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What went so wrong with DA? Even the search function is somehow worse than it was 15 years ago.

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I think it's easier to tell what went right, which was nothing.

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DA originally didn't allow nsfw art until tumblr took off which set the precedent to allow light nsfw. This was when the rebranding happened and they got that corporate "Z" as their logo, which just ended up chasing more people away because it felt like an old boomer website was trying to be hip and new. What keeps it alive is youtuber artists wanting attention and academics looking for free textures and brushes.

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Rather than aging gracefully, some corpo hacks tried to keep it relevant in all the worst ways possible.
Deventart could have made a comeback, there's a strong want to split the net up again and move away from the centralised dreg we're currently going through, but people aren't going back to DA now.

But ultimately what killed it wasn't the corpos and their poor decisions, it was the users - specifically the amateur users with the weird fetishes. It made the site too unprofessional and awkward to keep posting on.

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It's ran by retards.

Album feature is alright.

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Deviantart got bought by the Israelis (not even joking).

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people who treat this site as not the fetish art site is a fucking retard

they should just commit to the nsfw crowd , its the only way this site might not go the way of myspace

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DA still doesn't allow penetration and body fluids.