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When I'm editing my comic, I keep the tablet screen off by default (it ends up making noise with the fan after a while).

So I'll be editing the text mostly, but sometimes I find details in the art I need to edit.

Here's the autistic part: I'll spend like 2-3, even 5 minutes with my mouse cleaning or redrawing lines and effects, even though if I only turned on my tablet (the screen takes a few annoying seconds to be turned on, and I'd have to pick up my pen lol), I could redraw it in like 10 seconds.

Am I retarded? What is your verdict /ic/?

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>Am I retarded?

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So how should I stop being retarded?

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Stop doing the thing you already know is retarded

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make more blogposts

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literally me, btw yes youre a retarded tranny nigger or smt

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I often leave my current sketchbook on my tablet(cluttered desk). I could just move my sketchbook and use my tablet doing quick stuff, but I use my mouse cos I can't be arsed moving the sketchbook. not lines in art so much, but I'll write stuff out with the mouse when making notes in windows snip&sketch.
lets get retarded in here, together.

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You write shit out with the mouse??? Haha we are on a similar wavelength brother.