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How do i femininemax my art??

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Act like a woman and go draw.

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idk I just draw and for some reason a lot of women like it

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copy loish twice

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Use a lot of shitty sparkles and unnecessary bells and whistles instead of focusing on the drawing itself. Add a lot of unnecessary colors and VERY IMPORTANT avoid ANY KIND of hard shape
Also cut your dick off, you're already a faggot might as well go all the way

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shape language desu

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I need someone to explain those stupid 4-pointed stars that are in so much art that women do. Why? They're not even cute. It just looks stupid and fucks up the vibe with gay symbols that you would see in notes passed back and forth between k-12 kids.

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you mean a cross?

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They're meant to be little stars. You can see an example in op picture.

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draw sexy lean masculine anime men. any tranny can paint a watercolor witch but they can't stomach the things women really like.

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across from where?

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Stars. The popular depiction as 4 points adjoined by parabolic curves likely originates from distortions created by the Hubble Telescopes support struts though similar distortions are caused by defects in the human eye and can be seen when looking at any bright light source