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Anyone else stopped hoarding learning materials to hoard something much much worse instead, aka, art supplies? I bought a bunch and they have been sitting here for 3 months at this point,

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I bought oil pastels and I can't figure out how to use them what the fuck is wrong with me

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I always buy art stuff whenever I go in the dollar store. I can’t help myself.

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No I'm jus drawng

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Oil pastels are only good for toddlers. It’s not you

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i don't hoard anything except feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy

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I keep forgetting how much I actually have because I've been doing digital art for six months, buying more of them, working traditionally for a week or two and going right back to digital.

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I'm not going to get upset about it. Maybe I'll use them now, maybe I'll use them a year from now. There's this little niggling voice trying to give me a complex about fucking art supplies and I will crush its head in a doorframe.

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I stopped hoarding a while ago, I pick up a few brushes here and there, but I've made it an implicit rule to get through whatever mountain of resources I have first if I want to get anything else, I pretty much have everything I need for a decade a least.

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Yup, also got loads of ink stuff and ball points too.
90% of my finished work is digital lmao

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In my country this pile of mechanical pencils worth as much as a motorcycle

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yeah it's like £400+ easy