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How good do I have to be at anatomy to draw exaggerated proportions like picrel?

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Probably just good enough to consistently draw a figure the correct height while placing the major body landmarks in the correct location. Looks like he's the classic loomis 8 heads tall, with those same proportions, so just read through 'figure drawing for all it's worth', and that'll probably be enough, if you're just trying to draw Bruce Timm style cartoons.

Then just study Bruce Timm's art, and you're good to go.

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Whoa there buddy, I think you forgot what website you're on. This is /ic/.
So try your post again but remove the advice and add some venom, thank you

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don't think for a second that simply reading a book will make you capable of drawing like Bruce Timm. You'll need to study his art relentlessly, breaking down every nuance, every line, until your eyes bleed. And even then, you'll probably still fail miserably.

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Just look at his sketches and copy.
Really don't need to study anatomy at all with how simplified the forms are.

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Oh I'm not OP, but that post was a little better at least. I still feel like you actually want that anon to succeed though, you feel me? Not only that, but it sounds like you actually draw as well. Not a good look

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Timm's work is mostly gestures and shapes, you don't need to know anatomy past what you invent it to be

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Studying real anatomy + his artstyle consistently will be enough to put you on the path there. But it'll be easier for someone with experience at observational drawing than a total /beg/

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To do that you have to master the gesture, I don't want to recommend vilppu because it's too boring, but you can start with this action cartooning book by Cadwell that explains how to exaggerate the poses and styles.


Regarding Bruce Timm, the guy makes novel cartoons, it is different from conventional cartoons, they did the same with Samurai Jack.

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why do comicfags, especially timfags hate drawing and look for every excuse to not learn how to draw?

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Why do retard animu they draw well???

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Why do retard animu,do think they draw well???

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never seen someone who exclusively loves DC styles as getting anywhere in their art
either their tastes expand upon cartoons they watched when they were 8 and never let go or they never draw

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>never seen someone who exclusively loves DC styles as getting anywhere in their ar

You don't know anyone, so get out of your house more.

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>I'll stop wiping my ass because I don't know anyone who has managed to stop shitting again.

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the anime equivalent are people who only draw dragon ball