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I thought of trying to make adult content for a wide audience to pay my way thru college (the odd nsfw novel or small game), but after seeing how utterly trashy porn is, I dont think I have it in me.

Not even disgusting fetish porn. Just extremely derivative, boring pics I could never imagine getting off to. Extremely offputting behaviour from all sides, and I dont think putting any amount of effort into my work is going to yield me better results that "little Timmy and his STEP mom's big BOOBS" LN.

How wrong is my perception?

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There are only so many ways to have sex, little prudey. Of course it's extremely derivative. Do you really think you're going to reinvent the dick in pussy wheel?
It sounds like you don't even like your own artwork. Because you look at what others are drawing, you're disgusted by it, and then you are unable to imagine yourself doing better than them. You're already defeated, because in your own mind, you're worse than the work you don't respect.

Well, none of that really matters anyway. Because the fact of the matter is, porn isn't going to pay your way through college. There isn't that much money to be made, unless you're a pro and go full time, and grow a substantial audience. If you could do that on your own, then you wouldn't need college in the first place.

So don't bother getting into porn. All you're going to do is feel bad that you're producing work you don't like, in a field you don't respect, for money that's not enough to subsist you. You'll have to hide what you do from your friends and family, which will harm your social life too. Your life will become immeasurably worse than what it already is.

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>Not even disgusting fetish porn. Just extremely derivative, boring pics I could never imagine getting off to.
Then blow us away and show us how great your taste is.

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you can never win. you can never break even. coomer shit isnt just nude characters or fucking. they will always want more, until what your drawing is warped and twisted beyond reality.
Coomers cant be reasoned with. they are below animals. it wont end even after you draw a woman as a walking pair of tits

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>after seeing how utterly trashy porn is
then make something better you idiot
my perspective is "I would never publish something that looks that bad" and "I could do that, better than that and I should make more money for it than them"
look at the shit that makes over $1 million worth of sales and think that could be you, so long as you have the skill, time, and vision to surpass it.

but you probably don't have it in you if college is your goal