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There's that one anatomy guy who always draws in red lines, seems to be chinese maybe? Very, very, very good. I've saved a lot of his stuff over the years. Does anyone have any translations or know if he ever put out a formal book/lessons? maybe know where he learned his stuff?

I've found maybe a few pages people have translated on pinterest and the writing was very helpful but it was only a few.

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Looks like Krenz kintergarten class.
All the redline images are in his structure folder you get with it.
I dont have translations for what those moon runes say, but he does have a youtube channel with some lectures that are auto translated.

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where is this kindergarten class I've only seen the perspective, composition and color ones?

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>seems to be chinese
I don't jack shit about moon runes but those symbols look Japanese.
t. Weeb

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newfags dont know about 0033

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