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should i move from CSP to krita?
i want lines like picrel but i can't achieve it and idk if it's a skill issue or a program issue, and i heard paint tool sai is great for lineart

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ofc it's a skill issue you fucking retard

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csp krita and sai can all do this

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im thinking of moving to krita because i want to take the linux pill

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Pen/brush type + skill, with each program having slightly different brush engines but I doubt you're at a level where you'll notice the nuances yet. Settling on a drawing program is all about workflow and what you've gotten used to or what you've built on top of it after much experience. Pro work can be done on any program.
Anyway, sauce for this artist tho?

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I don't understand. This just looks like the pen tool in CSP.

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You can technically run CSP 1.x in Linux but it's a hassle and some features (online and modifier keys) don't work right.

If you're new and not totally used to CSP definitely learn krita, it's a good program.

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Don't worry about it. I took the same plunge a while ago and haven't looked back since. I actually now preffer krita.
Probably just takes some getting used to but you'll get there.

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there is literally nothing special about the lineart