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why is every 14 year old artist on tik tok autistic and gay or is it a trend or something?

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you... watch ticktock? and how old are you?

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i got bored so i downloaded Tiktok and scrolled through art videos and shit

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why you borybory anon? :(( here try drawing this

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>scrolled through
right, well as long as you stop scrolling once you get to the bottom of the first page you will be ok.

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Isn't everyone on this website autistic too?

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I'm not autistic, I'm just plain retarded.

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Just the need to feel special. Some people list stuff on their bio like a badge of honor
Millennials love to post the locations they've travelled around the world
Younger gens love to post their self-diagnoses. It also gives them an extra shield if they post something dumb, then they can turn it around like "how dare you, I'm xyz and a minor"

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Artists have always been autistic and gay, (You) are probably autistic and gay. Everyone on this board is autistic and gay

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Stop making baseless assumptions bro, I'm only gay and autistic

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something something chinese government

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>stoking the race war again
hey glowie

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Highly doubt the posters of this board were normal when they were 14

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It's the current youth subculture. We used to have goths and emos, now we have a million different "aesthetics" who slightly differ in the visual attrivutes but they all also combined in a very generalized untitled mono-subculture and one of the most hyped fashion things right now is to be either mentally ill or gay, or both if you want to be the coolest they/them in the school.