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How the fuck did he go from this?

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To this???

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why do assholes like you post spoilers?

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Feels pretty obvious that part two is just a soulless cash in on CSMs seasonal popularity

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Fuck sorry dude. Unironically my bad I didn't think of it and I should have picked a different image.
If it makes you feel better that pic is very out of context, remember Denji can't die.

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get better taste

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>too much of a pussy to post anything better
It's not even the point. This is an artist that dropped the quality of his art hard. If you actually drew anything in your life (which you don't) you'd feel for him. He's not the only Jap that's done this, it's like some curse.

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there are errors on the "good" example too (for example, her face, hand are fucked)
but it's masked by the more interesting composition

if you place 2 people in an empty void doing nothing then all there is to look at is their figure which results in all of those mistakes becoming visible

tl;dr this a retarded comparison because it's a composition issue not regression

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I'd generally agree with you, but if you take images he's made in the past and compared the exact same scene that's made today, you'd see the drop in quality. It's only gotten worse with recent chapters.

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chainslop man is a pretty low bar, get better taste

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Clearly your pick unrelated. You first.

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Loved that series. Shame about the anti-Korean xenophobia though

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>Shame about the anti-Korean xenophobia though

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It's just Japan being dangerously based, as usual.

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I don't think he's that motivated anymore, I read all of part 1 in one sitting but part 2 fell hard. I stopped waiting for new chapters after the first few

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At least for me, it makes me think twice before recommending the anime to anyone
Here's a tumblr blog going into a bit more detail: https://allintheheads.tumblr.com/post/677392099473227776/psa-there-is-anti-korean-historical-revisionist

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Spoilers for what? This is like every scene in chainsaw man, Denji gets the guro but he can't die so nobody cares...

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Fugimoto's line art looks like he just traced a 3d model or / apply an outline effect on a 3d rig. There's zero weight to anything and there's sort of a rotated perfection to it

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>they didn't back down and censor the original works
It's fine to not like the message portrayed, but honestly good for them. Rule number one: Never ever cater to the west.

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no line weight + less time to work on each panel + probably less inspo

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What weekly deadlines does to a mf

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Fujimoto's art has always been kinda slightly off. It was definitely much better in part 1 but it still had a few mistakes; they're just much more noticeable in part 2. I think it's mainly because of the thicker lineweight that muddies details and probably more model tracing. Though those are probably symptoms of his deadlines.

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>history revisionism and denial is a "message"
kys pls

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It isn't even the point. Are you actually saying they should have censored the show and steered away from its original source, just to cater to the west?
You don't need to like it, and the reason you're against it is perfectly fine, but if they want to properly adapt an older work they absolutely have the right to stay faithful to it.

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>Comparing dynamic action scene to full body shot
God you are a faggot OP.

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Procure your attention to >>7119810
Next time read the whole thread before posting, faggot.

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he was carried by his asistants and theres an assitant shortage right now for manga in general

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you call it "censorship", i call it improvement of the original work by the removal of revisionist propaganda
(just to be clear i'm not the anon who brought up RoK and posted the links above)

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No westerner cares about the trilateral beef between Japan, Korea, and China. And Japan did such a terrible job at colonialism that Korea split into a communist north and a Christian south.

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you call it "censorship", i call it improvement by removal of revisionist propaganda
(NTA who originally brought up RoK and posted the links above)

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sorry for double post

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>Comparing a close up to panned out shot
Again you are retarded, ofcourse a zoomed out image would have less details in it, this is a technique you would've known of if you ever drawn.

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gay nigga alert

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For me, it's kui ryoko

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Why is there a shortage, not enough aspiring artists in Japan? I'm genuinely curious.

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Bro... You're coping. I'm a fan of csm, and I like Fugi as an artist, guy was an inspiration for me. How can you look at that and think there's no difference?
This isn't the only example, there's a lot of mangaka in Japan that have dropped their quality of art drastically recently. It's like an epidemic right now.

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Technical ability was never Fujimoto's strong suit; it was always creating striking imagery/compositions. See pic rel.; Denji's head is basically scribbles, and his hand in the forefront is completely deformed, and yet it doesn't really matter, because the image is striking, violent, and exciting. Part Two is mostly "slice of life," the action scenes are still fun when they happen. Notice most of the examples of good CSM art (>>7119798 >>7119802) are action panels.

His technical ability has gotten worse, though. He's either working too hard or has become lazy with Part Two, and has quadrupled his brush size to make up for lack of detail. The clothing (>>7119799 >>7119810) is now a few random triangles instead if the complex forms in Part One, and the eyes are two or three lines and a circle instead of the more labor-intensive hatching.

Also, Yukinobu Tatsu left between parts One and Two to make the highly successful Dandandan. Fujimoto lost a great talent.

I read the both articles, and the connection to Korea seems obscure at best. What is said in the manga is a (valid) point that can be applied to any country that has ever occupied and built infrastructure in another.

Even if that's what Ousama Ranking is trying to say, how is that not "a message?"

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I'm gonna guess it has something to do with the wage being impossible to survive on.

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>If they are so bad, why did they give you schools and hospitals?
This is retarded, so if someone does a few good things for you, then you should forgive them for everything bad they ever done to you?
>Your abusive parents who constantly berated you and put you down. Leading to your low confidence.
>But hey they bought you ice cream and took you to Disney land. So they can't be that bad can they? Why do you hold a grudge?

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>these 3d models he scribbles over and 3d references for chainsaws he photobashes

unironically kill yourself you fucking retard. you cant even tell he doesnt know how to draw in the first place and call this slop art. fucking AI post you bumped off the page has more merit than this trash.

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I've seen him quoted saying he doesn't want to continue csm and just be over with it, but given its success he can't really

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Fujimoto is a weird case. Out of all mangaka that have popular on going works, he's the least technically proficient one. He knows this too. He's talked about when he looks at other manga he thinks how its even possible for people to be so good at art and that they must be cheating. H'es talked about how drawing can be kinda painful for him and that sometimes he feels like he can't fully express what he wants because of his shortcomings as an artist.
Even when you look at Fire Punch, that for a lot of people has better and more consistent art than CSM, its still pretty janky.

The thing that really confuses me is that, if you look at his one shots before he got big, before Fire Punch, a lot of them have much less jank. They feel more polished. Or at least I feel so. Maybe i'm crazy idk.
Examples :




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linking subscription shit is mid, anon

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>anything ebing worse than an ai thread
What a completely worthless post, like shit being spewed across the keyboard. You literally don't know what you're talking about, retard. Just off yourself you colossal cum guzzling faggot.

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The Yen to Dollar ratio is abysmal. Ironically Japan has the opportunity to improve their currency by raising their own interest rates.
Fun fact: Japan is the only country in the world that has negative interest rates (this may change very soon). Because of this a lot of American banks put their bonds into Japan. Japan is the largest foreign holder of US bonds in the world. Them raising rates to help their own country would be catastrophic for America. Theory is America is lightly strong-arming them not to do so, despite how poorly their currency is currently doing.

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There will be days when you're simply not feeling it, then add deadlines on top of that, it's hard bro.

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he switched to digital. many such cases

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Nah it looks like I drew it, and I haven’t picked up a pen in 3 years, chainsawsisters

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It's not fair. I know he can do better, it hurts to see him like this and I'm afraid he might give up if its gone downhill this hard.

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You are a 4chinner sit down

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I don't know lad, I think you may have been bamboozled by an industry plant
Do you actually see the man draw? Do you KNOW he can do better?
Or all your fanboyism comes from reading the mang and NAME, JAPAN big on the side (And the guy signing autographs on conventions, like it's a real person)?
I've seen videos of Murata drawing and explaining shit, for example
this looks COMPLETELY different than this

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Part 1 was weekly. Part 2 is fortnightly (sometimes releasing on back-to-back weeks though). He has more time in part 2 to draw.
The answer, IMO, is recency bias -- but the special 4chan version where it's contrarian. The newer thing is always worse in the eyes of the 4chan user. The artwork is the first part was great, look at this tankoubon scan of a big spread to prove it! What a shame his artwork in part 2 is so much worse, look at this tiny panel I zoomed in on a webpage to screenshot.
Same shit every time. All monthly series get this shit too -- newfags love the part they binge read and the part they have to wait for "fell off".
As somebody who read all of CSM as it was coming out, I do think part 2 of chainsawman isn't as good as the 1st. Mostly because it's just kind of meandering, reiterating on points already made and kinda just spinning its wheels. The artwork still lands when it has to and is an afterthought when it doesn't, just like in part 1, and fire Punch before. The complaints people have with the artwork was always present. It's not a "then vs now" thing. Amazing perfect artwork simply is not his method of creating manga. It never was, and that's not going to change.

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Assistants aren't trying to survive on a wage you retard. That's not how it works at all, it's primarily a part-timer job. Full-time assistants exist and do fine, because it's the author who has to pay them and the author doesn't want to pay the person he once was a shit rate.
Where the fuck is the source on the claim that "there's an assistant shortage"? Because trying to reason it on a false premise is idiocy.

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I remember finding out that the japanese somehow found out most of the odd stuff in Chainsaw Man was put there by the assistants. Like the Dandadan dude. When he got his own manga japanese people started following that instead, which also tells you why and how CSM dipped in popularity so much.

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One-shots are easier to do than weekly manga

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Tasteless faggot

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>I remember finding out that the japanese somehow found out most of the odd stuff in Chainsaw Man was put there by the assistants.
You remembered something you just made up? Assistants don't write the fucking manga and japan knows that far better than you.

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Ousama Ranking is prime example of manga art actually getting way better over time. The first few chapter looked like a child drawing as time went on it looked like the anime.

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Having read both and most of Fujimoto's other work, that's not remotely believable.

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But enough about yourself, tourist newnigger.

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I remember reading this exact same thing on /ic/ a while ago. I can see an argument for certain designs being helped with, but Fugi making things bizarre was something he was know for, for over a decade. He made pick related a decade ago.

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Fire Punch was not a decade ago.

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Possible. Would explain the lack of polish

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>6 years
You're right, my bad.

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Most manga have mediocre art though, to put it lightly. Most artists who work on it at least in the present day are self taught from observing other manga and such. Plus I suppose it's much more important for the industry that an author can deliver art quickly than that they can deliver high quality art

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The manga has been out for years, and you have probably seen the scene by now. It is usually on the front page of google lol when you search for the chainsawman manga

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>I called power over
>why'd you call power over
is this real

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If it's him him it's been along time no see

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why did you ask is this real?

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I got attacked on ic for calling this art shit and now everyone is suddenly waking up. Fuck all of you

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welcome to /ic/, newfag
we're in a constant rotation of newfags who "want to draw" and then give up within a year
you said that when the zoomers who thought it was the bestest manga ever rotated in, now they're out and we're full of zoomers who think frieren is the bestest anime ever and csm is so last week

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Based as fuck, Do you have a screenshot when you did that. So we can have evidence of the retardation of ic.

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The guy was clearly never good at drawing people and I suspect he was using 3d models often since his faces and bodies often have different perspectives. It seems he's just put less effort into things now probably for a faster work flow.

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>How the fuck did he go from this?
manga deadlines are tight as shit and will either cause you to burn out hard if you keep up quality or force you to start drastically lowering standards to push out the slop faster.
pretty much every popular mangaka eventually get's health problems and will go into haitus hell because of it.

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Best ship btw

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yep, you can fix this by going on breaks every other week or drawing a few pages a week. That's what the creator of hajime no ippo does.

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>yep, you can fix this by going on breaks every other week or drawing a few pages a week. That's what the creator of hajime no ippo does.
sui Ishida did something similar with choujin X he now releases whenever he wants, You could really tell he burned himself by how milqetoast and mediocre the ending of tokyo ghoul was I still feel bleuballed after reading it.

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>choujin X he now releases whenever he wants,
Too bad releasing whenever he wants didn't improve the quality of the manga.

>> No.7125488

>Too bad releasing whenever he wants didn't improve the quality of the manga.
never read it so i wouldn't know also i used to think they where made by two different authors and choujin was just a shameless rip-off of tokyo ghoul kek either way sui is still a goated artist though.

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The Dandandan guy was his assistant and the reason part 1 was so good. When dandandan guy left, csm died

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>Amazing perfect artwork simply is not his method of creating manga. It never was, and that's not going to change.
bullshit Tatsuki Yukinobu delivers weekly and the art is so fucking good.

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Yea kys faggot. The story has nothing to do with korea or japan is just a fucking story onions retard, got your rope.

>> No.7125787

He's using other Mangaka, helpers to draw.

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>the tumblr

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After Dandandan guy left. the art died. In recent chapters it's worse than ever. Maybe money is tight and Fujimoto can't afford good assistants anymore. I don't understand why Jump editorial doesn't assign quality assistants and pay for them themselves, instead of forcing the manga authors to organize and pay their salaries.

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>this guy does things x way and has done so forever, so the complaint that new things he makes are done in x way is silly
>uh actually other guy does things in y way so um what you said is bullshit
Are you mentally handicapped? That has nothing to do with my post.

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Gege is way wayyyy worse than fujimoto

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I hate how obviously both images are traced

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Nani sore?

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>anti-korean zenophobia
Picked up!

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JJK is boring as fuck and I'd rather read anything by Fujimoto any day of the week but Gege is a much better artist.

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It's clear at this point that part 1 was hard carried by the dandandan guy

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You dont read choujin x

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Yes I do, Ely is the best thing to come from it, it's just shit beyond that.

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Palma is simply better elyfag

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I hope this dude's alright. This is absolutely horrific art compared to OP pic. Guy needs a break.

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Just because you cropped them doesn't mean we can't still find the source, faggot-ass OP.

You're looking at somebody comparing a climactic spread to a volume extra. It's not even part of the manga itself.