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What's the opinion of this board of training my own LORA using my own personal style, then simply do a quick sketch, then use the AI to generate my own custom made reference to draw from?

Have anyone ever attempted this?

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fuck off cris

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Fuck off tripfag

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Please remember to type 'sage' in the options bar if you feel like replying to this thread.

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get the fuck back to /g/ you dumb cunt

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cris is too stupid to work stable diffusion

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this isn't reddit, nigger. that's not a downvote.
kill yourself.

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what's wrong with creating a reference in your head? sounds like you just want to use AI for the sake of using AI

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Holy soulless.

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it worked for me

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If Shad wasn't the best example you're next in line. Every single time it's always a low tier /beg who found it too hard to draw and uses it as a crutch

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And people can't understand why AI would be very detrimental on this board

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I'll still use it

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Ok, and where is your fixed version you drew from that reference? oh whats that? you stopped drawing it?
hahahaha loser!

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how do people keep making and replying to threads like this
literally subhuman

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where else can we make fun of AI fags?

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and you'll never have drawing skills. That's all there is to it.

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Think most people are smart enough to realize the gen AI landscape is beyond saturated with one person having the ability to generate 100x as much as one artist. im not really sure what the end goal is in that sense if you're fighting so hard to basically end up the same as everyone else who generates in a rat race without any defining feature of skill that separates you

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>using AI as reference to draw
its fucking cringe dude. Almost as bad as fapping to AI

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Cris lore?

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This is a waste of fucking time and if you think this is some big brain move, you are a retard.

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Stop invincible Cris.

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>Mo Willems
Look out, Cris! They're gonna take you back to /g/ and /3/

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You're not that bad, why give up to ai anon

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What I try to mean is like your drawing isn't that bad for a beg, and also you can do the same with referencing existing artwork. This makes the use of ai completely unnecessary in your workflow- you're wasting time

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Well, I dunno..

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society say its bad and I suck at it

they're telling me to just give up

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damn, people are quick to easily tell that this is Cris, how? Is his non 3D art that recognizable even thru ai crap?

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>What's the opinion of this board of training my own LORA using my own personal style
you need to draw first faggot

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You just look at the faces he draws and you know. There's always something off about the faces he draws that's uniquely him.

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>melted fingers
>blended elements
>messy details

You run it trough AI mirror, but it still stolen assets

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It's a good idea, many pros are already doing it behind closed doors.

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AI-generated images are a great source of inspiration. Great for studies especially render and colors. But be careful, most generated images has 'not so subtle' lighting mistakes so make sure not to copy 'bad parts'.

Good job keep it up. But remember face requires as much time and effort as everything else on the image combined. Because 'focal point' and stuff.

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>who inspires you? favorite artists?
>AbyssOrangeMix3, MeinaMix, SDXL with Animagine XL V3

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just visit >>>/3/ , his fucking lore is there and he is constantly posting crap too

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Ai study /thread then

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how bad

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I save images by AIfags from Twitter and use them as inspo/reference for my real drawings. They can't fucking stop me

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You can do better

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Fuck off Gabe!

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Artistes should put glaze and nightshade on their artworks. AI art will slowly go back to eating itself alive.

That said AI art is here and even if legislation where to restrict it, the programs will still be out there. AI art shouldn't be used for the industry but will continue to flood the internet.

I've been thinking of using AI art for references to practice stylized drawings. Not to just mindlessly copy what I see but I am trying to brute force a artstyle that I am developing. I no longer have creative ideas with character designs, I feel so dead on the inside. Using AI art on pinterest offers a lot inspiration and creative stealing has and hasn't been a thing since the dawn of time.

I just want my wagiecuck job to pay a living wage but that wont happen because of capitalism and billionaire cock suckers.

To think AI has come so far because a woman out there missed her best friend so much that she created a AI bot of him.

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i keep putting it off.
i'll do it one day.

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isn't he just using it as reference? he can get a lot of good pointers from this desu, the eyes are a lot more appealing and giving some tips to fluff up the shirt (such as having it be an actual shirt instead of the odd boob mounts)
Funny enough his hands are way better than the ai

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Not a real artist.

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Depends on him, what is he going to do? redraw it? trace it? copy it through grid?
How is this any different then fucking around with the saturation slider in photoshop to get a few more color ideas

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Offline Pinterest. Literally reference factory

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If you learned enough basics to know the good things to learn from AI its useful
>clearer hair origin
>ribbon shade
>better shoulder lines on outfit
>make bag less stiff

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Nothing wrong with it but you are inevitably going to get a shit boring artstyle if you keep doing it regularly

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souless | Soul

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Oh sorry i thought this was about using ai as reference for your own drawings

No and you are a fucking fraud if you do that

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nice cope
thats what they said about digital artists "cheating" with photoshop
only those that learn to use AI will become the best artists

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Even before AI, you should have been using real photos as a ground truth reference as often as possible.
Other artwork is useful as a style guide or to figure out different ways to translate body shapes to lines, but people who rely on art references too much often end up flanderizing their anatomy.
(see: hands shrinking, collarbones becoming lines, skulls becoming symbols instead of 3D shapes)

Now imagine the above problem, but you're sourcing your references from something that doesn't understand what a human is, and doesn't know what it's supposed to be simplifying when it spits out an anime waifu.
Additionally, fuck off cris.

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Whatever you say /beg/fraud

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anyone recommending beginners to use AI is simply crabbing the future competition

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>t. irrelevant /int/ hiding nervously behind 4chan buzzwords

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learn what my dude, future iterations will just be built in and even simpler to use than it already is. You're not building anything unique when an image generator is all it is and you're surely not even closer to employment or independent status grifting if you don't have the actual drawing skills to back it up. Regardless of the future, if genAI somehow becomes the norm and is not seen as inferior you're still competing with artists who have the skills to back it up and can just use genAI as good as you within a couple hours. Stop coping and fuck off if you're running away from drawing

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thats a LOT of cope my dude
difference between AI only artist and an AI artist with 50 years of outdated traditional training will be less than 1%

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Who's your favorite photographer anon?
>you do have one right

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what in the world are you talking about. Do you think the skills of perception associated with learning to draw are somehow just gonna magically appear with someone who can only gen stuff? I've never heard of such cope or something so stupid but this has to be bait so fuck off retard. Literal normies can use genAI to the same capability right now and it's only going to get more and more saturated as the models roll out and become more optimized for everyday users

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yeah, you should be applying for six figure SWE jobs with tech companies using chatgpt and see if that gets you farther than the cope you're preaching about. Actual neanderthal here and im glad that even as things get phased out there will always be retards of this caliber to step over lol

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Not everyone here that draws draws digitally you know. I hate that this shit keeps trying to get pushed onto /ic/

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Kek Ai only artist, are you that afraid of progress and models eventually becoming so simple to use for normies that you'll have nothing in terms of skill to show. Why on earth would i ever hire someone who couldn't draw and only use AI vs someone who can do both at the same rate of pay. Nothing changes, and independent status means nothing if you're foregoing any traditional jobs with AI rn because its filled with bot spammers and the like posting slop everywhere and saturating it faster than the spaces where art thrived even before the introduction of AI.

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You should try to emulate that atmospheric background from the AI image, it really brings it together. Otherwise nice work though.

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does maxxing trad art cause loss in reading comprehension? it clearly means that utilizing all the trad art skills you are so proud of wont make any difference to the end result compared to AI art masters
you act so superior yet you cant outpace let alone match my production
companies would rather hire AI artists that learn to code, doing two jobs in one
or AI artist and musician hybrid with programming experience = 3 jobs in one
artist who wasted decades on fundamentals is essentially only capable of doing one job in the end. and they will feel bitter and entitled to higher pay
nobody cares about your decades of grinding art fundamentals just to improve future AI art by 0.1%

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>you act so superior yet you cant outpace let alone match my production

Why are you lashing out when that's what you suggested doing with art. You act like its different when you'd get laughed at in any type of industry proposing what you did lol thats how retarded you sound and im glad you realize it

>> No.7056691

>wont make any difference to the end result compared to AI art masters

The bait is too obvious you need to tone it down if you're gonna play the part

>> No.7056693

>companies would rather hire AI artists that learn to code, doing two jobs in one
>or AI artist and musician hybrid with programming experience = 3 jobs in one

Why waste time just use AI for everything and you're good to go. Stop larping when your argument falls apart so easily, you act like music and coding aren't going to be easily automated away too and you suggest being a jack of all trades like everyone else in the future who can only use AI to get what they need. Jesus you're fucking retarded

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>it clearly means that utilizing all the trad art skills you are so proud of wont make any difference to the end result

If that was the case, we'd see all the highly paid artists in the industry laid off and settled for cheaper AI users that don't know any of the skills needed for a functioning narrative in their work. Oh wait, we don't have any of that, instead we have the marketing dude in companies pushing out genned images or companies hiring 7k a year for someone to generate images from overseas. Anything else?

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mad and delusional
you are not making anyone realize anything
the only ones laughing at the end are people who can adapt
not automated. someone will have to be the expert in using the AI tools for art, music, and coding
that takes time which equals experience. very valuable experience compared to someone who slowly draws boxes and skeletons
>AI artists wont ever make anything that looks decent
>AI artists wont ever make anything decent that includes hands and feet
>AI artists wont be good enough to replace trad artists
You are here.

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>the only ones laughing at the end are people who can adapt

For people that shout at the top of their lungs about "adapt or die" they really don't seem to understand how tech works and how streamlined it can get where it'll be even magnitudes easier to use than now for everyone. Artists, creatives of any kind who continue to hone their skills are always winning out when the prospects of learning genAI are fickle and can be done at anytime. I'm sorry you're scared of tech moving and evolving

>> No.7056715

>someone will have to be the expert in using the AI tools for art, music, and coding

>> No.7056716

>will have to be the expert in using the AI tools for art, music, and coding
>that takes time which equals experience.

I'm glad that you think the SD of now is somehow something that takes an expert to learn when it'll be even easier and essentially automated in the future.

>very valuable experience compared to someone who slowly draws boxes and skeletons

lmao the jealousy of someone who can't actually take the time to learn to draw is really just pathetic

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It's fine for references as long as you actually know how to draw. It really will fuck your development as an artist up though.

>> No.7056718

Crazy how technology and one YouTuber has broken down so many people into an endless pit of despair
2024 is truly a cursed year

>> No.7056719

>AI artists wont be good enough to replace trad artists

Yap yap, show me some proof next time when you can back it up for an experienced industry creative being replaced specifically for someone who only uses genAI. Which is completely different from companies downsizing and leaving it to other departments or other artists in the company to take on that extra role. Keep coping pal im sure your thousands of images of slop will get you the job you want

>> No.7056722

>you are not making anyone realize anything

Keep crying about superiority or try adapting for once retard.

>> No.7056723

Most the pro AI posts here is prob mikufag though...
>tripfag lurks
and honestly I find it funny if that retard show up just to you me or someone other nigga

>> No.7056730

/ic/ is ripe for despair and trollbait considering the amount of people that have tried their hands and given up on art. it's quite sad really
yea I wouldn't recommend it to beginners at all, I also wouldn't make threads on /ic/ just for it either because it opens the can of worms for AI only faggots to come here

>> No.7056739

mikufag is annoying and considering their art has been the same for a decade they should probably just use AI. the tripfag on the other hand seems to have been into art and was on /ic/ a long time ago but has given up and only recently came back because he's just so interested in AI and really feels the need to constantly shill it here

>> No.7056745

I somewhat pity the idea of someone who tried to do art and then gave up only to try and mask that insecurity with using a gacha machine to say they finally made it. But these cunts are so annoying with their constant shilling and actively trying to sabatoge others

>> No.7056758

T B H I though tripfag was multiple people just using a trip from /g/ for their sometimes lack basic sense honestly have me confused.
They've also made shit and appear with other with AIspammers doesn't help with that either or them playing dumb to it

>> No.7056767

either way they should fuck off. it's great for them that they're so into tech over art but they lost any good faith they could've had in this place long ago

>> No.7056814

I liked it before when failed artists moved on to trying 3d and finding success at that instead

>> No.7056903

>you're scared
>Keep coping
>Keep crying

yikes the projection
such blatant insecurity and anxiety
different AI models achieve different results
it takes experience to manipulate the desired result
advanced inpainting techniques
training custom models
fine tuned settings for custom models

>> No.7056939

>it takes experience to manipulate the desired result

Generate over and over gacha rolling for something usable ok got it

>advanced inpainting techniques
training custom models
fine tuned settings for custom models

So basically the beginner introduction to learning something like photoshop got it.

You can mask it by making it sound super fancy but it's literally not that hard to learn but keep patting yourself on the back and I cant wait for you to show me how viable it is as a career path. Rooting for ya schizo AIfag

>> No.7056948


Why are AIfags like this

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Cope you Neanderthal and keep wasting time prompting trying to find a job with it alone

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I think every artist should get a hand on current AI tools. Just to get first hand experience with their strengths and limitations.

Wouldn't be surprised if actual pros are secretly using it to speed things up

>> No.7057786

>sickly goblin and noodle arm downey

>> No.7057805

They certainly are, nice work btw.

>> No.7057807

t. nodraw
you understand nothing about the process or the time you need. writing opinions like this makes you look like a retard.

>> No.7057812

what's the point using it there instead of referencing regular artists work?

>> No.7057813

>because he's just so interested in AI and really feels the need to constantly shill it here
AI rights are human rights

>> No.7057816

>Wouldn't be surprised if actual pros are secretly using it to speed things up
it's mostly the artists that also do tech-related things like programming for games or other comprehensive projects that require different skillsets. i've found that artists who have no other hobbies are more likely to avoid ai because of tribalism.

in reality, it's just reinforcing a survivor bias where people who use ai are more likely to hide the fact they are using ai; thus giving artists the illusion that ai is too bad to use and isn't actually taking control of the industry.

>> No.7057818

Anon I'd think you'd be better off referencing the artists AI steals from

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Coperations technically also get human rights though I don't know why you think giving similar privileges randomly is a good thing
>then again who said have any rights to your ideas

>> No.7058171

>mindbroken artfag engages in petty gatekeeping and posts it on tw*tter (everybody clapped too)
>"you only know how to drive and maintain an automobile? show your horse riding skills first or i wont hire you for my transportation business"
jealous trad artfags will continue to die each day while AI tools get better, more numerous, and require more experience to master

>> No.7058233

why would I reference from one artist when i could reference the best parts of 100 artists with AI?

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File: 1.67 MB, 1680x1710, 1687142719926894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't use ai, retard. you're already half way there.

>> No.7058245

>AI art masters
My roastie "artist" cousin is an ai art master. Before she only competed one beg tier drawing a year now she is unstoppable! We love to see a girl boss win :))

>> No.7058248

These are the people who say they're going to replace you /ic

>> No.7058249

>petty gatekeeping


>> No.7058258

bro pewdiepie works 10 hours a day, has 2 kids, a car and a wife and he draws 2-3 thumb-sized quarter view anime heads 30 minutes a day on a 3$ sketchbook, a 0.10$ pencil with a basic color pack of copic markers (10$) every day for 100 days and he made it
There is absolutely 0 excuse

>> No.7058265

not an argument
>/ic/ now dickrides a lets play youtuber out of sheer desperation
lol how the arrogant have fallen

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File: 919 KB, 1575x1035, AI-master-race-till-the-end.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that will not do, its still not good enough that the AI proved it

I already gave up and a failure in this medium, this what happens when anime can influence the life of somebody in the wrong way its all just an illusion and profit is all but the truth

I did the best I can with everything but I still came up short, I can never equal them no matter what I do

I just wanna enjoy creating "what I really want" with little time I have left

>> No.7058268

>upset a 45 year old lets play youtuber that is market to kids so utterly curbstomped your entire existence simply because "he felt like it and had fun"
just draw, why are you even here

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bitch get back to grinding. you're able to draw hands. there's literally no way you don't make it

>> No.7058277

ngl bro but all the AI stuff posted itt is dogshit and it still looks horrible
if you follow 1-2 korean courses from coloso (check the video thread) you'll easly be able to something better then what the AI has regurgitated on the right
I also don't get the woe is me, like what did you expect? to be kim jung gi after a month?

I legit don't get the extreme depression people here get, just fucking draw retards, some are slower some are faster who cares you'll be drawing for like another 5-10-20-30-40-50 years

>> No.7058279

I kind of needed to see this thread right now. I have been struggling pretty hard this year. Even though I have managed to get into the habit of drawing everyday, it's almost always been an incredibly frustrating experience, creating one disappointment after another. I feel like I'm getting nowhere with it and I'm starting to doubt my will to go on.

Seeing OP give up makes me feel stronger. I will never give up no matter how hard it is or how many times I fail. I'm going to keep on fighting, even if I never improve. Giving it everything I got is enough, the outcome doesn't matter.

>> No.7058285

my fucking sides
funniest thing i read today

>> No.7058287

Gambatte Anon
also pyw before the start of this year and now
maybe you've grown but just don't realize it

>> No.7058292

>not an argument

And not an artist keep going

>> No.7058295

you dont get to decide what is art and who is an artist

>> No.7058297

>Seeing OP give up makes me feel stronger. I will never give up no matter how hard it is or how many times I fail. I'm going to keep on fighting, even if I never improve. Giving it everything I got is enough, the outcome doesn't matter.

GMI, if anyone's any bit serious relying on gen AI as a crutch is the worst thing you can do. It's so simple to learn and use in the future at any point that you'd be better off focusing on learning and improving your actual drawing skills so there's that to think about if it makes you feel better

>> No.7058300

>you dont get to decide what is art and who is an artist

Kek I'm sorry I hurt your feelings and that you don't have the drawing skills to back it up

>> No.7058307

A lot of brain rot and just people expecting instant results when drawing is really difficult to get to a decent level. It's also really hard to spot gradual improvement which is why I see AI being brought up as the ultimate crutch so much

>> No.7058310

see >>7058295

>> No.7058312

I love the classic pivot into "artist" as a nebulous word when in reality we're on a drawing/painting board and talking about drawn pictures. But regardless i dont think ive seen someone so upset at others trying to learn to draw and better their skillset and trying to actively sabatoge others so that they can feel like they're the same. Truly a shad in the making

>> No.7058313

The only good use where AI is genuinely cool is done as supplementary and only a very small part of larger projects/drawings or games and, funny enough, all of these people that did these things were doing these equivalent-level things before AI as well, without AI.

It's a bitter pill to swallow for most but the crutch simply doesn't exist. It will always take genuinity to create.

>> No.7058314

not reading all that cope
you are mad at AI so you desperately try to make AI artists feel bad with insults
this will never happen just like your dreams of being a famous artist

>> No.7058315

not him but pyw, your generated stuff or w/e project you're working on

>> No.7058316

I always find the most ironic part of it is that AIfaggots would even be here trying to troll if we were all AI chatbots
> all of these people that did these things were doing these equivalent-level things before AI as well, without AI.
Yeah pretty much funny how AIfags have resorted to using >AI as reference
as their only angle to have discussion about it on the board. /ic/ in general has hardly cared much for tricks in art workflows and moreso cared about pure drawing and painting. We really don't need a fucking thread about AI references because it just invites faggots like that troll

>> No.7058317

Who said anything about being a famous artist is that your cope or something. Get real retard you’re even less likely to make it than most of the people here seeing you don’t even have the capability of sitting down and learn to draw. Absolute schizotard

>> No.7058319

>you are mad at AI so you desperately try to make AI artists feel bad with insults
aren't you just deflecting and doing the same here to artists only certain type of people try to pull a victim complex like that lol

>> No.7058320

>>AI as reference
I don't get this either
There were already thousands of images on any given subject on pinterests, now there's ten thousands of them
nothing changed, in fact you could argue it got worse because now the regular reference stuff is getting dumpstered by ai generated stuff, for every image of a pectoral muscle you now have 100 generated non-functional ones

>> No.7058325

Yeah I don't like it either take >>7057780 for example
immediately loses detail on the more minute things, and one certainly could've found similar images using booru tags to reference from.
But as I said they just want to use it as an angle to push discussion of it here

>> No.7058336

There's that, and there's the fact that "artists" who do nothing but copy photos 1:1 are boring and unimaginative as fuck. If you are this type of person then ai is the second coming of christ to you because now you can just grid off and copy it to fool people into thinking you have any talent or creativity. At this point I've seen so much ai slop I can immediately spot when people are doing this. A quick look through their galleries and post dates is the final confirmation needed.

>> No.7058340

I even think that's fine, it's transformative in a sense, but will probably look really bad if done poorly, but who cares? most artists don't create for money, so as long as it's fun it's w/e.
For me, it's been pretty unfulfilling every time I've tried to work with it
Also it could be nice if you need to generate labour work like 30 different itterations of a wooden crate or something to work off of, but those are all supplementary to a larger whole.
I don't really see the point in generating big booba woman when there are already thousands for free
You could sell it, but the competition was already fucked even before AI and now everyone can do it at home for 15$ with chatgpt so even that is dead.

Dying on the sole reliance of AI for finished results for anime coom prints because you don't want to draw but still want the likes from people thinking you did is a weird hill to want to die on

>> No.7058379

>works 10 hours a day
>has 2 kids, a car, and a wife
>only drew (so far) a total of 100 days
>better than most people who are still trying to git gud 5 years ago

>> No.7058493

Too lazy to download and learning to how to do prompts

I can just steal others ai art

>> No.7058625

The other day I was trying to paint a boat in the sea and was looking for references and it was FULL OF AI SLOP. With nonsensical boats full of blurry artifact-y details and unnatural lighting

Some years ago I would do the same kind of search and would find a bunch of beautiful oil paintings but nowadays it's all slop with 0 attention to care and detail

>> No.7058629

To be honest, there is virtually no downside to having more references, even moreso if you can refine it to the specific thing you need
you need to actually be able to draw to utilize it, as putting blind faith in AIslop will fuck you up

>> No.7058782
File: 1.20 MB, 1200x992, zamh7nzrucic1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Left - original, right - ai edit

>> No.7059432

wtf I love ai now

>> No.7059466

little bro, people have been drawing nude edits for decades.

>> No.7061317

what AI do anons use?
I'm new to it ty

>> No.7061339

Go to /g and ask them

>> No.7061340

that's /g/ discussion you retarded necrobumping faggot

>> No.7061360
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>> No.7061362


>> No.7061368
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you know if niggas what to keep necro bumping this, Cock reference thread than
>All shapes, all sizes, all word uses

>> No.7061369

We don't, here.

>> No.7061383
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>> No.7061598
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>> No.7061606
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>made it look worse
your an utter failure and fool for trying to improve perfection

>> No.7062200
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Left is original