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>Post NSFW fanart
>Twitter throttles me in the algorithim and I get zero engagement (when my SFW stuff performs much better)
>Big NSFW artists like Cutesexyrobutts post NSFW fanart
>Twitter doesn't throttle them

Why are big NSFW artists allowed to post NSFW art on twitter but small no-name artists get censored by the algorithim? I posted something the other day that had zero nudity but it was very revealng, and it got zero engagement (I've been slapped by the NSFW filter for a fully clothed drawing I did for no discernable reason by what I presume to be a twitter moderator). This never happens to my SFW stuff and I get hundreds-thousands of views.

Meanwhile other artists can post pic related and it's okay? I don't understand.

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Buy a checkmark?

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its been a long time since I was banned, but I think there is a critical mass when you have certain amount of followers you still get a lot of engagement. I was search banned while I was still active but I still get certain amount of engagement from my followers at 10k, because my post still appears on their sequential feeds. Although by the end of my time there my followed timeline begin to behave in a manner that I couldn't understand, but unless you are actually shadow banned, which twitter seems to deny was a thing, its still possible for your post to spread if your follows sees them and puts it on their timelines.

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NSFW artwork spread by retweet
if your work is amazing people will retweet it
and it will get seen
>I've been slapped by the NSFW filter for a fully clothed drawing I did for no discernable reason by what I presume to be a twitter moderator
you have been flagged as NSFW account
should have self-flagged the NSFW
constantly posting NSFW without the self-flag lead to that

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Almost none of the artists I follow are verified, even smaller artists, who all still get loads of engagement, even on NSFW content. So that's not it.

I checked the tweet of my illustration in question in ignognito and it's not visible. I also checked Cutesexyrobutt's tweet in the OP and it's also not visible icognito, so there must be some sort of NSFW slap. My account isn't NSFW labeled (I tried that once for a legit nude piece I posted and it got literally zero views), so I stopped posting nude art and set my account to SFW again and I was getting views again. So I have no fucking idea.

Out of the handful of people who viewed my last upload (which had no nudity but was pretty skimpy), one of them was apparently a mod because a mod would have had to manually censor it. I find that hard to believe. I'm not anywhere near large enough to have twitter mod attention. So yeah.

And fuck no I'm not paying for twitter. There are people who block any blue checkmarks so I'll just be fucking myself over more. And there's no evidence it even helps get more engagement. So no.

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Is it a good idea to flag my account AND individual tweets as NSFW? Or is just flagging one of them enough?

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I haven't posted NSFW in a long time. Like several months ago, until the other day. My account is also not set to NSFW, so unless there's some secret hidden NSFW flag I dont believe it. And it's consistently my NSFW posts that would get zero engagement.

So there's something up. Some mod must be somehow seeing me or I was reported by one of the handful of people who saw the post. Which I doubt.

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It depends.

If a twitter janny happens to be stalking your account? Than you're fucked.

If not, than you can get away with anything until somebody reports you.

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does traditional nude fine art get tagged in the same way as nsfw porn art?

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>since I was banned
How do people manage to get banned on social media platforms?

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Skill issue

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>nsfw porn art
there is no porn flag or not
there are only sensitive content posts (same with gore) or not
nudity is considered sensitive content
then idk what your problem is
is this check box grey out for you (in the "sensitive and account access")? If it is grey out and you can't check it means that they forced you to be a "sensitive account "

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forgot the image

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hm, could be a lot of things, but I draw a lot of different kind of objectionable porn so you can probably take your pick.

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>is this check box grey out for you (in the "sensitive and account access")? If it is grey out and you can't check it means that they forced you to be a "sensitive account "
Yeah I looked, it's unchecked and I still have the option to click "check" on it. I KNOW they've given me the NSFW slap on one of my pieces (that wasnt even NSFW) before because I saw my tweet had a "sensitive material" label on it. But it never happened again. So if they're doing it they're doing it in a way I cant see.

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stop using shitter

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let us see what you have to match the OP pic

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>and it got zero engagement
It's because your art fucking sucks.

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it's the same reason as to why nsfw artist are allowed to post AI-tier slop like that and get their dick sucked by horny kids while every other artist has to make immaculate works or else they suck; Favoritism.

Big accounts drive traffic and engagement, thus more ads shown on phones, you on the other hand, with your meager sub 1k followers that don't even give two shits about your work and most of them being pornbots anyway, do not drive traffic and engagement.

If you're big enough, rules don't apply to you anymore.

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Loomis has left the room

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where do you post your art anon

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so is your fault, that's the answer.

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My theory is that X doesn't recommend NSFW to app users, but still shows them NSFW in their subscribed feed

This is due to weird app store shenanigans with NSFW content

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You can hide checkmarks now, you can tell if one has a check when ads appear when scrolling their tweets or media tab(mobile).

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Watch the retard tells you he post on pixiv

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i was the opposite, my nsfw got engagement while my sfw got literally zero. it has to do with how inactive your account was, how frequently you use it, otherwise it gets marked as a bot account. keep making regular posts and it should go away. it took like a good few months for my status to change and i got an email saying so which was weird.

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algorithm has none to do with it. if you build your following on SFW art, then big chance ur followers don't want anime tits on their TL.

Cutesexyrobutts' followers knew what they're geting into

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Should I keep separate accounts for SFW and NSFW work? I never really gave a thought to it before because I was a /beg/let and just posting random shit to pixiv and it had an option to also post it on to twitter so my twitter account is just flooded with a mix of crap.

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How questionable is the porn your posting anon.
It wouldn't be Loli stuff now would it

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youre posting both sfw and nsfw.
the algo briefely categorized you as sfw, but then you switched to nsfw. this fucks it up because it oesnt want to push your nsfw to people who were enjoying sfw. this will stop being fucked up when you choose to draw one thing it can market.

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Fuck Twitter don't use that jewish site

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The twitter algorithm is working off the assumptions of the attention economy thought up by people that only care about profit that have actively funded psychologists to discover how to grab more attention.
Retool your way of thinking and realize that in this attention economy, ignoring something is an active form of engagement with whatever has been advertised to you. It’s not that you DIDN'T engage with the product/media, but rather that you DID actively chose to ignore it. That’s the mindset the algorithm works with. When people see your work and scroll past it they have actively decided to reject your work. This is why advertising your work to the wrong demographic is absolutely poisonous to your growth. Look to see what the demographic of your chosen subject is and whether or not they want to see porn, or softy hugbox shit.
There have been experiments done by YouTubers which advertise a given video that was performing well, but when advertised to a different, unreceptive demographic, it’s views and momentum crashed.

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>How questionable is the porn your posting anon.
90% of what I post is completely SFW

One I posted was fully clothed, but the character wears a skimpy outfit (canonically) and it emphasized her ass, but she clearly has underwear on, just her cheeks visible. Twitter slapped me with a NSFW label but I still got engagement.

I posted one piece that was nude, but no sexual acts happening. I had zero engagement on this. But I had actually set my entire account to NSFW before I uploaded it. I removed the piece after and reset my account to SFW and my content was getting engaged with again.

Since then everything I've posted has been SFW till this most recent upload. There was zero nudity, just the outfit was very revealing, but every naughty bit was covered up. Seems twitter slapped it as it doesn't show up in incognito (same as Cutesexyrobutt's tweets) where as the rest of my art does.

So I dunno. I've learned that twitter seems to detect skin. how much skin your character is showing determines whether or not you get the NSFW slap, even if there is zero actual genitilia visible Both cases it's been a character with normal human skin, so I wonder if say, I drew a lewd of Ranni if the twitter bot would detect it or not because she's blue-skinned.

When I started off I immediately established myself as a lewd artist, but SFW lewd. And the comments I've gotten show me coomers are a heavy amount of my following. Though my most popular have been entirely non-sexual, but that's only reddit. Everywhere else (Pixiv, twitter, Danbooru, etc.) it's my lewds that do best, especially Pixiv. So it's not like the people following me don't like this kind of content. I realized after the one nude I drew that I should stick to SFW lewds only (for now). It's an issue with Twitter and only Twitter.

That same piece I did most recently that got slapped by twitter did well on Pixiv and other sites, so it seems to be a twitter problem/

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followerlet cope, derpixon absolutely BTFO'd that shitty comic you posted btw

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>It wouldn't be Loli stuff now would it
Just draw pic related characters, shitter normies don't care if you draw these lolis.

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amy is loli? no way. she has titties in SA2

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CSR doesnt spend time complaining on a korean BBQ forum but instead draws and posts art consistently. could be that you are just not gonna make it.

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I have not a clue. My brother post full blown 3DCG and his account behaves just fine, with no search bans. But if I post a suggestive picture the account is suppressed as in when I search the post with the same tag/word it does not show up to my account not even showing up under the "people" tag. Then it goes away when I remove the tweet.

It's little things like this that make me give up on social media.

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>t. I was boosted by super special discord

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12 years old

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>Post NSFW art
>Get's banned

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Don't get too down, I've seen people post literal stick figure with boobs and they get flooded with retard praise.

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I absolutely loathe people who think like this.
>lamo u draw tiddy 4 laik.
I have seen this SO MANY times.
It's always this ultramegafaggot who either opted out for being the scrimblo bimblo guy or le classic oil painter type. It's without a fail pretentious high beg to low int hardcore bottlenecked by its own dunning-kruger. Every single fucking time. I can guarantee you these people tried photorealism at least once too, then didn't understand why are people saying wow this is cool, then forget about them in 15 seconds.

>there is no porn flag or not
Yes there is. Its called search suggestion ban and almost every nsfw artist has it. If you are already a big artist its negligible. If you are just starting out, you are fucked. It absolutely demolishes your NSFW stuff and swipes it under the rug. Even your followers won't see you on their timeline, only if they specifically click on your account.
Twitter just like every meta site is operating under the monetizeable kiddieshit slop model.

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>if someone says a thing it must be [insert strawman here] because i say so and they're jelly and coping and seething failed artist i am literally shaking right now fuckin puritan pol albino jews dont u touch muh porn i love porn so much wtf
You're underage or a straight up blazing manchild if you are unable to see that objectively.

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>living example of the horseshoe theory e-puritan trying to educate someone else.
Don't forget your marble statue pfp.

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Anon, what the fuck are you saying? Speak a human language.