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What advice does /ic/ have about studying your favorite artists’ art styles?

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Study their styles by drawing like them. That is all.

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Gravity falls is so wrong its insulting. That's just Dipper.
Its not like there aren't lots of different faces.
This just shows the lack of creativity and understanding of the show that guy had.

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they're all pretty wrong
these "art style studios" are mostly just the people drawing their oc's features over a character's face from the said shows they're copying

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There's a difference between learning a style, versus copying an existing set of designs. That difference is similar to drawing from imagination versus drawing from life. If you truly want to capture someone's style, you need to lean their process, their preferences, and how they arrive at a design. You need to learn their decision making.

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>What advice does /ic/ have about
Stopped reading right there.

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none of those are my favorite,
where's hentai?

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Just copy. The same muscle required to copy from life, is required to copy an art style. You see a thing, you copy the thing. Simple as that.

Developing a style is entirely happenstance. An artist attempts to do a thing. They approximate it. But never quite do it 100%. That difference, between the intent, and the reality is "style"

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this, and so to answer OP's question, I would say to make sure you're pulling from a huge sample size of your favorite artist, don't just take one character and put your OC's outfit on him or whatever

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>drawing their oc's features over a character's face from the said shows they're copying
To be fair…

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the same as any other drawing process, study (copy) directly and then try to draw something similar from imagination
they're all pretty inaccurate but the disney one is especially inaccurate, what did the artist even copy it from?
nice study, been wanting to study tf2 comics too

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That isn't fair at all, it's just ignoring the fact that a lot of artists suffer from sameface syndrome.

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it's easiest to tell with the beard, and in many also from the hair. Dude only really tried with the face, which you could easily copypaste from some main character, didn't even bother researching what facial hair looks like in all those styles, or their color palettes for that matter, that Don't Starve hair is way too saturated and gaudy for it.

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I never watched DBZ as a kid, and I had a friend berate me me when I was like 6 because I thought Piccolo and Cell were the same character at different points in the show, despite telling him I didn't watch it.

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train AI to study the way a particular artist draw and render.

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kys pl*bb*t

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>All these styles but executed poorly
It's always the same with these fags

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>x character in y style
>it's just a trace of y's main character

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Just look at what you're trying to emulate