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Anybody know how I can mount a keyboard on top of my cintiq?

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subee glu

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sooby blue

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sbubby glup

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Germy schloob

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get a small macro keyboard with knobs, its one of the best buys i ever made #notanad then just glue it to your painting apron sleeve for swag.

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Gleeble greep, morboly korogoly.

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Make a custom bracket using smallrig cheese plates and other hardware.
Or just put the keyboard under your tablet.

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My friend did something like this with a gronkus, basically peel the zorble from the gronkus and attach it so that the meebo faces outwards

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im having a fucking stroke reading this thread

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You could use duk ape too

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i used to do this but they stopped selling the keyboard i use. This was the best alternative i could find, u can use the back ridge to set it on top

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not OP but thanks faggot

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Think this is what you’re looking for. Uses velcro to hold your keyboard so it isn’t hard to install. You might need a small keyboard tho.