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How do you draw eyes like this? I don’t know if that’s the right way to say it. I know a lot of people like kazuma kaneko’s artwork, as do I, and while I would love to draw like him, I would rather take inspiration for how he draws eyes to seem so lifeless and interesting. I don’t know how to put it.

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Just draw them bro. Your reference is right there. What are you going on about.

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literally what kind of answer are you expecting to get

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I hate that black upper lip so much

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just draw, trace, and study the desired artwork

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I don't think it's a coincidence that he started using this style in Nocturne that had characters that are likened to soulless husks called Manikins.

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Idk, practice anatomy/real life.
sorry I can't be of more help

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anon manikins are souls, they have magatsuhi

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god, I hate nocturne newfags
he was already doing it years earlier for persona, retard

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I love Kaneko

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His proportion is out of wack in picrel. That guy has a giant head and an extremely narrow shoulder.

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stick to your containment thread

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tried to make a study on it, hope this helps

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Also look at the shoulder, and then strike the same pose infront of the mirror. That shit is dislocated! My dude unironically love garbage! Kaneko is a hack! the new SMT artists are much better than him.
Unironically jap-slop.

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Holy cope :) Watch this mr /beg/let

Doi is so much better than him. It's insane.

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doi is the sound you make when you remember you’re retarded

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first 1 is a creepy troon hag
2nd and 3rd are beautiful charming young woman

Unironically try to copy Kaneko shit

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I think them looking creepy was the intent

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Not OP but that's insightful stuff, I wouldn't have come up with much other than "draw an almond and shade the upper half to give it depth"
The real hard part is the emphasis on shading over solid lines that pulls 99% of the look

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yeah, greater eye distance and asimmetry are used a lot to make characters look dazed/lifeless/kuudere. Go even greater and you get retarded/beastman, you see these in a lot of mangas
shading is kinda easy to pull off, you need a hard round with pressure set to opacity only, a textured eraser and s soft blend tool

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It's been years since I played it.

And it was most prominent in Nocturne you crybaby bitch.

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explain how it was more prominent

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i figured i would reply to everything, but heres an update

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btw i didnt trace, it seems that way bc the pose is similar. but i thought of it in the shower and didnt give a shit if it was a similar pose already

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what the fuck is this outfit

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LMAO. I don't know why people worship this Kaneko hack so much?

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"Gamers" are the simplest and easiest marks.

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and yet not even they like your “art”

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Make the eyelashes/eyedrops/whatever the fuck the black part is thicker, on the og image they are thick as fuck and give the impression of either heavy stylization or eyeliner

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Will do.
Another update. I spent 8 hours on this. 8 hours staring at max brightness
This is also the first time I’ve ever used an airbrush at all. I think I did pretty well considering my autism about not looking at references too much. All the colors I pulled from memory

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Not bad so far, Anon. One suggestion I'd make is not to be too timid about including hard edges and higher contrast shadows. Unlike a lot of modern anime art, Kaneko really likes his hard edges, which contributes greatly to the 'carved' look of his rendering style.

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it's a rectangle if you can see well. the tear duct is set high and there is a big ass saint bernandt dog
eye drop going with that lower eyelid

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garbage thread, OP just read these



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Thank you I tried fixing the nose

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Use Twiggy as a reference

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this is unironically good advice but I can't find a good link to all of her photos so it's over for me. I've only been seriously drawing for 4 days though so we'll see how it goes.

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op’s struggling with the drawing part

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It looks like a mustache if you squint.

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I got some advice for you!
Find a better style to imitate!