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Critique pls this is one of my favorite stills for a video of mine.
>Spent 1,000 hours painting Dragons
>50 hours on drawing for video about Dragons
I fucking love dragons. I will post the face of satisfaction if you request.

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Based and 100% dragon

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Hardly any dragons in the still. Just some boring teeth and eyes with some low effort wings attached.

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Looks cool but if you want us to critique your work you need to send something that isnt just silhouettes

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It is for a story, I just like this still image because it has all the simplified versions of the demons, monsters, and dragons from Tiamat. Okay, here is a high-effort dragon.

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Looks good, although those clouds look low-effort compared to the rest of the picture

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This dragon, how to make it better?

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T.B.H it is all low effort.

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make the silhouetted face not featureless imo
But it’s more of a ‘star-eating’ demon than standard dragon I suppose

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This is really good, i guess the only thing i could critique its that if the canvas was larger and you included something for comparison (a small planet for example) you could sell the dragon's size 10000% better

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Good idea. I'm bad at drawing background. Adding a planet or two would have made the scale obvious to the audience.

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How about this? One of the most unique dragons I drew, from Russian mythology.

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I'm a bit confused by the figure in the middle. Is she supposed to be pregnant and we're seeing that, or does she literally have a giant-ass hole where her lower navel should be?

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Looks good

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I love this. All of the ones you've posted so far have their own style, but this one reminds me of traditional folk art.

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I am depicting Tiamat she gave birth to all the monsters. In every frame, I played with her womb.
Thanks and I'm tyring, wabi sabi.

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What is your favorite dragon movie op

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That is a hard question. I saw a lot of representations of dragons in movies. Not in their physical form. Evil queen with feminine chaos for example. Game of Thrones is too obvious. I like those with subtle hints, like the female villain in the suicide squad movie or Thor's sister from Marvel. Those are the Western versions. Jiang Ziya, a Chinese animation has an interesting female character too. Picture related, Maleficent one of the evil queens also happens to be a dragon.

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I love Maleficent, but then then they did that retarded live action retcon prequel. Personally I like when they try and make dragons "realistic" like with Reign of Fire.
Nice pic too
Oh it's you. We seem to share some political views, but you also seem manic/schizo.

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I'm definitely manic schizo for the NPCs. They can't see my user interface. When I'm using the command console they lose their mind.

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Well, I think you went off on a tangent with me but I'll blame the anonymity of this website. If I was still a faggot and had socials, I'd add you.
Keep up your work

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Social media is fun. However, I prefer analog over digital. We are likely never going to meet in real life. Thanks to 4chan we have this slither of an encounter. All we can do is cast our egos and let our shadows interact with one another. Fun.

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Glad you're enjoying it. I assume you're the anon that proposed the draw to learn thread? I'll introduce you to one of my favorite resources for learning material on greek mythology. It should have several dragons and dragon-like creatures that you can learn about and fuel your creative spark.

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Yes. Draw to learn. Greek mythology is fun too, I love how the Enuma Elish and the Greek Genesis can be cross-referenced. Anshar & Kishar, Uranus & Gaia, etc.

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That's one of the neatest parts, drawing all of those correlations between different deities across different religions and cultures. The way that they've been depicted, all the details, various methods of how they were venerated, it's all really fascinating.

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Very enjoyable indeed.

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do white ppl really?

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nice tits

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you too.

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