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and you?

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thanks for the drawing

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money, fame, and women

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I draw for shape language desu

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the angle of the thing on her head is off
her right leg looks funny
the boobs are too flat and close
her collar looks too flat
you fucking suck kid, never draw again

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yeah but who asked that?

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and what about you?

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this is artwork/critique, sir

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>you fucking suck kid, never draw again

yeah its called artwork and critique, not being a fucking nigger

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Even as a little kid, I only ever drew with the express purpose of improving. My earliest memories of drawing involve humiliation at how bad I was compared to everyone else and frustration at my inability to get better. When people talk about how kids can't tell how bad they are and just draw whatever they want, to me they are describing a bizarre fantasy land.

If I had a vague understanding of drawing as a concept and a semi-functional process, though, then I think I would have fun, even if my actual skill level was still abysmally low.

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For fun and profit.

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i draw to suffer

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How do you draw for fun? It feels like I have a mental block, my retarded brain insists that I do exercises only (I'm bad at them still)

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Fucking same.
My earliest conscious memory of drawing was of crying and having a goddamn mental meltdown because I realized what I had drawn was shit and didn't look anything like what it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be a motorcycle, but it was just so obvious that it wasn't. I tore up my drawing, broke my pencils, screamed and kicked and had to be medicated. My parents wouldn't let me draw anymore because it was "bad for me."
Now, as an adult, things haven't changed much, but I've managed to persevere on the feeling of getting better. The returns on this are diminishing as I near my IQ limit, though, and in retrospect, I should have listened to my parents, because I regularly come here to crab just to get the anger and autism out of my system.
I hate drawing. I hate the process. I hate the results. I love the feeling of gradual improvement. And I'm beginning to think this is not sustainable.

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>reddit spaced
why don't you try r/jailbait? more your pace

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Drawing funny comics about the beatles.

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your brain is insisting because you hate the work you for fun - stop hating it and let it exist
it's not up to your taste, and you feel like the only way to "get better" is to do exercises, so you see the one-off drawings and the comic pages and the character designs have to wait until you get better
the truth is, you'll never be good enough if you have an overbearing taste
the people that are better than you do both: they study, and the draw things for fun without stringing themselves up by a rope if they make something their ego deems ugly and "unfit for the public"
>you've got a million bad sketches in you - get them out

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Hell yeah I do, I've got carte blanche. I love this freedom. It makes me so happy.

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Thank you brother

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I don't draw for fun. As in, I have fun not drawing.
Sure wish I could make drawing fun for myself, but it's kind of a Catch 22 situation. I won't have fun until I get good, and I can't get good if I don't draw, and I don't want to draw if it's not fun.

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It's fucked up, but at this point i just draw for those moments when people ask how you got to that level. Im not even that good, but the rare moments like that make it worth it.

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I've got into drawing only recently, did it for the sole purpose of drawing reaction images and known characters in dorky situations, all in quick and dirty sketches. It turned out that drawing a quick bunch of lines that won't look offensively bad is more difficult than drawing a full effort picture, so now I gave up on the original plan and i'm drawing simply because it turned out to be plenty fun. Hope I'll get to the point where my quick doodles look nice someday.

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>and you?
I don't draw.

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even drawing lines is so fucking tedious now
it's so much problem solving and on top of that you need draw perfect lines

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I draw for shape language.

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why do you guys force yourselves to do something you don't enjoy?? masochism'?? why not just search for soemthing else you would enjoy?? why instead deciding to post ugly half-made non-enjoyed drawings on the internet?? tt.t