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Is this cheating

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Now get back to drawing.

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if you use it as a tool to speed up production then no. If you just don't want to learn anything yes. It won't look good anyway if you don't know what you're doing

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Barto models the things themselves, so no.

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>Artist uses Ai to create an illustration
>Also /ic/

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>you arrange everything yourself
>you roll the gacha machine and hope for a good result
Fuck off.

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Yes, zoomers can't draw shit without 3d.

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/ic/ is all the same entity, obviously
Also are you unable to read? The artist made the models themselves.
YWNBARA, Sanjay. Go be a doctor like your mother wanted you to be and stop wasting your time here.

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ai means you don't do the work a computer does. If you use 3d you still had to draw the whole picture

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I hate all the threads that aren't about someone making their own art.

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For people still learning it's a detriment to their work and can quickly become a crutch. Especially true if they use 3d models in lieu of studies from life.

Even professional work can suffer if they start relying on 3d models too much. I get the need for manga artists to meet deadlines but there's a noticeable loss of gesture if they're not careful.

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No, but it's creatively bankrupt.
>find every shortcut possible to create illustrations
>just do the minimal effort
>to create porn fanart of the fotm
If you do that you're cheating yourself out of learning to draw.
But we all know that pornfags are just grifters and cloutchasers, so if you actually want to learn to draw, don't copy what these people do.

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Yes, don't let the itsatool niggers tell you otherwise. its tracing

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But in 3D the computer did the lighting and shading...

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Life is short. A zoomer's patience is even shorter.

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you still had to paint on the lighting and shading even if it's easy

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Tracing though, besides it's not clear how much they painted over.

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>Tracing though
yes that's more respectable than ai especially if you pose and light the scene yourself, that takes actually work and skill
>besides it's not clear how much they painted over
clearly just about all of it. Can you not tell the difference between the render and the finished image?

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>What are filters

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what filter adds hair and remakes the male torso?

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For an erotic subject, this picture is strangely lacking in eroticism.

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Nobody can make this particular sex act look good. There's a reason skilled hentai artisans go with face sitting or 69.

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You do know that pre-photography painters used to literal just hire models, props and shit and paint those, right? How is this any different?

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The target audience is female.

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no, its a tool and people are paying for it. your logic is flawed

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>I need a shortcut for my shortcuts
It's not realism. It's symbol drawing. You can tell from the girl's hair and expression that this guy relies on his 3D models. We won't even address the background.

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How does anything you said answer my question?

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You really want to compare the OP image to a renaissance painting?

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If you conclude that "pre-photography painters" literally just means renaissance painters then you're retarded. But yes, renaissance painters used to get real people, put them in real clothes, pose them and then draw them. If renaissance painters had access to anime dolls, they would have used those to because why wouldn't they?

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know it’s a bit offtopic but what does cunilingus taste like?

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Stylistically anime is symbol drawing and extremely formulaic. Some artists elevate it but OP is clearly not one of them. In general, anime requires nowhere near the effort of observational painting or drawing. I get that this hurts your ego, but it's also objective reality.

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fear of a vengeful lord.

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piss and meat

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There's also something very pedestrian about the composition and lighting. There's no drama, and the plant, books and window are given the same emphasis as the figures.

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Nothing you said answers my question. You are actually retarded. I don't care about your opinion on anime art. Your original statement was that it was creatively bankrupt. My counter point is that it is no more creatively bankrupt than artists who used to models and props.
>anime requires nowhere near the effort of observational painting or drawing
Never made a point against this. You are arguing against a person who does not exist. Did you take your meds?

renaissance painters were all faggots, they were going to hell anyway

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Milk and salty coins.

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Depends on the person and stage of their cycle but generally meat. But I generally don't notice during the act because monkey brain is in full control

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consult the scale.

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cave paintings have more soul and skill in them than some of the shit on here

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No, I wasn't that anon. However, they were right because it is creatively bankrupt. Tracing over models prevents you from having to make important decisions, stylistically and otherwise. Artists that use models correctly (e.g., Doxy) deviate from the defaults or use them for landmarks only. You want to justify using these so badly! Go ahead, use them. Just never compare yourself to anybody but bottom-tier artistic cripples like OP.

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Yeah, I'd do something like this. Maybe overkill on the shadow but I'm a sucker for art like this

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Definite improvement.

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Wow, rave improvement with an edit on this board
Nice work anon
What's your thought process on setting up this kind of lighting composition?

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I'll humor your obvious bait:
>what is the difference between painting over 3D models i.e. just adding a rendering, to referencing i.e. looking at a thing and drawing it yourself?
You're still constructing the picture by referencing and for a good result to come out, you need to know and basically have some grasp of the fundamentals.
But what are you doing by painting over 3D models or a preconstructed scene, you are adding symbols, basically skipping the fundamentals, rather than drawing and it doesn't translate into drawing skills.

If all your aim with art is to create illustrations to consume or sell and it doesn't matter how much you're willing to cheat and skip, you don't belong here, hence why this applies to AI as well; You just skip everything, to generate product to consume.
You're not learning or developing the skill to draw and to observe and think, which should be the point when truly learning something.

You're comparing making lego houses with being an architect.
Sure, you can make an appealing lego house that looks good, but if you don't know how to build the fundations, the supports, the irrigation and electricity systems, where to build windows as to not make mold grow, insulation, etcetera, you're just slapping bricks together that will inevitably crumble upon their own weight due to your own incompetence.
And if you're autistic; that means that some faggot who can streamline and cheat the bland shit you do even faster, will basically fuck you over and your only alternative is to finally get a real job because you can't actually draw due to having had skipped learning.

if you still don't get it
You're comparing jerking off to porn (cheating) against getting laid (actually drawing)

Here's some porn from the last fotm so don't try to be smart and go jerk off to and laugh at the epic funnyhorny meme

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100% better values good job!

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>>you roll the gacha machine and hope for a good result
This is probably the most accurate depiction of how AI works. It explains why I'm never satisfied with it, because the composition in never even close to what i'm imagining. You gotta keep clicking and hoping it gets it right this time. Like insttriucting an 8 year old to draw instead of drawing yourself. It also explains why AIshitters sound so much like gachashitters and crypto/nftbros.

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unironically what do i need to setup something like this、is he making his own models for this?

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>is he making his own models

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Like this?

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>defending this unironically
This board is an embarrassment. You deserve AI.

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how is that not a legitimate question、making models is not rare

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Most people these days draw for the clout though. They draw someone's else characters so there is already less originality or self-expression, they might as well cheat or trace, or even use AI, it's doesn't matter. There is little value to their art already.

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Kill yourself.

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But the real question is where does commissioning art fit on the scale?

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>Tracing over models prevents you from having to make important decisions
They posed the models, they already made the decisions just like a renaissance artist poses their models, the decisions are already made.

If you want to label models as creatively bankrupt than all pre-photography artists are creatively bankrupt.

Not reading past
>what is the difference between painting over 3D models i.e. just adding a rendering, to referencing i.e. looking at a thing and drawing it yourself?
Because that's not the question I asked and you're again arguing against a person who doesn't exist.

Meds now.

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Why bother drawing at all if you genuinely believe this? Developing an actual skills holds a ton of value.

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Sure, but that's not the point or the matter of the discussion.
It's obvious that a lot of people always cheat and trace, especially nsfwtards, but do you really want to end up like them; miserable and insecure wrecks of ejaculate being enslaved by the whims of porn addicts? Because the 1% earns a lot of money drawing porn while you do not even know all the farts they smell, cum they slurp up and otherwise backdoor deals they got going on?

If you're drawing for clout and the end result being all that matters, why would you even be here or actually try to learn? You're not interested in art, you're clearly not interested in learning and developing your cognitive and observatiol skills, you're not willing to talk about art and the things surrounding it, but only chase and meme what would be beneficial to you i.e. shill yourself and play the hugbox game to get people to like you for clout.

The "you" is clear that it's meant generally.

See this faggot>>7038710
>pls reply to my bad faith argument but only give me the answer i want r u trolled yet lol meds lmao
What are these people even doing here?
Imagine wasting your time like this in a space you have no interest of, but just to shit up everything for presumably attention.
This observation can be well extended to the social media art as well; All those retards who do not give a single shit, destroy and eat up everything for their own gain and then when there is no more getting to be got, they go shit up something else.

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Riding an electric scooter is not the same as running. Posing hyper-simplistic models is not the same as visually interpreting actual shapes and forms. You're intentionally being intellectually dishonest or too much of a beg to grasp how stupid you sound.

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Nigger my point is, if renaissance artists could have traced over 3D models, they fucking would have. I'm not endorsing the practice, I just take issue with grandstanding faggots thinking that le modern state of art is any better or worse than art previously. There is no creative merit in what renaissance artists did because they could have chosen to make up things from imagination which is objectively more interpretative and therefore has more creative merit. But they didn't, they chose something easier and so extrapolating that information, renaissance artists would call you a puritanical fag for not using 3D models if you could.

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Basically contrast goes where you want people to see first.

Even in areas of contrast you can create some focus priority by slightly changing how much of a contrast there is in each part, in this example if I wanted people focusing on her face, instead of her body first, I would change the values, so in order of less to more contrast it would be thighs, breasts, arm and then face with the most contrast and with maybe some sharp shadow/light edges on the face. If you need to ignore the light source for the sake of contrast somewhere in the drawing just do it as a bounce light or if needed completely disregard the light source as long as it doesn't look completely out of place, unless you want it to look out of place

You can quickly play with it by rendering or imagining a sphere in a dark background with one light source, copy paste it a few times and play with each sphere's contrast and their position in the composition. What you can do with it for example is a line of spheres side by side and from left to right you make it gradually darker or maybe you make one of the spheres in the middle of the line the most contrasting or you could play with depth and the spheres further away you make it darker, or lighter

Another thing, this also applies to highlights like the ones in the cheeks, eyes, breasts, legs, shoulders, hair, don't make them all in the same value if you want some to be more important than the other highlights

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The modern equivalent to a "cheating" renaissance painter is leagues beyond traced anime. They're not comparable. You know this but would rather poorly play devil's advocate than actually learn how to draw. Fine. Great. Here's another (you) since those likes you're craving aren't ever going to be a thing.

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>The modern equivalent to a "cheating" renaissance painter is leagues beyond traced anime.
Absolutely. Because renaissance artists didn't have access to these models they HAD to learn a lot more to be competent. This was never in question. I don't know why you brought this up because the argument isn't about technical skill, it's about creative merit

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>putting strawberries on a pre-prepared cake is the same as baking a whole cake from scratch and also makes you a baker who can bake, because the old bakers would have done the same and they would call you a cake hater if you didn't do the same
>use pre-prepared cakes to learn to draw because only the end result i.e. how well it is received by the cake eaters, matter
Jesus Christ man

But thanks for the keks anyways, Anon

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If that's his girlfriend no, it's normal to eat your girl's pussy, if that's a side-hoe then yes, eating someone else's girl's pussy is cheating.

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And most anime artists don't trace models. Just because shortcuts exist doesn't mean people will automatically take them.

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Like this but without the early pixiv/deviantart filter look

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So because you can't actual argue the point, you shift the context into something that isn't comparable.

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Shit tons of mangaka trace

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Your bad faith argument got argued but you said the equivalent of
>NO. I'm right ur wrong because i just am ok?
While also committing all the logical fallacies

Learn to bait and to argue, retard.
Do you want to take it one step further though? post your work, which will clearly be ai generated and then you will suuuurely epic troll us

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You realize it's due to deadlines, right? They're increasing productivity and output, and could draw without them 9/10 times if they needed to. When competent artists trace (e.g., Doxy, various manga artists), it's they're wearing skis. When begs do it, they're using a wheelchair. Cope harder.

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What logic fallacies retard? You've been attempting to strawman this entire time.

>> No.7038775

Anybody could draw anything given enough time. How do you know the artist in the OP is not competent to draw it?

>> No.7038777

>ur strawmanning-deus-ex-machina
oh brother just give it up already
you're not smart and my dick is way bigger than yours

honestly, suicide is your only alternative now
Also, where is your work, bro? come on it will be epic and funny

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ah yes the infamous contrast overlay burn overuse era, i member fondly

>> No.7038783

mindbroken kek

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wow so witty lol

>> No.7038785

He's not working under strict deadlines for a magazine and everything he contributed himself detracts from the overall image. Anything else?

>> No.7038786

Could be a monthly/weekly patreon promise?

>> No.7038788

Maybe you should ask chatGPT for some better retorts.

>> No.7038789

nah, it's irrelevant because there is no physical contract and shit like that you can do in a week.

he's just yet another hack peddling porn to kids for ez patreonbux

>> No.7038791

>and could draw without them 9/10 times if they needed to
Why are you like this? Why do you enjoy sucking dick so much? I want to kill you so badly.

>> No.7038794

We both know you want to kill yourself more, begshitter.

>> No.7038797

>it's irrelevant because I say so

>> No.7038801

The only way you would be confident in that statement is if you were the hack yourself or one of his cronies or paypigs, since you imply you know better.

>> No.7038803

I think so and it's no wonder the result looks so plain and uninspired. Might as well be ai.

>> No.7038802

>not responding to the point

I accept your concession retard

>> No.7038805

>instant reply
>meme answer
>being this illiterate
Man, they really oughta teach you new witty retorts, pal.

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>still not responding to the point

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How would you know that the weekly/monthly promise is soooo heckin important that they have to speed up their process to do so when there is no risk of breaching a contract or actual deadliines to uphold on patreon?
>inb4 its a comm
Oh, no guess the commissioner has to wait a few more hours.

Again, how would you know?
The more shitty retorts you spam, the more credibility you lose, retard.
That's why i keep (you) going.

>> No.7038817

>How would you know that the weekly/monthly promise is soooo heckin important that they have to speed up their process to do so when there is no risk of breaching a contract or actual deadliines to uphold on patreon?

Why would you not assume that upholding your promises to people who are literally paying your bills is not important?

>Oh, no guess the commissioner has to wait a few more hours.
Not if they've guaranteed a deadline.

>Again, how would you know?
Right, how would you know?

>> No.7038818

cheating or not, it seems terribly boring. might as well get an actual job at that point.

>> No.7038822

You are actually the one deflecting and strawmanning now. What gives you the right to assume what i'm assuming? Are you legitimately schizophrenic?

Again, how would you be so 100% sure that the artist is doing what they do out of a "need to uphold deadlines and promises"?
You've made arguments from authority i.e.
>..if the old painters would they could and they'd call everyone who didn't a puritan...
Again, where is your argument? Where is your proof? All i see is statements.

As far as not irrefutably proven otherwise, he's just a hack and you can't argue against that in goodwill.

>> No.7038829

> What gives you the right to assume what i'm assuming?
In the phrase "soooo heckin important", implying that you don't think patreon promises are important.
>Again, how would you be so 100% sure that the artist is doing what they do out of a "need to uphold deadlines and promises"?
I'm not, but Occam's razor suggests you shouldn't start assuming shit and if you have to, give benefit of the doubt before you throw people under the bus saying they're talentless grifting hacks from a singular image with zero other context.
>You've made arguments from authority i.e.
I didn't make this argument, you did, see >>7038596
>You really want to compare the OP image to a renaissance painting?

>he's just a hack and you can't argue against that in goodwill.
With what proof?

>> No.7038844

>implying patreon promises aren't important
Not an argument. Promises are not contracts and they are worthless.
And it would require you to have insider knowledge to make that statement, which would also taint your credibility and bias in the discussion even more.
>give benefit of the doubt
You already expended that, buddy.
>with zero other context
Safe to assume that specific artist's work process isn't the only time he did that.
Does that mean that every work he does is on a deadline? Does that mean he can't produce that quality without relying on painting over 3d models? Then he's a hack, simply as that.
>what proof?
Statements of the contrary aren't proof, buddy, especially given what is itt alone.
Arguments from authority
>if the rennaisance painters could they would
are fallacies, pal.

Are you really going to keep going like this?
You want to prove those observations you don't agree with wrong, well, what is your basis and proof besides head canons and speculations?

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I get much better results when I try to eyeball and copy the models visually.

>> No.7038857

Feels like the reverse of cheating.
I can't imagine modelling an entire scene will save time than just drawing the damn thing.

>> No.7038860

Stable diffuser

>> No.7038887

Because tracing 3d models makes shit look extremely stiff and boring.

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File: 2.07 MB, 2686x962, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i've been thinking about the result of tracing a 3d model vs copying the whole thing
i find that 3d models are good if you want a guide for perspective, even for poses and something more realistic but bad if you're trying to draw something more exaggerated or stylized. Copying tends to have more "error" but that's the point, the visual imperfection makes it more interesting (as long as the final piece is good)

>> No.7038904

>. Promises are not contracts and they are worthless.
Based on what? Simply because they're not legally enforceable doesn't mean they are worthless because whether or not you keep your promises is a direct reflection of the trust and reputation you have with your clients. As an artist, you must know there is literally nothing more important. People expect a product, if they don't receive that product at the time you promise, they will lose trust and potentially retract their investment. I don't know how to make it anymore clear.
>And it would require you to have insider knolwedge
Yet neither of us have that, so we refer back to Occam's razor.
>You already expended that, buddy.
>Safe to assume that specific artist's work process isn't the only time he did that.
Why is that safe to assume? How do you know he didn't do this as purely for demonstrative purposes? How can you keep using the "you don't know" argument against me and then go and assume random bullshit with zero evidence.
>Does that mean that every work he does is on a deadline? Does that mean he can't produce that quality without relying on painting over 3d models? Then he's a hack, simply as that.
Read above.
>Statements of the contrary aren't proof, buddy, especially given what is itt alone.
You stated he was a hack. Show me the proof. You made the claim, now back it up.
>are fallacies, pal.
It's not a fallacy because we can see that they did take shortcuts and the easier route. It's extrapolating data you nignog.

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Well, since you keep being a dishonest faggot, i thought i'd just look this guy up.

What is the promise?
It's in this guy's bio that he will deliver slop weekly. It's lip service and an irrelevant marketing ploy at best.
Thus; why does he "NEED" to speed his work up on a time limitation he subjected himself to? He doesn't need to, that's his genuine process.
>but the trust and reputation
Bro, what are you talking about? That's just lip service, and the 377k kiddies are not there to watch him trust all over twitter, they're there for the free porn.
>Yet neither of us have that
I've seen another image of the konosuba loli jerking off mc but as the 3d models. And the useless goddess getting fucked.
Probably has this shit on his patreon too.
I don't save that trash.
>how can you use the you dont know
Well, if you don't know, how can you use any of your disagreements as an absolute and irrefutable statement?
>zero evidence
Where is your evidence of the contrary? You want to prove me wrong and have nothing but statements.

Can he produce that quality in the given time by himself?Through purely logical conclusion; No, he obviously can't.
What is so important about delivering something weekly?

Everything points out that he's a hack
>hypercoherent stylization and anatomy
>typical 3D stiffness
>also admits it himself of using 3D
Someone who uses tool to do most of the job for them are called hacks.

You can honestly just kill yourself now and you should stream it as well.

>> No.7038927

>Someone who uses tool to do most of the job for them are called hacks.
Better than using AI I guess

>> No.7038930

>It's lip service and an irrelevant marketing ploy at best.
>He doesn't need to, that's his genuine process.
Where is it said he doesn't need to?
>That's just lip service, and the 377k kiddies are not there to watch him trust all over twitter, they're there for the free porn.
>Probably has this shit on his patreon too.
>Well, if you don't know, how can you use any of your disagreements as an absolute and irrefutable statement?
I never said they were retard? We're arguing about what is most likely.
>Where is your evidence of the contrary?
Lack of evidence is not a substitute for evidence. This basic logic retardchama.
>Through purely logical conclusion
Go ahead and prove it logically.
>No, he obviously can't.
>What is so important about delivering something weekly?

So what I'm getting from your statement is you just assume shit and then expect people to prove you wrong and if they can't asspull like they're a omniscient god, therefore you MUST be correct. That's not how logic works retardchama, again.

>> No.7038933

>gets actually proven wrong
>the artists even admits it himself
>still keeps arguing

Honestly, stop. It's obvious you don't draw and donate to his patreon.
Fucking pathetic even for a shitty troll.

>> No.7038934

nta but literally nobody is reading your posts. Go make your lifes story somewhere else

Now will someone explain how to setup the scene like in OP in blender?

>> No.7038936

Why are AIbros so insufferable?

>> No.7038937

You already got your answer.
>but how
blender has tutorials, use your shitty phone to look shit up instead of mass replying like a faggot.

>> No.7038938

>gets actually proven wrong
Lol where?

The entire argument was about creative bankruptcy. Where, at what point, did he display creative bankruptcy that is abnormal? Old school painters using models and props are fine. Mangakas literally tracing shit is fine. But no, no, no 3D models are not fine because...they just are not, okay.

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>Go make your lifes story somewhere else
make me, fag

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>lol where lmao no u didnt
pic related

>nodraw doesn't know what creative bankruptcy means
Ok, begshitter here goes
>uses 3D to set up the whole scene
>paints over the 3D models
>makes only bland fanart of the anime of the week
>there is basically no difference between the 3D to finished render which might as well be considered a 3D scene with a filter on top
>doesn't need to rush or speed up his work since he admits it's his genuine process
Again, i am pretty confident that you must take your own life now. No one can be this pathetic.

Your words have no value anymore.
Post your work or just gtfo.

>> No.7038949

no one is reading your blogs retard, do keep writing them though people really care


>> No.7038951

Okay, so where exists the point where something is classified as creatively bankrupt? What makes renaissance artists setting a scene with models not creatively bankrupt when the most meritorious/ least bankrupt thing to do is to do everything from imagination?

If you don't do everything from imagination, you're creatively bankrupt.

>> No.7038953

>objective definitions don't exist
>referencing is the same as tracing/paintover because
>if someone could cheat, they would...... uuuuhm unless i'm disagreeing with you
You have to kill yourself, get reincarnated and then kill yourself again.

>still no work

>> No.7038956
File: 23 KB, 720x539, 1535476248733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no one is reading your blogs retard
what about it?
my post is still part of the thread's subject and there's nothing you can do about it

>> No.7038957

im not reading that shit retard seethe that you posted that for no result

>> No.7038958
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>it's another episode of coomer tourist paypig whiteknighting for a pornfag and seething that his bad faith arguments don't work
man i do love misery though

>> No.7038963
File: 1.99 MB, 245x207, 1663110963483.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>im not reading that shit
not surprised
since you dont even speak english

>> No.7038964

Is there even a point to draw over it?
Why not just do the whole thing in 3d and add a shader?
This seems like adding extra steps for an inferior outcome.

>> No.7038967

No, they usually buy those 3d models.. that is what Korean artists do, in fact. There is a whole industry selling 3d models for them.

>> No.7038981

>the voices started speaking to him
sad, many such cases!

>> No.7038995
File: 6 KB, 331x247, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the voices started speaking to him
you said it
not me, anon

>> No.7039024

No Eris & Rudeus are married.

>> No.7039025


>> No.7039026

I genuinely believe this shit is no better than ai art

>> No.7039029

which is why you're retarded and nobody likes you IRL

>> No.7039033

which is why you're based and everyone likes you IRL

>> No.7039043

Tracing a 3D model = not cheating
Tracing an AI gen = OMG CHEATING!!!1

Got it. I remember when even using poser 3D renders as references was a big no no, You fucking frauds.

>> No.7039048

Nobody was talking about tracing AI. Stop gaslighting, you dishonest piece of garbage.

>> No.7039050
File: 439 KB, 648x946, 1690722581828.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7039051

Cool, so tracing over an AI gen is now /ic/ approved too? How about tracing over an AI gen that used a 3D model as base to avoid bad anatomy?
Let's face it, this board has zero principles, after the normalization of tracing over 3D models thanks to CSP and twatter artists like >>7039050 you guys did a 180 on your stance about tracing.

>> No.7039060

>the board
nigga /ic/ isn't one single person, kindly get off your soapbox

>> No.7039065


>> No.7039075

>nsfw fotm artist
like pottery

>> No.7039101

>Tracing a 3D model = not cheating
>Tracing an AI gen = OMG CHEATING!!!1
this but unironically

>> No.7039106
File: 347 KB, 1536x2048, not a hack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Is this cheating
Yes. This is as creatively corrupt as Ai "art". Sure you can move the models around and create a composition etc, but ultimately, the image doesn't start in your head.This isn't art, just like photography isn't art.
This is why I'm moving away from digital art, because ultimately Ai is just the next step to make the artistic process easier and comfier, which is all digital painting is (you know this is true).

>> No.7039107

>Cool, so tracing over an AI gen is now /ic/ approved too?
Yes. Do it and post results.

>> No.7039108

Fucking idiots still arguing about tools instead of drawing. You fucks will literally argue over TOOLS, instead of drawing. What is next? Argue about the value of women as a 3D reference. How about arguing about what to draw to make yourself feel authentic? This entire fucking argument is about how it makes you FEEL AUTHENTIC instead of BEING AUTHENTIC. If you seek authenticity and is championing the purist's mindset, why aren't we painting like cavemen anymore, maybe have a little fucking self-introspection and realize why you are seeking authenticity. END OF FUCKING ARGUMENT. Just draw.

>> No.7039109

yes cunnilingus is sex

>> No.7039118

If the objective definition exists, you'll have no problem presenting it to me.

>> No.7039119
File: 18 KB, 696x107, sd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You have to kill yourself three times now

>> No.7039120


>> No.7039121

Okay now explain how those criteria apply.

>> No.7039122

give it up already

>> No.7039123

>inb4 nu-uh i dont get it no ur wrong then
i am not responsible for you being low iq

>> No.7039124

>>uses models, props and lighitng instruments to set up a scene
>just draws exactly what he sees
>makes only bland religious images and portraits of boring rich people
>there is basically no difference between the scene and the finished render which may as well be considered the scene with a coat of paint on it
>doesn't need to rush or speed up his work since they have infinite time and money from patrons

So again, how does this differ from renaissance artists?

>> No.7039126

>>just draws exactly what he sees
But that is different. He is drawing what he sees, the 3D one takes a render and draw on top of that render. He is not drawing what he sees, but copying over something else.

>> No.7039129

Okay but that's not very original, creative or innovative you're literally just drawing real life. Real originality, creativity and innovation comes from the imagination.

So it's just as creatively bankrupt. Can you just admit that you dislike 3D models because it hurts your pride as an artist that someone openly used 3D models is successful?

>> No.7039130
File: 235 KB, 691x625, 1701482879838078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>look Ma, i'm being witty!
>tracing and painting over a preconstructed 3D scene and using already predesigned characters is the same as referencing and illustrating something that wasn't illustrated before!
Your next replies are going to be the usual buzzwords, meme and insults so there is really no point for (you) to keep trying, yet you still do.
Are you that mentally ill?

>> No.7039131

>>tracing and painting over a preconstructed 3D scene
You mean, a scene he made? So not preconstructed.
>using already predesigned characters
You mean like models? Real people are nothing but predesigned characters.
> same as referencing and illustrating something that wasn't illustrated before!
Was this scene illustrated before? If so, let me see.

You keep implying an argument without actually saying anything of substance and just revert to strawmanning.

>> No.7039132

Same did REALITY. Actual PHYSICS. When drawing from picture, from a reference, which everyone does sometimes.

>> No.7039135
File: 336 KB, 1200x754, 1200px-Sandro_Botticelli_-_La_nascita_di_Venere_-_Google_Art_Project_-_edited.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>pic related was predesigned
>yes, the wind and the angel flying were actually projected and burned unto the canvas as 3D images and the painter just added the rendering
>Uh, was a guy from an anime eating his cousins pussy ever illustrated before? haha checkmate, bigot
Honestly tripfag energy

>> No.7039136

Strawmanning again.

Can you just say your actual argument?

>> No.7039138

It does not even look good though?

>> No.7039139
File: 22 KB, 540x389, 1617036267102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>guys look strawman
>strawman guys look
It doesn't become true the more you keep saying it.
>makes an argument
>Pls argue
>just the tip bro pls argue me
Put your trip back on, retard

>> No.7039140

>pretends that things were said which were never said
>this is not a strawman


>> No.7039141

But these are 7 different scales on your picture anon. What makes you think any four of them are connected with a straight line?(one could argue cave -> paper -> digital, but that's the only 3 piece line there is, there are none 2 piece lines in it if you ignore that one dimension)

>> No.7039142
File: 80 KB, 700x668, 1592307338454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>uuuuuuunm i dIDnT sAy iT wItH tHoSe eXacT wOrdS ur strawmanning fucking strawman
my guy i am too tired for semantics

You have to kill yourself 10 times now

>> No.7039143

>gets upset when I won't argue made up points that I didn't say


>> No.7039150

>starts projecting random moods unto anons
>no i didnt say that
get a new script already

>> No.7039165

It's cheating if your personal art goal is to draw without tracing or copying. Even then, you're only cheating yourself, so it's a victimless crime.
I certainly wish the audience at large had a better understanding of art and processes so as to be better at gauging the amount of skill and work involved in any particular piece of art, but that's outside of my control. It's outside of yours, too. If you have an aversion to traced drawings, more power to you. There's no reason to change your stance. But don't obsess over what other people are doing.

>> No.7039167

I remember this shit was taboo during prime Deviantart era.
What changed?

>> No.7039168


>> No.7039185

Final drawing looks kinda lame compared to the first rendering, center basically looks and reads better than final, he should explore rendering those models with some cel shading filter and then building on top of that

>> No.7039192
File: 579 KB, 955x1100, ea19584442a9cb99a8b4aaf5fecb0a87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think you're correct in this case but Barto also has some of the best looking R34 I ever saw and I don't know how to explain that

>> No.7039195

It's not cheating but it's a massive crutch, if the majority of your drawing are made with the use of 3D models you should stop and take some time to study.

>> No.7039205

>Cool, so tracing over an AI gen is now /ic/ approved too?
Not in my book, I'm not ic.
I simply pointed out your lack of honesty.

>> No.7039243

Copying is a tool.
Tracing is a tool.
Referencing is a tool.
Prompting is a tool.

>> No.7039297

Prompting is commissioning an AI to do the job for you. You also have to adapt every time an update to your AI commissioning platform is released. But the end goal is to make prompting so easy even the current prompting engineers' grandmas will be able to commission art and call themselves a great artist.

>> No.7039302

>Prompting is commissioning an AI to do the job for you

>> No.7039363

pyw and by yw I mean ycw (your computers’s work).

>> No.7039366


>> No.7039377

lolno. One thing I've noticed is that AI gens by artists are a million times more appealing and eye-catching that AI gens by nodraw peasants. Yes the AI can make god tier art from the get go but it takes a human to craft a good prompt and pick the best result.

>> No.7039383

only cheating yourself sir. proceed as you wish.

>> No.7039459

that gotcha ain't gotching no one, retard
different people have different opinions
and I also doubt most people's problem with AI gen is using it as inspiration/base/whatever
if you look at the image you're responding to, you'll see there's more to it than just "drawing lines around a 3d model" or whatever you imagine the issue is

>> No.7039465

i'm not approving of any kind of tracing other than for the purpose of learning. you will never be an artist if you trace. you're a retard lying to yourself whether you trace AI, 3D models and especially someone else's art. now get the fuck outta here retard

>> No.7039470
File: 1.76 MB, 498x498, 1692227743426635.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spent all that time modeling and composition placement
Even if you sucked at art, tracing a 3d model won't make it look good.
>inb4 muh ai is the same
Look at pic related.

>> No.7039514

Wishful thinking, people like you and me were saying AI would never be able to make the stuff that it's currently doing. It's copium, deal with it, this shit needs to be regulated so that it doesn't steal from every living artist unless we want to go extinct.
>But UBI
We will die before it gets implemented.

>> No.7039574

nta but kys faggot

>> No.7039768

Is lying, cheating?

Is lying wrong?

>> No.7039806

Why do people care about detailed backgrounds and lots of details in the first place? If you read a h-doujin, it's in black and white and with barely any backgrounds, if it has color, the backgrounds are gonna be blurred or just a single color. If it's animated, it has the simplest shading ever, yet people seem to love shit like pic related that takes ages to get done just for a single sex act being performed. It makes 0 sense to me.

>> No.7039824

No, but with 3d you loose all the force behind the pose, this is supposed to be coom and yet no grabbing, no desire, no tensing, no weight, this is basically episcopal porn.

>> No.7039926

The reason this art has a market is because there's a demand among teenaged weebs and gamers for pr0n that features their favorite characters. If you take away that connection to the anime/games, this wouldn't garner nearly as many patreon bucks. It isn't bad; it's pleasing and inoffensive, but very matter-of-fact and lacking any spark of life or vigor.

To put it another way, if you want to make erotic art without anime or game characters, the bar will be much higher for evoking interest in your pictures, because you are starting from zero without the viewer having any knowledge of, or interest in, the background lore or relationships of the people therein. You will have to "sell" the picture on its own merits — drawing, composition, narrative, eroticism.