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i have to prepare a 3 hours drawing lesson for a night school. Students are mostly 20-30 retarded NEETs. I do it for free. Course is digital.
How should i crab them to death? Drawabox? Loomis? Bridgman? Shill AI?

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Just draw for 3 hours

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Have them.draw 30 second gestures for 3 hours straight
Feel the forms of the female students...

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Say that using references is immoral and on the same level as tracing. To improve you should only draw from imagination.

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Show them the pewdiepie video and then go and brofist each and every one of the students. say YAGMI! at the top of your lungs, turn 360 degrees and moonwalk out of the classroom.

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>Course is digital.
*well, cancel those plans.
as a part of the course, they should learn to get thick skin, share all the student art on /ic/ and let the crabs snibby snab them. only the strong shall survive.

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Hands without reference

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>Feel the forms of the female students
will make them get better
literally satan
will if i can get my hands on it, most students are prebeg i think so funny draweng

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ultimate crab would be to hang yourself infront of them, giving them life long trauma to anything associated with drawing

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>Using your time
>to pull others down
Blind leading the blind.

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Are you going to saw their hand references off and make them draw with their feet?

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What's wrong with Loomis? It's the simplest head method and it's custom made for building faces from imagination

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He probably means the blook filter. Many try this challenge, to draw lumpy potato faces and as a result draw lumpy potato faces, and because they look silly their brain tells them they failed so bad and should give up on lesson one before even trying to make progress.

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so, how did it went?