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>Describe how to draw an apple line by line. Then describe how to color it.

Here are step-by-step instructions for drawing and coloring an apple:

Drawing the Apple Line by Line:

1. Draw a circle near the center of your paper. This will be the basic shape of the apple.
2. From the top of the circle, draw a small curved line inwards to form the indented top of the apple.
3. At the bottom of the circle, draw a short curved line outwards to form the apple's bottom.
4. On one side of the circle, draw a curved line from top to bottom to create the profile of the apple.
5. Draw a small stem at the top indented part, using a curved line.
6. On the side opposite the profile, draw another curved line from top to bottom to complete the apple shape.
7. Near the stem, draw a small curved line to indicate the calyx or belly button of the apple.

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Coloring the Apple:

1. Color the main body of the apple with a red colored pencil or crayon. Apply more pressure for darker shades, less for lighter.
2. On one side of the apple, use a darker shade of red to create shadows and depth.
3. On the opposite side, use a lighter red or yellow-red to indicate highlights from a light source.
4. Color the stem with a brown pencil or crayon.
5. Add some yellow-green shading around the calyx area to make it look more realistic.
6. If desired, you can draw light curved lines over the red to create texture and make it look more like an apple's skin.

Take your time and pay attention to details like shading to make your apple drawing look vibrant and three-dimensional.

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step 1: Look at apple
step 2: Draw it

If you need more instruction than that you might not make it bros

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How did I do?

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it's monkey see, monkey do. writing about it is a waste of time.

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nice pomme de terre

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i did it

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ok well draw it from below now. And make it a gala apple instead

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Let's aee Howie's apple.