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will a 100 iq or below average intelligence person not be able to draw well? I see a lot of people here making this argument

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well, I have a double digit IQ friend and he's terrible at drawing, but then again so am I and am over 100 IQ, difference is I don't draw as often as him nor do I apply myself as much, if by applying you mean drawing consistently as opposed to applying technique

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How long has he been drawing for?

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Cavemen drew well, are you smarter than a caveman?

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over 10 years

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it's over

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IQ is just a construct, it is not a real and objective measure of intelligence (or anything else for the matter.)

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see, this is something that intrigues me, for centuries if not milennia it appeared as if humanity was only ever capable of making very crude artwork, it seems as though it wasn't until the likes of Da Vinci and Michelangelo came around that humans were capable of making artwork that was technically impressive, and it's not like the materials that those two used weren't available in previous centuries, so why does it seem like humanity developed the means to create technically impressive art overnight not counting sculpture and architecture?

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well, he never really applied technique, he might just be too low IQ for that, I just wonder if there's any chance for me still

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>le constructs aren’t real

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ion lines aren't real either.

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technique? so he wasn't really interested in learning the fundies?

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Not so sure if he wasn’t actually interested but rather was too dumb to wrap his head around the concept

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Not iq. Mostly eq. Just thinking about lifting the pencil and drawing takes alot of emotional drain on most people paired with looming economic downfall from things they cannot control.

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sounds like a case of being a massive fucking pussy
whats next? gonna say muh capitalism and no muh UBI is the reason people are permabegs?

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Hello Redd*t

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google roman art

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Intelligence is multifaceted, and while IQ and general intelligence can predict certain abilities, they do not determine everything, including artistic skills like drawing. Drawing involves a complex interplay of cognitive processes, emotional expression, and motor skills. It requires not only an understanding of shapes and lines but also the ability to convey emotion and narrative through visual means.

There is evidence that drawing can have significant cognitive benefits, including enhanced memory and improved understanding of spatial relationships 1. Some studies suggest that drawing might be particularly useful for encoding and retrieving memories, which could be why individuals with different cognitive profiles excel at it.

Moreover, drawing is often seen as a form of communication, and as such, it can be influenced by a variety of factors beyond just raw intelligence. Communicative intent plays a crucial role in how we perceive and create images 1. Additionally, drawing can serve as a measure of intellectual maturity and reflect changes in cognitive development.

In summary, while a higher IQ might correlate with certain abilities, it does not guarantee proficiency in drawing. Many factors contribute to one's ability to draw well, including practice, interest, and personal motivation, which can transcend standardized intelligence measures.

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>including practice, interest, and personal motivation, which can transcend standardized intelligence measures.
so his explains why 99% of ic is permabeg

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>it seems as though it wasn't until the likes of Da Vinci and Michelangelo came around that humans were capable of making artwork that was technically impressive
That maybe is a lack of knowledge from your part. See for example this little amulet dwarf made of blue enamel. It doesn't seem much but try to replicate it with enamel and you'll see how technically impressive this shit is, even with modern technology so imagine doing that with only an earthen kiln and coal.
>Patèque ; around -332/-30 ; 9.1 cm

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What that anon wanted to say is that most people are lazy as fuck/never draw.
You have to have commitment to draw, and never give up even if the whole world shits on you, perseverance

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Cavemen in Europe drew well, while those in Africa and Australia drew stick figures. Some things never change.

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>IQ is a construct
Then why does the longitudinal, adopted twin study prove it correlates entirely with biological parentage?

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Yes. Learning it is about discipline and time spent on effective fundamental training. Retards "just draw" and take years to improve. Like any other skill.

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i am top 1% IQ and i started drawing well after burning most of my frontal cortex with alcohol and drugs. I'd say IQ is detrimental

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this is the truth, retards learn to draw more easily than fags who overthink everything

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overthinking doesn’t mean high iq, it means high neuroticism which is a negative and undesirable trait

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now you are overthinking again

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idk. i'm dumb as hell, but i've been learning art decently fast.

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hence why I said "not counting sculpture"

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IQ is a weird number in the first place because someone with a high IQ may not actually have the spatial intelligence needed to draw well, whereas someone with a low IQ might have spatial intelligence in spades and can draw beautifully, but lacks the other systems needed to translate that into general intelligence.

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which is associated with high IQ, along with being on the epic spectrum, perfectionism, depression, being bullied to death by subhumans at middle school and some other stuff i can't recall (burned my memory glands with drugs and alcohol). Just put gas masks on horses i'd say

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>"spatial intelligence"
aha! and there you have it, essentially, your brain has to be wired a certain well for you to be able to draw well in the first place, I don't presume any amount of practice can make you develop spatial intelligence

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on that note, what's the deal with fanartists and furry artist in general suddenly becoming good in the early 2010s when fanart through the 90's and early 2000s was mostly crude? did they develop the skills to be good overnight? did it take the same people that started drawing in the 90s until the 2010s to become truly good or what?

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>I don't presume any amount of practice can make you develop spatial intelligence
Actually you can

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from what ive seen..........no
you can increase your iq anyways

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Yes, being intelligent won't make your art better but will make you realize your mistakes and what you should be learning better

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That's why I posted you earthenware which is not sculpture.

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yes anon, you specifically are biologically incapable of drawing. You can finally give up now. Is that what you want to hear?

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IQ affects everything, of course it affects your art. What? Are you feeling insignificant and inferior? Is your narcissistic childhood wound bleeding again? Cry about it some more, then shut the fuck up and carry on like everyone else.

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if you have low IQ, It's fine you will learn slow but managable
but autism is way worst, it's litreally disorder
it makes you draw shit nobody loves (like car or trains and buildings and weird deviantart shit) or 1000 stick figures

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Thread Theme

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>it seems as though it wasn't until the likes of Da Vinci and Michelangelo came around that humans were capable of making artwork that was technically impressive
The only shit we know about history is the stuff that survived. Paintings and the like will only physically last a few hundred years, but stuff like statues and stone structures can last thousands. So all the art we know about from civilizations from thousands of years ago are things like pottery, stonework and ideas(writings that were passed down). There's good reason to believe all the greek and roman statues were painted to appear more lifelike, but the paint didn't survive history so our image of them is that of the raw stone.

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My friend have negative IQ and he can draw way better than /ic/

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People pass on their knowledge. Thriving cultures produce thriving knowledge bases. The knowledge to create technically impressive art is something that had to be transmitted through culture, pre-culture (I.E, pre-history) there were probably incredible works, but the social means to preserve and pass on both those works and the knowledge needed to create them were lost to time.

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IQ affects everything
When I say IQ, I mean intelligence btw. You can argue that IQ doesn't exist if you want, have fun with that.
Intelligence does, you can never argue intelligence doesn't exist, and intelligence affects every single thing the person possessing it has done, is doing or will ever do for the rest of their life, including art.
Intelligence essentially dictates all human outcomes.

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I have low iq and autism. I can draw okay. I don’t think I’ll ever grasp concepts as quickly or reach a professional level but I’m okay with that. I think mindset matters the most, but IQ probably does realistically limit some elements of art.

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I do agree IQ is not a complete indicator of intelligence, but for processing power nothing is more accurate. Higher IQ = higher ability to process complex concepts faster = understand drawing tutorials faster = skillmax faster. Higher IQ also enables you to assess yourself accurately and determine your weak points, what to improve and how to improve it in the most efficient manner.

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Just to add on the topic of this thread; truly good art are created by smart, cunning, yet utterly deplorable people. If you know someone who appears to have the spark, 9 out of 10 they have some really nasty shit hidden in their psyche.

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No one who is good learned to draw from fucking tutorials, you peak Dunning-Kruger.

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i've never found anyone that talked about iq to not be a massive retard

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My bad, not mere tutorials but the overall fundies whatever method you learn them, you know what I mean.

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You're experiencing a case of anecdotal cherry-picking and a case of midwit exposure syndrome
There is such a thing called the dunning-kruger effect where people of average intelligence (~100IQ by test) believe themselves to be outrageously more intelligent than they actually are, and act like it
So you've encountered a lot of people who have average IQ but think they're 140-160IQ top shelf minds or even geniuses and they talk about IQ an awful lot, but then don't do much that actually shows they are intelligent. These people are referred to as midwits and sustained encounters with them can result in a sort of post-stress syndrome characterized primarily by exhaustion and exasperation in those exposed (you)
You then extrapolate this and assume everyone who thinks IQ is a legitimate measurement of human capability must be one of these intellitards, but that is not so
Many such cases

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How do you explain so eloquently the exact thing you engage in

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i hope thats chatgpt

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My IQ is 118 according to the test I took idk. I think I’m retarded. I think emotional intelligence, motor skills, and memory play a more important part in art. Especially motor skills.

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4500 years old

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The exact same way I knew you would respond with some variation of this post
Literally knew what you were going to say. You may as well not have bothered. Do better my man, IQ is real, there's nothing you can do about that, and there's also absolutely nothing you can do to alter the minds of the vast majority who are right while you are wrong either.
We're all over here being incomparably correct, while you are over there coping and seething and trying to convince yourself that if you doubt IQ hard enough, that means it isn't real (it is)

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Accurately depicting 3D forms in 2D space is much more difficult creating an accurate 3D form in 3D space.

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>draw well
It doesn't matter it is not linked. One is internal, the other external. Ask Steven Hawking to draw a potato. He will probably use his wheelchair. My point is, it doesn't matter so stop arguing about it, and go draw, while you still can.

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I didn’t say any of those words

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IQ =/= knowledge
Cavemen weren't retarded

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>spends time replying while not drawing

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Do you draw better than a caveman, /ic/?

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>Does IQ affect art?
I think so

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post your resume

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It's aggressively counter productive to dwell on iq, what age you started drawing, etc.. Total loser mentality. It's just resentful faggots spreading their misery. For zoomers under 30, millennials and older were never taught to think like this, the opposite actually. You need Greek hero levels of confidence, the kind that gets you killed in a stupid way.

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>It's aggressively counter productive to dwell on iq, what age you started drawing, etc.. Total loser mentality.
Yeah and this applies to a lot of stuff in life too, not just art

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unironically think this dumb aproach can work if the person makes an effort to make modifications so things look right
like an /int/ artist who decided to give up trying and just traces shit can make it look decent

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There are different kinds of itelligence. IQ does not tell if you can draw of not. You can draw if you have talent for it. If you don't have talent, it will need more time

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95 IQ here for a reference. 4 years in, it went from jumbled mess of ovals to deviantart autism. Hang in there dumbass bros it gets (very)slightly better

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Apply retard strength to learning, it works
Not even being ironic.

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Yes though its either your IQ is high or your an idiot savant

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same reason that things like rock music didnt get good until innovators like captain beefheart showed what could really be done with the medium. its not like the furry artists back then were bad, they just didn't know how to properly mix the styles. also the advent of easy internet access made it easier for people to share techniques and styles, which influenced people.

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easier access to video resources and tuts+pros sharing their techniques, faster feedback from communities, just more overall acess to reproducable how to guides. back in 2004 I found a couple tutorials that were basically just "how to clean up line art and do flats" in photoshop and though it was real cutting edge stuff, now that sort of thing is shared everywhere. before then your choices were try to figure it out yourself, hire a tutor, or take a class/go to college.

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Well I'm apparently a fucking retard who can't even draw a box so I guess it is important.

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Now you know how to draw a box, that’s one down