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if you can edit the ai images or just draw over them, normies wont be able to tell youre using ai.

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What are you, poor?

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because its retarded and would take me longer than drawing it

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Nah just talking shit about a scam artist getting boosted by vtubers too dumb to see obvious ai art

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It's not a scam if you get what you paid for.

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Because I'm not a filthy third world ape constantly scheming about how to scam people for their pocket change from my wifi-enabled mud hut

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Using AI art to fulfill art commissions and lying to clients about the origin of the artwork can be considered unethical. There are several reasons why this practice raises ethical concerns:

1-Credibility and Trust: Deception can erode trust in institutions and reduce credibility. Clients expect to receive original work from artists, and lying about the use of AI undermines this expectation.

2-Copyright Issues: The copyright of AI-generated art can be complex, with companies holding copyright to the images produced by AI and users retaining ownership of the prompts they enter. Misusing AI-generated art without proper attribution could lead to copyright infringement claims.

3-Artistic Integrity: AI-generated art represents a significant shift in the traditional artistic process, and there is ongoing debate about its validity and impact on the art world. Misrepresenting the origin of AI-created art could be seen as manipulative and detrimental to the integrity of the art form.

4-Accountability: AI art generation involves algorithms and data sets that are not easily traceable or understandable by humans. By hiding the fact that AI was used, artists are not being transparent about the methods and tools they employed, which is a key aspect of accountability .

Transparency and clear communication about the use of AI in art production are essential. Honesty with clients about the use of AI, especially if it significantly influences the outcome of the commission, is crucial for maintaining ethical standards in the art industry.

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>responding to pajeets with chatgpt slop
I love it.

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took the tripfag a while to catch on

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Based yuukarin fighting slop with slop

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I'll tell you the answer simple and clear:
Because instead of tracing AI, I would rather trace ACTUAL artworks

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easier said than done, but the AI can't be controlled and has a method of its own, its useless to an artist if this very tool is fighting against its user

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This shit is so visually boring theres no way you guys want to draw like this right?

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Because my favorite hobby currently is exposing frauds on twitter for ai and canceling all of their hopes in a future in art.

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someone should set up an AI fraud database site that lists and exposes them

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>Why arent you scamming comms by using ai?

>implying I don't
>implying a huge number of people aren't

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I enjoy streaming my commission.

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You are overestimating animefags

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Why scam with commissions when you can just make a scam course and make 100x more with AI

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My comms are trad so they would take the same amount of time tracing AI vs drawing it myself. plus I'm better than AI so tracing AI would be a downgrade.

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Fuck, I actually have the skills to make a course.

If niggas can sell courses with this level of slop as shown below I am clearly losing time trying to work.

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Digital art is dead. The world is dying. It's over.

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>giving away my art secrets to 4fags
eat shit

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woops meant to post this in another thread
you AI fags can eat shit too though

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Because I know how to draw and I'm not lazy?

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that doesn't save you any time. If you drew, you'd know this.

If you would generate a picture and then just send it unedited to tehm, then you REALLY dont draw, and you arne't even close to the point where you are taking commissions. Its like saying "why don't they just "<do simple business idea>" someone much smarter than you tried it already and found it was not that simple.

That's the problem with you AI bros, you think there's always a cheat code. A shortcut to skip the line.

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Because this board is titled Artwork/Critique not Business & Finance
I draw because I want to

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You may think people nowadays are stupid as fuck but in reality they aren't because there's always going to at leas tone person point out the AI slop garbage and then word will catch up. You are honestly too retarded to understand this this anyway

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vtubers don't care. Why are we 4 years into the coming of our lord and still giving these camwhores wearing an anime mask this much saying power