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Does anyone have Ruan Jia's old art saved somewhere?

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How old is old? His art station goes back to 08 or so?

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*The dates uploaded on art station for the oldest work is not the he date painted them.

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Was curious myself years ago, oldest stuff I could find was his mmosite gallery. That site is dead now though.

Some other older galleries:

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Thanks, appreciated!

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ruan jia has shit shape language

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take that back... or else

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Shape Language is for Concept Nigerians.

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I have the biggest collection 30gb...
I don't like rj anymore, I don't even want to see his art.. I regret I wasted so much time being so obsessed.

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even if you don't like his art, that's a cool collection to have. Maybe one day if jia's hdd dies you can come to the rescue.

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are you feeling generous...

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if you didn't have a visceral disgust reaction when you first saw Ruan's bugman sloppa plastic doll art, you're ngmi

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there was a time when this was rare. it looked fresh, the skin rendering was sublime, unlike all the other slop out there.

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>ruan jia thread
>crabs immediately crawl out of the woodworks

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What do you mean? It still looks good. Compare RJ's renderings to anime slop renderings. It's not even close to the same.

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AI could 100% replicate that

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How on earth do you have 30gb brother

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Probably videos.

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Okay let's see it do it

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Ah true
Do you have all of the old wow tcg stuff he did at Volta? only have a few

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>It still looks good
I agree, it's just not fresh, it's dime a chinese dozen nowadays. if you were on art forums when he dropped that it was like a nuke, shockwaves rippled across the whole industry.

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yes, I have a lot of streams

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yeah, I remember I was reading that thread on concept art forum
now I don't feel anything.

no, a lot of artworks weren't uploaded in good quality, some of his concepts weren't uploaded at all

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It's neglectful how artists pump up other artists without any awareness of what it is inside themselves that makes them say "I like it, he has good shape language."

and then that thought comes back later and instead of questioning where it came from we go like "Ruan Jia is amazing does anyone have all of his artwork?" cause that's the extent of the average introspection.

also been a long time I was just remembering Ruan Jia while brushing my teeth. I don't know what it is but like something about the painting reminds me of like, luminescence and quartz and marbles. It's like, very "crystalline" I don't know what about the brushstrokes is doing that for me.

anyway thanks for reminding me anon

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oh i was gonna say though it makes sense that he did blizzard artwork they have like this "cut stone" thing going on with their illustration team.

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>I don't know what it is but like something about the painting reminds me of like, luminescence and quartz and marbles
good analysis, yes i get this too. it comes from understanding traditional workflows, glazing in particular, he studied a lot of boogie and the Impressionists that denoted formchanges with color than value, although he has impressively mastery of value control too

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>the Impressionists that denoted form changes with color
I always thought it came from Bouguereau too, but I've saw 1700s paintings using it already. I wouldn't be surprised for it to be even older.

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you should cram some more buzzwords into your post

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Bougie is pretty literal with his colors, he probably does it to some extent but not based on the concepts of the Impressionists, he's mostly bumping up chroma according to material translucency, he'd make more thin areas brighter red to indicate blood and thinness of skin for example. Impressionists on the other hand would change colors according to how a plane would receive more or less light and different types of sources of light

>I always thought it came from Bouguereau too, but I've saw 1700s paintings using it already. I wouldn't be surprised for it to be even older.
The concept was understood, maybe intuitively, but you are unlikely to see "paintings" that show it because those color pigments didn't exist before Monet's time. Some artists like da vinci lamented that they saw more color in the world than they could put on canvas but there was no availability and some colors like violets for example were very expensive

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HEY don't post my wife ya basterd
also I'm totally not trying to emulate this dude's style I also didn't spend 3 days scouring the internet for his brushes

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lol. yes the 3000 copycats are better.... right?
you believe in the dogma of "progress."
it's more like golden ages that fade and rare individuals/ rare teams that create greatness followed by cheap imitations for hundreds of years after.

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Not at all. I was only saying why one might not be feeling as inspired by his work so much nowadays. Chinese Render Fatigue. His work is still incredible.

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*That and his subject matter is often shitter today. When was the last time he painted something tasteful like that flute lady?

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yeah new ruan piece fucking sucks, mishmash of elements tantamount to visual vomit, no appeal whatsoever
these uber renderfag artists always fall flat when they try to do more simple stylized stuff, dave rapoza is like this as well

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lmao even ruan jia started to draw anime girls.
but it looks like boring soulless chink shit,
not even close to Japanese gods
fuck, I hate myself for wasting time on ruanjia, I wish I could find Japanese artists first

his process is terrible, fucking painting brute-force with 0 drawing. I wish I could draw more instead of copying his painting process...

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These days I am less enchanted by super detailed rendering and more impressed by efficiency. Even though I don't care for his art per se, the type of rendering Rinotuna does is far more appealing to me.