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Yeah, yeah, another AI thread. Some actual content and consequences of its use this time though. DC has pulled multiple covers from artist accused of AI art use. I'll post the art upclose with some side by sides of his 'real' art and pencils, etc in subsequent posts.

How are artists going to prove they draw anythign anymore? How can they pull art like this while having habitual tracers like Greg Land, Mike Deodato, David Mack, etc, etc employed and selling their tracings as real art? For manga, they trace all the time and some manga are tim buckly tier with cut and paste eyes and noses on 3d models basically. Why do people care if its AI if it looks like artgerm or other digital rendered copycats?

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These are the 3 covers from the article and which DC pulled from circulation and replaced. Couple spots circled for questionable art that people peg to AI. others not are marvel's emblems, etc.

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He posted this to instagram and claim its the original pencils for the captain marvel cover. Its clearly different in places, so begs question of if he traced over the cover after the fact or if he used AI to ink/color and it 'fixed' flaws it perceived. Lots of differences in the pencils to finished product.

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This is a step by step progression of his art from older posts. There are lots of differences between this and the alleged AI images. The massive hands in this image larger than the head vs the significantly different hands in the DC artwork is a red flag. Artists dont typically chagne artistic styles drastically either. But he clearly drew these (or someone did). Finally gets DC gig and starts using AI is odd decision.

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I thought AI would become a real minefield when artists realise they can get an AI to shit out 90% of a finished piece and then touch up the remaining 10% by hand just to make it look legit but apparently ain't nobody got time for that.

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For reference, here's how a "realistic" mangaka "draws" his women. Load blender, add lighting, trace it. Slap manga eyes on it. Not trying to make it manga vs comics. Just showing this is acceptable to millions of people buying manga and this guy is considered a "great artist". But upscaling art/coloring it with AI is not and now pulling the art.

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Fixing aitrash takes longer than making art from scratch.

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This is just one of David Mack's "swipes" or "references" colloquially known as tracing. He was huge for long time and in many high profile books with top writers. All from tracing. Just another example of "acceptable" for comics, but the AI one wasnt.

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I don't think these are AI. Most of the spots circled don't appear out of place and at worst they were redrawn awkwardly, like the hand holding the lightning bolt. The spot circled on the womans cape appears to be an unfortunate tangent, it's not the cape separating. its supposed to be dirt/dust flake.

these "pencils" are more akin to rough drafts. There will be a lot of changes along the way I assume because it's work, not fun drawing.

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this but unironically

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Here's another AI ink/color from pencils version he posted for proof he drew them. Note how the shield is drawn correctly, yet perspective and shape is fucked in the final version. Why would he make it worse in the final version? AI fucked up coloring/inking or whatever he did. Or he traced the AI art in pencil and made the shield corrct after. I dont know.

One thing is how do artists even prove they drew anything anymore? Do you have to live stream everything you draw? Some things are traced/photobashed even from best artists. Classic artists traced all the time. Famous guys from movements like Art Nouveau traced photographs/images to achieve their styles. Its not 100% tracing stuff, but thats the general process of creating many of those pieces.

It leaves a lot to question on why 'he didnt draw it, the AI did!' is different from the tracing. Manga is all fake backgrounds. even many old manga all the backgrounds and objects are from toner packs. Why many schools/temples are identical. bought the same toner pack and pasted them in. people love the photobashed backgrounds they use in lots of manga. they actually think the cars or motorcycles or detailed backgrounds are drawings when all fake.

but ai is a bridge too far for most.

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Final cover vs pencils for power girl.

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Sketches can also be done with ai. Who cares?

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Apparently DC since they pulled the covers over this. People care when told it was done by AI. They care that a human did it even if they like the art before finding out. Thats the discussion here. Ive laid out a few 'acceptable' artist issues people dont care about nearly as much. But this guy lost job for alleged AI use even with sketches and past art that is his own.

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>Why would he make it worse in the final version?
Because the art director told him to.
All the changes between sketch and final are easily explained by that.

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>But this guy lost job
Good riddance.
I also wonder if this is the right board for you, OP, being so gullible when it comes to art
>generates work with AI
>gets caught
>traces over AI work
>call it your "original pencils"
>>7138801 for instance, the "hair stands" that fuse with the belt make no sense, come on...
Long story short I got no sympathy for scammers

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Im not being gullible. Im literally showing the AI mistakes. Its more about a discussion with artists on if its acceptable or not, implications for work and proving you actually drew things in the future and anything else that comes out of the discussion. I think he did use AI, but not sure to what extent. I dont think you should get work if do this, but then I dont think you should get work for tracing or 3d objects from blender like rippaverse garbage people are eating up. Shit like batgirl having a 3d blender bathroom where they put the tub object in front of a door is retarded and should neve rwork again. Its not an honest mistake. He cant draw and traced and fucked up. You cant walk that back. But that is acceptable work for people vs the guy using AI to finish sketches or completely or whatever workflow he used for these covers.

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>How are artists going to prove they draw anythign anymore?
Same way restaurants get unscheduled health inspector visits, or athletes get drug tests: randomly ask them for process videos when they turn in their work.

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What the fuck is that hair?

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That's definitely AI

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>transform art into consumeristic product
>consumers worship whoever feeds them consumer slop
>you aren't allowed to do anything that isn't considered as "high-quality" by normies
>of course they want it fast too
>of course cheap as well
>now artists and companies try to find each and every way to generate the most value for the least amount of effort
If anything, this shows a lack of integrity and respect for their consumers and for their own product.
>how are artists going to prove they draw?
Well, do people really care about anything besides consuming the pretty pictures and scrolling to the next picture.
If consumers don't care, neither will people who deliver such products.

Integrity and effort doesn't pay off.

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I still like some of Land's early work. It's heavily referenced/traced still, but shit like Sojourn and first Marvel wrok feels like put a lot more effort into making it look like he drew it all from scratch at least. Felt more referenced than outright traced like the collages like you have.

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> Load blender, add lighting, trace it

>"but tracing the actual model itself doesn't work well for me"

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You can say it doesnt work that way, but the images show its fucking traced. Like he has to do an interview and show how its done and not say 'i just fucking traced it like a mongoloid'.

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>anon is being retarded on purpose
Joke's on me, i should've expected it in an AI thread

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Well, tracing over 3d models is still a workflow, even if a less respectable one. Swiping gets a pass because of the long history it has in the comic book industry.
AI art on the other hand is a liability dor the big publishers: many comic book artists and fans simply won't stand for it because it represents a threat to artist's livelihoods. Not to mention the possible lawsuits that could ensue untill the whole AI thing is legally settled.
They are two different things and should be treated as such, if you ask me

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Shut the fuck up you goddamn roach.

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you ok anon

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To be fair using blender is harder than drawing.

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This just proves that they really hate drawing and will do anything to not draw.
Only the result matters to them. That is how we got AI.
Imagination > Referencing > Tracing > 3D render > AI

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Yes, in an art thread discussing actual drawing vs AI with comparisons to tracing, we have people that cant even agree a guy showing he traced a 3d model is tracing a 3d model. "its ok, he said he didnt trace the object he traced" retardation is why it doesnt matter if its AI or not with mouth breathers like this.

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I'd argue 3D renders could be one step above tracing IF they are being used to create references for specific shit you can't find online, and not just lazy trace the whole figure.

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because blender was made by complete fucking autists
I used to do 3d and use maya basically everyday for years and eventually I got tired of pirating it so I decided to give blender a try and fuck me.
Maya's interface might be overwhelming at first but at least it makes sense but Blender's UI is just a fucking turd that just fills you with pure despair.
Blender clearly was made for aliens by aliens with brain damage.

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>heres a method I use for a rough sketch but I dont like to trace it though
Emad go away

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>How are artists going to prove they draw anythign anymore?
Ask for
>PSD file
>Timelapse video of the whole process
>Pics of each part of the process
>Livestream the whole thing to editors & readers
It's not hard to ask for proof and it's even easier to spot AI art because they tend to crop body parts like the legs and mess up hands.
Just look at your picrel, all the 3 pics cut at the legs just like most AI art.

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If he traced the form or used it as a reference that's normal, I use live models, and use them as the pose for my drawings, if I use ai and then trace the full thing it's completely different, come on man, you should know the difference

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>I don't think these are AI.
Well your thinking is wrong. 100% guarantee it's AI. You don't have much experience with ai do you? I have genned over 10,000 images across all Current AI systems(for memes and curiosity, not using AI in my work), these have AI patterns all over, not just the circled areas. For an instant tell it's AI beyond intuition, Look at any gold armor detail close and tell me why the lines melt into goop instead of showing an intricate hand made pattern?

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Can you actually focus on your own work you drama seeking fag? Keep this shit on /co/

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Tracing what you create /= stolen data from others
Being a nignog thief is the problem.

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>Artists dont typically chagne artistic styles drastically either
Where the fuck are you pulling this assertion from? It happens all the time, especially when they're hired by a company that famously demands artists adopt a particular style.
Now whether this is AI or not... I think it's very murky. Could be, but I don't think it looks as sus as you seem to be saying. The rendering is very AI-ish, and there are elements of the illustrations that are quite different from the sketch (the size of the lightning bolt symbol, the rope/string thing around his collar) but sketches are only guidelines anyway, it's really not that unusual for illustrators to make adjustments as they paint/ink. As for the rest of the parts you circled? They really don't look like AI to me at all. Just wonky composition/shape choices really. A bit of rubble in a spot that looks weird, the skirt flapping in a way that doesn't look as nice as it should. None of these are proof of AI.
The part that does stand out to me though is the capes in the left and middle -- particularly the folds close to where they're clipping to the shoulder/back. It just has an over-complicated, kinda nonsensical series of folds that makes me raise an eyebrow.

Why did you even post this? What on earth does this have to do with the subject?
The dude is a pretty great artist, because there really isn't many people pulling this process off as well as he is. If it works for him, then he's right to use it and readers are right to enjoy it, just as much as any entirely-hand-drawn work is. A weird thing to drop in this thread, but whatever.

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Any time AI tries to do intricate detail it devolves into noisy barf. Powergirl's gauntlet which is highlighted is a good example, like wtf is that nonsense going on over it, did she glue rocks to it? Same goes for her hair, a lot of strands just loop back into her head, or melt into her clothes. Jewelry is also a common fuck up, as well as backgrounds having no continuity from one side to the other of figures.

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>Why did you even post this? What on earth does this have to do with the subject?
Resident spergs go apeshit when muh americone comics get attacked so their kneejerk reaction is trying to put down asian comic authors.

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You just sound fucking petty fuck off.
Yes, 3D used poorly is shit. So is not using 3D. Humans making mistakes is normal. Businesses forcing people to make "masterpieces" in 2 secs is the reason for that bathroom error existing, not incompetent artists. Fucking bitch your kind of "people" are fucking disgusting. Actually contempt the issue instead of using Ai as a argument for something else

The biggest problem of AI it is how is being used, just like any other tool. I'd love AI if it was mandated you MUST use your OWN data to profit over it. That's how this shit should have been released to the public, not this evil criminalistic thief shit. But that's not what happened so now we have to consistently check if AI produced a shitty image and no one took the extra time that Ai eligibly gives people now, to fix the errors it shits out. Not fixing those mistakes is far more egregious and despicable than overlooking a detail under crunched exec mandates.

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AI cant into shape language desu
AI jeets prove me wrong if you can

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bros been using AI for a while now huh.
>trace AI
>hope nobody notices
>nobody noticed
>that means nobody will ever notic-ACK

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>AI cant into shape language desu
what is "shape language" ?

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the hairstyle isn't even the same

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that "sketch" looks beg as fuck. Hope this scammer fuckwad gets blacklisted

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Why would he have the hair become her belt? I was wondering if this was a case of him trying out img2img generation - but this doesn't look like the case. It looks like he's tracing over the AI images to make it appear he drew them before hand.

>Its more about a discussion with artists on if its acceptable or not
Personally, I think if AI gets to the point where it can cleanly and accurately ink someones work for them, and colour it based on what the artist set. However, I get the feeling AI can't and won't be able to do that; it seems to me the way these "AI" are made can really only mash things together to make something 'new', and not really learn anything - which would be needed to ink something and colour them. Hopefully I'm wrong though, because I feel like if AI can work from sketches more accurately, they'd be the industry standard rather than prompt generation, and though many still find how the AIs were made to be morally reprehensible, I think many would find this style of "AI" more creatively fulfilling and willing to use it.

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why do artists even try? AI can do their shit faster

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is this the same guy? those pencils are /beg/, how is he working? how is this shit passing the editor or whatever?
the shield and the star are literally something most of /beg/ could do better, what the fuck am I even looking at?

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Not really, it depends on the standards you have. When you're a turbo autist with a vision like Shad and you want THIS character in THIS pose with THESE accessories and you're so shit you have to inpaint for belt buckles and things you should be able to draw yourself it might be the case but when you just want something close enough, like a portrait for some random NPC or scenery you probably won't even use in a D&D campaign you're running, you can get something serviceable in 10 minutes instead of the couple hours it'd take to draw it.

take picrel, I don't give a fuck what the view from a mountain the party is climbing looks like and half of them don't either but if the other half asks it'd be good enough.

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that's trash, though

>> No.7139466

Aside from that image being shit and the huge sun taking 20% of the picture having a total of zero effect on anything in it, what even is the purpose of that image?
Nigger, you're the DM, you're supposed to describe what's happening, having shitty pictures for everything just makes your game gay and lame. What's next, movie stills for people stabbed because you can't paint a picture with words?

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I don't remember power girl having long strings wrapping around her costume

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>belt isn't AI generated he just drew it that shitty
What does Wonder Woman need a belt for on a leotard? It doesn't even have visible pouches which would be the one advantage I could think of.

>> No.7139476

you can pull on it during doggy

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its so funny when people try to sketch over AI and then act like the sketch came first, its so obvious to people who can draw.

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A new report shows DC Comics is in massive trouble, with a 25% annual sales drop as the comic industry continues its death spiral.

However, it gets worse for DC Comics, as he writes, “DC had a pretty bad year, with their lowest sales since 2004 – down 25% from 2022 in the bookstore market – even with their highest ever number of titles in the total list. In 2023 they had only 14 titles in the Top 750; in 2013, ten years ago, they had 130. That is a huge and troubling drop – but maybe laying off nearly your entire sales and marketing team is not a great strategy for growth? If someone had been been making a concerted effort to dismantle DC Comics, they couldn’t have been more surgical – luckily, DC still has talented execs like Marie Javins, Jim Lee, Annie de Pies and the rest of the staff who have thwarted those plans. And from what we’re hearing, 2024 will see some more moves to reverse this concerning trend.”

Amazingly, ComicsBeat writers can still spin this as “and that’s a good thing” as many mainstream articles try to mitigate the destruction of entertainment industries like comics at the hands of the woke. These are the same executives who initially led DC Comics into this mess. A new relaunch of a universe—as he’s alluding to with the Absolute DC line—might give a short-term boost but isn’t going to fix the comic industry problems.

DC Comics is on a death spiral, and unless they make wholesale changes to prioritize story and less identity politics virtue signaling at the hands of creators like Tom King or Tom Taylor, we can expect this sales decline will continue.


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>DC Comics
Detective Comics is a Warner is movie franchise these days. People don't read paper comics anymore, they're too busy playing with their computer.

>> No.7139519

the random, non-descript strings of shit everywhere is a dead giveaway

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> the random, non-descript strings of shit everywhere is a dead giveaway

Yeah. Like wtf.

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Because faster /= quality. if anything every single thing invented to be instant gratification has been inferior towards human's standards for centuries.

>> No.7139595

not even a single hint of an eraser ever being used

>> No.7139606

some people just draw perfect the first time. raw talent exists.

>> No.7139623

he just traced over the AI piece and added retarded pretend sketches, no way in hell someone this skilled would have given her those massive gorilla hands, and then turns around and gets a finished piece exactly right without any hint of sketching???

>> No.7139631

Nono, this is about the acceptance of 3D renders and photos in the manga/comic industry having inevitably lead to the acceptance of AI.
Ethically, there are infinite reasons why AI is demonic and why using 3D renders and photos are not as bad, but if we're talking about "drawing"... both are not drawing. Thus they shouldn't be accepted.

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>Huh yes, she huh has hair that becomes the belt because huh this design is based on huh a story from huh Lock huh Mcvillynaf...ingston... yeah... she has that power on that comic, she does that
>it's an old one, you don't know about it
>trust me, it's Mcvillynafingston original design

>> No.7139671

Anatomy wise, this is not very good.

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>How can they pull art like this while having habitual tracers like Greg Land, Mike Deodato, David Mack, etc, etc employed and selling their tracings as real art?
It's optics. Western superhero comics and AI are a match. The dumbest, sloppiest of slops that has been for decades made in a factory-line-like fashion, and a method that derives its effectiveness from repetitive nature of whatever it imitates.
But AI is a bad look because spammers shit up the web with awful vapid eyecandy it creates, so comic book companies read the room and try to be the good guys, even though it's their bread and butter to drive the illustrators and writers working for them like cattle.

>> No.7139693

Of course it would be a chink selling his bug soul to the AntichrIst slop

>> No.7139697

You can't copyright ai generated image

>> No.7139698

Just stop rendering the way ai does, everything si touches turns into shit.
Use filters to prevent shitai from stealing your work

>> No.7139703

>meanwhile ignores this problem too

Low iq confirmed.

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>People don't read paper comics anymore
They do, when they aren't completely infested with woke politics and devoid of actual characters/story.

>> No.7139721

this isn't very convincing when you don't post work

>> No.7139726

Japan got his revenge over the burgers for the bombs

>> No.7139743

of course retard

>> No.7139806

The internet and social media are dying and AI shitters are uncontrollable, they just flood everything everywhere with their "unique" content. Normalfags of course don't notice or don't care, but because of how rapid and aggressive it's happening people now have to come up with the new competitive and optimal way of producing content even with the AI. It means that if yesterday it was enough to make a tiktok account and spam "THIS IS HOW HARRY POTTER WOULD LOOK LIKE AS A SOVIET FILM" content, today you need 5 bots who will do that automatically and tomorrow you will need an automatic bot that makes automatic bots that make content. Soon internet will become unusable so I heavily suggest you switching back to physical media and making spaces irl like conventions and gathering local clout rather than farming followers on twitter(who are 99% bots). You won't win against AI on the internet, but AI won't win against itself either.

>> No.7139828

Stfu schizo, nobody read.

>> No.7139835

Both are bad retard

>> No.7139840

Nah. One is lazy, the other is for scammer pieces of shit.

>> No.7139957

Will the internet die and reemerge from the ashes in physical form... like a net of worldwide pen pals? The uncertainty is killing me.

>> No.7139982

Internet will still be used as a communication tool and for archives/personal websites, but social media will probably just die. People usually disagree with this because they imagine the "death" as one day they just wake up and there's no instagram or youtube anymore. In reality every social will just transform into current state of myspace - a weird lifeless mess with no clear purpose for existence, but also filled with bots who talk with each other. People probably gonna come back to forums which will become highly gated and heavily moderated invite-only places.

>> No.7139985

The beautiful thing about AI is how rapidly it's eating itself. It is a unique kind of digital cancer, and it's speed running the entire enshittification process of the internet.

Without an AI that filters AI, it will kill the internet and most media in general.

All entertainers will be prompters who have to prompt 11 hours a day and automate multiple auto posting bots on every platform to get one of their 10,000 "dream projects" seen. When AI and AGI are integrated into operating systems and phones, you'll have ten year olds flooding the market as well, so more and more automation will be needed to stay ahead of the exponentially increasing 'standard.' Since the overall value of entertainment will decline as a result, the average person will feel less inclined to pursue it than ever before.

Prompters as "one man" development houses might have a brief golden period, but they will be swept away by large corporations employing 3rd worlders, and platforms that have more resources to throw at automation. Any successful project that appears will immediately be aped and buried by a deluge of corporate copies, distributed automatically with real time algorithms that adjust to exploit the market. The platforms themselves will have AI integrated to capitalize on trends for themselves. AI will continue to be used to push the narrative AI = good and it will be fully normalized before long. Every artist and entertainer will need to become a full time internet businessman, just like those who sell products on Amazon and etsy.

If you publish book 1 of your manga and it's successful, there will be 20,000 clones auto prompted and distributed by huge networks of bots owned by billion dollar corpos to milk the idea and vacuum up every dime. It will dilute all awareness of the original you made. When you release your sequel, no one will care.

Welcome to mega city one.

>> No.7139988

In the future, DMs won't be a thing. Who will want to role play with a real human when they can use use AI while rotting at home? Nietzsche's "Last Man" is upon us.

That actually sounds wonderful. A return to forums, with human verification. If you find your way to one from the apocalyptic wasteland, not only is it going to feel amazing, but you'll know you're in good company.
Gatekeeping is a good thing. Always was, always will be.

>> No.7140020

The AI will not need you to prompt it eventually. All humanity will be force fed computer generated content as the computer and its handlers dictate for social engineering purposes.

>> No.7140142

>All humanity will be force fed computer generated content as the computer and its handlers dictate for social engineering purposes.
Like Google and China?

>> No.7140144

This is the second Renaissance.

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This whole AI debacle in art has gotten me thinking, at some point it's kind of amazing how cheap in value anything art related really is. We have so many comics, manga, anime, tv shows of all kind and people just take it for granted. Maybe it's just me but it feels like there's a disconnect between everything in terms of what you're getting for waht you pay. Basically insane quality for the amount of work for very little.

>> No.7140559

>I'd love AI if it was mandated you MUST use your OWN data to profit over it.

Yeah but this is America, and big tech so they're not gonna pay for the data and freely take advantage of it off of every creative. Worst of all is they're gonna get away with it in the end because our legal system is a joke.

>> No.7140603

>iphone filename
begone rajeet pooinda

>> No.7140638

You're talking about money. Money is the new God, it exists in the heads of humans through their faith in it. Lord Money only graces the most affluent with its light.

The real value of art can since long be duplicated and distributed in masses. What's kind of amazing is: art still isn't free, all of humanity still aren't artists, and humans are still threatened with illness and death to force them to work work work work work work

>> No.7140687

no sar

>> No.7140718

>all of humanity still aren't artists,
Life is art.

>> No.7140724

It's crazy to think that comics were extremely far ahead of manga / anime at some point in time.

>> No.7140725

ai art is worthless because art is not a product and never will be.
Nobody pays for art. They pay for the psychosocial relationship with the artist or the support structure embodied by the art be it a show script or gameplay.
Nobody is making money with ai art who wasn't already making money botting an ad. Or stealing others' art and passing it as their own. And both those avenues will be closed shut as companies keep getting brutally negative reactions any time they touch something that even kinda sorta looks ai generated.

>> No.7140732

Only time when comics were legitimately liked more than manga by the american visual narrative consumer, was when manga didn't exist in america.

Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon entered the american market during the comic book crash, caused by people who didn't care about comics as narrative but as investment vehicles. And the only comics that had legit readerships were Spawn, Spider-Man, Batman and X-Men.

Not even 10 years later Spawn and X-Men were off the list of comics that were more popular than manga among readers. And as soon as Naruto, One-Piece, et al showed up not even Spidey could keep up.

>> No.7140736

>They pay for the psychosocial relationship
No they don't. They pay for good and services like any other product. Art is not special.

>> No.7140746

Goods and services are elements that satisfy necessities.
Art does not satisfy any necessity.
Art is not a good or a service.
Painting a portrait is a service, wherein the client gains temporal access to the artist's presence in their lives and the status that accrues them. The portrait has no value without the artist.
Since AI art is not made by artists, it has no value.

>> No.7140751

>Art is not a good or a service.
So art is not subject to supply and demand like any other economic transaction? I don't think so. Somone could place some "psychological value" on a something they purchase but it's not necessary. Art is no more special than say tacos or medical visits.

>> No.7140758

What about graphic design or illustration, where in most cases, nobody gives a shit who the artist is? Or do you, personally, not consider those services art?

>> No.7140762

Yeah this was already proven true by the 90's trading card "craze".

Pogs, and MtG made a buck so everyone rushed to flood the market with art trading cards.

What happened? 99.9% of them flopped. Only shit like Pepsicards that used famous comic covers, Luis Royo/Frazetta cards that made famous artist prints accessible, and eventually Pokemon at the peak of the pokecraze, gained any traction at all.

Even monster IPs like TMNT couldn't sell trading cards on the art and IP alone. They needed either then narrative/game behind them like the Comic/Pokemon cards. Or the relationship to the artist.

Random, mass produced images have no value.

>> No.7140767

Digital art is in fact not subject to supply and demand without the artist. Famous artist commissions are valuable because they artist's time is limited.
The service of graphic design is visual communication, not making random images. A signaletic project that can't be read by 90% of users is worthless even if it's the most artsy shit ever. And again the actual service is the designer's time being used to translate the corporate necessities into something that can be understood by their target audience. The image is not the product, the message it communicates is.

>> No.7140781

that's just using reference you sperg

>> No.7140788

>Digital art is in fact not subject to supply and demand
Write an economics paper on this. Proving exceptions to supply and demand will win you a Nobel Prize.

>> No.7140802

Or at least a spot on Freakonomics radio.

>> No.7140807

It's a well known fact that digital goods are not subject to supply and demand by virtue of being infinite. That's why companies have tried to introduce limited supply by discontinuing distribution and support, restricting unauthorized use, etc. But they always fail as emulators find a way to keep the software running.

And that's just talking software. Files are even less subject to supply and demand. You can distribute infinite copies of the same beautiful image to every user in the world, it wouldn't be considered a generous giveaway of a valuable resource, it'd be considered a virus.

Scarcity does not apply to digital goods, and a post-scarcity economy is driven by wants, not needs. Which makes the production of shit through AI even more worthless since nobody wants random shit. A post-scarcity economi is in fact more likely to utterly devalue Ai and make access to human artists a contested commodity since commodifying people's time will be the last stand of scarcity economics.

>> No.7140816
File: 280 KB, 440x433, xxx.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You win.

>> No.7140826

Life is art, but is humanity allowed to live?

I wasn't defending AI. The point is, since the invention of printing and the Information Age, information (including visual arts) can be duplicated and distributed on a massive scale. Information is not a good and deserves to be set free and shared, but it has been commodified. AI-generated content is just the next step of the commodification of information.
Art must become free, but first, humanity must become free.

>> No.7140831

Although water is on the whole more useful, in terms of survival, than diamonds, diamonds command a higher price in the market.

>> No.7140833

Ai gens are neither art nor information.

>> No.7140834

>Ai gens are neither art nor information.
Unlike your post.

>> No.7140843

They are Dr. Frankenstein's information abomination. A mismatch of art, randomly glued together without the art pieces' original context, without their original human-given information.
Commodification destroys the most essential nature of a thing.

>> No.7140854

I can't turn a tap on and have diamonds pour out unless I'm Scrooge McDuck.
>Necessary for life
Someone who is desperate for clean water is probably not in a position to spend their disposable income on diamonds. Just like someone who has a huge stock of diamonds could get all the water they want for life as long as there is someone out there willing to take diamonds in exchange for it.

Probably Immortan Joe who wants to decorate/bribe his harem.

>> No.7140856

When life gives you lemons ...

>> No.7140871

... I make snomel.

>> No.7140874
File: 242 KB, 1024x1024, xxx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I make snomel
Mmmm. snomel.

>> No.7140890

This pic is boring though...

>> No.7140891

He's drawing over 3d models, but he's stil adding to it and creating his own drawing from it.

This dude is using AI and then doing the sketches after the fact.

>> No.7140897

Comics have always given me a disgusted and uneasy feeling deep within when looking even at their covers. There's something unnatural about them. Like a forced abomination created against God's will. Manga has always been more digestible to my eyes.

>> No.7141028

I came to this realization a while back ago. It's why I wish it was a possible way to sell trad art against, on the scale and reach of the internet. In digital format it's fucking useless.

>> No.7141212
File: 75 KB, 610x709, 7ie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Now Twitter is bullying artists. All sorts of wretched incompetents now feel their greatness and in an imperative tone demand files to prove that this is not AI and find fault with little things.

Fuck...i hate twitter so fucking much...holy shit

>> No.7141220

AItards are not artists, stupid drone.

>> No.7141222

You are not a woman stupid tranny

>> No.7141224
File: 535 KB, 1080x1496, 1694083585966897.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7141226

>ugly-ass pokemon "redesigner"
god i fucking hated that ugly as sin movie - he made all designs for it

>> No.7141248

Well, this is why AI slop is so threatening to a lot of people. Pop-art has devolved to tracing of 3D models with stock symbol faces drawn on top. Of course the photobashing bot would be threatening if your entire career is centered on selling traced 3D models.

>> No.7141251

>RJ "art drama queen" Palmer
That guy really believes he's some art authority when he's worse than all the people he calls out 24/7 and exactly the reason why people hate artists.

>> No.7141269
File: 137 KB, 1500x1000, 172EB0A7-9C9B-4E5F-AA26-7686A81C5030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I saw the Robot's Mark, Goody Rainbowfox23, ye be an AIfag.
>Oh shit, I need to accuse someone else quick..."Go easy on me, I saw Goody Ponystar467 in a pact with Skynet!"

>> No.7141305

Nah, the reason people hate artists is because they're retarded shitbags that contribute nothing of genuine value to society. Never did, never will. Just a symptom of the modern condition, background noise and distraction, all of them so pretentious and self-righteous that they've convinced themselves they matter to anybody.
The whole modus operandi of the artist is "do nothing worthwhile, sucker people into paying you for pretty nonsense."
Artists are like women. Pretty. Useless.

>> No.7141319

>Artists dont typically chagne artistic styles drastically either.
>over the course of 9 years while now working for a company with specific style requirements

>> No.7141329

you would have hanged yourself by now if it weren't for artist making your favorite shows/games you retarded no draw.

>> No.7141334

>aitroon calling anyone tranny

>> No.7141346

>contribute nothing of genuine value to society
>never did
low bait pajeet.
AI sucks ass. people will never accept it.
You will be poor forever.
Meanwhile my comissions never go under 3 numbers

>> No.7141347

>ai derangement sufferers now blindly lashing out at artists because they're this paranoid that the robot boogeyman is everywhere
they have diagnoses for this btw. it's usually a cluster-b thing.

>> No.7141348
File: 156 KB, 980x1200, 1626769746859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>sucker people into paying you for pretty nonsense
i dunno, if people never found art to be valuable and worthwhile, they would have never commissioned or paid for it.
That is really not on the artist.

But you could make that statement for anything.
>the _____ contribute nothing to society
>the whole modus operandi of ____ is "do nothing, sucker people into paying for ____"
Imagine if we adapted this mindset for everything, then why should i even pay you or anyone for anything, or why should i expect anyone to pay me for something i do, but i am demanded to work for free for someone else's gain or expect that everyone works for free for my own gain.
Might as well just start killing each other.

Art shapes culture, but the masses also directly shape what kind of art is allowed to exist and that art becomes a direct reflection of culture and society.

Look at AI tards; they have the ultimate magic box for infinite content, and what do they do with it? Generate porn or the same image of the anime girl over and over just with slight variations.
Human hands can't compete with AI output so you can excuses human artists from doing the same thing over and over with slight variations, but AI despite having and claiming the potential to do better; simply doubles, triples and quadruples down on what all the human hacks have been doing for years, because that is what the consumer wants and allows to exist.

>> No.7141351

changing the entire way you draw hands and faces is not the same as drawing to a house style or congorming to super hero/dc guidelines.

>> No.7141354
File: 34 KB, 300x100, 123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>AI-tards VS Artists-tards fighting each other

>meanwhile i use AI and trace over it just being not stupid enough to be spotted

>> No.7141359

Shows, games and art are food.
Do I care about the retarded subhuman who gives me my food at Taco Bell or McDonald's? No. They are there to give me what I want, which is food.
With AI I can have all the food I want, I can eat as much as I want for free. Why the fuck would I choose you over an endless conveyor belt of delicious content?
You were only a tool to begin with.

>> No.7141360
File: 43 KB, 540x402, 1673216543956513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>retards tracing over AI and not being stupid enough to be spotted

>meanwhile i just prompt everything from imagination without even using ai and can claim everything as my own and dont have to answer to anyone

>> No.7141363

>being too much of a pussy to respond directly
Show me your monthly patreon income screenshot, fag.

>> No.7141364
File: 14 KB, 320x297, 163746546565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine feeling threatened and butthurt by imagination chads

>> No.7141365

After Covid all the boomers were whining about the long lines and lack of wagies so yeah, you do care, you just don't know it yet.

>> No.7141368

>see and treat people as tools
>tools decide to not do anything since it ain't worth the squeeze
>retards then start complaining that no one wants to work or deliver them food and how everything has become expensive
>same retard goes on calling others women when he reasons exactly like one

>> No.7141369

>whiny poorfag
>weeb avatar
every damn time

>> No.7141371
File: 19 KB, 360x319, 1673630658097114.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

genuine legit unironical bot reply

>> No.7141376

No. I don't care. The audience is all that matters, the consumer is all that matters, and all of you are replaceable. If anything, the pandemic has shown just how important it is that we master this technology now so that similar events never happen again.
All wage cucks are replaceable, all artists are replaceable. Every job is replaceable and that's the goal.
We are fast approaching the time when nobody has to work, ever. Everybody can get whatever they want, whenever they want, for free. You're all out here acting like this is a bad future because you're upset that nobody will ever care about your shitty drawings, but guess what? You don't matter. I matter because I am the consumer, you exist to serve me, not the other way around.
All that matters is the pleasure of the present moment. To sink deep into an endless feed of beautiful images, sights and sounds, to know that you have nothing to worry about ever again. You can see and do whatever you want whenever you want it. If your tastes don't align with the mainstream, there will be an infinite number of alternative streams for you to enjoy. Every fetish, every movie, every genre and fusion of music possible. The people can finally escape from their dependency on you and have it all for themselves with no limitations.
All jobs exist so that the customer can be happy. And now all jobs will be done by these incredible AIs and exponentially improving technology that never tires, never fails, never hurts the custmer, and never refuses to work.
There is no limit to the joy and pleasure that AI will bring to all of humanity. You reject it because you know you're trash and you have no place in the new world.
Enjoy squeezing your tiny scraps of enjoyment out of life, I have a buffet from here to the horizon. I can't even look at manual art and enjoy it anymore, it's so boring compared to AI. AI will never get boring, you already have.
The people won, the tyrants lost. Get over it.

>> No.7141377

fa/g/got projecting

>> No.7141382

>t. boomer who doesn't know how economics work
>posting plebbit pasta
>hehe everyone is replaceable
>wtf where did everyone go? GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING!
Well, you better start leaning survival skills then.

>> No.7141391

>t. artist who doesn't know how technology works
>posting cope
>hehe I am special because I can rotate boxes on a piece of paper
>wtf why doesn't nobody care about me? GOVERNMENT DO SOMETHING!
Well, you better learn to prompt.

>> No.7141397
File: 1.24 MB, 720x776, 16546564145654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ask chatgpt to generate a survival-how-to
>energy infrastructure gives out because no one is maintaining it

>> No.7141415

Energy infrastructure problems and all economic problems will be solved by AI, so your argument means nothing.
Do you really think the smartest men in the world are going to overlook automation of economy, government and power infrastructures? It will all be taken care of.
You are going to feel so incredibly stupid soon. AI is and will continue to solve every problem humanity has ever faced, from the creation of infinite streams of highly customized and personal art and entertainment, to advancing medicine and sciences and perfecting and allowing for control of human evolution like never before. These "crises" will be solved long before any economic collapse, you are just a doomer and a luddite.
You'll get what you deserve. Absolutely nothing.

>> No.7141426

Why do people say this as if prompting is some sort of difficult learning curve. If anything, if you're autistic enough to get to advanced/pro level in drawing/painting you can most definitely learn to prompt in a week or two if you really needed to adapt.

So tired of these jealous retards who finally got a taste of being able to create something not realizing they're far behind everyone if things really start to move in that direction.

>> No.7141430

Who cares if it's difficult or not? It's the future. All technology serves one purpose: to make easy the manifestation of one's infinite imagination. AI is the body of God, we are its mind. Why wouldn't you want to learn how to control the body of an infinitely superior vessel?

>> No.7141431

I would have rather gotten some chatgpt garbage spat out than reading your schizo view of the world that has no coherence or any sense of reality. Why is it that the most pro-AI and tech dumbasses make everything worse for the regular people who are excited about the new changes and tech.

>> No.7141434

>AI is the body of God, we are its mind.

You gotta learn to tone down the religious retardation if you're gonna troll properly

>> No.7141435
File: 1.03 MB, 1331x901, i did this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>chatgpt reply

>> No.7141437

You are the one who lacks coherence and sense of reality by rejecting the gift of AI. Only a fool would turn their back on this liberating technology, there is no rational reason, no political reason, no technical reason, no economic reason, no personal reason to not embrace it.
Technology exists to save people like you from the horror of a life filled with suffering. You suffer because you choose to, not because you need to.

>> No.7141439

I've been trolling since before you were born, you worthless sack of shit. Shut the fuck up, I know how to play this game, I am trans after all.

>> No.7141442

Please take me out of my suffering by generating more big titty anime waifus my savior

>> No.7141445

Didn't read lol

>> No.7141446

you know what would really make everyone mad?
generating anime porn and posting it here

damn, that sure would make me seethe and cope and make you a 4000IQ epic troll

>> No.7141447

I kind of wish I could live a life of ignorance like you, but that would mean I lose most of the meaning in everything. For that reason all I feel is a kind of sadness for you. Carry on

>> No.7141448

wow is that an AI image?
fuck i am so offended and seething rn fr no cap

>> No.7141450

>The people won, the tyrants lost. Get over it.

yes, I'm glad the big heavy hitting models behind paywalls won, and we get the scraps of open source garbage that can't compete. Get over yourself retard, no one takes you seriously when the world and money is always going to be prioritizing the ones in charge as you call them "tyrants."

>> No.7141451

And get banned again? No thanks.
This way flies under the radar and I can continue to progressively pick away at the self esteem of you cunts one little pin prick at a time until you neck yourselves. Nice try, though.

>> No.7141454
File: 102 KB, 1000x1087, 1661970423029638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ai shill is just some vendettafagging coomer who is madly seething that some artist on /ic/ didn't want to draw them their furry loli futa OC for free
damn, porn really should get banned everywhere

>> No.7141457

You are quite a retard if you think people pursuing drawing are gonna lose it to you

>> No.7141459

I like how the agenda of most of the AI shills that come here are to convince everyone to be like them so they don't have to wallow in the fact that they couldn't put in the effort to make it themselves.

>> No.7141460

bruh no.... i am literally offended to death right now that i might quit drawing
look how offensive they/them are

artsisters.... it's so over and we got epic btfo

>> No.7141471

artsibling, i am literally fucking crying right now
damn... how dare they/they/xheair/sirxs/mahm call us "worthless"?
Like omg i am so sads right now i dont know how to cope and seethe

prompting is our only way to be based and not cringe
Damn, every time we reply to the epic AI Director we are only showing how much we are seething and coping
They truly epically btfotrolled us, sisters
We must accept AI as art or we will be cringe and transphobic!

>> No.7141475
File: 1.05 MB, 832x1216, 1713738293428367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I made it myself with AI

>> No.7141480

>no dick

>> No.7141483

Think you're seeking validation from the wrong people but good for you pal. Let me know if you get any better when a new update comes out

>> No.7141485
File: 2.11 MB, 1536x1152, 1713738963607380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh I will.

>> No.7141487

so, aren't you gonna add the dick and fix the picture?

>> No.7141492
File: 1.47 MB, 2048x2048, 1713709988400924.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, I'm straight.

>> No.7141495

>ai director asked to fix his work and create an alt version
>uuuuhm no i dont wanna

>> No.7141499

>ai shill tells others to adapt
>won't adapt his prompts to suit other people's taste
you can consider this the pre-begs of prompters

>> No.7141501

I've never seen someone try so hard to validate their existence in the worst way possible. Is this really the average prompter theres no way right

>> No.7141504

>can't add a dick to an existing image because "he's straight"
absolutely permabeg mindset

>> No.7141506

If AI is so great why is this guy lying about it?

>> No.7141510

>How are artists going to prove they draw anythign anymore?
just draw traditional lmao its just the faggots who make digital slop that are seething

>> No.7141511

Isn't it ironic how they shill AI as the next big thing but they can't prompt the same image twice?

>> No.7141518

lmao i hope shadiversity gets hit by a bus, fucking mormon grifter freak

>> No.7141522
File: 306 KB, 1896x886, 1699770236536238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it takes a whole asylum of self-absorption to larp like this in public

>> No.7141524


>> No.7141526

AIjeets are still around?

>> No.7141527

>ai tard asked to prompt
>suddenly disappears

even worse than a permabeg

>> No.7141529

No you're just a permabeg

>> No.7141534

>took a break to compulsive masturbate for the fifth time today as a substitute for being another coomer incel that will never get laid.

>> No.7141535
File: 1.91 MB, 220x164, 1663470055458756.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>even worse than a permabeg
.. a fucking NOPROMPT

>> No.7141541
File: 1.74 MB, 1344x2240, 1713736349320735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's only art, why you have to be mad?

>> No.7141546

It's not art. It's antihuman garbage and literal spam. Stop littering.

>> No.7141547

>why you have to be mad?
No one is.
Now prompt a dick on it, permabeg

>> No.7141549

That's not how back muscles work. Also those tumorous calves lel

>> No.7141552

looks great. Honestly, if you have to be told how the ART is MADE to like it then its no different from >"hot girl takes a photo of herself with artpiece"

>> No.7141557

wanna bet you can't generate the same image but with a different hair style?

>> No.7141561
File: 260 KB, 900x900, cartoonist kayfabe title.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

didn't read this thread, sure it's a clusterfuck, but to OP:
>How are artists going to prove they draw anythign anymore?
I think this DC case shows how even fans can suss out AI quickly. There are clear artifacts in the hair etc. And sure, some AI is getting good at replicating highly polished digital illustration, but that will probably make that style unfashionable because it is indistinguishable from AI (thank God, I hate that shit).
>How can they pull art like this while having habitual tracers ...
Tracing has a long history in comic art due to the need for efficiency, going back to Wallace Wood and the comic strip cartoonists before him. Those guys incorporated it into their style, and as everyone who has drawn know it's not easy to trace and make it look good. That's different than AI slop.
>Why do people care if its AI if it looks like artgerm
They probably won't, and that method of creation will be merged/subsumed by AI.
I do think manga and comics tend to have more discerning fans, and those mediums are more connected to an individual creator's vision. We might even see a return to traditional processes and less polished styles (see Cartoonist Kayfabe, those guys went deep into the kind of stuff I'm talkiing about).

>> No.7141563

jesus christ, as insufferable as AI trannies

>> No.7141577

The opposite of Artificial Intelligence is …

Real Stupid.

>> No.7141584

ai tards absolutely

>> No.7141587

If I read one AI thread I've read them all—AItards rage-baiting and naive artists taking the bait.
There is (rarely) good conversation and sometimes an OP that raises interesting/points questions, which is worth engaging.

>> No.7141590
File: 2 KB, 125x113, 16544652641646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>taking the bait.
What do you mean? It's free.

>> No.7141595

>If I read one AI thread I've read them all
It really is the same song and dance every time
Much like AI

>> No.7141604

You can't copyright a wholly AI-generated image, but if the human made a significant-enough change to it, it can be copyrighted.

>> No.7141619

>Art does not satisfy any necessity.
Neither do comfortable clothes or tasty food, but people still pay extra for things that they want, regardless of if it's necessary.
>Art is not a good or a service.
But artworks and art performances are. You can twist yourself into rhetorical figure eights as much as you want, but the fact is that the utmost majority of humans treat results of art as luxury goods.
>Since AI art is not made by artists, it has no value.
Can you decide which side of this fence you want to sit on? If art is not a good or service it cannot have a value by definition. Adding conditions on top of this ("is not made by artists") makes no sense.

>> No.7141673

"Err.. AI will win because"
>Absurd fanfic
Ok retard

>> No.7141909
File: 2.73 MB, 1152x1536, 3771444826.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can non-ai artists compete?

>> No.7141915

i'm so glad i realized that capshit was a waste of time at a young age and avoided it despite my friends liking it

>> No.7141918

The client wanted red hair and yellow shoes. Change it asap.

>> No.7141922

>works and art performances
You killed your own argument there.
The value in art is the artist.
Proompters are not artists and every government immediately agreed they don't even deserve the rights to their production because it's not work. It has no value.
AI gens are worthless random pixels.

>> No.7141931
File: 2.75 MB, 1152x1536, 4150328657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Must be nice living in a fantasy world.

>> No.7141944

nta, but he's right
>verification not required

>> No.7141946
File: 46 KB, 1152x1536, 3950480463.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wouldn't that be nice, but in fact it's not true.

>> No.7141950

If Ai art had any worth you would be making money instead of begging for attention on 4chan.

It really is worthless. Every time a company tries to use it they get backlash and lose money having to recall their product. It's incredibly unpopular in every website that isn't botted and every single art, technology and economics outlet that isn't a scammer talks shit about it, with millions of normie comments agreeing it's useless shit ruining the internet.

The only use for AI is getting bot reactions on twitter. Might as well commit yourself to a loony bin if that gives you self worth.

>> No.7141951


>> No.7141952

also, if >>7141619 is (You), you lack a fundamental understanding of value as a concept outside purely economic contexts where value is objectively measured in money by competing perfect agents of appraisal

>> No.7141958
File: 834 KB, 832x2432, 24781634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you only think about money? People are doing this or fun you know

>> No.7141960

no shit, that's what i was partially implying here >>7141952
you quoted two different anons

>> No.7141962

So did you.

>> No.7141964

>Do you only think about money? People are doing this or fun you know

That's the grift and what most people using AI in the first place want, you buy a NAI monthly license, shill your shitty twitters with patreons/twitter blue and continue to spam the shit out of it until you make just enough to cover it. Fun is overrated and it's certainly not the majority opinion for using gen AI

>> No.7141968
File: 44 KB, 570x487, 1663790631932098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fair enough

>> No.7141969

>Can't tell capeshit slop art from AI art
Wow what a surprise, what's next, yet another scandal from MtG artists?

>> No.7142093

maybe in the 30s and 40s

>> No.7142095

the finite supply is the time of that specific artists lifespan but of course that only applies to standouts

>> No.7142103

Vast majority of ai shitters don’t do it for fun, they do it for attention and money. They want to make easy money, they are the same group who make “reaction” vids of other people’s work while eating.

>> No.7142106

Learn AI or die.

>> No.7142115

See where that gets you retard https://youtu.be/IvRT1hs6UGg?feature=shared, this guy who has 17million subs can’t even get any views and ruined his reputation with the use of ai

>> No.7142119

>ruined his reputation
So? Getting outed for using 4chan is worse.

>> No.7142121

Twitter and Reddit still doxx/brigade people, worse thing 4Chan does is let you say nigger/faggot and on occasion some 14 YO's nudes are up for five minutes.

>> No.7142127

>Pulling millions of views every month to a couple thousand because of using ai slop
Holy cope

>> No.7142128

>If anything, the pandemic has shown just how important it is that we master this technology now so that similar events never happen again.

>> No.7142134

you should have used shad university fag and his AI waifu's screaming about how hes a legitimate artist just like his brother.

>> No.7142135

>legitimate artist
Is there some licensing authority for art?

>> No.7142145

Need more examples other than him, he’s already seen as a sperg even in ai slop circles. Besides he’s a weapon tuber and hasn’t use any ai in his vids expect for his “art”. The guy i linked used an ai version of himself

>> No.7142150

that has nothing to do with ai art though

>> No.7142164

It does, people are using ai slop for everything due to laziness or don’t have the talent to achieve such goals. All this does is ruin your reputation and kill any genuine supporters you have/used to have.

>> No.7142168

>ruin your reputation and kill any genuine supporters
Art as celebrity adoration. Real artist listens to his muse.

>> No.7142169

crazy how no one is mentioning the fucked torso

I know Daxiong's art, and I know he can draw better than this. He clearly traced the fucked ai art here

>> No.7142176

Literally just look at the rights neck. Its all fucked up

>> No.7142182

I'm beginning to understand why people think ai art will kill digital art, but leave traditional art.

Imagine how much original manga manuscript pages would sell for. Originals use to sell for $2-3 thousand, now I'm thinking it might go up to $10-20k

Paintings may sell for six figures again. Think of how popular live performances, lectures, concerts will be again, when 99% of youtube videos are ai generated.

Holy shit, people may even stop using the internet, because it may become impossible to contact real human beings. Imagine if 99 out of 100 people you met on discord were secretly chatbots. Imagine if 999 out of 1000 twitter / 4chan posts were ai generated. People have already stopped using google because of seo clickbait articles, now multiply that to everything else online

Ted Kaczynski must be smiling in his grave

>> No.7142187

lots of good horror / gore comics early on. Killed by Comics Code authority

>> No.7142193

your source is your ass I'm guessing

>> No.7142201

But it's not AI art though, it's like saying gassing people with Nitric oxide and Zyklon B is the same cuz they're both gas.

>> No.7142203

That's Poser, it knew it was from the just the frist glance, Poser always has that look to the renders and poses.

>> No.7142206

>real things might go up in value
Positive outcome, but i wouldn't bet 100% on it.
The arts as a whole is just a fucked up field and what sells now, will sell post-AI terminal fatigue.
>people might stop using the internet because it may become impossible to contact real human beings
Most people don't even use the internet that much and those who do, practically do not care since they're just online to consume content and it doesn't matter where that comes from.
>imagine if 99/100 people were bots
>4chan posts were ai generated
Already is the case.
Look at how many Anons are incapable of reading beyond a 4th grade level or the usual spam of absolute inane retardation and overall low IQ effeminate drama vomit going on all day here.
Or the usual chatgpt replies that miss the point but it's okey because it's le epic troll and stuff.
If they're not actual bots, they're philosophical bots/zombies, so your statement already is proven true.
They're the ones who won't care if the web is all bots, because they're here just to consume drama, jerk off to porn and repeat that on a loop.

>Ted Kaczynski must be smiling in his grave
That would be an understatement.

How would AI even replace physical art? It physically cannot.

>> No.7142207

All these are pointless, show the high resolution file, anyone will be able to tell if this was done by AI or not.

>> No.7142209

Witch hunts won't stop AI.

>> No.7142213
File: 726 KB, 916x732, Screenshot 2024-04-23 022809.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>show the high resolution file
yeah, he can't show it, he can only delete comments lol.

>> No.7142341

Kek I like how the belt is just fabric folds in the AI pic

>> No.7142372

when, the 1920s?

>> No.7142429

And therefore the service is the artist's time. The piece itself is not with more than the bragging rights that artist X made it for you. That you contributed to culture, etc.

Those feelings can't be had from AI, so it's worthless.

>> No.7142540

Who the fuck has ever claimed that Prison School has great art?

>> No.7142573

Dinosaurs 37
Asteroid 0

Got news for you. That isn't the final score.

>> No.7143370

AItards being completely incapable of following an AD's directions will.

>> No.7143403

>Turn into a chicken
>This is "winning."

>> No.7143428

If it's not he could just show a small area of original file, the line quality of the AI will give it away. It looks like the AI render was overpainted to me.

>> No.7143515

Hiramoto is considered by many to be an amazing artist with the hottest women. He's similar to Oh Great!, another digital tracer, that people claim are top tier artist that shit all over comics, etc. Just look at how autistic weebs have been over even showing how that shit "art" is made in this thread with no real commentary on how bad it is. Just the mere questioning of grorious nippon jeans sugoi art oniichan has made them sperg out multiple times. They honestly think manga is drawn when 99% is traced 3d models and clip paint assets.

>> No.7143535

at least he fucking draws

>> No.7143539

Huh? A lot of people. I among them. The art is great, 3D or not. The compositions are exceptional, the storytelling is exactly what it needs to be, the designs are clever, appealing and distinct and the line & tone work is excellent. It's not lazy 3D, it's 3D used to leverage an already good artist's skill to greater heights. It can be used as a crutch, or as a pole vault.

>> No.7143871

>step by step
>starts at step 100 with no models or reference shown to start

lol lmao

>> No.7144006
File: 321 KB, 357x307, neck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]