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I heard shape language can improve your art 10x and break you free from polished turds is this true?

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Shape LANGUAGE? Mostly irrelevant.
But how good your shapes are -- how appealing you're able to portray distinct areas of a drawing is very important... but it's basically a factor of practical skill, it's not some theory like shape language is.

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>shape language gets dropped
>bunch of retards will now parrot and misuse it
you inbred fuckers are so painfully inept

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Shape language? No.

Form language? YES

"He who can draw spherical forms, can rule the world "

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>shape language
Where did this retarded phrase come from?

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shape language is old, for some reason it started gaining traction from that left-right improvement thread

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All three of those 'shapes' induce pencil necks, huh?

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It literally cannot be irrelevant as shape language is the very building blocks of an artist's style.

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how do I grind appeal?

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bumping for interest, would love for anons to drop some resources on this

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In terms of design shapes are more important than forms, but as far as practice is concerned you need to put much more work in the latter. At some point you learn to intuit what makes a good shape. Form always remains mental though; even after getting a feel for it you still need to think out the perspective.

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I like when they put a shape on their drawing like it's intentional when you can put any other shape on there too

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I try to emphasize shapes in my art, but I have no idea what makes a shape appealing to look at.

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"shape language is irrelevant, it's shape language that's important"

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and how you define shape language? please illuminate my mind with your nodraw wisdom

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This doesn't make any sense. Can you explain?

Since OP didn't define his terms, and since the OP image is a demonstration of this, I'm assuming he means the common definition of the phrase "shape language" ie, the one that is concerned with stuff like "square shapes are strong and solid, round are comfortable and nice, triangles are sharp and mean" etc.
That concept isn't all that relevant. Yes, it does kinda factor into things, but it's extremely shallow. Sharp shapes do have a certain feel to them, as do blocky or round ones, but this is pretty much as far as it goes so that's about all you need to know. It certainly won't have a "10x improvement" of your artwork nor will it have any affect on your turd-polishing proclivities.
But having "nice shapes", is the culmination of many aspects of drawing. Strong anatomy, stylization, skill with the tools etc are generally in service of creating said "nice shapes". These "nice shapes" are not really what the term "shape language" is referring to.

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Yes faggot. Imagine a tall pyramid and you are on the ground. It makes you look like a permabeg right? Add a kawaii mesugaki inside the pyramid with correct perspective. Makes you want to UOHHH so much you start cooming on her but you can't because your coom will just fall on the ground and you wonder why you are still a permabeg.

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it's become a bit of a buzzword since everyone says its important but never really explains why like "readable silhouettes" or even "golden ratio"
but its just one of those things that is very pronounced in some art but less so in other art

truth is there's no smoking gun that will make you a better artist, you should just learn it all

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You've been memed on too hard my boy

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You completely contradicted yourself lol

It's much more than just being "nice shapes". It has more to do with visual weight and movement that naturally guide your eye around the page to areas of interest. This also ties it closely into composition, which some people swear by being the MOST important skill in art to have.

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>It has more to do with visual weight and movement that naturally guide your eye around the page to areas of interest.

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Shapelanguage is super important albeit much easier to learn than other fundamental.

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Oh my bad, you are so right! Those things are not important AT ALL when making a structurally sound image! I should have known!

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As expected, midwits conflating shape language with shape design.

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stop doing form excerises ai can already do them

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crabbing retards will latch onto any new terminology to make themselves sound intelligent, only works on braindead dipshits dumber than they are
throw form language into the mix just for funsies

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Whats a good course/book to learn this?

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shape bros I don't get it

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stop parroting shit you don't understand

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seconding this
are there any good ressources on shape language?