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I don't understand how i'm supposed to put the features in the loomis head.

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That's what the first half of the book teaches you how to do tho. Have you actually read it?

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what you want mister loomis to have written down how to put the features on which part of the guidelines?

What retarded question is this?

Go use AI prompts already

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Me again, here's a link to the book for anyone lurking
https://e-hentai org/g/1588757/0ad41621ff/

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who the artist?

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Yoh Yoshinari

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use tomfoxdraws

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too stiff

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your moms cock is stiff

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his construction methods make no sense. Its a ton of tiny little fiddly bits of random shapes instead of working large to small. Its like he learned to draw and then tried to invent a construction method afterwards

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taco and bridgman are better

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which of taco's should I start as a beg.
the secret to drawin/lezhin one ?

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What about Hampton, Xiao Weichun and tenten?

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personally i like a good al pastor

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>Its like he learned to draw and then tried to invent a construction method afterwards
that's every "how to draw" book. Because the book is written by people who can already draw.

The true way to learn how to draw is to copy photos and simply things in appealing ways. That's IT. Anything else is malarky.

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I have a conspiracy theory that writers of how to draw books intentionally cripple them so that they make their own skill appear more valuable. I had professors who would write bad textbooks and then go on to sell private consultations on which they would actually teach useful things. That being said imho loomis isn't the worst offender in terms of how to draw book writers, he more or less goes over everything important and doesn't insist on random made up rules that how to draw books and art tutorials are notorious for. Also, in my personal experience even though loomis' books have been a great resource for self-improvement, it can't even compare to proper art training and mentorship.

Anyway in order to be able to stylize heads you need to have a very good understanding of the human head and where each element of the face can roughly be without it looking unnatural. By drawing a lot of different heads you start to pick up what makes people look different from each other and what traits are important to achieve someone's likeness. From there onwards you may exaggerate or downplay certain features tactically which amounts to stylization. In summary you probably need to draw more portrait studies or maybe you just need to play around with your style more.

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Does Vilppu drawing manual fall into the category of crap you explained? Or is it decent like loomis?

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I thought the point of art instruction books was to copy their drawings and ignore 90% of what they say

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you're actually gmi

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that only applies to bargue retards

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>be you
>aspiring musician
>learn piano and violin
>hire private tutors
>memorize hundreds of pages of sheet music
>perform in dozens of recitals
>music theory exercises galore
>die frustrated and disillusioned, never being able to compose your own music

>be me
>aspiring musician
>self taught
>copy music by ear
>transcribe my favorite video game osts
>create my own system of music theory by studying my favorite music
>pirate fl studio and write my own music for fun
>millions of downloads on bandcamp, fulfilling music career

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nta but I think his drawing manual is great. Minimal text but tons of drawing that clearly show the concepts he's teaching you.

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lmao the first part there literally applies those who just copy books

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Kek. Then why isn't /mu/ filled with self-made millionnaires? Checkmate!

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if you only ever slavishly follow a teacher's instruction (reading) then you can only be an inferior version of them

If you set out on your own an analyze the masters and nature for yourself, you can transcend history

/mu/ sticky is trash

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The loomis method is just a way of teaching you proportions and how to map them out. You should understand how to apply this to other things.

This goes for all construction methods by the way.

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I just looked at the figures, senpai.