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This thread is for discussing ongoing long-term projects.

This is not a social media promo thread.

What counts as a project?

A project, in this case, is an ongoing larger set of art that forms a larger single collection with a unified purpose and release or a single piece of media that consists of separate artworks that takes a significant amount of time and effort and will be published in some form, a project can be
>art exhibition
>long animated film
>visual novel illustrations
>design draft for a real project

A project in this case is not
>run-of-the-mill commission work
>difficult drawing that takes time
>unfinished painting
>useless OC
>content set of five different dick-sucking methods illustrated as anime/cartoon girls in a void that will be posted on your twitter in two weeks from now

Message template below:

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>what type of project are you working on? (short description or a full pitch)

>for how long have you been working on it?

>when are you planning on/supposed to finish it?

>why are you working on this project?

>any previous projects?

>are you looking to connect with other artists?

>are you on social media?

>what type of discussions or interactions are you looking for?

>are you looking to receive feedback/criticism?

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Shouldn't it be proj and not prog

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>irrelevant time wasting question

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Okay I'll bite.

>what type of project are you working on? (short description or a full pitch)
Porno manga. Japanese language, set to be published in a japanese magazine for a japanese audience. This is the second, the first will be published in print in just a few days (April 5th).
>for how long have you been working on it?
This project, I storyboarded it early March, first pitched it mid-late Feb. Been working with the publisher since November 2023 though.
>when are you planning on/supposed to finish it?
Aiming for July, though it's going kinda slow.
>why are you working on this project?
>any previous projects?
Lots, though this is the first full-on pro gig. Worked pro-am from mid 2022-mid 2023 before deciding "fuck this" and applying to publishers. Before that I was just making stuff on my own without a real plan to make money.
>are you looking to connect with other artists?
Yeah, I wanna help other comic artists any way I can.
>are you on social media?
>what type of discussions or interactions are you looking for?
Happy to answer any questions people have.
I like sitting in VC while I draw, helps keep the monotony from getting to me.
>are you looking to receive feedback/criticism?
Not really, can't post the stuff I'm in the process of making anyway, anything I can post is way too late to fix.

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Oops, should have clarified, pic is not the project I'm currently working on.

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Oh great, another general
This surely will help the 2 anons in need

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>pre-supposing the general must help

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I don't get what's the problem here, we're constantly getting seperate threads of peoples projects and many are scattered around in different generals so why not put them all in one place?

Sounds like unproductive artists unable to come up with bigger ideas projecting their anxiety and insecurities

Post your project

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Ok, this sounds interesting

What made you decide to become a hentai mangaka and is it your full time profession?
Does it pay well?
Are you a jap?

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>Porno manga
ooof course.

> $$$
ah, doing money with porn, isn't it like the best job ever? you get paid to watch and draw naked chicks, dream job? noooo, no catch bro no worries.

it's weird despite everyone enjoying porn, very few in comparison produces porn, isn't it?

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How is this general not just cannibalizing /mmg/, /anim/ and several others? We already have generals for those kinds of projects.

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>What made you decide to become a hentai mangaka and is it your full time profession?
I want to make comics, this just seemed like the easiest way to break into doing it professionally (as in, a step up from pro-am "I'll pay you to draw my comic" gigs).
>Does it pay well?
8000 yen a page. Not great... if you ignore the royalties, which is where the actual money is expected to come from. The minimum sales target for the eventual book would result in getting a big chunk exceeding the page rate for the book, and obviously that's just the minimum. Only problem is the pay is on a delay, since it all comes in months after finishing it, but once you have books out it's not a problem.
>Are you a jap?
No. I don't even speak japanese.

Everybody's gotta eat. If I could get paid to do the same thing but not porn I would, and if things go well, I will. Baby steps.
I don't particularly like drawing porn, but mostly just because it doesn't line up with my goals as an artist very well. Still gonna try my best though, work is work.

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>slow af board
>moar generals

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pyw loser

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I'm making a game

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Is having made a series of illustrations of the same girl a project? I intend to continue making these illustrations, two of the three have been completed but one of them is still a WIP mind if I posted them here?

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Monitoring this thread

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Me too. Many setbacks but I will get something out there...

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Nodraws love complaining about things they will not draw.
A general project thread doesn't cannibalize /mmg/ because the scope doesn't just include comics. Think of it a as show and tell thread.

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My project is getting /fit/ and becoming happy at the same time. Yes, this involves art because it makes me happy.

Am I making money? No.
But I enjoy what I am doing.

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>what type of project are you working on? (short description or a full pitch)
Visual novel
Leon one die works himself to death by collapsing from exhaustion while studying for his highschool finals exam, he finds himself confronted by the Goddess of Death and rebirth who offers him an deal: she will send him to a parallel universe of Earth one where science has become so advanced that magic became possible if when he gets there he agrees to kill ssomeone of her choosing.
He finds himself without a home and decidedas that he must find a way to live comfortably: thats when he decides to join a magical school as they house the students only thing is that Leon finds himself with no magic until he discovers a deck of cards that ahve the ability to absorb magic.

>for how long have you been working on it?
Just came up with the idea fairly recent.

>when are you planning on/supposed to finish it?
Not sure but I'm going to try for the end of the summer to ahve a prologue ready, sprites at least decided upon.
>why are you working on this project?
I'm working on the project to practice both writing and my drawing skill, also I love the aspect to connect with other peopele with an interest in development.
>any previous projects?
>are you looking to connect with other artists?
>are you on social media?
>what type of discussions or interactions are you looking for?
Brainstorming/feedback, what the individual looks for in a visual novel that kinda thing.
>are you looking to receive feedback/criticism?
Always open to feedback and/or criticism.

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My brother in Christ we already have TWO comic generals, an animation general, and a trad general. Just make a fucking visual novel general since that's the only other thing you could possibly talk about here.

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You people are antisocial as fuck, what the fuck is from with this board?

Makes not wanna post anything here

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i'm also trying to make a h-doujin.
do you have a discord handle?

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Unfortunately, the board is finished at this point bro. It's dead as fuck, slower than ever, and the majority of the inhabitants are anti-social nodraw coomers.

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>Not sure but I'm going to try for the end of the summer to ahve a prologue ready
That's pretty quick. How long is the full game supposed to be?

It's dinglewizard everywhere.

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It's the same hall monitor schizo making all the generals now, at this point I won't even bother participating cause she has a lot of time to sperg out at everyone 24/7, reminds me of the old lady in The Mist.

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>8000 yen a page
how many doujins do people usually publish a year?
stupid question but are you restricted from selling your doujin elsewhere, like fantia?

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Since it's my first game I'm focusing on it being small andmanagable.
II'm thinking the words of a novella sized for the full game.
At this point I just am making a deadline to encourage myself ,, i'm trying to be as quickk asI can .
going to focus on making the sprites and having a general design by the end of the month for most important characters
i'm thinking of having it be a kenetic visual novel so it cnan translate to work as a lightnovle release as well.

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>No. I don't even speak japanese.
kek what, do you hire a translator to typeset?

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My editor tells me the typical speed is a chapter every 3-4 months. There's no strict deadline, but this is what's typically expected. My chapters are a bit longer than typical (~50+ pages each so far compared to the normal ~35-45ish in this magazine).
By the way, doujinshi is self-published. This is commercial work, with a publisher. Different things.
The main thing they're paying me for, and that I sign away the rights to in the contract, is distribution rights. I retain full ownership of every aspect, except the distribution rights — so uploading it elsewhere myself is the main thing I can't do, because I'd be competing with the publisher for no reason. However I can still draw the characters or other manga with the characters if I want, because the author retains ownership of all of that.

Ah that's wise. I hope it goes well.

The editor fixes up the dialogue & typesets — they always typeset themselves anyway, even with japanese authors. I know a little bit of japanese, just enough to get the idea across & communicate, when combined with MTL.

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do you have to send your editor a neimu before you approach writing pages (rough outlay)
or are you given free reign with things?

Working on this character in which I find given classes for these characters makes it easier to figure out there place in the story
gonna draw some armour for his shoulders etc

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The process goes like this:
1. Pitch the story with a synposis, loose character designs, some loose illustations of the scenes you want to put in. I tend to pitch multiple stories at once.
2. Once a story is picked and approved by the EIC I storyboard it (ネーム) and send it in.
3. Once the storyboard is approved I have free reign to sketch & ink the thing. Though of course my editor wants me to keep him updated and show him the sketches before I ink them etc. and he'll often make suggestions for what to add or change to the pages at the various stages.

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>suggestions for what to add or change to the pages at the various stages
how detailed and specific are these suggestions?
any examples from your previous work?

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It can be things like "this part of the drawing looks a bit off, you should try and fix that" or minor additions like "you should add breath effects here" (pic related). They're requests, rather than orders though. I had plenty of reports back on the last one that were essentially "looks great, keep it up", so it's not like he's just making suggestions to look busy. The feedback is pretty helpful, and usually just things he thinks would make it even better.

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Why don't you go talk about your video game project on twitter? Or fuck, you already have AGDG on /vg/ where you normally hang out. A whole as general to blogpost? Sad.

And as for the rest of you who is not him (in before I get called a schizo yada yada), making a manga? go to the manga thread. Animation? animation thread. Webtoon? There is a webtoon thread. This thread is extremely pointless.

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I am currently trying to become good to the point where i can get my comics distributed by some indie publisher. I live in Italy, and i spotted linus as a potential candidate for a monthly magazine.
Aside from classic comic strips like Peanuts and Calvin And Hobbes, there are a lot of original stories in there, with more magazine-like articles about music and stuff in general. The standard for art is not very high, and Igort (the magazine's editor nowdays) prioritizes story and narrative over graphical prowess even in his book publishing press, Coconino (picrel is a comic from said publisher about the life of charles bukowski. not mine, though the author is a really cool guy). The story itself is supposed to be an urban fantasy version of italy in the 70s, with inspirations from both manga and italian authors like andrea Pazienza

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"supposed to be set in" i meant, I forgot to correct that mistake

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Yeah, this general is kinda useless. Other generals already fill the roles of individual kinds of projects, and the arbitrary qualifiers for what a project is doesn't help. Probably would have worked better as a regular thread without any sort of rules. Also I can tell you made it /prog/ instead of /proj/ just so you had an excuse to have a Yes op pic, which arguably is based as fuck

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Terminally on 4chan.

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Good luck to you, friend.

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>what type of project are you working on? (short description or a full pitch)
fantasy comic set in an enviroment akin to Yellowstone and the Great Pairie (I don’t think it’s been done before)
>for how long have you been working on it?
mentally mulling on ideas for plot forever now, as of posting this i WILL try to make it
>when are you planning on/supposed to finish it?
hopefully soon after starting, I want to keep it short, and have an actual story structure with beginning middle and end.
>why are you working on this project?
Moral Imperative and I want people to see it
>any previous projects?
>are you looking to connect with other artists?
>are you on social media?
>what type of discussions or interactions are you looking for?
I just want it to be seen
>are you looking to receive feedback/criticism?

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nvm i aint doing this

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>mfw no Yellowstone comic

The camper within me weeps

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>mfw no Yellowstone kino
You could've had volcanoes n shit

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Bumping for later

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Not really too "long-term" but only cuz I'm doing crunch shit. Posting anyways so I hope you can forgive me lol

>what type of project are you working on?
Simple short music video to Hot in Herre by Nelly (might change to Boombastic but rn it's pretty locked in)

>for how long have you been working on it?
Not even a week lmao, but this isn't my first rodeo so I'm confident to finish.

>when are you planning on/supposed to finish it?
Hopefully before 4/20 hahaha

>why are you working on this project?
To test my abilities (0/_\0)
This is for an event I'm participating in and wanted to make some more gainz before going back to bigger projects. Plus I loooove music-maxxing like you wouldn't believe, got that dawg in me fr fr

>any previous projects?
Animatics and other music video stuff. Other than that I gallerymaxx because trad is super fun actually

>are you looking to connect with other artists?
Not necessarily, but if other anons wanna chat about art then they're always welcome to DM me or talk wherever they find me

>are you on social media?
@BriBriMeese on twitter!

>what type of discussions or interactions are you looking for?
I kinda just want to see the stuff people are making and also encourage others by posting my own B)

>are you looking to receive feedback/criticism?
Always appreciated!

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bumping with progress pics, hope that's cool
Gonna redraw the girls in the back when I get time, already have new frames sketched out for them