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Applies to the user who NEVER pay with Paypal before


Its so fucking over. The fault isnt entirely on Fanbox alone. Its Paypal and Payment processors.

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what methods can you use then?

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I told you, yet you didn't want to listen.

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Credit card

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just commission for the censored version and send the uncensored privately

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why is this happening all of a sudden?

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Probably due to ai porn of real people and trying to prevent potential lawsuits from happening.

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No idea too
Some real porn sites still has Paypal option

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>why is this happening all of a sudden?
There's something going on behind the scenes, it isn't only Paypal that is doing it.
>Gumroad, an e-commerce company for creators, updated its rules to more strictly limit NSFW content, citing restrictions from payment processors like Stripe and PayPal.
JFF is already profiting from Gumroad misery,

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Paypal forced those Platforms to ban porn

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>side with evil globohomo payment processor over your users
>omg this like totally sucks...

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Paypal being paypal again.

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It's a catch-22 for the websites, the payment processor can decide to fuck off and not work with them anymore screwing them out of money but if they switch to alternative payment methods like crypto then most of their paying userbase will find it hard to justify going through so many additional hoops just to pay them money.

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I would use crypto if it isnt filled with scamfest

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How hard to use Credit card to pay for something online Compared with Paypal ??

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Fuck off crypto shitter

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it's not even the payment processers being the bitch this time, it's the middleman

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Its the payment processor. Paypal is behind all of this

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how does justforfans pay its creators then?

pixiv lets you pay for porn with credit card
it's not the credit cards it is just Paypal

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I was going to say you're wrong, but now I retract my statement, totally forgot paypal now has some ties with mastercard

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Retard here.
How to pay with Credit card ?

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I still don't get why so many people even used paypal in the first place
it's just a middleman wanting to take a cut, so you don't have to type your credit card in. yet any browser like chrome lets you save cards anyway

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Did you really think that all these attacks on the LGBTQ+ population, women's reproductive rights, etc, are all happening in a vacuum? They are all coming after sex. Hell, even the younger gen seems to be leaning more towards being puritanical. It does seem to be a loop.

The fact that Ai came into the fold and those Taylor Swift ai generated pics came out are probably getting us there even faster.

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Its amazing Patreon still able to hold Paypal at this rate.
But i dont think they last long

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You can pay online without a credit card with Paypal. Thats the massive advantage of it

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I literally can't take money out of patreon without it

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ESG/DEI woke bullshit from blackrock, vanguard and the WEF

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cant tell if serious but vidrel


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the death of coom art is nigh. nature is healing. /ic/ can become great again.

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patreon porn ban soon

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I'm fine with this. Pixiv had to either cut foreign customers out, or force Japanese artists to conform to Western policies. They made the right choice.
That said, this feels like an opportunity for some forward-thinking Japanese bank to build a service specifically for foreign users. Let them have Japanese bank accounts with a maximum deposit cap of 100000 yen. It would be like a rechargeable credit card. That would be perfect for crowdfunding, while limiting fraud.

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it will happen. They can survive without it now

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/ic/ will only become great when everyone returns to traditional art

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Just discovered this
You cant even subscribe to Pixiv Premium if your NSFW setting is enabled


Seems like they got Fucked Really hard by payment processors

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I did I just can't be assed scanning shit most fo the time. Scans also look worse than irl, I often recoil in horror at my scanned work. maybe I'm doing something wrong...

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youre supposed to play with the levels in lighroom, its a pain. also i just do shitty (non flagship) phone images and they look like crap.

did you invest in a nice scanner, the used epson v600s look decent

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Yeah I play with levels but it's never enough. pen is ok, but pencil just blegh. it's a printer/scanner combo. maybe I should get a dedicated one.

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It's still possible to pay normally via credit card. It's unnecessarily fussy from my experience however.

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>Pixiv Fanbox Removed Paypal Payment for NSFW Works

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Liberals and leftists are trying to tighten the screws on the chuds. Just look at what's happening in gaming, movies, credit card companies trying to track gun buyers "privately" while openly working together with California. Look at this shit and tell me this isn't leftists exercising all the corporate power they have to put, mostly, men in their place.

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>corporate power

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Look up Exodus Cry

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I love it when you faggots pretend like anyone other than leftists would ever support insane dogshit like this.

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I think its clear at this point that AI has totally taken the means to creating lewd art for the general public. In that case, there's no hope or need for a human pron artist at this stage. Pron is a lower and less important form of art anyway. Does drawing it make you happier? Is it more life affirming for you to draw strange and erotic imagery? If so, fine. Continue to do it. But to expect payment for it at this point is ridiculous and I'd argue that's actually a good thing for everyone.

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there is no left wing in america, this is a dumb wedge issue blown out of proportion by your corporate shill media to control you dumb peons and make you fight each other while the billionaires continue to horde wealth. it's also being capitalized by the state department under pink imperialism. god you americans are so fucking stupid.

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Their goal is to kill the human sex drive? Is this a joke or is this a front for another pedo sex trafficking ring?

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Lmao you vermin always run straight to the no true scotsman fallacy. By your own standards the Bolsheviks wouldn't be leftists because of the NEP. The only use for you subhumans is to decorate lamp posts

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Where are you getting that from? I'm just getting that they're an org attempting to abolish porn and sex trafficking, and that they tout epithets about equality but have ties to right wing organizations.

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I just want to draw porn and get payed with it man...............................

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Isn't there some random tranny or woman you forgot to ask for permission, anon?

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Prostitution rots the body
Drawing porn rots the soul.

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they were the ones behind the pornhub and onlyfans thing

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How the Onlyfans models get payed nowadays anyway ?

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They're not even successful. They've never accomplished anything but the left uses them a boogieman to throw the scent off of themselves. It's a non-profit, you can find a lot of info about them online with a quick google search. They bring in around $3M in revenue, spend most of it on normal business costs like payroll, their shitty website, insurance, legal advice, etc. They also only have 13 members. Yet idiots like >>7106060 will tell you that a non-profit run by suburban house wives the size of a small business has control over multi-billion dollar banks and credit card networks and is banning porn.


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Have they made official commentary on drawn art of nsfw? I'll look it up after this too, I just didn't see anything about that when looking through the rest of what the organization has been involved in. Their model seems to work around elements of human exploitation, at least from what I've read. And frankly, there was some nefarious shit (and probably still is) with pornhub, and OF is just a more personally driven content model that could easily fall into exploitation issues as well.

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No they weren't, pornhub was Visa and then master card. Onlyfans was the banks they used to pay out creators, Bank of New York Mellon, Metro Bank, and JPMorgan Chase, closing their accounts suddenly, and it didn't happen all at once. They had been getting kicked around for a few years before attempting to remove porn from their site.

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I'm confused are the liberals all pedophiles trying to corrupt our children or are they controlling the banks so people don't get to look at lolis? Which one is it?

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Only pedos use Fanbox, good riddance.

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It's whatever I need it to be, faggot

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They're the gay pedophiles who just happen to extremely overrepresented among pedophiles in general and highly protected, as well as the people controlling banks. The left is the same side that censored games like Senran Kagura and DOA using playstation's chokehold on consoles after it was moved to California under new leadership, but then allowed a sex scene in TLOU part 2 with a blatantly trans coded character. The same side that also decried sexy female video characters while also encouraging kids to strip for adult drag queens. The same fags who call anime pedo content then routinely get caught with real CSAM or even abusing kids.

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This list would still be going if imgur didn't obliterate it

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So just the "rules for thee, but not for me" crowd that manages to fester in pretty much any ideological group?
As I've aged, the more I've noticed that political viewpoints don't seem to matter, and that all of these people seem to have their own personal army's worth of skeletons in their closets.

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it's the only money transfer international service, aka anyone in the world except russia and iran can use it.

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it's either
A) trying to appease the market of countries where porn is legally banned (arabia, china)
B) AI produced fuckton of CP and companies want to fully wash their hands of it, like Apple did with tumblr

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Republicans don't do this shit. We value sex and aren't out to destroy it

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Maybe you don't, but rest assured that there are other people that share those political affiliations that do. Being a shitty person isn't limited by how you feel about politics, religion, art, or any other opinion. Plenty of people rationalize their own bad behavior and either hide it, or subvert things around it to make it look like they're doing it for a good purpose.
I found nothing regarding the Exodus Cry company and nsfw artworks, btw

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For the retards like this >>7106111 >>7106114 who don't believe me about exoduscry's involvement with the visa and mastercard shit
This is an article from their own website
They're also the ones who are most likely behind the requirement to log your state ID to visit porn sites

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good take. cynical, but I agree.

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>called a jeaous crab puritan schizo for saying this shit was coming
>it came
I also came

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US election year.

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>porntards can't keep it in their pants
>brown people and kids spam all platforms with porn
>porn addiction is all time high with minors getting exposed to adult content more than ever
>discord grooming
>minors paying with their parents paypal accounts to access adult content
>porntards receiving money from high risk countries and getting involved into money laundering
>unreasonable and emotional reactions + blaming boogeymen whenever someone dares portray adult content in a less than a positive way
>ai generated porn making it worse and being involved in the same shady shit
>this goes as far as payment processors threatening to cut ties with platforms if they don't do anything about it
>"all of a sudden"
Yeah, let's blame the puritans lefty albino jews from /pol/ who want to destroy freedom of speech because you can't groom kids on disc-- i mean, you can't launder mone-- i mean, you can't make the epic anime fotm porn so you can lure kids to like and subsc-- i mean, fucking puritans, amirite? They should just let me do crime-- i mean, make money by selling porn to mino-- i mean, making le epic porn because if you don't think about porn all day what the fuck are you doing with your life?

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Can't you just use a credit card? Why are people making such a big deal of this?

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Oh all of a sudden you value, prostitution, onlyfans, and etc? Those aren’t traditional values and you shitters trying to filp the script.

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What's up with payment processors?
Their opinion should be irrelevant, they are a payment processor, the ONLY say a payment processor should have in what businesses use their services is whether the business is legal or not, period.

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notice how this only really started once the goyim got access to ai generators that seriously threatened the kike monopoly on the porn supply

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notice how this only really started once transhumanists and singularitarians used their newest gadget to generate non-consensual porn images of real people

notice how the lowest common denominators use minority groups as the boogeyman for all evils in the world while tacitly approving of the degradation of people's rights

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Tayor Swift and Miley Cyrus have hit the wall. Did not expect the latter to admit it first but I guess she saw what Madonna turned into and is trying for a rebrand.

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Most people, including most conservatives, don't care enough about the matter of porn to get it banned or approved. Far more conservative people than even fringe republicans today allowed porn to be introduced and proliferate in the US in the last century. Modern right wingers are down progressive by yesterday's standards and they're less Christian, just like America as a whole. At the very least the kind of right wingers that want to ban porn don't have the corporate and financial power to make it happen, and the ones that do have the kind of money and power necessary to ban porn don't care enough to make it happen. But I can't say the same about the left, whose basic constituent can't even stand the sight of anime girls in sexy bikini armor.

Maybe the right would ban all porn if it were trivially easy for them, but at least in the past century of western society it's never been that easy and I doubt it ever will. Big companies are filled with the left not the right. You can't complain about the border, misgender anyone, complain about what the LGBT are doing, or praise Trump in most companies, but you can talk shit about republicans and gun culture and basically shit on anything conservative.

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>Taylor swift has hit a wall
Anon.. the eras tour had normies spending money to the point where Taylor is a billionaire.. anon this was last year, your retarded or uninformed.

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>before you say it yes I can't spell bruh

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>like Apple did with tumblr
Apple and google never allowed adult content on their app store, with apple being even stricter than google. They even had bikinis and lingerie in gacha games extra censored, like Taimanin Action. Their claim against tumblr was that tumblr was letting some of their adult content leak through onto their app even though it was filtered, but they were also held to a standard facebook and twitter weren't held to so there was obviously some political shit going on that the public wasn't privy too.

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I hate Paypal with a passion for all the shit I have to go through each time I need to use it and all the money they take from me. Why can't normalfags just create a binance account already so Paypal can just fucking die.

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It's a nice worst case scenario vid but
>"..... the goal is so that no one can be anonymous online"
This is already the case. It's just other people not having direct and easy access to information about other people.

Information is already controlled, bots are already rampant, and only an actual retard would believe anyone is an actual person by the amount of straight up copypasted retardation, clout chasing, lack of literacy and reading comprehension much like a chatbot and overall egomaniacal tendencies everyone spams and pursues non-stop.

You ISP knows your internet activity. Your government can access that information whenever they want, even with a minimal excuse.
You gave up your privacy and anonymity the moment you used the internet, every time you use a web browser or a phone.

Anything that goes against an agenda/narrative is already met with instant mockery and name calling to discredit them, last known example being the vaxx.
See how no one is allowed to avoid adult content least they're guilty of being a puritan or something, which is indeed an attempt to keep a narrative alive that only unreasonable people want to avoid overexposure to stimuli.

Unironically, IF webIDs come to pass, it will start filtering out and demoralizing all the shills and mentally ill freaks and the masses of kiddies who shouldn't talk or be in places they don't belong or talking about politics or disrupting and derailing complex topics as if whatever they feel should be made law and whatever makes them feel bad, silenced and censored.

Nuance and critical thinking has been forsaken for clout, dopamine highs, addiction and money, at the sacrifice of other people and by bypassing or breaking the law.
It was really only a matter of time those in higher position of powers started acting, because it is really not hard to tell where the slippery slope leads.

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It seems you all have to unironically blame OF thots for this
>lots of OF accounts upload content of other people or that have other people in it without their consent to exploit and sell
>the only reason OF isn't yet hit by a government ban is because OF doesn't allow the government to look for illegal content
And no, paying for access would also cause more legal trouble than it's worth.

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You can also not use Paypal as payout from Fanbox if you had not used it before the 21st before, but if you have then you are still fine, for now. Fanbox does provide Wise payout now as well, probably in anticipation that Paypal would become an issue.

>> No.7106418

>Apple and google never allowed adult content on their app store, with apple being even stricter than google
and yet I can open up the picarto app and see all the horse cocks I want since 2015, or generate them in any of the ai apps with no problem

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Death to Onlythots

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>glowies mad they can't stare at OF thots for free
top kek

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>anderson, the logs show you've been using the onlyfans login in your off time. keep up the investigation, I'm putting you up for promotion

>> No.7106448

Can someone land me a job at the XXXchequer's office? I am ready to serve the people

>> No.7106449

Yea, exactly. Something tumblr did marked them for death by Apple (and google). But regardless it is against their content guidelines.

>1.1.4 Overtly sexual or pornographic material, defined as “explicit descriptions or displays of sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.” This includes “hookup” apps and other apps that may include pornography or be used to facilitate prostitution, or human trafficking and exploitation.
It used to be a little bit more specific, but they've made it more general a couple years ago, probably to let them ban things quicker without appeals.

>> No.7106455

And we trust wise more than paypal? They're a UK based company so I can't see them being any better about porn in the long term

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Grannyfucker lmao

>> No.7106480

Anyone who thinks this is the left's doing is either an idiot or a foreign actor trying to convince idiots. This stuff is the result of organizations like ALEC, Exodus Cry, and NCOSE who use their connections to executives and politicians to spread dubious if not made-up accusations and get them to act.

I assume it's because crazy, disconnected rich people give them money because it looks like they're doing good things, and then they just do it because that's how they raise money. This hostile system is self-perpetuating.

If you're a rich socialite with money sitting around, you want to make yourself look good, make connections that lead to opportunities, or at least get tax deductions for charitable donations. You're at a party with all sorts of suits like Epstein approaching you with pleasantries, promising you they have connections, can help you get in touch with powerful people, or offer business opportunities. They'll drive the conversation toward how they run a charity that fights human trafficking or lobbies congress to protect children from predators. They'll tell you how they accomplished this and that, weaseling a positive spin out of these backwards results. You wouldn't want to miss out on this opportunity for connections, right? You wouldn't want to look like you don't support us, right? You'll join me for a meeting to discuss more, right? You're already at this meeting, you're here to finalize our deal, right?

Sounds just like how Bill Gates described his interactions with Epstein before distancing from him.

It has nothing to do with being woke or cancel culture or any of those other idiotic, misleading terms the talking heads on tv or in podcasts or on twitter are paid to use for propaganda or just perpetuating thereof. It's just this stupid, self-perpetuating machine.

Socialites need inoculated from this kind of manipulation. Is there an organization doing that?

>> No.7106494

It's about financially distancing yourself from potential criminal transactions that could delegitimize your business and allow the government to rip you out a new one and drag you into court for enabling criminals to make money with illegal content.

Jesus fucking Christ, do you negros not know why the majority of adult monetary transactions are considered high-risk by banks and payment processors?
Goddamn man, you're all either fucking retarded or criminals yourselves.

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why doesn't pixiv or any coom websites that are being fucked over by this take the casino's money laundry scheme and just create their own monetary system with tokens or something like that.

>pixiv sells tokens
>you buy it with paypal or anything else
>use tokens to buy coom
>artists exchange tokens for money from pixiv
>technically all transactions never bought coom just some digital tokens.

>> No.7106507

>looked up how old taylor swift is

Calling people hag is all well and good but wait 4 years zoomer, time will catch you too

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>well, instead of doing crime, just do crime but with extra steps as to have an excuse no lawmakers will buy and actually jail your ass almost instantly for trying to pull this semantic shit
Since you're aware of the online casinos you should also know how they operate their shit until they get caught, right?

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On a cellular level, she's past 50 in male years. Cell senescence hits women much earlier.

>> No.7106522

And here we have a prime example of "weaseling a positive spin out of these backwards results."

These methods are not good ways to fight illegal content, and can actually be harmful since they drive legitimate transactions into shadier places where illegal transactions are easier. If everyone learns how to use bitcoin, for instance, then you don't have Patreon, PayPal, and MasterCard all policing users and it's much harder for the government to track crime. People who know how to pay for crime right now are a minority, but what if you drive a bunch of people into a corner where they have to learn?

Same type of thing with states banning porn. People are going to seek out porn anyway, and now they can't visit the well-policed websites and will end up places not so well-policed. Look at the number of VPN signups, mostly people who never knew how to use one before, and just think how much more difficult it'll be to tackle the already existing crime rate when a larger percentage of them are harder to track.

>> No.7106529

>everything that disagrees with me is "weaseling a positive spin"
You dumb fucking gorilla
If you had at least ONE single IQ point, you'd know all these regulations and bans are to AVOID LIABILITY and fucking up your own shit and not combat illegal content, you dumb fucking retard.

Holy shit it's like talking to chatbots.

>> No.7106543

Fantia/DMM does that and they still have paypal, though they blocked foreign credit cards. Maybe it’s okay since they’re a huge company selling a lot more than just coom. If only some smart Japanese bank would allow foreigners to get prepaid credit cards or accounts or something.

>> No.7106552

>it's like talking to chatbots.
given that most young people are now functionally illiterate and rely on chatgpt to compose "their" thoughts you may well be talking to one

>> No.7106674

Mastercard and Visa invent Credit Card
There are no competitors to those two. Also with Paypal you can pay without a credit card. Just a bank account will do.

>> No.7106677

Pixiv has tokens
They just havent use it properly.
Its stuck inside their mobile App

Also Finally some good fucking news
You can pay Pixiv Premium with Credit Card again


Im 100% sure pixiv is really shocked when Paypal banned them

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You guys don't have credit cards? LMAO!

>> No.7106695

>you'd know all these regulations and bans are to AVOID LIABILITY and fucking up your own shit
Liability from whom? From the jews?

>> No.7106696

Just tried this with new account and this is wrong.
You can still get a payout with Paypal...... For now.

>> No.7106716

I started using it so I wouldn't need to give credit card details to sketchy shops.

>> No.7106729

Cant even commission sfw art now using paypal.
Nope wont get a credit card.

>> No.7106733

Outside the US you need to use pp to transfer your money out of patreon, because for some reason they don't want to give them directly to your bank account like subscribestar does.

>> No.7106735

aren't they a publically traded company? How could the investors accept a massive drop in earning just because paypal is being a bitch?

>> No.7106740

why arent people using buttcoin?

>> No.7106741

Theres a lot of artist on Subscribestar who succedd

Theres even an artist with 7000+ subscribers.
People still uses Credit Card for porn

No one trust them anymore due to scams

>> No.7106742

>Theres even an artist with 7000+ subscribers.
Out of curiosity, who?

>> No.7106743

I assume it's skuddbutt, with 7293 subscribers

>> No.7106744

skuddbutt. 7000+ subscribers
makes 30k dollars / month
He barely makes anything (he makes good stuff though but it took years)

>> No.7106781

Newgrounds banned his ass because he wouldn't stop making cartoon porn of children

>> No.7106783

Whose children ?

>> No.7107047

Oh, I heard of some people having it not go through, but yeah, only a matter of time..
So far I hear things go better with Wise from other people, but again, probably another case of "only a matter of time.."

>> No.7107091

>I heard of some people having it not go through
Who ?

>> No.7107111

Jesus fuck i think he makes more money with SubscribeStar than his Patreon did back then

>> No.7107350

that my plan but i'm stuck gatheting the followers in the first place

>> No.7107590

I seriously wonder if modern humans are beyond retarded to not take alternatives when adversity is present.
What' so damn complex or mystical about crypto that retards stretch their brains and whinge over some predicament that will remain unchanged.
Literal manchildren, grow some fucking balls

>> No.7107604

this is like asking why people use windows when Linux is free and respects your privacy.

>> No.7107607

Yeah you value it so much you will literally jail anyone that cannot raise a child they didn't want to bring into the world, and somehow give a fucking fetus more rights than adult women.

>> No.7107613

the morden world is built on covinience it hard to remove it

I don't know jack shit about crypto but how the fuck do you convert into real money if it get ban or we going cbdc shit ?

>> No.7107616

>I seriously wonder if modern humans are beyond retarded to not take alternatives when adversity is present.

>> No.7107746

Makes you subject to financial regulation which is a huge bag of worms. Casinos are so profitable they can spend the money on teams of million dollar lawyers and regulatory and compliance officers to make sure they're following the law.

>> No.7107800

Cope harder, pedo

>> No.7107806

I said it again. Whose children ???? Where are the parents ???

>> No.7107810

I said it again. You are a pedophile. You are coping

>> No.7107811

>you negros not know why the majority of adult monetary transactions are considered high-risk by banks and payment processors?
because they want their adult stuff to be bought.

>> No.7107830

Do i hurt real kids ?

>> No.7107840

Are you attracted to prepubescent girls?

>> No.7107845

Yes but im aware doing it in real life gonna get me fucked in the ass so ill just stick with 2D

>> No.7107913

At least you’re honest, most of your kind would deny it

>> No.7107996

It's funny how tech companies and the media only started putting pressure on Twitter once Musk took over. Twitter has always been full of porn (some really sick shit, too), but back when Costolo and then Dorsey were running it, it wasn't difficult to find cp or "child model" stuff on there, and Twitter was pretty lax about removing it even if users reported the accounts. Apple and Google had no problem with the Twitter app being on their app stores.

>> No.7108001


>> No.7108021

Thank god

>> No.7108033
File: 3.34 MB, 200x200, michael-jordan-laughing.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7108044

>Appeasing Saudi Arabia and China
Yes let the kleptocratic oil monarchs we should've nuked after 9/11 and a glorified factory tell us what to do

>> No.7109242
File: 51 KB, 400x451, cum doll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This really affects me.
i havent received any new subscribers since this news was coming.

Fuck. Pixiv needs an alternative paying method. Not everyone uses credit cards nowdays.

>> No.7109254

what's your pixiv? I'll sub to you

>> No.7109257


>> No.7109261


>> No.7109267

I don't believe you dude
No results found

>> No.7109268

Token system like DLsite and Fantia is really great to bypass this

>> No.7109331

Does Debit Card is Credit Card ??
I have VISA logo on my debit so i can use fanbox with it right ?

>> No.7109365

Dude got evicted by his landord and been homeless for like 2 years IIRC, which is why he barely makes stuff anymore.

>> No.7109369

How the fuck you make 30k / month and still homeles-

>First world countries


>> No.7109381

No nevermind. 30k is still a Lot even in USA. unless if you live in New York or something. He almost made as much as Yuzu Emu before lawsuit per month.

>> No.7109422

he's not even the biggest porn artists in there too, there are multiple 10k+ subscribers especially among visuak novel creators

>> No.7109432

because musk is easily manipulated, that's the entire reason certain people wanted him to buy twitter in the first place

>> No.7109439

Is pixiv still worth it if you don't draw nsfw & only draw original characters?

>> No.7109453

Kikes in the ADL leading an advertiser boycott to wipe out half of twitter's revenue isn't "easy" by any means.

>> No.7109454

Enough with the conspiracy
I want a solution


>> No.7109470

>payment processors like Stripe and PayPal
>it's not the credit cards it is just Paypal
Stripe is doing it too.

>> No.7110493

Is there even an anonymous(to general audience) way to receive money? I don't care about government knowing.

>> No.7110556

Imagine paying when you can generate your own porn

>> No.7111453
File: 292 KB, 1670x2047, GJkV73saAAAi0R9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dlsite next

>> No.7111462

>There's no leftist in america
>All that "inclusion" crap comes from America

Kek fuck off you and your shithole country plagued by Californian's.

>> No.7111465

No anon, you don't get. If you draw porn you're a creep but if a woman literally sell their body is empowering. You can't censor females.

>> No.7111478

Unironically makes crypto more appealing as a payment method.

>> No.7111480

better tag filtering is always an improvement

>> No.7111483

This is like if Patreon Decides to completely ban porn. This is big news on Japan

>> No.7111521

If DLsite in fucking Japan of all places is going on a purge, Patreon itself is not far behind. Like, holy shit.

>> No.7111527

>nooo you can't use crypto you just can't okay?
there's plenty of clear web sites where I can buy items with crypto yet I can't use it to pay for porn which is constantly targeted by banking institutions? people need to stop being retarded

>> No.7111544

it was the only legitimate pro of crypto
but all of the pump and dump schemes killed its appeal

>> No.7111547

funny I’m 30 and this picture describes me perfectly

>> No.7111555

>shilling crypto in the midst of split #8643685 and massive "buy now" campaigning by faggot bag holders looking to sell
fuck off retards

>> No.7111560

>guys I hate freedom let me just give all these excuses

>> No.7111571


Maybe this is a war on the anime art style and this is the best way the powers that be know how to take it down? Then when everything goes bankrupt, they will swoop in and buy up everything.

>> No.7111573

What's the solution then? Do you think that payment processors and paypal wont get worse and effectively block anything related to porn?

>> No.7111578

do you think crypto won't? who do you think is behind the aside pumps and dumps, random faggots on /biz/? look at what happened with usdc

>> No.7111584

crypto can't block anything retard

>> No.7111586

>t. nocoin imbecile

>> No.7111587

>muh freedom
you have the freedom to kill yourself now

>> No.7111633
File: 24 KB, 599x400, 20240326_122242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mesu gaki -> zaaako
>rape -> without consent
>loli -> chick
>mindcontrol -> trance/suggestion
>chikan -> secret touch
>bestiality -> animal friendly
>slave -> servant
That second to last one made me pic rel

>> No.7111635
File: 16 KB, 589x459, 20240326_122334.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Full list

>> No.7111642

>every time porn was slightly or barely criticized there were always swarms of cumknights coming to its defense calling everyone a puritan
>now nobody is going to save you or take your side because you've been nothing but insufferable
get fucked
simple as

>> No.7111643

lmao what is it with the autist screeching abut porn all over the board the last few days?

>> No.7111713
File: 80 KB, 982x1024, 1711470470689166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ESG/DEI woke bullshit from blackrock, vanguard and the WEF
And guess (((WHO))) is behind all of them?

>> No.7111719
File: 146 KB, 528x490, 1710568572966642.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Isn't there some random tranny or woman you forgot to ask for permission, anon?

>> No.7111734

I have a feeling it’s not going to stop at porn…

>> No.7111740

Am I the only person who just does commissions directly?

>> No.7111747

>well poisoning rabbi still at it

>> No.7111749

kys esg shill, like If I ever be on your level glownigger

>> No.7111754

be careful, Johnny, i can knock on your door whenever i want
Better fucking cover the spycam in your radio, i can see you eating your boogers, you disgusting lardass

>> No.7111756

kys glownigger

>> No.7111761

And a shalom to you, too!

>> No.7111882

>You're a glowie!
>You're a Jew!
>No, YOU'RE the Jew!
>Nuh uh!
>Yeah huh!
>Nuh uh!
>Yeah huh!
>Nuh uh!
>Yeah huh!
>Nuh uh!
>Yeah huh!
You both need to kiss and then kill yourselves immediately after.

>> No.7111938
File: 703 KB, 798x889, 46F4B25F-8E69-47B2-A5EF-5E55D2F0B255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought I'd retire off furry porn:(

>> No.7111945

>The pushback on LGBT shit is tied to this
Shut the fuck up groomer. LGBT shit is getting pushback because of how pushed and worshipped trannies and fags are.
All of THIS shit is from payment processors deciding to be cubnts and overcorrect on liabilities from human trafficking.

>> No.7111946

>Indian-crewed boat enters your harbor

>> No.7111954

At least you can still do SFW commissions, right?

>> No.7111956
File: 87 KB, 1024x691, 35279581-D815-4951-B66E-80685831E67B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7111965


>> No.7111977

>slave -> serf

>> No.7111978

I said Indian-crewed, not Indian-run

>> No.7112026

These replacement words are hilarious and some actually sound more lewd. They’re not banning porn, just changing some banned words to more “acceptable” ones. 動物なかよし and 秘密さわさわ kek

>> No.7112109

I'm so glad I closed down NSFW commissions years ago. It was a huge burden off my shoulders, and I'm able to earn more now than I did back then.
Yeah, it shouldn't be an issue.

>> No.7112179
File: 55 KB, 205x169, 1609435747136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All of these regulations and Onlyfans / Fansly didnt get hit with it.

How did they do it ??

>> No.7112187

onlyfans is owned by an actual rabbi

>> No.7112188

Take of the jew glasses and give me an actual explanation.


>> No.7112191
File: 16 KB, 360x360, joke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jews don't explain, they distract using dualism rhetoric. It works so well they still don't know whether to ban Tik Toc of not. They even got physicists to believe light is a fucking dualism.

>> No.7112194

Explain to me as if Jew dont exist in this world


>> No.7112201

Dont reply to JewboogiemanSchizo

>> No.7112202
File: 775 KB, 800x600, 1563227771670.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Explain to me as if Jew dont exist in this world

I don't know how much more bluntly I can put it anon. I am really not meming. You are literally talking about a payment plan whose foundation is entirely based on debt. Who do you think came up with that concept? Who do you think continues the concept? Who do you think owns the payment plan we're talking about? Who do you think owns all of the payment plans? So...when something is purchased with a temporary representation of value, who is actually covering your debt during the time period when you can't? I won't say for their own benefit of course.

And no, Elon doesn't own paypal anymore. Once again for their own benefit I won't say who does, because even with ownership transfer we still see they continue reinforcing the ban.

>> No.7112209
File: 3.53 MB, 2000x2794, LevityDiffuser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And if that doesn't satisfy you, it's because onlyfans gets a 20% cut of the stupid bints and because it's popular. So that means MasterCard makes a shitload. Remember that one social media site from 5 years ago? No you don't, it's dead, it milked an audience and fucked off. But during that time the jew who owned it pilpul'd some lawyers and a jew owned payment processing plan and worked out a deal that makes it so they're not accountable. Only fans won't exist in 5 years, technically "they won't get away with it" (but they will in terms of profit).
Which is impossible to do when your dealing with "art" and "private collector" sells to "private collector", what ends up happening is "private collector" is 13 year old Timmy with his Moms credit card who ends up pissing Mom off and MasterCard doesn't want to hear millions of Karens on top of Boomers everyday of the week. That and they don't give a shit about starving artists, they have no money afterall so they can be the first to get shorted (Like how it's the first to go when school funding gets cut)
No in order to do that you have to use a different patented money laundering pilpul pathfinding methodology and go to a gallery to sell dogshit for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's reserved for the big fish high rollers who use the medium itself as a form of moving money around tax free.

>> No.7112213

Take your fucking meds jesus christ

>> No.7112238
File: 59 KB, 350x264, moderndoctor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Phizer, Moderna or J&J? Other?

>> No.7112260

No one know this but Boosty got hit with it as well same time as Gumroad / Patreon / Pixiv does

>> No.7112281 [DELETED] 

No one try this but if you able to pay with paypal on sfw artists, can you just pay them first them pay the nsfw artists afterward ?

>> No.7112285

No one try this but if you able to pay with paypal on sfw artists, can you just pay them first then pay the nsfw artists afterward ? since the rule only applies to people who NEVER pay with paypal before....

>> No.7112706

>look at what happened with usdc

>> No.7113109

in4 They where both correct and in that case they need to cuddle immediately.

Double plus ungood and literally 1984

>> No.7113117

Fucking subnigger
Why don't you choke yourself with your Jew pills, stupid deranged trooid

>> No.7113219

onlyfans is owned by an actual rabbi

>> No.7114612

The first AI porn lawsuit will use the defense "It's not her, it just LOOKS like her!"

>> No.7114615

Aanswer this question right fucking now. Is the globohobo conspiracy SPREADING porn or BANNING porn? Answer me faggot.

>> No.7114619

didn't they already pass a law about it because of taylor swift?

>> No.7114622

if you had a monopoly on porn and wanted more people to consume your porn, would you want other people making porn? this isn't rocket science

>> No.7114625

Not that schizo anon, but currently USA (mainly Texas and surrounding area) is trying to ban porn.

>> No.7114638
File: 1.18 MB, 1096x1014, Screenshot 2024-03-28 214340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No, they're not. They're just requiring sites to verify the age of users because big porn sites got caught with actual CP on their site. Meanwhile the left is actually trying to ban anything more titillating than women in burkas across all media.

>> No.7114640

Its not gonna happen immediately of course.
Porn ban will happen gradually. My bet is in 10 years monetization of porn will be completely banned worldwide.
in 30 years Porn will 100% banned.

>> No.7114641

Verify the age with your real face and real id. Might as well just ban them completely now.

>> No.7114653

>animal relationships
>reverse ra
>getting frisky
>secret touchy-feely
This can't be real

>> No.7114671

they are bannin porn created by the common man. They're totally fine with people gooning to pornhub subscription videos of some ugly coked out whore covered in tattoos

>> No.7114688

no kidding. anyone who blathers something about "ESG" has lost touch with reality.

>> No.7114716

Are you underage or something? Anyone who purchases porn on sites like fanbox, dlsite, dmm, gumroad, etc. are giving those sites their personal info, financial info, and billing address. You're in a thread specifically about a paid porn site banning a payment type and the turmoil it's causing. If you think showing your driver's license is stopping people from accessing porn you're a moron and you shouldn't even be in this thread.

>> No.7114730

Nope. All the payments on fanbox, dlsite, dmm, gumroad, are based to their company. Bank have no idea you were purchasing porn..... until this law was applied.

>> No.7114734

What's a good platform for coomer artists

>> No.7114761

For non japs artists ? none

>> No.7114943

Why is it always tranime retards defending puritanical anti-porn practices in america that affect 2D art with the guise of "protecting kids" while posting about japan doing exactly the same shit just with 2D?

>> No.7114968 [DELETED] 

Btw not only are exodus anti porn, they're anti 2d porn as well using think of the children as an excuse
They also have "consultative status with the UN"

>> No.7114969
File: 591 KB, 785x2903, Exodus cry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Btw not only are exodus anti porn, they're anti 2d porn as well using think of the children as an excuse
They also have "consultative status with the UN"

>> No.7114999

Inbred hicks are not people, they were raised by sex offenders.

>> No.7115006
File: 50 KB, 640x492, 1711207025123626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the semite stops replying when it got exposed
Classic nose operation. You fuckers really are the saltiest.

>> No.7115038

And so the golem turns against its creator.
Porn should return behind paywals, not plastered on every social media site for 13+. You fags got way too comfortable making living grooming kids into gooners. Now you're facing the consequences of your actions from all sides. To the porn peddlers, shill whatever petition from the ACLU or kike-backed shitheap you want. It's not going to change the inevitable.

>> No.7115047

But anon... the paywall is thats being attacked here.... I think you need some meds....

>> No.7115051

AI CP. Any other theory is dumb. With AI, there is an insane amount of CP being created in seconds, and they're trying to sell it anywhere

>> No.7115092
File: 477 KB, 1080x1450, Yeahnofuckoff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Isn't the CEO involved in some gay sexual assault scandal?

>> No.7115094

nigger, this is literally about banning paywalled porn, it just means it'll be out there for free instead, just like before patreon

>> No.7115096

Dumb /pol/nigger.

>> No.7115097

Why did that zoomer molest that boomer?

>> No.7115101

How did that work for DeviantArt and Tumblr? The former locked NSFW behind paywalls and the latter straight up banned it off the platform. Should Twitter and OnlyFans go the same route, as Pornhub was eventually pressured into and will continue to get heat, even the knock offs and imitators will soon follow. The more apt way of seeing this is you're being locked behind paywalls only to get shot at because you've become such a liability not worth the costs to monitor for illegal shit and sustain.

>> No.7115102

learn english

>> No.7115104

You reek of desperation. Try harder.

>> No.7115106

I'm serious, learn english, you're incapable of communicating at that level

>> No.7115110

This is coming from you, a fag, who has failed to communicate at the most basic level. Projection at its finest.

>> No.7115121 [DELETED] 

By the way, you're "free shit" isn't immune from consequences. Have you forgotten how much control ISPs have in terms of blocking certain sites? Not to mention should revenge porn and obscenity laws expand to cover everything from the most minor shit all the way to Mastodon instances? Aall of which lack basic encryption and instance owners will see everything about you? That "free shit" becomes an expensive liability much like the AI CP flooding the internet. For instances, all the feds have to do to gain control of an instance is order the owner to comply. The very same instances that will soon be flooded with this type of shit. Congratulations, you fags gave yourselves just the right amount of rope to hang yourselves.

>> No.7115122

By the way, your "free shit" isn't immune from consequences. Have you forgotten how much control ISPs have in terms of blocking certain sites? Not to mention should revenge porn and obscenity laws expand to cover everything from the most minor shit all the way to Mastodon instances? All of which lack basic encryption and instance owners will see everything about you? That "free shit" becomes an expensive liability much like the AI CP flooding the internet. For instances, all the feds have to do to gain control of an instance is order the owner to comply. The very same instances that will soon be flooded with this type of shit. Congratulations, you fags gave yourselves just the right amount of rope to hang yourselves.

>> No.7115132

What the fuck is this pajeet even talking bout?

>> No.7115145

Paypal and CC companies have always been fussy in regards to 18+ material, just that they have even more of a justification to disallow it now.
Not just cheese pizza but non-consensual AI pornography (such as celebrities that can easily afford the lawyers) can land companies in hot water as well.

Anyone who is seething about it should just blame their retarded m*le sex for being incapable of not being a pedophile and making AI porn of everyone and everything.

>> No.7115180

Why is this site full of ESLs now? For one your bank can tell what's being purchased. They get more information about transactions than you do because they have strict regulations to follow to ensure money isn't going to something or someone illegal. And those porn companies have all of your info is no different from pornhub looking at your ID to let you in, in fact it's worse because it's stored. The Texas bill requiring IDs specifies that identifying information should not be stored after age verification. You're a little beaner kid or something complaining about fake issues, when people are more than happy to give away their personal information every time they pay for porn, which is a lot.

>> No.7115217

Conservatives aren't going to bother chasing someone who isn't taking sales away from their big business backers dumbass.

>> No.7115221

>waaahhh I can't sell pornography anywhere I want
lmao get rekt

>> No.7115225

Enjoying your job anon ?

>> No.7115296

it's hilarious how twitter and facebook have such a huge cp and exploiting children problem that they went to congress for it
yet there still isn't a porn ban on twitter

>> No.7115309

The vast majority of facebook's problem is parents posting pictures of their own kids in the nude or bathing. Can't say for twitter, allegedly Elon cleaned it up a lot.

>> No.7115406

The problem here is that kids suddenly have unlimited access to porn online but no one ever taught them how porn (especially the drawn type) isn’t reality and shouldn’t be imitated. They’ve been failed on a mass level by this not being taught in schools. Instead everyone wants to pretend that their kids are innocent and not looking at fucked up shit they don’t know how to handle. Although maybe it’s just zoomers because people my age also looked at porn online growing up but knew the difference between fiction and reality.

>> No.7115414

I thought 4chan wasn't based. Man There are still some leftover anons from 8ch. That post gives me nostalgia.

>> No.7115415

I'm 34 years old, I've had unlimited internet access to porn since early 2000s, and I've heard "le porn isn't le real life" more times than I can count, on what grounds are basing that worldview on?

>> No.7115426

Kids shouldn't be consuming porn even if they're aware that it isn't reality, and overconsumption/addiction to porn is becoming a growing trend among people (mainly men for obvious reasons) because of how easy it is to access. Considering how horny and retarded teenage boys are, and that age being pivotal, it's better that they shouldn't consume it.

You can acknowledge shit is fake but that doesn't mean it can't influence your tastes/desires negatively or death grip yourself to the point that it's affecting real life sex, or even bother to cultivate an actual relationship because you can be a lazy fatass, coom, and go to sleep afterwards.
There's also the downwards spiral of wanting to seek more hardcore (including illegal content) shit when you start getting bored of Barely Legal Stacy getting Cum on Her Face.mp4

>> No.7115428

The 4chan /pol/ grooming meme has bitten hentai artists back.
Idc tho, grooming allegations are always too goofy, just switch the phone off.

>> No.7115431

>hur dur kids have access to porn
Then their parents should do a better job restricting access to it (and social media in general).

>> No.7115434

Niggas want to shill porn on twitter , and cropped porn on youtube but get mad when there is psuhback.

>> No.7115435

ok, but at that point why have age of consent, just have the parents raise the kids well and teach them not to let older people fuck them

>> No.7115439
File: 702 KB, 604x2400, Screenshot_20240329_174425_File Manager +.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There's also the downwards spiral of wanting to seek more hardcore (including illegal content) shit when you start getting bored of Barely Legal Stacy getting Cum on Her Face.mp4
An actaul issue desu. I remember going down the rabbit hole when I waslike idk 13. You end up looking at more extreme content but even that turns into mush once you have seen a lot of it.

Censorship could be a way of stopoing it but I dunno if that will be really effective or will just slow down the decay. Even in china there are people getting paid to make borderline hentai, and porn is illegal there.

>> No.7115442

Not possible when you can just go to your friend Billy's house.
It would be great if social media was 18+ but that would never happen
Because the age of consent applies to people their age range as well.

>> No.7115445

uhhh, no it doesn't, two 12 year olds can fuck completely legally

>> No.7115453

it's absolutely not an issue, it just circles back to not watching porn at all
I went through it, started watching porn ~10, discovered bukkake, then gangbangs, "rape" porn, triple anal piss gangbangs, eventually I just stopped watching porn, it made no difference to my sex drive or ability to enjoy sex

>> No.7115461

If there was no concept of age of consent, it would be legal for two 9 year olds to engage. Which it absolutely isn't, you moron.
I said "age range" as well, which (according to country, but in mine for example) makes it legal for a 13 year old to be with a 12 year old but not legal for a 12 year old to be with an 11.

Did your school not teach you something like this?

>> No.7115481

nigger, what you're proposing is literally unenforceable outside of shitholes like USA and india, look up the age of criminality where you live, you couldn't charge a 9 year old with statutory rape anyway
regardless, it's absolutely the same thing as what you're complaining about - offloading responsibility for the child's actions and upbringing onto society
if your 9 year old gets fucked by another 9 year old, it's not because the laws aren't right, it's because you're a shit parent

>> No.7115498
File: 64 KB, 720x892, 1707930025027478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kids shouldnt be given smartphones or tablets. That should be law.
Place the blame on the parents for being lazy and not keeping watch of their own kids.

>> No.7115511

I don't understand how you've missed the point. AoC exists to set a minimum, it can't just be 'don't tell your kid to not screw somebody older lol' because that's not the purpose of it.
Something that isn't legal doesn't necessarily mean it's criminalized either. Stealing your parent's car, taking it for a joyride, and crashing it into a local Walmart doesn't mean it's legal just because a 7 year old did it.
>because you're a shit parent
You can be the best parents in the world but you literally cannot be responsible for everything that your kid does, or what other people are telling or doing to your kid, especially when you're not around. You can only do your best, and there's an extent to which you could blame the parents if the kid did something wrong.

>> No.7115515

>the point is two 9 year olds can't fuck
>ok, they can but that's not the point because uhhhh it's still illegal in an abstract unenforceable way that affects nothing
yeah, ok

>> No.7115521

>Then their parents should do a better job restricting access to it (and social media in general
>You can be the best parents in the world but you literally cannot be responsible for everything that your kid does, or what other people are telling or doing to your kid, especially when you're not around. You can only do your best, and there's an extent to which you could blame the parents if the kid did something wrong.

>> No.7115526

I'm sorry you struggle this much with the laws of age of consent, or criminality for that matter.
I didn't say that, I'm >>7115442
How did you think I was that poster when I disagreed with him? C'mon dude.

>> No.7115527

>Law says "don't abuse children"
>abuses children anyway
yeah, it's the parents fault

>> No.7115535

>Law says "don't abuse children"
The law doesn't say that, though, it says "such and such is child abuse". If one country says fucking a 16 year old is child abuse and another says it isn't and only fucking someone under 14 is child abuse, clearly they can't both be right, can they? If you fuck a 16 year old and then step to the other side of the border and do it again, is t now magically abuse when it wasn't before?

>> No.7115587

>just have the parents raise the kids well and teach them not to let older people fuck them
>t.some fags

Remember the shitfit they threw when Florida banned the sex stuff in schools?

>> No.7115593
File: 57 KB, 276x256, 1637148846583.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can someone explain the consequences of this?
As far as I see it this just makes it so it's easier to trace your giantess feet fetish comissions back to you because you have to use a credit card.
Or is it basically coomageddon where now they are directly attacking our ability to enjoy sexy things by fucking over the artists? So soon we won't have any good porn, we'll just have shitty state-approved ESG fat black tranny horseshit nobody wants to fap to?

What is it I'm missing here?

>> No.7115641

Almost like kids should be taught sex-ed in schools or something instead of having to find out about it through porn

>> No.7115655

>Can someone explain the consequences of this?
>Artists wont be able to make money through porn, because payment processors attack places like fanbox, gumroad and the like
>Even DLsite had to change its tags
>Payment processors can just ban you from using their platforms because you draw or have purchased from a site that hosts nsfw
>It will be used to outright ban porn and is already used to keep places like gumroad from viewing 2D porn deemed unacceptable
It's all of the above

>> No.7115659

>There's also the downwards spiral of wanting to seek more hardcore (including illegal content)
Not even a thing. ALL of us in our mid-20s-30s watched magic school bus and other cartoons of movies where weird stuff like people getting shrunk happens (less weird than what today's 5 year olds are watching on their tablets thoughbeit) and only the ones with the seed already in their brains got sexual fetishes from it

the powers that be think south korea where you need your SSN to use the internet is a cool place

>> No.7115675

>As far as I see it this just makes it so it's easier to trace your giantess feet fetish comissions back to you because you have to use a credit card.
You know that you have to provide the same information through paypal that you would through a credit card right? Paypal falls under the exact same laws as credit card providers. If you haven't been doing that you've literally been committing financial fraud.

>> No.7115706

Don't know why you're bringing up odd sexual fetishes from cartoons, because that isn't what was being discussed. Also statistically, it's highly likely to be autistic males that get weird fetishes like blueberries and inflation, and why so many are furries.
Furry community has a disproportionate amount of gay/bisexual and autistic guys, though I don't really know why gay/bisexual men are more likely to be into furshit?


I recommend anyone to spend at least 30 minutes just scrolling down and reading the summaries of all 65. The ones about CP are even more fucked up.

>> No.7117739

Interesting. Thanks for the read.

>> No.7117804
File: 44 KB, 441x656, 1852B8FB-D3C2-48C1-A400-8E979642BF30.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember my sex ed class telling anal sex was a bad idea because you tear up your pooper and get infections.

So what the fuck do they know?

>> No.7118160

They're not wrong.

>> No.7118186

>I don't really know why gay/bisexual men are more likely to be into furshit
Because after anthro stuff, it's a small step. In fact, many become bi/gay after watching furry, and not before

>> No.7120151

I agree with you those particular genres attract the worst, but it's not just furry, by overconsumption of porn in general. Especially during their youth.

>> No.7120684
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dlsite bite the dust btw https://info.eisys.co.jp/dlsite/69dd17c1c4b21c06?locale=default

>> No.7120701

>Its Paypal and Payment processors.
I really don't understand how this is legal. How can these companies be allowed to strong arm other companies into doing their bidding? They're actively harming their businesses because 'porn is yucky', and stopping adults from enjoying their legal entertainment.
At the very least, this reeks of monopolistic activity, because if there were proper alternatives, this wouldn't be an issue.

These companies should grow a pair and gang up to sue them for damaging their businesses.

>> No.7120707


>> No.7120773

>globohomo pushes degeneracy
>prevents you from paying for it
what's the full plan here? global blueballs?

>> No.7121768

TPTB love the concept of duality and always play both sides. Society will bounce between the extremes of unlimited degeneracy and corporate censorship of normal sexuality and healthy bodies. The rocking back and forth is also better to destabilize society, like pulling a nail from a piece of wood.

>> No.7122299
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Then there's also this shit.

>> No.7122504

Rumor is Pixiv is creating their own currency. Hopefully this is true

>> No.7123074

It is time to scrape

>> No.7123448

did't fanbox introduce wise a few weeks ago?

>> No.7123503

Its for Creators payout, not supporters pay to creators