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shill your channel somewhere else, faggot

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Kinda unfair for longer running weekly authors, it's impressive that they are able to draw so quickly every week for decades on end with only a handful of breaks but as a consequence they're artwork gets grinded down and simplified to the essentials, happened to toriyama, one piece, naruto etc The only one who seemed to have art that was sleeker over time was Kubo despite the weekly format but ironically I bet most people would argue that although his work got prettier it had less "soul" or character

It's also lowkey a crime that katekyo hitman reborn made the list but vinland saga is nowhere to be found.

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adding onto that, now that I think about it, kubo go memed on by no draws for not having backgrounds so even he got hit with the smoke despite getting better. Fairy tail is basic but it's quality pretty much never wavered from day 1 which is kinda crazy considering mashima was writing multiple series like edens zero and some others at some point.

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>No Katsuhiro Otomo
>No Naoki Urasawa
>No Hiroya Oku
>No Makoto Yukimura
>No Inio Asano
>No Naoko Takeuchi
> Rumiko Takahashi

Shit list. Most of the picks are just zoomer trash that someone who doesn't know better would pick.

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Who is this?

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Riichiro Inagaki fan?

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Should I have thoughts on some random retard's opinion? I don't agree with it, if that's what you're asking. I'm not going to elaborate.

Both the artists at the top are extremely prolific and have been weekly artists though. Both are more artists than writers though.

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God Ōgure Ito

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>zoomer trash
This was my impression too. Missing too many legends

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"oh! great" or Ito Ōgure
the Air gear and monogatori series manga aritst
I dislike too much 3d shit but his art is pure sex

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i'm not clicking on your channel

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>Ok, yeah I agree with a lot of thi-
>fujimoto in the same tier as toriyama

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>Bunch of manga stacked haphazardly with potted plants on top of them
>Pretty much all big/popular picks only
He's a poser that wants some of that manga popularity.

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imagine having tracers and 3d sketchup/clip studio faggots above toriyama. mods should have banned this retard for posting his own channel and retardation for manga, which is not art, on the art board. go back to your containment shit hole.

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Why on earth are you watching tier lists you actual fucking retard child

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that's toyotarou i think. toriyama is in the third tier (which is still too low imo)

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hate artist, hate his writing.

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Why the fuck is Togashi higher than Kubo and Tori? Why are those two so low to begin with?
Absolutely nonsensical

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>hate his writing
Retarded NPC take. You fell for the meme that his writing was bad just because of the Obama shit.

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what obama stuff?

Tenjho Tenge, oh great comes from porn and that manga was also in the 90's so it had the fun of letting more extreme shit in without batting to much of an eye. I have never really like it when rape is used solely to prove how much of a bad guy someone is, I also find story's that take place in an otherwise normal modern world pretty much ignore any consequence of a modern world setting.

pretty much everything I dont like story wise in 1 manga, hell, I think in less than 1 arc. I couldn't force myself to finish it, then you have the unlikeable main character and if I remember right the main girl falls for him instantly or some shit, it has to have been near 20 years since I read/watched what I did.

art wise, great, story, every aspect grates on my nerves. he probably does a good job with the monogatari series because there he isn't writing, he is just adapting.

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>what obama stuff?
In Air Gear but i guess you didn't read that one.

>story's that take place in an otherwise normal modern world pretty much ignore any consequence of a modern world setting
I can suspend my disbelief enough to not be bothered by this. If you put every little detail into scrutiny then 90% of fiction ever written is just fucking trash.

That stuff aside the flashback arc as well as pretty much everything after that is some kino martial arts drama with good character dynamics and themes, as well as fights with cool setpieces. Also the main character is overhated. He's no different from your standard delinquent MC, he won my sympathy by the bowling arc and got even better as soon as Sohaku was introduced.

Though i agree a lot of the rape and shit was rather self-indulgent, but it never felt like it was a cheap attempt at establishing antagonism when the villain were already proving themselves as menaces through other means.

All things considered, TT's faults and by extension OG's faults as a writer are overstated. He's not worse than Kishimoto, Oda, or your average Nekketsu writer.

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its not so much that it bothers me and is scrutinized, almost any other story avoids the cops or at least plays lip service to something may happen, but Tenjho Tenge and ikkitousen... jesus fucking christ, oh and that reminds me of another thing I despise, fate and no free will, I don't things TT hit that crap, but nothing like really enjoying an anime, putting it right up there with the best you watched, only for super lucky blood to come in and destroy it for you, and then someone manipulating fate... fuck escaflowne.

like there is a lot of shit I can ignore but you have to have SOME hook there for me to ignore it.

and when its one thing that I dont like after another, after another, after another... there's a point where I am done trying to look passed the shit I dont like and it's now rip it the fuck apart time.

and as for air gear, oh great is on a list where I don't even care what it is they make, I will not reading it, suzuka author is on that same list, I hate how they tell stories.

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This is a little stupid, because it's just ranking someone's favorite artists which is ok, but like artists who release work monthly and bi-monthly will be a bit different from those who release weekly. Also, what about those who have various different styles or genres? What about those who are stronger when it comes to characters v. backgrounds. How do you know how much of the manga your mangaka is actually drawing? All of those should be taken into account when doing these types of lists.

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this but that guy it kinda shitty because he doesn't take the account the paneling and storyboarding

there a reason why people like One ' opm more than murata for example

it a zoomer tier list like the anon said
also just saying that putting boichi over toriyama ,araki fujimoto and muira just tell you that guy is just consumer

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takuto Kashiki is better than 90% of those.

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>one piece and jojo on same tier

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they're also a team of artist multiple assistants working on the art majority of the time. Serialized manga is not a one man band.

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True, J*j* should've been three tiers lower.

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Shounen manga that zoomers must read in order to have taste
>Ashita No Joe
>Fist Of The North Star
>Death Note
>Fullmetal Alchemist
>Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
>Ranma 1/2
>Urusei Yatsura
>Dr. Slump & Arale
>Dragon Ball
>Slam Dunk
>Kakugo No Susume
>Trigun Maximum
>Yu Yu Hakusho
>Rurouni Kenshin
>Shaman King
>Eyeshield 21
>Groove Adventure Rave