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Why is it despite having fast access to resources people still can't draw as good in half the time when there was no internet?

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You are a worthless NPC nigger

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Started using AI when you realized you can't leave the /beg/?

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You spent 29 years waiting for them to invent graphic AI.

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First one has a lot more charm. There are actually some environmental props that contribute to the scene like the table and the cocktail where as in the second one there isn't anything. It's a pure cumbait garbage made to solely generate likes from coomers therefore very soulless and bland.

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A weeb in 1989?

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good job anon, better than 98% of this board

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Not sure what is there to doubt. Weebs like Artgerm existed before you were even born although he admitted he couldn't surpass KJG despite being roughly starting the same time as him.

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Its not OP's work its Stanley Lau (artgerm). It is funny how new artists think him and Dave Rapoza are AI though

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>waste 28 years of your life
>still nowhere near to AI quality

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Does Artgem OCs have a name?

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Does ArtGerm ever do anything that isn't canary or someone else's design?

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The bunnygirl doesn't have one as far as I can find.