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Have you ever apologized for drawing something you like? do you value more yourt artistic freedom over what people might say??

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if you draw fan art draw it on model

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>fan art
It's official art, produced to promote an an anime figure it's based on

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if you draw official art, definitely, 100%, absolutely, draw it on model

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whats the deal with on model autists?
isn't it way better if various artists draw variations of something instead of
autistic people really shouldn't be allowed on the internet

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You're right, everyone should draw characters as if they were cosplays worn by lovecraftian abominations

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>instantly goes into the extreme opposite
faggots complain even if you didn't get a pixel on model

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Well just ignore them, satan

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Good on him for apologizing, and good on the critics for complaining. Those thighs are way too fat.

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>instantly goes into the extreme opposite
this is more than a pixel

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sauce so i can coom

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if somebody is autistic enough to complain about "on-model", they should at least have a comprehensive spreadsheet of attributes that define what "on-model" even means.

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good thing you can find that exact thing in 2 seconds for most characters

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on-model is what the current official artist wants on-model to be; not "whatever this particular artist drew at this particular time".

it's a crutch term for retards that don't know how to use their own words, so they appeal to some "higher authority" instead.
it's reasonable to say you hate a design because it has coomer proportions, but immediately referring to "off-model" is basically admitting you are too dumb to figure out why the design is objectively bad.

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Artistic freedom takes priority over anything, unless you are doing work for a studio or client (which seems the case here), on model can go fuck itself.

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But why does the current official artist have to trump the original artist's design? What kind of dumbass rule is that?

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>But why does the current official artist have to trump the original artist's design? What kind of dumbass rule is that?
nobody is implying that. it's just retarded to use the term "on-model" to refer to a specific design when an artist is more than capable of changing their designs at whim. just use your words.
it's a bizarre meme term that people still use despite making no sense at all.

the design in the op was made by the official artist btw.

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It's over.
Trannies and Chuds have coincided on hating this picture.
Steatopygia is no longer desired.
Nigger "kultur" is over.

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That's what you implied tho when you said
>on-model is what the current official artist wants on-model to be

On-model/off-model is not a meme tho especially when model sheets exist, hence the term.

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i'll concede that it can be used correctly if the artist's goal is to copy an artstyle from a reference sheet.
however, it's completely pointless to use when criticizing purposely unique artstyles.

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Imagine the aroma

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Again tho if there's already an existing official design why change it, especially when you're trying to sell merch of a character people like BECAUSE of that design? I don't think your argument makes sense in this context.

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that has nothing to do with using the term improperly.
if an artist makes a design people hate, you can just say that the design is wrong because of 'x reasons'.
you shouldn't just immediately handwave away any effort to construct genuine criticisms and refer to some arbitrary standard. there's no point in trying to communicate if you're just going to talk in memes.

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>went from tastefully thick thighs to landwhale thighs
How did nigger culture manage to infect Japan?

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LOL shoutout to the bird holding on for dear life, put up a great fight

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>we want the American audience

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Thanks Ryza

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Well, what does the figurine look like? Does the figurine match the drawing in the OP, or does it look like boring garbage like >>7057777? If the drawing matches the figure, then it’s good and people complaining are retarded. If it doesn’t, then maybe complaining about false advertising makes sense.

Idk anything about figures, if there are doujin/fanart/bootleg figurines in the same way there’s doujin manga. If it’s just some guy’s fanart, then complaining about it being different is kinda weird. If it’s a figurine put out by the official franchise owners, and people don’t like the design, they should just bug them instead of the dude in the OP.

So criticizing this artist makes no sense unless he’s the original dude behind the character from the start. But even then, they’re effectively bitching about how the guy draws his own OC, so… maybe if he’s like a new art director that came into an existing franchise and started radically changing things, then I guess complaining about it could be reasonable.

Anyway, I have no blog or followers, so I don’t really know how I’d react to someone being offended by something I drew. Maybe “sorry you don’t like it, guess it’s just not for you,” if I say anything at all.

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Always been like this you retarded weeb

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>30+ posts
>not a ''''''''''''''''''FIX''''''''''''' POST

Yeah /ic/ is fucking dead

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Can't fix what isn't broken.

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That's the character designer.
It's not fanart, it's official art.
Yes, the same person who did the model sheets drew that.
Model sheets go through multiple revisions in a span of months (yes, months because there are multiple drawings) and needs approval by producers before it's finalized.
When you don't follow the model sheet you made yourself it's going to hurt your career as the designer.

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This anon is right make every healthy character blob mode fat as fuck, no more loli characters age them up and give them cowtits, asian/white characters? make em black, also tumblr red nose FREE FANART ! !

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then it was approved by someone and there’s no point in him apologizing

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>pander to mentally ill coomers and anime trannies
>get mentally ill coomer trannie behavior
you reap what you sow

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>it's the same image
>same character
>same proportions
>slight different pose
>just the clothing and the hairstyle change
>and the tight piece on her leg accentuating her thing
You're all autistic and you do not draw

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The emphasis on features is also part of the design

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normal people don’t buy anime dolls, it’s like purposefully targeting footfags and then not drawing the feet, or telling a mongoloid he can’t have gummy bears for lunch again
yeah, the reaction is retarded, but you’re the one who chose to interact with retards

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I don't understand. Faggots are being upset because her hips are too wide? Because there's a compression where her quads and abductor muscles are? That's what girls look like, where's the crime?

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her thighs were the only redeemable part of that train wreck of a show so it's only right to emphasize them.

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Can someone please point out what the problem is? Is it her thighs? I'm totally out of the loop

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yeah, people dont like that they look too plump
personally I like how squishy it looks but then again I'm not the target audience for this kind of thing.

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jesus....why did he chose a black looking design as an example instead of a normal human character...its hurts my eyes

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I find myself constantly explaining these strips.

Not for sexuality, but because of that they were originally storyboards that found their way online when I couldn't produce the kind of content that I intended. Made when the target market were people sitting in front of their desktops with flat-screen monitors, not now with smartphones. That,and using Comic Sans for the lettering, not having the ground in horror from seeing it too often at school. The story intrigued me, and I kept to format through its 180+ strips,never receiving feedback from the 3800 unique visitors per month. And every time I try discovering how "good" this was here,I never get a satisfactory answer.

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You’ve got the autism applied to the wrong side of this. If anyone is the autist it’s the porn brained guy who just needs to nut and accepts any girls head sutured onto a bimbo body. I don’t think the expectation is too high that someone draw a character as they actually appear in the series. Take Rem for example. She has normal sized boobs, small frame, petite and gentle curves. But so many fanart bimbofy her and it’s like, is it even the character anymore at that point? They basically become like a photo of some thot wearing one of the creepy anime girl masks at that point. If you don’t like the character’s defining proportions why do you need erotica of her?

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When the og character gets “thicker” as in large boobs, thighs, wearing clothes like op pic it’s a change, but character gets smaller boobs or some shit it’s “censorship”. Cumbrains are just retarded, nothing new

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taking a sentence mentioning “black men” and changing it to “niggers” is a change, but it’s not censorship, whereas the opposite is censorship
what do you not understand about the concept?

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The problem here is he is designing/drawing a product for an audience. It wouldn't be an issue if this was for a patreon or something but he is selling this to customers, its a business issue more than an art issue.

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Offmodelfags and thiggers will seethe and cope, but this is the truth, offmodelfags are nothing but cowards and grifters
Only cowardly twitterfags age up characters

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infinitely better than pedoshit

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Does it mislead the buyer?? If so he 100% should draw on model

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I miss 00s-early 10s sticks

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>cute chibi
just say loli, you cowardly faggot

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the correct term in furry is "cub"

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the pure seethe coming off this image is delicious.

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stop watching anime and go outside

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>do you value more your artistic freedom over what people might say??
I don't give a fuck about other people let alone what they might say, fuck them and fuck you OP.

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japs and pedoshits like their women looking emaciated i guess. literally no plap