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Anons of /ic/, what’s the highest price for an entry level tier on Patreon you’ve ever seen?

I came across this recently and was a little shocked. In my experience, sketchbook access is $1-3 on average?

Would you pay $6 to gain access to just sketchbook material? What makes anything worth $5 or more to you?

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It's not so much about what's behind the paywall as it is just wanting to support an artist. Only two of my four patrons even look at the sketchbook posts.

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if you aren't a pretentious dickwad you have two tiers, the "cheapofag just get the content tier" and the "quick sketch and thank you + you get the content tier"

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also seriously the fact that people feel the need to paywall rudimentary shit like this is depressing, nobody did shit like that 15 years ago.

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Money and inflation.

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How much would you pay for a published book of sketches from an artist you like? Assuming there's a backlog, the $6 may be well worth it - though not monthly (in my opinion at least).

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I think like >>7119394 said, it’s more about supporting the artist. Many people waste a lot of money every month on superfluous bullshit, so I don’t really see the harm in this. It’s a way for the fans/audience to say thank you for the cool imagery that brought some flavor and interest to their lives. This is hardly an extreme example of capitalistic greed, but I guess it continues to pervade and influence most everything. Ideally none of us would ever need money again and could just subsist off the air and sun, but that isn’t reality.

Small bands used to sell CD-Rs of their music for $5. Now it’s all digital of course, but some people like to give a few bucks when they download a band’s music on bandcamp. It’s basically just tipping the piano man, so to speak.

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Patreon didn't exist 15 years ago. Most monetization of art back then was begging for people to donate to you through Paypal or Google Ads

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I buy patreons for files of any kind I don't give a fuck about drawings
Video process is good too
If someone sells unique 3d models or live2d content basically anything high quality that I don't know how to do and that makes me coom I will throw $10 if I find information on how to do it too otherwise I really hate just art patreons I don't want to just support artists I want something interesting to kearn and hang onto I want to know how you paint what layers you use what technique you use for whatever thing makes your art good to me
A lot of artists don't show any of this stuff but the ones that do I have paid hundreds for all of their past content
If you're good enough I'd buy every month of access to the content and leave I unsubscribe as soon as I get what I need so if you give me everything for $10 that's a big mistake

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you weren't there so you don't know anything about it retard, most people were not making any money off of posting art online to their website.

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And so you're advocating for no support or appreciation of artists? Yeah that sounds much better

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>Till we close our DMs for good.

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back then people actually bought the media and art that interested them, the idea of monetizing digital content was a joke to a lot of people for a long time.