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I for therapy, due to my autism.I like my drawings, but I also want to get better. Usually asking if my art looks "good", I get spat nitpicks, negatives, or ignored rather than a yes or no or even a grade. So I have no idea if I actually suck or not.

"Like, I understand the finger is off, but is the rest of it okay"?

So I just recently started reverse searching my pictures and seeing what results come back. Is this helpful in at least checking to see where I'm at?

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>So I have no idea if I actually suck or not.
Post your work itt. Reverse search is not very helpful. if you can't judge your own work against your inspirations as bad or good, you can't do it with whatever reverse search shows you.
It probably sucks, but so what? it might have good aspects and bad, show potential etc. How long have you been drawing? how many hour total do you think?

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I have been drawing my entire life, but I have to be honest when I say have only started taking it seriouuly for the last few years. I have no proper training or understanding.

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Would be interesting to see. some kinds of training can dull your work/creativity. were you mainly copying or drawing imaginative stuff? both?

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Post the most elaborate "serious" piece you have