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Which way ic

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I go opposite of whichever way jews go

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remove the nog and I won't give a shit either way

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i can post off topic too

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who watches TV anymore?

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Fuck off back to /v/eddit with your offtopic crap.

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The woke make black people see themselves as people who want to be white.
and black people allow it, what's worse, are they so ignorant???

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This but unironically

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nobody "allows" anything, people can make whatever media they want and we just have to sit and take it.

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It's AI you retards.

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that media is all of a sudden doing the exact same thing, (that thing being obviously bullshit) all together at the same time, by people with the same ideology, totally organic and not forced. ok

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People with political and corporate power create woke content.

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>By believing in it we'll summon it forth