. Now let me put my face in the thumbnail and begin gathering simps that will pay my bills.

>> No.7147646

Jesus fuck this kind of shit makes me so fucking mad
Link me to the fucking video if it's recent

>> No.7147649

Disregard that, I found it and this fat bitch is just a literally who with a spoonful of subs, not really the case to insult her

>> No.7147666


>> No.7147675

seething over a bitch that didn't even make it is truly a new low

>> No.7147694

kelsey rodriguez' entire business model is crying, giving chat GPT art business advice, and generally just being pathetic as hell.

>> No.7147721

why does twitter show max ~10 notifications?
I will have to press 'Show more' for ~5 more to show up, then press the same thing to see more again etc. and these can be the same people liking different stuff or likes for the same one drawing which get split up into new notifications.
google is useless for help

>> No.7147738
File: 105 KB, 700x990, 20240411_134732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hung out with some old school friends
>all they want to talk about is money money work money work
>I try steer the conversation towards fun stuff... Hobbies, art, events, movies, fucking anything.
>They force it right back to work and money
Even though I have 0 hobbies or interests shared with my normalfag friends, at least they know how to leave work at the office and have fun when we go out.

>> No.7147851

It's porn related, yeah. Now I don't think I'll have a 'idk what to draw' like this >>7146824
anon feeling anymore if I'm right.

>> No.7147852

doing art full time was the most alienating shit for me and i lost a lot of friends over it due to similar reasons.

they basically acted as if im an unemployed loser because i dont wageslave in some call center like they do even though i outearn them. legitimately one of them even accused me of having my parents payroll my life while i supposedly just pretend to be an artist.

not to mention them constantly trying to convince me that im secretly unhappy and that i would be more fulfilled if i just got a "normal" job.

>> No.7147855 [DELETED] 

I loathe these people so much. "He he I quit my $250 engineer job to find myself as an artist". So many videos like this.

>> No.7147856

I loathe these people so much. "He he I quit my $250k engineer job to find myself as an artist". So many videos like this.

>> No.7147858

rise above it

>> No.7147870

I remember that Adam duff made a video about ai back then to "discuss the future of art" and pathetic shit like that and he invited her to talk about it. It's the moment I realized most fucking youshit art gurus are complete fakes, or worse they're absolute frothing retards

>> No.7147881

I think I'll start being more direct with people like this. Often I'll sit through similar drawn-out conversations about money, or worse, weather, and deal with it because I don't want to get personal with people I barely know.

>> No.7147889

99% of people is like this though, be it because they always were npcs or because they adapted/normalfag society sucked the soul out of them. I personally think when you have to deal with that kind of people that act like they're "weird guys" but it's puddle deep is much worse, but could be just me getting burned too many times with this type

>> No.7147968

alternatively "how i became a fulltime artist" and it turns out she just leeches off her high earner boyfriend
god i hate women

>> No.7147991
File: 23 KB, 300x300, 156398212668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"I failed"

>> No.7147996
File: 322 KB, 1129x676, 1692684802090732.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to draw with a specific reference in mind yesterday
>spend 45 minutes trying to find the blasted reference in the two hefty folders I have them
>draw without it because I couldnt find it
>want to draw with a specific reference in mind today
>immediately find the reference I was looking for yesterdad
Fucking hell.

>> No.7148012

if you can't find a reference, you could photobash similar photos until you get what you want.

>> No.7148015

i like drawing from the vague memory i have of something in my mind, helps me come up with more things than if i had the reference, i think it grows inventiveness

>> No.7148036

I don't want to draw today. I drew every day for all of April and I still feel empty. If I don't draw today, then I'm literally just a useless neet. Every day is just a fight to resist being a neet and I'm tired.

>> No.7148044

put it off until tomorrow

>> No.7148057

It's the same line of those fucking subhumans that "my baby died (sad emoji)"
This shit should be punishable with human rights revoke

>> No.7148098

Don't worry anon, a while ago I tried to post in the anime thread and they sent me to hell because "I was too bad to be there" just continue.
Nobody knows you on this forum and if you feel a little intimidated, it's just a coincidence, don't let people on the internet dampen your spirit.

>> No.7148132

/ic/ feels less like an artwork critique board and more like a general drawing board, with different cliques.

>> No.7148138

ic feels more like an erp server

>> No.7148140

that's a natural consequence of anons being too hostile to each other and arguing in bad faith
if you can't give or take critique, the only thing left is to simply post drawings and shitpost (and for most only the latter)

>> No.7148144

last time this board was a crit board was like 2011

>> No.7148149
File: 416 KB, 571x677, image_2024-04-27_161354105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Make shit beg tier art
>get showered with praise

>> No.7148161

I will never understand how the fuck nodraws see the world
I just gave up trying to understand why so many good artists on socials die alone while so many shitters get popular
I would even think that's like... a uglier drawing is better because they relate to the artist being "one of us", but that's fucking impossible

>> No.7148165

Crab central is 70% discord worms baiting and fighting their retarded secret war, 25% average/terrible artists venting their frustrations by lashing out at everything outside their micro community generals, and 5% what this board should be actually about

>> No.7148166

This is not a board complaint thread you faggots.

>> No.7148280

They posted their work is why they get showered with praise. You don't, which is why you get none.

>> No.7148281

Van Gogh started at 27. You're just lazy

>> No.7148298

It should be since faggot jannies kill every attempt to have a meta threads within one hour of them being posted

>> No.7148299 [DELETED] 

>active posters
>free porn of power character
It's just that easy nigga

>> No.7148302

>active posters
>free porn of popular character
It's just that easy nigga

>> No.7148307

Started working out again recently and my entire body is sore, I would really like to stay in bed and rest but I will get up and draw anyways. I just wish I didn't feel so busted

>> No.7148309

I need some advice with doing commissions.
I draw nsfw stuff and there is a somewhat huge client in the sphere who contacted me. I'm low on money, and the problem is, he always wants revisions and whatnot. I generally like to toss around ideas, but holy fucking shit dude, so many revisions...
I want to know how do artists do with these situations, and how to avoid them alltogether, because I'm terrible at this business side of things.

>> No.7148311

First revision is free, anything after that costs extra

>> No.7148337
File: 487 KB, 1600x900, gege_akutami_1695225795670_1695225816461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I realized I've been only clocking in 30-20 minutes a day of drawing everyday now I feel very blackpilled cus of it

>> No.7148353

Bargue Plates, Anime study, and urban sketching until I get sick of it!

>> No.7148357
File: 64 KB, 639x680, ELzsn7TXsAAgOmA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Im going to reach 1.5k follows on xwatter being a Rosafag, the juicy numbers are coercing me.
At least it's all part of the course of drawing blonde women, so it's not like Im selling my soul to a devil Im not in love with.

>> No.7148363

>tfw you make art for a dead game with no chance of growing in following but you also dont like much about anything else.
sucks man

>> No.7148368
File: 133 KB, 640x551, 1705208684589080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your fellow kin is out there, somewhere, waiting for you to latch onto them like a leech as they harvest in your content like opium. You just have to search for them, turn stones, knock on doors, jump some fences, anything for you to find this group of deranged idiots that will be more than happy to welcome your stuff and live happily just a few in a dead niche.

Once you find them, selling your soul to a devil you dont like is a lot easier, because you will always have a group of angels back at home waiting for you.

>> No.7148480

I love revisions it means there's something to improve. Which is what art is about. If there's no revisions then I feel I might peaked.

>> No.7148484

In 2019 I tried to bring it back. Did happy art review. Fought a few anon. No YoU cANt cRiTiqUe mUh aRT cAuSE you BeG.

>> No.7148496 [DELETED] 

I feel Twitter is just demoralizing me. Maybe social media in general. Even youtube. I can’t compete with people who can push 3 pictures a day like it’s nothing and nobody wants or cares to see grinding and it’s not sexy to post, lowers my image as a “cool guy that came banging from the beginning” and I’m tired of the pity likes and pity follow backs and the soft blocking from bigger artists. I don’t know why it was a good idea, the site I’m posting to records things anyway. It’s just I feel like I try harder if I’m being seen but I’m not being seen at all. Why bother? Maybe when I’m done I can make a long youtube video about my progression and that’ll be the motivation to give it my all in practice because everything I’ll do will be see in the future.

But posting as I go was a bad idea. I can’t describe just what an awful feeling it is sucking while all these good artists draw my fav characters, past and present, hitting like on their work every day, seeing them shit out stuff like it’s nothing while I’m still trying to climb. I can’t do what they’re doing because I’m not good enough and I’m no fast enough and I can’t be fast if I’m not good.

>> No.7148497

What dead game are we talking?

>> No.7148500

Let me guess, some anime gacha or some 80s amime sex game

>> No.7148502

I hope it's Legacy of Kain...

>> No.7148514

Be careful not to view ‘everyone else’ as one collective who produces countless good/great works of art. Comparison isn’t bad, in the right amount, it can help with motivation, inspiration. Take it in small doses, take note of some aspects of artwork that appeals to and impresses you, then close the app. I actually care about some of the artwork of the artists I follow, but after scrolling for more than 10-15 minutes, it kind of becomes a disorienting shallow box that can lead to demotivation/demoralization in one way or another.

Overall, consistency is key. Keep at it, and a few years from now, that will pass regardless, you will be able to create beautiful pieces of art you thought you could never achieve.

>Soul Reaver
Simple and effective character design on that Kain fella.

>> No.7148546

It's Dota, nobody really does art for it anymore or even cares about it.
but its also soul reaver.

>> No.7148558
File: 126 KB, 854x480, dota-2-comics-9448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm still playing dota, the recent art was pretty good but the second chapter was straight up dogshit. Lmao

>> No.7148574

sucks that the internet is 90% lgbt, i remember being able to talk to non-pedos about human women that weren't asian or tomboy faggot meme or fat. now it's just "that's a man"and it everyone but me's a faggot about literally everything.

>> No.7148605

asian, tomboy, fat, reminds me of Alisa Chung. She's cute but she cried on the internet. I thought she was a strong wamen.

>> No.7148632

I'm starting to realize that I use fan art as a tool for procrastination because I don't really care THAT much if a fuck up a fan drawing but I feel like shit if I try to do something original and just can't come up with anything good.

>> No.7148645

you realized a mistake, now fix it. any moping beyond that point is pointless at best and at worst narcissistic and counter-productive.

>> No.7148648
File: 1.10 MB, 1111x981, 1701844164871404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7148674

Why don't they make 1.3mm lead pointers

>> No.7148705

Who is they!

>> No.7148803

100% sure she is tranny now.

>> No.7148808

You’re right friend, i’ll keep working. Maybe I should forcefully limit Twitter to 5 mins a day just enough time to post and like a drawing or 2.

>> No.7148862

>big artist draw timelapse of horny anime, 10/10 anatomy and rendering, there's fucking ariana grande god is a woman in the background
>another one, 65k subs or something, great technique wasted on anime/Disney post tumblr shit, lgbt everywhere
I'm an elitist old man that went from being emarginated by normies at school to being emarginated by other artists now, can you fucking tell me how every single fucking artist outside here loves trans, faggots and niggers when most of the times they're fucking disgusting as human beings? How the fuck is even possible that they enforce so strongly this freedom lie when they're a literal fascist hivemind where if you don't agree or have their appreciation for empty company enforce produce you're fucking out?

>> No.7148867

Why do I have a feeling you never did a commission before? Just a hunch.

>> No.7148874

>can you fucking tell me how every single fucking artist outside here loves trans, faggots and niggers when most of the times they're fucking disgusting as human beings?
>big account
>another with 65k followers
Look to less ‘popular’ artists and less shitty artists. There are plenty of you care to look.

>> No.7148886

I know but this annoys me so fucking much. Guess it became an exposed nerve after I discovered that in my country all fucking artists, ALL, are in the same politics and are still putting on socials "fascism sucks!!!! the left is the good guys!!!!!!" Every single fucking day like if it was 1998
Which is extra crazy, because there is literally nothing here that doesn't work on nepotism, art included. I mean you get it probably every country is the same
Ok sorry I'm done rambling, gotta change the diaper and take my pills so I can go play chess in the park later

>> No.7148898 [DELETED] 

Everyone, I'm sorry.

>> No.7148902

commissions are fun, if only I got more commissioners.

>> No.7148913

anyone here remember fxy. my nigga did NOT improve no matter how much he tried im fuckin crine

>> No.7148932

The ancestor of pawell
No, never heard about him or his fuckin crine

>> No.7149036

>kicking out nodraws
Feels good man

>> No.7149110
File: 621 KB, 840x1200, ebd6ad5863dcdb16c393601c103ea168.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's like those people that only draw art of a Fotm anime girl for 10 years. I respect the dedication but don't know how some of them make a living.

>> No.7149146
File: 667 KB, 1754x1240, StadtOase24010811570-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have been at it for years by now and and last time I posted my character designs I here i got good feedback on here, which makes it seem I am on a good path

i tried traditional and digital, and made progress, but I am almost 30 and essentially still /beg/. My shit does look professional until I am over 30 I guess

>> No.7149147
File: 27 KB, 528x384, 1712081291965635.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the game was fucking K-mart assfaggots
Die in a ditch, asshole

>> No.7149160

are you being deliberate with your practice? i.e. identifying a weakness, working on it seriously, then evaluating again
if not, it's time to start

>> No.7149168
File: 1.11 MB, 2056x1588, mexico111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


No I am not, I am horribly disciplined

Everytime I start I want it to be a complete work of art that is fully complete instead of just sketching and doing practice on incomplete stuff, which just is inefficient but it is more satisfying

>> No.7149175

then just be honest with yourself and accept that your work will improve slowly
nothing wrong with that either, art is a fun hobby, no need to rush

>> No.7149189

Nta but, how do you see the weakness to work on in your stuff? I mean let's say there's nothing terribly wrong that sticks out, how can you tell what could have been done better without waiting the day when you wake up and suddenly you see it?

>> No.7149205

feedback from teachers/better artists/peers
but ideally your eye should always be ahead of your skill

>> No.7149233

Probably I've de-trained my eye by lowering my expectations about my stuff in the last couple years, now that you make me think about it. Or maybe I hit my limit? Probably I should go back and pay more attention to better artists, it's another thing I stopped doing

>> No.7149238

Hey, Im a SR Fan too. Its just my skill isn't high enough to properly do anything related to it justice, yet.

>> No.7149283
File: 80 KB, 544x400, 1712081854827074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was a joke man, chill

>> No.7149314
File: 282 KB, 1062x721, image_2024-04-28_165226861.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every time you turn up something monumental and terrible happens. I don't think I have the stomach for it.

>> No.7149315

josh black's anatomy survival guide is exactly what i need but he speaks so slowly and has a terrible case of gay voice. i'm stalling on watching the video so i haven't drawn in 3 days kek but today i will. i mean it. i'll get through 15 minutes at least

>> No.7149342

I can't draw anything and there isn't anything that i want to draw either way.
I don't know what to do about any of this.

>> No.7149346

>I cannot draw [well] and do not want to draw
then don't draw

>> No.7149348

But i want to though.
I just can't conjure a single image of anything at all in my head.

I've been told that everyone can get good with enough time and effort and i would love for that to be true.
It's just very hard to get started at anything. I've been scratching random lines on paper for 20 mins now because i have genuinely no idea what to do and how but i do want to

>> No.7149357

>I just can't conjure a single image of anything at all in my head.
you're not limited to drawing things you can only (hypothetically) think up, you can draw from references and from life too.

>> No.7149358

You want a pity party or something? Either draw or don't. People that just complain and don't want to do anything but complain are seen as annoying. You're annoying.

>> No.7149359

>sketch: 1 hour
>fixing little errors: 1 hour
>comparing with the original sketch: 1 hour
>lineart: 1 hour
>fixing lineart errors: 1 hour
>redrawing: 1 hour
>color and shading: 1 hour
>changing color balance: 1 hour
>fixing the left eye: 1 hour
>changing the hair color: 1 hour

fuck this shit, I just get slower and slower exponentially and I will never get this time back. How the fuck do people enjoy drawing?

>> No.7149363

I don't know what to say to that.
I can't do any of these in any meaningful capacity either.

>> No.7149365

>in any meaningful capacity
define that

>> No.7149372

I can't accurately copy anything and the issue only gets exponentially worse with drawing from reference and even moreso with drawing from life where there's no clear lines to look at.

I mean i can't do ANYTHING because i'm an uberbeg with less than 50 hours of practice total. All i do is just whine and bitch about how hard it is and then not draw so the solution is simple i'm just a bitch and never do what i should.

>> No.7149378

>I can't accurately copy anything
that's why you do it again and again and again; doing something with a poor result doesn't mean the act itself was meaningless. some people - myself included - don't see significant improvements in their technical abilities for months. but as long as you are doing the right things, they will come.

>> No.7149379

>10 hours on one drawing
You want a cookie or something? Pros spent a hours, days, or weeks there's too.

>> No.7149385

I don't have that sort of a fauth or certainty in me which is why i get filtered extremely easily

>> No.7149386

>I don't have that sort of faith or certainty in me
why do you think that is?

>> No.7149398

>why do you think that is?
No idea but probably some therapyspeak freudian bullshit like learned helplesness or developmental trauma or some bullshit like that.

I don't even know why drawing specifically is so hard to get into. I can do streneous physical labor for long stretches of time and it's all good but trying to draw makes me want to quit almost immediately.
Maybe i'm just a cattle person with no soul. Couldn't tell you.

>> No.7149418

>I can do streneous physical labor for long stretches of time and it's all good but trying to draw makes me want to quit almost immediately
I was like that when I first decided to get into art. at least for myself, I had nothing in my life to compare drawing to. I had put a fair bit of effort into sports and made good practice there, but I think sports are generally more naturally intuitive (muscle memory) and there tend to me more immediate resources that one has at their disposal. so because it was unfamiliar and I tempermentally have a strong aversion to discomfort, I got easily frustrated at my poor drawings and ended up quitting for some time. I got back into it a few years ago and have been making noticeable progress, though I'm still not anywhere I'd like to be.

there are potentially multiple different things that it could take for you to get to that point, but your major problem seems to be a lack of faith and a strong aversion to a negative result in your art. you would do well to simply think about your extreme lack of drawing time and probably even seek out artists - perhaps ones you like - and see if they have anything to say about humble beginnings and the generic mindset and habit it takes to make improvements. I was never certain that I would make improvements - it really was a leap of faith - but that's what it takes. you could also seek out psychological resources to perhaps elucidate what exactly your mental barriers are and how you might overcome them. part of that will be lowering your expectations, and that's an active process. I still get upset at the result of some of my drawings, but I try to be conscious of the fact that my ultimate goals necessitate that I continue, and that thiese uncomfortable feelings are temporary. to that extent, mindfullness work can be very good.

>> No.7149480
File: 16 KB, 474x355, 0tacwd3svpu21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Such victimism ill suits your blasphemous mouth, Kain, as I am your creation, a shadow animated by the malignous hatred your own rotten soul cast on this world, to twist and corrupt it in your own pompous and grotesque likeness. Dare you criticize the work of your own degenerate hand, Kain? Or the passing aeons made you cast aside your once unmatchable pride, and hide from rightful retribution like the coward worms you so gleefully exterminated?

>> No.7149689

he traces or copies random models doing fotm cosslop, then tags a random large artist with "i used you as reference!!" for their attention so they retweet it.

>> No.7149739

That's an great idea.

>> No.7149818
File: 230 KB, 337x406, 1692455891449327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get new ipad
>use procreate
>"wow! this is kino!"
>but all the brushes are shit to me for some reason
>can't find any good brushes to download
>end up downloading csp
>it's way better immediately
>can have all my good brushes
wasted $13 usd

>> No.7149821

well, it's actually secondhand, it's just new to me. it's also 3rd gen so i hope i don't run into too many issues with the memory kek

>> No.7149822


Lack of knowledge. You have the internet, learn the brush engine.

>> No.7149883

Remember to use a lot of emoji and a reverent tone

>> No.7149888

What interesting things can I do with squared paper? And how can I place a grid on an image on the computer to copy to this paper?

>> No.7149896

>And how can I place a grid on an image on the computer to copy to this paper?
if you have photoshop or some alternative photo editing software (GIMP, for instance), you can just superimpose a grid on a photo by opening the program with the photo you want to draw and then add a layer above it of a transparent png of a grid. presumably you would know how to adjust the size of the grid, but if not you can just look up how to do so with your program on YouTube or something.

>> No.7150001

Just use projector. Problem solve.

>> No.7150267

10 hours is baby numbers, every painting that ever mattered was laboured over for weeks, months or even years.
unfortunately you sound like you're just interested in churning out anime goyslop for social media which is a thing you will be competing with AI over so good luck with that.

you will live better on 2-4 high quality pieces a month than 15 pieces of rushed homogenous garbage that chink pinup artists and AI porn mills will hopelessly outclass you at.

>> No.7150296

Here's my average process
> think about what to sketch: 1-2 weeks
>decide poses and stuff: 1 week
>something like speed fines or other shit happens, lose motivation and shitpost for a week to vent
>another idea comes up, waste two days thinking if I should continue the old one or this
>decide, sit down, change my mind after two days of deep sketching, just start something completely different
>start sketching this one, instead waste 3 hours on a funny edit to post on 4chan
>don't post it
>third sketch finished: a week
>waste a week avoiding it because the fact I can't pose the fingers in a cool way seems insormountable, occupy my time worrying about my car and looking at the spiders on the ceiling, wondering what the fuck they have in their mind all the time staying still for months in their webs, do they take coma level power naps or are they insulting eachother with linked websites vibrations?
>say just fuck it and do the lineart: two days
>do it twice, first one was ehhh: one day
>fix stuff: one afternoon
>completely forgot it exists and post it after a month: a month

>> No.7150301

didnt read. go draw

>> No.7150307

Lots of projection here.

>> No.7150309

But I AM anon
If you had read my beautiful post you would know that it's part of my process

>> No.7150316 [DELETED] 
File: 25 KB, 720x692, 1703435139407214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, uhh... Are you going to remake /lsg/?

>> No.7150319

fuck off

>> No.7150321

>are you going to remake cancer?
no thanks

>> No.7150323


use photoshop and a printer

>> No.7150324
File: 361 KB, 500x500, 1691811131458544.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh dear, looks like I got on someone's bad side.

>> No.7150327

nta but stop speaking yappanese and pyw

>> No.7150330

Right, just opened Krita and am doing that. Thanks.
I'll get that some other time.

>> No.7150343


>> No.7150352

lmao I just got hit up for a request this Friday for a character from a dead dacha game.
You'd be surprised how many eternal strugglers are out there for some sort of attention to their dead games.

>> No.7150395

pedos are mentally ill

>> No.7150408

>no fun allowed

>> No.7150424
File: 419 KB, 1800x1500, 1685731491706696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7150433

So I was going to take art classes at my community college but don't have enough money. I got financial aid but still had to pay a balance, I dropped classes until I could get it down to 300 dollars. Is it really worth going just for one class, or should I wait a semester until my money is better and take more than one?

>> No.7150438

Is it that bad now? My community college the classes are actually $300 to $375 for state residents.

Maybe try one to feel out the level of homework given. When I took an art class the students were expected to go above and beyond for a good grade.

>> No.7150459

each class is about $1200 but the aid im given is always short 300 and adjusts depending on the amount of classes im taking. I went years ago but never finished, but it wasn't like this before and students were given a flat amount.

>> No.7150510

>comic store opened up near my singing school
>decide to check it out because people kept saying there's more to comics than capeshit
>go inside
>its nothing but capeshit everywhere
>ask the owner if there's anything not superhero related because people kept saying there's more to it
>ehh idk
>goes in back and brings out a cardboard box and says tehre might be one in there
>theres nothing but capeshit

>> No.7150517

the loli general got deleted for no reason. The local anti-loli spammer is spamming other threads now

>> No.7150522

I like loli but in general "people who like loli" are awful for reasons not even related to pedophilia, they're just annoying and shitty

>> No.7150532

as someone that's doesn't like the fetishfags but likes drawing little girls, anti-pedos concernfags are by far more annoying

if someone is being obnoxious then they should be banned for that behavior, policing people because
>uh that girl in a gymnastics outfit looks a little too young despite being a drawing of an 22 year old rhythm gymnast
isn't just annoying, it's self destructive of the website to allow that.

>> No.7150535
File: 9 KB, 200x200, 1710941955330852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The usual thread maker had a shocking revelation regarding background thread drama spanning years and years and wanted to call it quits. Still not sure if he's the janitor or not.

>> No.7150536

Sure. personally if loli is allowed on /b/ I don't see why it can't be allowed on every red board.

>> No.7150537

There is a timer on thread deletion for everyone except jannies who can delete whenever so maybe

>> No.7150538 [DELETED] 

I think the funniest one for me was when I made an anime girl OC and was called a pedophile for it by the tumblrtards, and then they started drawing porn of her as a child, in order to somehow bully me for being a pedo...?

>> No.7150544
File: 149 KB, 1000x1000, 1694692932755747.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyway, I sparked a huge deletion wave yesterday with drama and made the final few posts shortly before the thread got nuked. I hope it wasn't me... It wasn't my intention.

>> No.7150564 [DELETED] 

Why is it that the people most against pedophilia are pedos themselves? Like there's more evidence of this than lolicons being attracted to real children.

>> No.7150594 [DELETED] 

This is the cope pedos on both sides of the coin tell them so they can go "I'm not like the other pedophiles." Noone with a brain is fooled by it fake pearl clutching and moral outrage because we know you fags walk lookstep in private and trade CP and none of you should ever be left alone with a child.

>> No.7150609
File: 21 KB, 282x278, 1701216414490325.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haven't you had enough already?

>> No.7150618 [DELETED] 

Good point. Every major discord expose I seen in past few years revolves around so caller lolifags having real CP or grooming children.

>> No.7150634 [DELETED] 
File: 155 KB, 1000x978, 1709583572102621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Deleted post
Since i have your attention its funny how you jannies niggers only care about your faggy ass /lsg/ and do whatever it takes to make sure your fellow pedophiles are comfy there shit thread but do fuck all for the rest of the board.

>> No.7150796

>loli general deleted on sight
not a bad start, now do this with to the yuri general ( pedoshit) and the rest of the nodraw/dramafags threads on this board.

>> No.7150944

nature is fucking healing. good bye p*dos

>> No.7151330

All artists I've met irl are terminal npc normies, they have the correct opinions on everything, accept what society tells them without critical thinking, zero signs of any depth. No sign of any kind of deep need to draw shit, it's all a just "so cool ( emoji)". Is this a thing like the "you have to absolutely hide your brain fuckery unless it's fake and fashionable" thing or really the least surviving autist artists are gathered here? I mean what the fuck I feel really fucking uneasy around that kind of people since I'm a ptsd ridden abuse victim, just the thought that they couldn't even fathom on what levels of fucked up I actually am makes me feel like we're completely different species

>> No.7151392
File: 30 KB, 327x458, 73A0F14C-0C92-4AE8-82A2-E1EFA9067512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Love makes you do all sorts of crazy things, but that’s love I guess.

>> No.7151394


>> No.7151419


>> No.7151424

he said
>Love makes you do all sorts of crazy things, but that's love I guess.

>> No.7151427

What did he do?

>> No.7151428

you'd have to ask him

>> No.7151435

What did you do?

>> No.7151451

>Literal anime avatar shitposter

>> No.7151469

my favorite

>> No.7151519
File: 471 KB, 1032x1457, 1714503654480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Health's been in the gutter lately, just absolute shit. How are you?
I kinda hate what my lifes' become, but this is just the good part it only gets worse from here...

>> No.7151567

i think my biggest regret as an artist was entwining myself with other illustrators who dont actually care about art

>> No.7151580

I genuinely don't mean to be a dick, but if you already recognize a mistake you made in the past, there's no productive purpose for dwelling on it further. all it is is torture, sometimes of a narcissistic nature.

>> No.7151582

No one is normal. They're just faking it to appear normal. Or no one wants to appear wrong. Things like reddit encouraging group think are ruining our individuality.

>> No.7151584
File: 32 KB, 225x350, IMG_4022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What did you think I did?

>> No.7151595
File: 119 KB, 650x962, d4133613e9ae459f7739197368da1b06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used to not understand when my teachers told me not to study anime, because I always thought they were just being boomers. But now I understand what they were talking about about. It's ironically easier to study meat suits like this than symbol drawing anime. The human body has so many more natural anchor points on them. I wish I would have look at these sooner.

>> No.7151596

The fact that artists are insane is the big reason why so many of them "appear" normal.
It's an abnormal normality you're witnessing. They want to fit in desperately so it's kind of creepy how fake they are.
Most artists I've gotten to know are deeply fucked up in various ways. The "omg so cool," and "trans rights!" robot speak artists engage in is a protective mechanism. Dig deeper and you'll find the socially unacceptable insanity.
You're among your own, for better or worse.

>> No.7151601

>All artists I've met irl are terminal npc normies
powerlevel perhaps, but is that really that much of a surprise? I would venture to say that most people in any subject of interest are going to be normies who follow the status quo more or less. again, like in general, there's probably some portion of it which is manufactured, but most of it not.

>> No.7151607
File: 294 KB, 1600x1310, 1685103234466902.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He deleted /lsg/ because the meds ran out. Crazy bastard.

>> No.7151611

Teachers telling zoomers to not study anime would be the weirdest thing. I would think by now most schools that have the funding for an art class in the first place are pro anime.

>> No.7151619

>"study with me for 10 hours"
>types for 10 seconds
>stares at other monitor for 5 minutes
>stares at open book in his lap for 1 hour
>repeats this endlessly until 2 hours go by
I don't know how people believe this shit. When I study it's non-stop pencil movement, only taking a break to search for reference or to read through a chapter of a book

>> No.7151649
File: 1.19 MB, 1048x1048, 1710371382505395.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll tell you what. Nobody really gave a shit about that lame 'demoralizer' besides you as you kept feeding him. I've objectively done more to shit up /lsg/ than he ever has, even if just as a side effect to my whims.

>> No.7151676

a lot of my study sessions are just me constantly looking at reference images on the subject i want to study for an hour or 2 before I even pick up the pen. If I blindly draw while studying, I could accidentally teach myself something wrong or unlearn something.

>> No.7151689

make new lsg you lazy fucks

>> No.7151690

>No one is normal. They're just faking it to appear normal.
I hear this shit all the time, and then you ask "So what makes you abnormal?" and chicks will go uhh I have a choking fetish or dudes will be like I have a foot fetish. Or they'll be like ohh I have anxiety in social situations. This is such a meme, you're as normal as they come.

>> No.7151699

Being yourself makes you abnormal. Altering your behavior to conform with social standards is the definition of normal. Ironic isn't it?

>> No.7151701

i tried, its being deleted on the spot.

>> No.7151721

fuck this gay place
4chan died in 2005

>> No.7151723

we can just post in many of the other threads that align with the genre, at least. i like the idea that were gonna have to be acknowledged as just another subculture in the genre instead of forced into our own little sect anyways

>> No.7151724

I'm gonna directly post on this board

>> No.7151726
File: 81 KB, 598x598, 1698904272603869.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm getting a lot of mixed signals here. On one hand, you're angry that 'he' is allegedly poaching 'your' people, while on the other, you're just jealous that you weren't among the invitees. I'm not sure which it is: do you (1) really care for /lsg/ as its own thing or (2) was it always just a trophy you could flaunt to your estranged lover to hopefully get him to concede? For (1), losing a few would-be discord trannies shouldn't matter. For (2), the extra attention 'he' is allegedly giving you in competition should be a good thing, as it indicates that he's feeling threatened. So, I can't see why you'd give up now, in either case. But that's as far as I can fit into your schizophrenic shoes.
I'm trying to convince him, that selfish little fuck.

>> No.7151734
File: 22 KB, 300x460, 1690127281276015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not a bad idea. If cris, miku and pixel can have their own threads, I should too.

>> No.7151740

>If cris, miku and pixel can plague this board, I should too.

>> No.7151742

good idea. im tired of seeing shitter containment threads, why cant I?

>> No.7151745
File: 277 KB, 1971x1163, 1699999833121181.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes. You guys can visit me anytime.

>> No.7151753

You should make the threads. I’m interested in how you’ll manage it.

Or you can make your own thread, it matters not in the end.

>> No.7151755

it’s a great way to filter him

>> No.7151763

I have no interest in making a new /lsg/, formally speaking. I doubt even a spin on the genre, like the old SFW /psl/, would work given that the crux of the matter is not loli but totally unrelated drama that I described above.

>> No.7151764

it's a great way to smooch him

>> No.7151779
File: 85 KB, 600x850, 82AD0F88-A0D1-48BF-93AF-C78E01297D56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, isolated threads per person isn’t nothing new but I’m excited if that’s the direction /ic/ is going. This board has been quite stale within the last 5 years, perhaps the board will become like a mini CA.org sketchbook as generals phase out. Less drama, less meta threads and more competition.

But I also don’t foresee that happening when /dad/ exists unless enough people make it a trend. It’s also difficult to do because threads get slid off fast and if it does become the defacto trend it’ll be a competition to stay bumped off page 10.

>> No.7151781

Why are you pedoniggers making your discord shit everyone else's problem? just make your schizo containment and shut the fuck up

>> No.7151791

I’m the one who created /wct/. You’re just posting in yet another one of my inventive containments.

>> No.7151795

our schizo containment got deleted you retard

>> No.7151797

...You can't possibly be appointing me to revive /lsg/ when thread creation is anonymous and you've been deleting each one. But unless... You're not the janitor. At which then the problem will probably likely sort itself out over time. Not the first time the general got nuked for no reason.

>> No.7151802

What are you on about? I was replying to your individual thread sketchbook idea.

>> No.7151816
File: 1.85 MB, 3204x2292, 1690979045836649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's okay, I know you can't answer.

>> No.7151823

nice thigh squish. maybe ill start posting there again

>> No.7151845
File: 611 KB, 2560x1440, 1706206116458377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you posting from the future? What's it called? Loli/Shota General? Loli Study General? Something else entirely?

>> No.7151916

use the other one before you fags get /wct/ delete on site like /vent/ did >>7052045

>> No.7151918

no thanks, mikufag

>> No.7151919

but I like straight girls

>> No.7151953
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It's up >>7151950

>> No.7151980

Actually Miku, your thread does have the right idea now that I think about it. It has more purpose. If you’re knowledgeable about Yuri your general would be more active.

>> No.7152004
File: 483 KB, 2500x2300, 1689258886305408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now, did that confirm the janitor? I'm still not sure.