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>started drawing at 26

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I started drawing at 28, a week ago. It's not going well :(./

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Started drawing at 28 five months ago. It's going ok, could be better could be worse.

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everyone started drawing at like 3 years old. Idk why this "I started late" myth persists.

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24 right now. i wasted a lot of time on these type of worried op but after working with real people and going outside regularly i understand:
1. not even 30 is “old”.
2. that said, i want to know how to draw now, so i can get my ideas out.
i figure if i even practice for a little bit each day (going through morpho) by the end of the year i should at least be able to draw people in most positions i want — that is in worst case scenario, cause i want to color them in too. anyway op get started and stop making excuses. don’t pay attention to /ic/ unless it’s for resources or to try and get crit because crabs are very real. even then assume ALL advice you see here is written by some eternally bitter sperg who’s been drawing the same thing for decades unless you see their work. treat yourself with kindness

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The seem to be having fun, therefore gmi.

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/ic/ artists that started learning art late but made it?

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Craig Mullins started pursuing art at 26 iirc
Think he was even advised to drop out upon starting to study art at Art Center because he was so bad
So no
>muh talent

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> Elderly people having fun
What's wrong with that?

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I started at 27. I'm 32 now and I'm very happy with the art I've been making. Yeah obviously starting earlier is better, but anyone who thinks there's no point in starting later in life is an idiot.
Not gonna pmw because I don't want to bait myself out for being an old fuck.

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made it where exactly? 10k followers?

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i’ll move on to color seriously in…april - may (maybe mid-late march if i start to feel “okay” with the human figure)

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started studying practicing this year, at 24, by the way. in december i’ll be 25.

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Started at 26 now 28 burned out for like a half a year and picked it back up in november.

It's still terrible tbqh

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I started at 26, and now I’ve been drawing for over 10 years.

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I think its nice I hope you continue
Traditional and studying from old anime? That's good learning right there.

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>started drawing when I was 10
>still shit

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ic is full of bitter people who dislike fun
same goes for the fake niceness of Xitters

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99% of /ic/ can't even break 1000 followers.

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that looks better than anything I could ever hope to make especially for only having drawn a year and a half, am 31 and started only a few months ago, not counting drawing on and off during my childhood and into my teens/early 20s

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being able to make money off your art/build a career around it/actually be satisfied with your work, meaning having gotten to were you wanted to get on a skill level to begin with

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Started drawing with 28 too. I'm a neet and have enough time tho.

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started drawing at 29

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>nobody else started past 30

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i did, but what are we going to do about it?
we're racing the clock, not the youngsters

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you can start whenever you want in the current-year
there's so many art resources, courses ect. for any level tier age ect. hand-made tailored specifically for any situation that anyone could ever be in including you and they have been curated and guaranteed to make work

So unless you're either
>a lobotomized autist potato
>lost both your arms and your eyes in a car accident
you should be able to reach a professional level within a year if you draw 1 hour a day at any stage in life

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etc.* as in et cetera

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Sorry, thanks for correcting me.
I mean PYW

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I started living at 26. Everything before that was a shitty nightmare. Now that I'm actually independent and alive, I have nothing but free time and tons of trauma.

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>I started at 30 lmao

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There's no point. You are unironically too old to master new skills. You can still learn but you'll never be as good as someone who started when they were kids. Neuroplasticity dramatically starts plumetting past age 24 or so, making it incredibly hard to learn anything in the realms of art, math, science and languages. Again, you can be decent but never good. If you didn't make it before then there's no making it. Nobody starts a sport at 40 and gets to the Olympics. Nobody who's past 8 can speak a foreign language without a heavy accent.

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>Started drawing at like 3
>stopped drawing at 23
>trying to start again for the last 5 years
>everything feels fucking worthless
I used to think my dumb drawings of OC jrpg characters were meaningful. Now idgaf about that subject matter but have nothing to replace it with.

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What age did you start drawing? Post some of your drawings.

The way I see it is like this: kid draws better than me at age 16. Great I only need 16 years to surpass him. That’s not even considering that the first 10 years of his life he probably couldnt even decide if he was right or left handed. It can be done. Nothing is impossible. Also, at 20 years old I wouldn’t want to be a master artist. It would be difficult to feed yourself with your drawings at that age. But at 40 you’ve already had a career (that wasn’t art) and now you have time AND money. You don’t have to feed yourself with drawings of anime tits. But maybe you need that hunger to succeed. Who knows. Ask me in 5 years when I am 40 and I have lived 2 of your lifetimes over.

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good thought process. i'm not even trying to surpass the 16 y/o who draws great, i just want to my shit out before i age out of liking it. i want a chance to see it in front of me, and now that i realize ai will never communicate it properly i have no choice but to practice in earnest. and it's fun to learn, so i'm doing fine

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sports is completely different from the other skills you mentioned
>Nobody who's past 8 can speak a foreign language without a heavy accent.

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> Again, you can be decent but never good. If you didn't make it before then there's no making it.
You say that as if there much of a chance of making it even if you are incredible during your teens.
Countless "prodigies" fail miserably later in life.
What you try to portray as a huge disadvantage/advantage doesn't matter all that much in the long run. Especially given the huge amount of people who start drawing at young age and remain trash their whole life.
You sound like someone who is obsessed with the top 0.01% and because you never reached those heights you begin to cope and make excuses.
Your headspace is not uncommon though, the internet has given us a risen sense the average skill as well as the impression that the best of the best are more common than they are and one tends to compare himself with the very best all the time.
You mention, for example science, your bar for "making it" would probably be something like making meaningful contributions or winning a Nobel prize or fields medal.

So here is a bit of reality: you wouldn't make that anyway, even if you are among the best of the best.
When it comes to making a living, your whole tower of cope falls apart, because there is little truth to it.

Comparing it to sports doesn't make sense, but you seem to lack a lot of understanding on that end too. Depending on the discipline even hobbyists get in there, there is more than 100m.

Most artists are trash, even among those who "make it", but that is OK. Healthier for you to accept that before you kill yourself, don't blame your age, you wouldn't have made it anyway.

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I started trying to actually learn last year, progress has been fun, wish I had more time.
pic is from age 27-28

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nice stuff, good taste

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>I started trying
so you've been drawing for a while and just want to pretend to be cool like us

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I don't really use 4chan at all anymore and just dropped in to ask a question in another thread but this board is fucked now. Most of it is just zoomer neuroticism and demoralisation. You retards really are just setting yourselves up for an even harder transition into your 30's than basedlennials had. Oh well.

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Who tf doesn't know which hand is dominant before age 10? Was it you? Are you retarded?

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>he didn't draw while in the womb

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>professional level within a year if you draw 1 hour a day
This is a blatant lie, stop giving false hope

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>started drawing at 27

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>nobody gets into the olympica at 40

No fucking shit, your physical body is weaker as you get older. That is not comparable to art.

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>the brain isn't a physical part of the body

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Art is definitely different than stuff like sports or other stuff that takes better motor skills. People still living today obviously don't have bios out there for us to look at, so there's no way to tell if some gigachad like Craig Mullins or Greg Rutkowski didn't start late. I think I do recall Brad Rigney got in the game pretty late relative to his colleagues on the same level.

We do know Van Gogh started painting at 27 though. I mean you can say he was never good if you want, but there's a reason among the most beloved artists in history

How so? Maybe Google and Wiki are wrong about the estimation of when he started, but I unironically would love to see you source that says otherwise

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If I could go back to high school I would definitely pursue art more seriously but your 20s and 30s are there for self actualization so it's nowhere near late to "start".

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>why draw skeletons when you can draw butts
what if i told you there was a skeleton inside every butt

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This, if you weren't doing fully rendered pieces in 5 point perspective by age 5 you will never make it

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Literally read what wikipedia says. He grew up in an art family and had a pro artist mentor when he was a kid.

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You'll never be the best but you can still be good. Are you saying there is no point unless you are the best in the world. That's insecure and pathetic

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true and good point. maybe someone who starts in their late 20s/30s MIGHT not reach craig mullins/ruan jia level (wouldnt say its absolutely impossible), but i think its still definitely possible to reach a professional level. also, the thing with art is that even some that aren't the most technically skilled can still be hugely appreciated because they bring something unique

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ok, I'll give you that cus I also don't buy it. but check this out
>started drawing at 27

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cheers! good example. csr is skill is insane insane. because of the sort of stuff he does, i always forget to include him with the s tier artists like mullins or rutkowsk or others. i think i do remember reading that he started late but it slipped my mind until you mention it

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>csr is skill is insane
lmao in what way

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NTA but It feels good on my eyeballs. What meow do you nyeed?

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this is definitely bait, but i'll go ahead and bite just for fun. how is csr not highly skilled? even the piece posted by >>7059947 is top tier quality from the rendering to color to composition. maybe im not being a hyper negative crab trying to nitpick to the ultimate level, but nothing in it looks underendered, values are incredible, rendering quality is clean and aesthetic.

youd have to be a bitter, jealous, braindead retard to say csr isn't skilled. i think even the best living artist you can think of would acknowledge that as fact

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i won't comment on technical ability but all of his pieces just blend together and make my eyes glaze over, there's never anything interesting about his subject matter, composition or art style
it just lacks that je ne sais quoi or soul that i feel when i look at other peoples' art (natthelich for example)

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thats a fair point that i wont try to refute. its okay to not like his work because of the type of stuff he creates or because you dont care for his style (such as the whole exaggerated proportions or anime faces). thats perfectly understandable. i was purely referring to his technical ability

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I'm 38 and I've attempted to learn on and off for decades, but never got past prebeg. I've been putting the most genuine effort I've ever done into learning drawing over the last four months.

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I can't find the central axis using the loomis method

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begone demoralizer

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Is 19 too old?
I want to make something out of myself but i understand if that's just not possible.

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one of steven zapata's students
dude started drawing 3 years ago, looks to be 30 give or take.
with the right instruction, you can do it.

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Sick. Now i just need to get off my ass and get busy

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If you live in a western country, 100k followers is the bare minimum of making it.
Job in the industry is completely fucked so getting a job there is no longer making it.

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Same but I stopped drawing at 26 because it doesn't pay the bills.

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>steven zapata
literally creatively bankrupt dog shit. I don't buy it for a min he ever worked for games lol. If was a sucessful concept artists illustrator he wouldn't be a youtube tutorial guy

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please for the love of God, don't do be this
>I still have time XY didn't start it until he 30 years old
>Tolkien didn't write until XY
>Van gogh didn't paint until XY
This is the exact type of guy who is destined to fail. The problem is never your age but attitude as everyone who still operates under "i still have time" is destined to fail. Its blanked for under achievers, who think one day they'll become the guy they want to be, but forget that they are already living life.

If you want to draw, just start it. If you are reading this and you are in your late 20's or 30's here is the best advice I can give:
I'm not gonna bullshit you, your primetime is over, and yes teenagers and early 20's have it easier to memorize things, as its only a downhill from 30's. There are a lot zooms now, who pick up artsy fartsy careers, because they fucking hate working. (This is also why there is a huge tradesmen shortage). I also noticed my learning skill is still there, but definitely not as effective as it was many years ago. If it was 100% now its around 85%-ish.
You'll probably encounter a medical condition around this time too, for blue collars like me, lower back pain is like a default status. There is never going to be a perfect opportunity, like you'll only draw when you are happy and its a sunny perfect day, or you slept the perfect amount of hours. No, you'll need to draw when you are depressed at 2AM too. If you cannot function in misery, its over for you, not in drawing but in life itself.
If you actually want to improve you need to become OBSESSED. The I want to draw needs to be I need to draw.

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Yeah totally you'll be entering the retirement home in a few months it's over lil bro

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I started at 24. Now 31, it's slow process but I just use my patience to my advantage. I've visited academies for short bursts of time and just work my ass off to get the most of it, it's hard work, it feels hopeless sometimes but my passion for painting has become too important for me.

Every time I start something, I want to learn, I want to gain. Every time I get a little better I feel like my goalposts shift accordingly, and slowly the skills of the old masters and the masters of antiquity seems less and less impossible, which fuels my desire to learn.

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I am God. I can do whatever I want

>> No.7062245

>If you live in a western country, 100k followers is the bare minimum of making it.
Making it in what? Being an online entertainer for teens?

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Good. If you thought your first week drawing WAS going well, that would mean you're blind.

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Old bros. How do you keep the motivation to draw once you get home. I hate that I'm a stereotype of a thirty-something where my hatred wageslaving stokes all these ideas and desire to practice and build my skills, but the second I get home all I want to do is fucking pass out. I find that doing some housework or chores like meal prep is an ok way to keep myself active and get through that immediate crash.

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I'm NEET and live with my boomers

perhaps you are contributing too much and that's why you're tired

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Unironically pretty great.

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Definitely putting too much of my mental energy into work, but I am lucky enough to live with my parents while I save up money and I never had kids. They're not well off so I'm going to help out with money and housework where I can. I don't hear a lot of stories of neets coming out having developed a skill and being able to do anything with it they can live off of. I'd like to hear them if they exist outside the ones that got lucky with crypto. Maybe some are able to go so hard into their studies that they're essentially not neets because their self-study fulfills the the education and training part. I wish I could just sit my brain off for eight hours at work and be useless, but I know I'm putting the pressure on some other poor fucker and I can't do that. It's just not my personality.

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My job have lots of downtime so it gives me time to think about what to draw once I get home. Then I take a 1 hr nap, then eat and then I can draw for at least 1am.

>> No.7066649

I found out I'm just burnt out from my job, so I'm now studying while working half the hours for the same company. The moment I halved my work time I had a lot more motivation to learn to draw, even though I have less time available than before. Office jobs are evil.

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Sounds like a skill issue on your end

>> No.7067131

I started when i was 21
I'm 24 and people still ask if im underage when i share art

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>never started drawing

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>there is no point unless you are the best in the world
This is my mindset for everything and I don't know how to fix it. I want others to fail.

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File: 1.07 MB, 1000x1000, 2023.05.21 23.50 Armadillo Ride Cat crop small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It started drawing seriously at 30. It's been a comfy journey so far.

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I started four months ago at 27 years old. We will all make it.

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holy sovl

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I picked up drawing at 21. Didn't start with any ambitions of getting good, it was just a hobby. Didn't get into studying until mid 20s. Made most progress in my late 20s. I'm a professional artist now at 31. Freelancing and scraping by, sure, but I make a living doing what I love.

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Dumb question but how do you train to get lines so neatly paced as you have the ones in the sky? I really like this shading technique but when I try it it always looks far too messy.

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File: 1.50 MB, 1000x1000, 2017.05.31 Cells IV Breaching the Gates small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still think they're too messy.
I guess "just draw" (the things you want to draw) a lot is the answer. You get better the more you do it.

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lurking this thread when i haven't drawn a single thing since i was a teenager is sad
but it makes me want to draw

>> No.7068893

Start rn, coward. Grab that pen and paper and DRAW SOMETHING

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I started drawing at 30, what's the problem?
It's never too late.

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>your primetime is over
>tfw I spent my prime time playing mmos and jerking off
>an entire decade just passed without doing anything
>never had a gf either, still a virgin
I spent my early 30s bargaining with myself and coping, now in my mid 30s. I feel like there just isn't any point left in trying.

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Most rajesh post ever

>> No.7069073

This is good advice. You shouldn't ask yourself whether you are too old or not, but put in the hours everyday for years. If you don't start you'll never make it, but if you start you have at least a chance that can be increased with hard work. And if you start older you need to work twice as hard, but it is possible.

>> No.7069076

Why not do it now? If we talk about average life spans, you still have forty years left, which is enough to become an expert.

>> No.7069167

Let's start today!

>> No.7069358

Because I have too many commitments already and have decided it's not worth the little time investment I can spare for it now. Screw me for wasting all that time in my 20s.

>> No.7069364

No drawing for you then. Please leave the board now.

>> No.7069375

Let him stay. Failure-to-launch permaHowies drive my ambition. I used to be like that and the reminder of how pathetic I was is motivation to keep at it.

>> No.7069378

They make shit threads and never post work. I want them out!

>> No.7069386

I'm 45 and I started drawing at 45.
Also, I never had sex if this matters.
I'm terrible in anatomy and drawing expressions.

>> No.7070113

>Austistic person is bad with people
I hope you were planning on drawing planes or trains or some other autist-tier stuff and not porn.

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>I'm not gonna bullshit you, your primetime is over
That's bullshit and very individual. I was in a terrible depression for all my teens and early twenties. Finally in my mid 20s I was over it and my head cleared and I could learn effortlessly what I couldn't earlier.
But I agree with the rest of the post. Pic related

>> No.7070446

by any chance is it hard for you to be proud of yourself sometimes anon
perhaps you sometimes find it difficult to forgive yourself when you make mistakes?

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I'm 25 here going to be 26 on April 21st. The ones I make are hand-drawn and I hope to improve in the future. It's mostly anime art that I've seen as a kid. I might go switch to digital art when I have the time when I get older. I started with stick figure characters from flash animation like Shock from Terkoiz and hope to improve in the future. Here's one of them I made. I rarely draw now because my fingers are messed up now so I'm not sure when in the next few days it will be better and back to normal. It just takes practice and finding your drawing style to do it. This drawing I did of Seras Victoria from Hellsing Ultimate took me 2 hours to do not including breaks even though I did to give myself some time.