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What's stopping (you) from making that webcomic, /ic/?
>B-but, imma not gud ennuf
Didn't stop ONE

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>natural at composition
>natural at character design
>natural at story telling
>interesting ideas for manga
You can get good at technical drawing but if you lack intuition in any of the skills mentioned above you are simply not gonna make it as a manga artist

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>list of skills that can be trained
>BuT MuH InTuiTion

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But i am making a web comic

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Then why is Yusuke Murata only recognized for illustrating OPM and not for his Eye Shield manga? Which had terrible character designs and story by the way. If anyone can learn those skills then murata should have a lot more of popular works right?

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But I am making one and I have over 1k subs and ONE is an inspiration of mine

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Who the fuck is yusuke murata?

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Artist behind one punch man manga

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i am making a webcomic tho :)
/ic/ would definitely shit on it tho for looking like ass even though they always bring up OPM as reason to do it anyway

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People bring up one simply because he's famous
Being famous elevates your art to the point where many might even convince themselves that it's good.
A decent example of the opposite is Andrew Dobson. The man was such a stubborn autist that people will call his art terrible despite, technically, being competent.

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You are not different from the people that call Andrew Dobson a bad artist if you think OPM is bad

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>natural at composition
>natural at character design
>natural at story telling
>interesting ideas for manga

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His ass

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I am already making one.
I think ONE has a few skills that are more important than good art, good emotion-conveying, humor, and storytelling.

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I want to try comics eventually, but there's still some stuff I want to get better at before I do

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>My necessaries are embarked.

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This looks familiar from /mmg/, but I forgot the name of it. Do you have a link?

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success is cultivated. You have to make your eyeshield 21 if you want your OPM.

fixed mindset.

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>one example
ok, where's the rest

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>That seems reasonable, but reasonable things are where the trouble always is.

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everyone laughs at ONE's artistic skills (he doesn't have them) and since I won't be lucky enough to get an anime out of my shitty webcomic then I'd rather never try to begin with until I'm good enough to draw something decent first

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I'm nowhere near as good as he is; I'm not even good enough for an outside observer to reliably be able to guess what I was attempting to draw.

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True, but OP is implying you can start churning out a comic with 0 skills and find success. Of course being good at all those other things is going to compensate bad art, it's like 2hu.

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I don't think OP was implying something as naive as that. I think OP was moreso motivating people to start work on their comic/project now rather than wait until their skills feel ready. You're always going to feel like your skills could be better, but if you wait around until they reach a level you are satisfied with, you will be waiting forever, as that bar will constantly be rising as you continue learning.

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>natural at composition
Original OPM webcomic
>natural at character design
Original OPM webcomic
>natural at story telling
Original OPM webcomic
>interesting ideas for manga
Original OPM webcomic and mob psycho, it's so sad that your coping mechanism doesn't allow you to think rationally and makes you look like a complete beg who can't identify good art just because it's not technically impressive.
Yusuke murara is the illustraror of the OPM manga, ONE is the original creator, how new are you?

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Also, remember when some brit doodled his way to success? Even drawing while having cancer? Not obsessing over technical skill?

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Seriously though, HOW?
How the fuck did he gain so many followers with pre/beg/ tier work? I enjoyed his stuff but even back then I was surprised by how popular it became

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>"success is cultivated. You have to make your eyeshield 21 if you want your OPM."
You do realize you're comparing two different people, right? You also unintentionally proved his point kek

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I can see that it's hard for you to calmly articulate yourself to other people.

When someone asks you for a citation on a board where the people are toxic and just say whatever because there's no cost I find it very odd that you'd waste your time stating your opinion if it was never worth articulating in the first place.

It kind of sounds to me like when people want to understand you better, you dump that responsibility entirely on them by telling them to "read the original webcomic" and you pump yourself up by putting other people down when what they say confuses you.

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He never made his point in the first place anon it's not my responsibility to be omniscient.

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also you have absolutely no idea what intuition even is. You're using a word to describe something you seem to only understand as RNG.

Intuition is cultivated. Source:
absolutely all of the literature that the west is appropriating from the east and has a basis for in cognitive psychology.
Mindfulness and meditation; we literally know that humans have this interoceptive capacity that can be trained through practice.

I don't blame you for being ignorant of this since the west in general is ignorant to just about everything that you can't measure with a stick.

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>reddit spacing
go back tard I have no patience with obnoxious idiots like you, it's not my problem that you can't tell the difference between a person with good storytelling skills and an edgy comic created by a teenager, if you ask stupid questions don't be surprised if people get mad at you

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>natural at composition
>natural at character design
>natural at story telling
put together they are 10 times easier than just learning anatomy and perspective

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correction, cognitive behavioral therapy in particular.

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>What's stopping (you) from making that webcomic, /ic/?
I still lack soulful shape language

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Reminder that reddit spacing is a meme and that anons have been using such spacing since this site's launch

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I got banned off webtoons in 24 hours. It took a week and I got it re-approved, but it really took the starch out of my work. I haven't drawn in almost 2 weeks now.

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it's not reddit spacing anon, it's just a basic effort to communicate but you don't make that basic effort so you can't recognize it and just call it "reddit" spacing because you're a good anon that talks the way the other anons do.

I'm noticing again that you have a habit of putting others down when you articulate yourself.
You don't actually demonstrate your understanding, because there's a fraction of a chance that you'd sound stupid. I can tell you think a lot anon and that you think your thoughts about things are true.

You don't actually investigate the world to test your hypotheses about things; you just tell others about "good and bad" with superficial concepts like "making it" "natural talent" "intuition" "interesting ideas" that's probably just based on a totally normal cognitive bias: humans determine the value of things based on their cost. It's reasonable anon, I don't blame you for thinking that.

It was very clear you didn't know what you were talking about when you chose your words to articulate yourself. I'm not surprised and I wasn't asking you any questions; I was pointing out to you that you sound stupid.

"Stupid" means by the way that you can't differentiate the subtle elements of the broad topics you make weak efforts to discuss.

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It's not a basic effort to communicate; you have been doing at least that much.

Reddit spacing is a basic effort to make it easier for others to understand what you have to say.

It makes the information easier to read.
It has structure. There's a pattern to it. It's not just a string of text.
If you'd actually been studying your fundies like a good anon you'd already know this information and you'd be applying it for yourself instead of how the books tell you to.

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blah blah blah miss me with the psychoanalysis and philosophy bullshit, prove your point, invalidate mine or gtfo, you are so stupid that you think i'm trying to prove you wrong with the original point of this thread
if it's so easy for you write a book about character design and send it to murata because the design of his characters in eyeshield was generic and forgettable to say the least

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I don’t know where to put it and I don’t know how to set up a website

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take a peek here

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you don't sound educated and eloquent, you sound pedantic like the average /lit/ fag, you inadvertently proved my point without being able to understand that my point is not that no one can create a good comic, my point is that people misuse ONE as an example when the guy is a literal genius when it comes to creating comics and telling stories, the average person has on average the ability to create a deviantart comic and the vast majority don't even have an interesting story to tell, if it was so easy to create comics with good stories and anyone could do it the entertainment industry would not be plagued with isekais and shitty harems that saturate the market, I'm sure there are many people with excellent ideas to tell but they don't have the ability to portray in pencil and paper their ideas and unfortunately the minimum skills required to create comics are skills that can't be quantified unlike anatomy to name one example. Also from what I see you fail to understand the concept of intuition also known as talent and the types of intelligences that exist but I already wasted a lot of time with you and I do not consider you worth it since you failed and continue failing in a disastrous way to understand my initial argument. by the way if you like psychoanalysis so much you should be careful with how you reflect yourself in people, I think the guy who looks at people from above is the idiot who thinks he is cultured and write pretty but his arguments are superfluous, overoptimistic and the most steven universe ass shit i've read in the whole day. Have a good evening

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I'm confused anon
Did I say something about me being right and you being wrong?

I don't think I'm right about something and that you're wrong about something.
I see you making mistakes in the way you relate to others that tend to hold people back when you measure people as a population.

I acknowledge you can act the way you have been and thrive in spite of it.

Also thanks for reading my messages. I respect you for doing that in spite of it being difficult for you to understand what I'm saying.

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We have all been educated probably 155,000 for hours on average.

This is not pedantic anon. This is precise use of language, something you just did yourself.

Again I'm noticing your lexicon: "genius" "average person" these are words the we teach people to describe the nuanced constellation called "ability."

We have accepted and taught an insufficient use of the word and this why we have so much research going into it
and we're seeing books like "peak" by anders ericson and "thinking fast and thinking slow"
by daniel kahneman. We are learning a more robust definition of what that word actually refers to.

The difference between us anon is that I don't mind if I fail or if people think that I'm an idiot who's pedantic or cultured or whatever word.
I appreciate you sharing your perspective, and I can see you don't see the value in a difference of perspective.

I'm sorry for psycho-analyzing you anon.

It's easy for me.

I'm not the one who's burdened with a mind that gets stuck thinking about being a failure or about what type of intelligence it has.
I don't worry about being average or if I sound superfluous to other people. I'm okay with that uncertainty.

No one teaches us how to tell right from wrong or how to show compassion to a /lit/ fag.
I don't blame you and I respect you for speaking your mind even though you sound stupid.

One thing I'd like to share is the concept of "ego." It is a word for a component of your internal instrument

"Look at how much I know about this person. I'm such a psychoanalyst. Anon has thinky-person intelligence. He's not gonna make it. Yusuke Murata filters /beg/lets"
All of that is my ego.

We all have ego. It is a piece of the human condition. It's not our job to not have one but it is our job to be aware of it. Even the word "ego" is judgemental in our language and is a poor translation, but it's the best we've got. If the word alone were enough, we wouldn't use "definitions."

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He would be too dumb to understand it.
Same reason why he writes even worse than a mediocre writer.

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Composition is not that hard to learn and the others are not something one is THAT good at lol. 90% of compositing is making sure that there's not other things taking attention away from what you want to show in the picture/panel/etc.
I have no desire to sink time into pumping out regular webcomic episodes at this time as i have other things going on. But i will do it as soon as possible

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That's a shame because i liked your 1st chapter

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have a link to my very much in-progress site!
I'm uploading the last completed chapter there.

Otherwise im on comicfury and tapas
I'm happy someone remembers.

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That might be all I need to get back into it, anon. Thanks.

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Oh! Great (Ogure Ito) is the only manga artist I respect.

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>What's stopping (you) from making that webcomic, /ic/?
stupid bullshit, like life. which has been kicking my ass quite well.

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Mine looked like this.
Covid ate it. And now I have a long commute and little time to draw. It was a story that spanned 180+ strips and was only two thirds told when it went away. I may continue it someday, but for now I need to refocus my time to projects that I can accomplish.

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The only reason you would think he's "just naturally talented" at any of those things and didn't have to work just to get to the level he was at when he started OPM is because you yourself are locked into a cope.
>makes you look like a complete beg who can't identify good art just because it's not technically impressive.
Like here where you somehow think I'm saying I don't like the work, or that it's bad or something. You only think that because it lets you "win" this argument, but nowhere did I say or imply any of that. I simply questioned the notion that he was naturally gifted with the skill he had. There's no evidence for this, you're jumping to the conclusion you want, something you've done twice now. Turn off the cope part of your brain and turn on the analytical part and actually THINK about what you can learn from ONE. Like, for example, that many or even most of the designs are just playing off cultural tropes -- One Punch Man = Anpanman, to name the most obvious. It's not some super deep drama, it's just a funny parody. How can YOU apply this knowledge?

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I literally don't want to draw yet I still do it

I'm tired of my brain telling me to do it. I never improve and I just feel worse. seeing shit on a paper just makes me feel worse

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Drawing unironically makes me miserable but it's a weird compulsion I have to do it. But I only enjoy it when mindlessly doodling in a sketchbook. Anything more is genuinely demoralizing

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And no, I'm not the faggot making those weird nodraw threads about having ADHD because I actually do have it.

I should try medication, that might fix me. give it a try anon.

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>Didn't stop ONE
One Punch Man (webcomic) works because OPM is a comedy, parody first and action second.
My webcomic is pure action think Solo Leveling.

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I will demolish your argument with a simple question: why can't murata, one of the best artists of our time, make a good manga, yet ONE has already made two famous stories? The same applies to character design. Compare OPM's character design with eyeshield's character design.

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And let me add something. Nobody would give a shit about Yusuke Murata if it wasn't for his incredible technical skill, if he had a mediocre draftsmanship like ONE, his eyeshield manga would have drowned in the sea of amateur manga in Japan and we would never have known him in the West.

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>I will demolish your argument with a simple question: why can't murata, one of the best artists of our time, make a good manga
What do you mean? He has. He's responsible for the artwork in a bunch of manga and every time he smashed it. There's obviously one aspect he focuses on above all others and that's making cool drawings. Just because you have some retarded definition of "good manga" does not mean that the rest of the world does, Yusuke Murata is a quite competent manga artist and his career reflects that. Most who try don't manage to draw even one hit work, let alone two.
Except that's obviously untrue because Eyeshield was a hit with its target audience for more than just the artwork. But Murata didn't write it, he chose to partner with writers so he could simply focus on drawing cool drawings, which he's quite good at.

We're on /ic/, not /a/. People here have actually tried (and in some cases succeeded) to make manga. So it's not unknown just how difficult it is to make a solid comic. Yusuke Murata, even if he isn't some amazing writer, still manages to create professional quality comics that lands with the target audience (young teen boys) exceptionally well. This is not an easy task, and you're a fool to think it can be done with raw natural gift alone.

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Do you realize you are proving my point? And no offense, but are you autistic? Let me give you another example, if your goal is to be the fastest sprinter in the world, will training alone make you number one of all time or will you end up hitting a genetic wall that won't let you improve any further? I don't mean that you can't become faster than average with training, but will you be able to outrun Usain Bolt?

>> No.7140329

Is any of this supposed to explain why you think ONE is just naturally gifted? Because if not, all you're doing is arguing with a strawman. You made a claim, and people pointed out why it's bullshit. None of your retorts have addressed this, instead you're just doubling down on your claims instead of doing anything to actually prove them.

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Do you think ONE grinded composition, story telling and character design like you grind anatomy and perspective?

>> No.7140372

I want to draw a comic or manga but what makes me shun it is that if by some miracle it became so famous as Dragon Ball I would have millions of shitskins tainting my work with their cringe shitskinnery or gooning to my characters so no

>> No.7140393

Don't worry with that kind of mindset you are not gonna achieve anything even if you tried

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I believe he probably tried his best to make the best thing he could multiple times. I really doubt OPM was his first ever attempt at telling a story or drawing a manga. Just like any other author. Nobody knocks it out of the park the first time they swing the bat.
And I don't grind anatomy and perspective. This is a strawman, anon. Getting practice, experience and skill does not necessarily mean "grinding anatomy and perspective". It means doing and learning and doing again and learning more and doing it all over and over until you feel brave enough to make something to actually SHOW people. And not giving up if (when) that thing you show people doesn't instantly become a smash hit.
You know what's funny? Nobody ever said I had "talent" until I was published. People love to attribute success to talent for some reason. But it wasn't talent that got me where I am, it was hundreds and hundreds of earnest drawings, failing and learning and failing again. But you can only see the result of that, not the whole journey it took to get there. So no, I don't think ONE is just "naturally gifted" at making comics. That's a ridiculous thing to assume.

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Nigga, everyone on the internet back then was a pre/beg/.
There was a time when Metal Gear Awesome 2 was the most impression thing made and egoraptor seemed like a god.

>> No.7140409

Nta but there is an interview where ONE stated he's been drawing manga ever since he was a kid and he's filled up tons of notebooks with stories. It seems like the dude has unironically been grinding storytelling his whole life

>> No.7140412

I never said that he made it in his first try, you do sound like a person with talent because you clearly don't understand what talent really means that assuming you are a professional and not a idioy lying on the internet for internet points

>> No.7140419

>I never said that he made it in his first try
That's right, you just said he was a natural at composition, character design, storytelling and coming up with interesting ideas for manga. So what the fuck do you mean? Explain it for somebody unfamiliar with your personal ideological crusade, and while you at it, explain why you think this particular person is a natural in all of these areas instead of simply a really hard worker.

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Ask me nicely bitch, i don't feel like spoonfeeding a "succesful artist" that wastes his time on this cesspit

>> No.7140455

nta but explaining your own opinion isn't spoonfeeding, retard. that's not something anybody can look up on their own so if you don't want to keep sounding like a drooling retard with every post you should try making it clear what you're talking about
and there's a thread on this board of a dude proving he's making manga professionally. this sounds like the same guy. if you actually lurked instead of just shitposting like the tourist faggot you are you wouldn't need to be spoonfed yourself.
or you could keep making these worthless argumentative posts where you refuse to make any lick of sense and just dance your monkey dance, i doubt it matters to anybody else how you spend your limited time on this earth.

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Pretty much like any artist who is driven by talent or the pleasure of drawing, it doesn't mean anything, if you're implying that I think he came out of the womb and started drawing good manga you're wrong. If you people want to prove me wrong, show me a good book or course in the topics i mentioned early. I'll wait

>> No.7140460

Lmao you are mad, it is spoonfeeding when we are talking basic shit like what talent means go read a book "succesful artist" you still don't understand my point, read my posts all over again, maybe you'll learn something bitch ass faggot

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Originally I had a completely different idea for the webcomic, pic related.

A newspaper sized strip that I could produce in my spare time for a weekly update. Drawn bits refined,defined, redefined and recycled where I could, I assembled panels,and acclimatiing myself to maintain the quality of the strip and hit deadlines. I managed 8 of them,and was drawing the elements for the ninth,when life found me in waiting rooms for the foreseeable future, away from Photoshop and any chance of getting going. So I brought a new sketchbook to pass the time. I drew a demon head, and thought how to fit it into a story in my ficdom. That was the origins of the 180+ story. I might assemble a PDF of the strips,in ordet,and possibly give it away. But ftom where?

>> No.7140695

That's just the way some people are. Some people are more story focused and only need the bare minimum of art to get their ideas across and some people are more visuals focused and only the the bare minimum of storytelling to give context to the images.

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>natural at character design
Oh please, have you actually seen any of his drawings? They're as generic as possible.

>> No.7141399

>natural at character design

Over a decade spent looking at shitty OCs across the internet and I now completely believe you either have an eye for character design or you don't. A mixture of personal taste, experience and observations that is so personal and nuanced that even the notion of distilling it into a formula is philistinism.

If you have to follow someone else's instructions to design something then you can only produce generic slop.

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>What's stopping (you) from making that webcomic, /ic/?
nothing, I'm making comics. Comics are great because you can make stories. Takes drawing to the next level.
>>B-but, imma not gud ennuf
>Didn't stop ONE
Its true. you dont need great drawing skills to make comics. just draw boxes. drawing comics is also a great way to make money.

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Why does this question keep popping up but if you want answer here it is
ONE was right guy in the right place
He had a thing that many others couldn't truly replicate if they were in his position and he had 2 things that change him on being same level as other webcomic faggot
It's the fact that he is good at telling stories and panneling and his shitty art elevates comedy, but most important was that he had a drive
Ya think most of anons really have either finished a one webcomic or even made several? I say for most not

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I just started working on my webcomic in earnest, anon, and I’ve only got one page under my belt.

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>show me a good book
Because books are already written by jews for retarded spergs like you

>> No.7144018

I have informed Games Workshop's lawyers. you might as well bend over and spread cheeks now.

>> No.7144069

Welp we had a good run boys

>> No.7145033

Nice art, Anon

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I made it, had posted everyday, was too busy to continue, I put it on hiatus. it was while I had the time...

>> No.7145491

he's cute

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R8 my idea
>superhero battle shounen
>main power system is chemical elements
>everyone in the setting has an element, rarity loosely based on natural rarity of elements (so 99% are either hydrogen or helium), so most people aren’t walking nukes
>a carbon person could their skin into diamond, a boron person could fuck with other people’s abilities, or a bismuth person could use magnetism to manipulate other metals, magneto style
>can even have special snowflakes with man made elements, isotopes, chimera molecule people

>> No.7145678

I am drawing one. It's just that nobody wants to read mine because I suck at generally everything related to them. So I guess I'm just doing all this in order to poorly tell a story to myself like some kind of schizo playing with sock puppets in the corner of a dark room.

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I have 3 different projects im equally passionate about and can't for the life of me dedicate myself to finishing just one of them. When the urge hits I just have to draw/write/theorycraft about any particular idea.
As a result Ive produced nothing tangible in many years and most of my projects are still in very early stages. I dont know what Im going to do if things keep up like this ill never finish anything before I die. I really like the idea for my webcomic but its taken a backseat to newer projects as of late. Im dooming myself to failure.

>> No.7145774

I wouldnt even allow myself to finish a drawing this bad. Yet he kept going and made a comic, while I get shit on and mocked for drawing better technically. This gay earth is just a simulation designed to torture me

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I wonder how that cuck raphael with a hecking doggo avatar looks like behind the screen.

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File: 650 KB, 751x1000, Magical Mangaka Rinren Chan Ch 02 pg 07 sm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can make a comic with more emphasis on artwork, or the writing, or whatever. There's a lot of flexibility with comics.

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How was it recieved?

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I got 40 followers on tapas and got 2 comments monthly. For something really done by flying on the seat of my pants that's good enough for me.

>> No.7146801

I dont have the time. I need to make ends meet by draeing furry inflation porn so i cant afford to draw comics. Thats my excuse.

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you can SHUT THE FUCK UP right now

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that's a pretty rad first page
little bit of outer wilds vibe

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i like this. What's it called?

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>What's stopping (you) from making that webcomic, /ic/?
I got two
My first work(complete)
Working right now