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FWAP is cringe.
Vilppu and hampton is too "le just feel the form" abstractional talk and outdated techniques I feel

Is figure drawing for all it's worth better?

Is there a construction for anime book?

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I wanna feel her form

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>claims of outdated techniques
>then proceeds to talk about FWIW which is literal decades older
Meanwhile every single "anime construction book" are just lazy copypastes of FWAP.

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How is Hampton abstract?

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I'm doing Hampton right now and while he's not exactly abstract he does get fucking annoying to follow, just because of how he'll explain something in very broad terms and when you go to copy from the examples provided he throws in random parts and pieces that weren't mentioned anywhere and you just have to figure out on your own what their purpose in a particular construction is

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Hi brent how are you doing today

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what does fwap stand for, beg/gar here
fun with a pencil ?

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iunno fäm he mostly tells you what he's doing

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>FWAP is cringe.

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Spend more time copying figures rather than worrying too much about the best way to learn construction

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just construct

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How to draw comics the marvel way

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>t. moron
it's a terrible book

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>every modern art teacher swears by loomis
>all famous mangaka used his books
>any halfway decent modern artist became good by following his books
But I‘m sure /ic/ knows better for some reason

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name? figure pack mega? i need more bulky men to draw

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model/pack? these 2 are just perfect

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This guy is awesome, what's he from? Got a torrent link maybe?

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I want to suck his cock in front of his wife!

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whose son is this

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Any hope that the pack this is from has him posed with a female model (of comparable physical beauty) like picrel?
I like drawing men and women together, would be amazing if he poses with a partner

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I wasn't speaking about him generally you retard. I'm saying Fun With a Pencil specifically is a bad book. Any teacher who recommends it to an absolute beginner is simply a terrible teacher.

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>has foreskin

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sorry, some people dislike genital mutilation

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>his parents mutilated him at birth for no reason
Sorry to hear that anon

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Yeah foreskins are unaesthetic, but you can just draw his dick fixed

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When you are drawing have an actual inner dialog going on. Make observations and immediately try testing them. When you get observations like "when I draw here a vertical it looks right pretty much every time" then write them down. You have found one key to your own organic construction skills.

Construction is about practical simplification. You can learn it from others by trying to prove their idea, ergo you try out a simplification and see if it actually turns decent and is repeatable. But you can just as well learn it by yourself all on your own by finding repeatable simplifications yourself.

You just have to be really aware of what you are doing and remember the observation you made like a math formula.

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>inner dialog
Found the number 5
I do not have an inner dialog going on, I have an internal video stream going on where I think about what I am drawing in pictures
Since what I am drawing is also a picture, this makes for economical calculation

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The process remains the same. Don't know why you felt the need to point out that you are special despite no one asking and no one caring about your autistic loser self. It contributes nothing.

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Do drawabox for a bit, until you’ve drawn some bugs. DAB is an automatically rigid version of Dynamic Sketching, but it’s much more beginner friendly and doesn’t assume you have any prior experience, which is a boon to begs. It’s enough to kickstart your ability to feel the form and grok construction by the first 3-4 lessons. Then you can probably do dynamic sketching if you want, and/or revisit loomis, Vilppu, fzd, et al. Obviously, none of this matters unless you’ve got enough of a foundation in observational drawing that you can draw what you actually see and not what you think you see. If you can’t see yet, you won’t be able to tell where vanishing points are or how tilted a given form is in space.

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here pack: >https://gofile.io/d/8NYjIn

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Thanks, anon! Dude looks like he came straight out of a Bridgman book. Lighting's great too.

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>the way you were born is non-aesthetical
The oven is that way """"ma'am""""

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>eww to foreskin
Kike detected.

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routines to achieve this natty?

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Cutting the foreskin has health benefits.


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Why did you make her fat?

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I recomend "how to draw comics the Marvel way" the way it is explained is simple (or at least with human bodies)

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>has foreskin

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>Cutting the foreskin has health benefits.

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Natty attainable?

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where to get more female reference like this?

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Post nose, rabbi

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Holy shit kill yourself

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thanks anon
gonna bust tonight

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are you gay or a female? just curious

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Don't worry, bro. One day you'll find the perfect resource to teach you exactly what you want in a way that's prefect for your with no need for any work on your part to translate the ideas into a workflow that is comfortable for you.

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Answer OP.

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she looks fatter in your pic, which I assume is the original

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It's a different pose retard.

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It's the same pic but with photoshopped cartoony hips

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uhm, can I have her set, thanks

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I wonder who's behind this post?

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which tools do you use for a shoop like this?
how long does it take?

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>thanks anon gonna bust tonight

Innocence mode: have fun drawing.

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that is one fat bitch

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Lmao I was just about to comment on how shopped the op pic looked. Coomers are retarded

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Yeah his feet are cool

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are you asian by any chance?

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Her name is Sierra McKenzie.

this is your brain on coom.

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3d woman are disgusting

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Is there a ´´Yin`` equivalent of this?

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>Is there a construction for anime book?
Anime artists rarely use construction when they're drawing on the job, specially in a fast paced field like anime, even manga artists don't use it much, they tend to use flat shapes tho, just not boxes or other 3D forms (Frieren manga artist and Oda comes to mind)
With that said they do teach how to do construction in their how to draw manga books, but pro Jap artists don't use them much, they would rather use CSP 3D models or photos.

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Mutilated american detected.

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Just saying man, big hips aren't fat

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What news from the other parts of Tamriel?

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This method reminds me of Bert Dodson's "Keys to Drawing," which is a really great way of learning how to draw, methinks.

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Anyone got any high quality studio photos of twinky guys, strongfat guys and girls, and just muscular girls?

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>Is there a construction for anime book?
nips trace 3d models and in a few years they'll use ai

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Le is a stand-in for the. At least shitpost correctly.

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>shopped a pig to look like CSRB girls

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What anime and no pussy does to a nigga

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>look up model
>Her hips look nothing like Ops pic
How could you do this to me? anyone know of any models that have a body like ops?

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proko Marcia is pretty nice

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which figure course has the best models?
I liked proko more than the brett evisten one. any others?

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You are retarded if you think Hampton is abstract, which explains why you wanna draw anime tbqh

Yeah, definitely retarded. Doesn't even know how to follow a book. Just find another hobby and spare yourself the pain.

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amazing thanks

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>This site can’t be reached
>Check if there is a typo in store8.gofile.io.

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maybe a Female Ebony model? like Tish?

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tish? does she have an instagram or something? can't find her

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> Cutting the foreskin has health benefits

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stop responding to bait

grafit studio has a lot of neat models in cool poses with guns and swords and shit, worth checking out

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all of those courses have shit model selection
the satine zillah guy doesnt have courses but has the best models

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based bait

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Not really a model, and difficult to find her material for free. But "low-keydeadinside" onlyfans girl. + insta and tiktok

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>ethnically cleanses eastern europe from slavs

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>Cutting the foreskin has health benefits.

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holy bajessus how do i get a gf this wide

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locked in your room like a masturbating jerkoff, you won't make it

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all you dumb fucks have to do is complete drawabox, yet here you are still complaining about the same shit years later.

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I am a straight man but his phallus gets me salivating with desire

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The main benefit is: it's fucking funny
A second benefit is that the people who are going to seethe about it kinda deserve to seethe and are always going to end up seething all their lives anyway, so we might as well give them something to seethe about the day after they're born that will beneficially mark them clearly and definitively as not normal and not valid in the face of 99.9% of all people not seething or giving one solitary molecule of a shit about foreskin getting chopped off

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wtf is fwap?

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Fun with a pencil by andrew loomis

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thank you so much anon

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The Art and Science of Drawing by Brent Eviston.