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Are you not afraid that after you reach the peak of your skills you will realise that, in fact, simpler is better?
>The Good news is you came a long way
>The bad news is you went the wrong way

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which way is right? I do simpler too... I stopped doing oil portraits and moved to charcoal.

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Gotta churn out fast fan art slop for socials

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>A friend of mine, a highly successful and very well known painter, calls to say hello and to invite me to an opening.

>I get a great kick out of this guy because, unlike some artists I’ve met, he’s totally unpretentious.

>A few months back he invited me to come to his studio. We were standing around talking, when all of a sudden he said to me, “Do you want to see me earn twenty-five thousand dollars before lunch?” “Sure,” I said, having no idea what he meant. He picked up a large open bucket of paint and splashed some on a piece of canvas stretched on the floor.

>Then he picked up another bucket, containing a different color, and splashed some of that on the canvas. He did this four times, and it took him perhaps two minutes. When he was done, he turned to me and said, “Well, that’s it. I’ve just earned twenty-five thousand dollars. Let’s go to lunch.”

>He was smiling, but he was also absolutely serious. His point was that plenty of collectors wouldn’t know the difference between his two-minute art and the paintings he really cares about. They were just interested in buying his name.

>I’ve always felt that a lot of modern art is a con, and that the most successful painters are often better salesmen and promoters than they are artists. I sometimes wonder what would happen if collectors knew what I knew about my friend’s work that afternoon.

>The art world is so ridiculous that the revelation might even make his paintings more valuable! Not that my friend is about to risk finding out.

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you have 2 ways to look at it, and I love telling everyone about this

mission hill episode 16 crap gets in your eye, the show was canceled at episode 12/13/14, I forget which, but 16 had an an animatic made, more or less, it shows how little you actually need to facilitate story telling, and it shaped how I want to do art, people may admire detail and perfection, but really what they want is just a well done story.

personal pieces or something I enjoy, that will get all the time needed till I decide its done, work for others gets only whats needed to facilitate the need.

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>the same digital ctrl+paint tutorial tier photobash/paint over slop
>"aRt StYle"
>weeb trash
>nothing new or original

ya, seems about right.

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>photobash/paint over slop
why are you like this? it's just a nice painting.

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thats sad to see. fucker couldve been creative and make some cool stories with his art but decided that unoriginal animu popularity is better

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they didn't get worse, just less ambitious
i don't blame them. full illustrations are hard and most of your followers will just care about single character drawings more than anything

either way, you're probably a no-draw who pays more attention to other people than drawing your own shit

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>cherrypicking an artist's work to try to push a narrative
I shiggy diggy my niggy
JSH CRP a.k.a Josh Corpuz, his work hasn't been dumbed down like OP is implying it is.

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Also, low witted and ignorant /beg/ take on OP's part that a "simple" style equates to low skill. See Kokimantarou's work.

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Leave your reflection in the monitor out of this.