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What should I draw in order to make a living

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photorealistic bank notes

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dat bbc

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be a cop and draw a gun on some minorities

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your gun, at the bank

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I need serious answers though

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Not only do you need fundamental skills, you need to draw in a style that studios are looking for.

Animation has their own set of styles. Calarts, Avatar, Disney, etc.

Video games has that concept art style.

Comics has capeshit and sjw indie stuff.

If you draw anime, you won't get hired by anyone, unless you speak Japanese, Chinese, or Korean. If you want work, whatever you do, don't draw anime.

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They are all more serious than drawing for a living. Normies all wished for artists deaths because they are fed AI propagandas by Jews

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Furry porn

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Depends, what do you want to draw and how good are you?

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a straight forward way to 3 digit commissions is to follow tutorials on photo-realistic pet portraits in pencil/colored pencil, after you've completed 10 or so full portraits you should be good enough to take comms. then you just become the local pet portrait human-photocopier and advertise to friends, petshops, instagram etc, once you get one done, more follow as friends/family of the first person to get one done show it off.

tracing photos/projections are all good here, the client want to see likeness, it should be very close to the photo in the end just in pencil.

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I understand that traditional art has more value than digital for obvious reasons, but do you think I could achieve a moderate level of success doing the same thing but only in digital?

I like portraits but I'm not sure people are willing to pay for them in the age of AIsloppa. I like to paint nude females too, not pornographic, just erotic. I'm good at those but the rest I'd have to learn from the ground up.

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>I'm good at those
no yoiu are not.

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>do you think I could achieve a moderate level of success doing the same thing but only in digital?

You will be competing with AI in that case. You can do it if you have your own unique spin on things, a quirky aspect, motifs or personality injected into the drawings. not gonna get 3 digits as easily though, in fact might be out of the question. So you will have to do triple or quadruple the comms to make the same amount, but with digital you can go faster to there is that.

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Understandable. Regarding digital art, is there some kind of field or subject where I don't have to compete with AI? Something that involves drawing humans, not anything technical. Or to phrase this question differently, what could I draw in digital that would offer less resistance in trying to make it, I feel like working for companies is not that since they all want to generate more profits and that means cutting corners

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there are many indiegame devs on the left of the political spectrum who hate AI, so you could target them with visual novel artwork(faces/bodies etc) and capsule art for steam.

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>is there some kind of field or subject where I don't have to compete with AI?

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Do you have any examples you could share? I don't play any VN

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Nice schnoze on your girl Schlomo, more people from here work as doujin authors than work in capeshit

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just google visual novel artwork. also check itch.io to see asset packs people sell.
here's hotel dusk on nintendo DS

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Drawings girls without any indication for their breasts feels really evil, a celebration of ugliness. Mentally ill freaks

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it's an alien

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Right, a humanoid alien with female sexual organs, characteristics and mannerisms, definitely not a blue human

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>with female sexual organs
how do we know this?

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I'm not going to look up steven universe porn, but I am almost certain this blue one would have a penis in it.

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*on it
(and in it I guess)

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it's doable, i keep finding work, mainly in book illustration and pipeline things for small/medium projects, because i have been making contacts for the last two years. I have occasional commissions online and whenever i don't have work i just contact some writer and work on a project. Never heard of AI. I still don't make a full living because i ask a very low pay but i just eat beans and pork rinds everyday
don't trust the shills and /beg/s in the thread

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Something that gets turned into an incredibly popular international multimedia franchise.

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Just Draw, something you enjoy. Draw it often. Draw it well. Draw it until you draw with ease. And then, the NPC will be wowed by your excellence and ease. Then you will gain a bunch of followers and they will snowball. 1 in 1000 will pay you to do something. Get 100000 followers. You will have a stable income from drawing something you enjoy and with ease. What that something is what you like.

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dinossaur porn like that kelsi monroe video


become a yootoober

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That's the thing though, you don't charge much which gets you jobs but you yourself admit it's not a way to make a living

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Lapis is flat (and that's hot)

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All of Shiteven Universe characters are flat

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i'm 23 and still far from my ideal level of skill, in my situation i think it's best to get a lot of work to build experience and network and live more cheaply rather than get paid more. I've done a bunch of stuff for free even if offered money too

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I dunno with all the chinese immigrants coming in here that all might change in the next decade.

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Draw gross fetishes for wackos with lots of cash

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op asked for ways to make a living, not for ways to make yourself want to stop living

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draw this shit and cucks will make you swim in money OP. never underestimate porn addicts

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We didn't ask for your life story. Post your work retard.

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I saw someguy in extreme situation, living alone,can't even pay lent, and he asked is gay furry porn is only ways to make money and ic said...

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gay furry porn

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even steven's fatass dad doesn't get to have moobs. what has the world come to?

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learn how to write ai prompts well

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>draw the grossest futa scat porn
>earning $20k from rich degens
>put money into stocks and bitcoin