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Thread for studying eastern style anime / hentai / manga with the intent of making original works
Post original works and studies

All skill levels are welcome.
Give critiques, red lines and any helpful advice where possible

Reasons to copy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCtLmBShSho
AVOID THE PRACTICE TRAP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rlF-qE-vsM

I want to draw anime resources:
Body - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-Ej9EIlfoc
Body - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHJWjclAVnI
Face - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxRi1cva0aw

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You are literally projecting what you fail do achieve on your own onto others. You think that by making a general where you are surrounded by "anime pieces making anons" then you will yourself make it. If you are not conscious of that I would highly suggest you to do some self-reflection. Likewise, using other people's works to advertise your little scheme is bad taste in case it didn't occur to you.
If you want to make pieces, then fucking make pieces yourself in >>7006226 and show by example just like many others are already doing. Faggot.

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coulnt be more obvious, what a shitty crab thread

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Can someone explain why OPs post is wrong? Im interested in the same topic and a third of the threads up right now are literal flame bait

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then discuss it at /asg/, im not bumping this thread any further

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a new dead general? great. as if /asg/ wanst dead enough. good try tho, i like the concept of it.

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You guys should just create an anime STYLIZATION general and delete both of these ones. /asg/ as it is is a beg trap, some mfers do nothing but copy cropped anime screenshots and think they'll magically get better. They do nothing else further to improve.

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>another spin-off dead general

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This thread moving away from the """recommended""" krenz crab is a huge step alone

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>using other people's works
>Copied anime
>other people's works
Go back to your containment generals.

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Well said as always, Miku sama.

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>posted with anime reaction images
I dont get it

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pyw op, no one will respect your general unless you lead by example

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LOL. This feels like a villain and his lackey. Really enjoy the dynamic.

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Would anyone have any skin rendering guides? Preferably by a japanese artist, translation not needed

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its over

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does no one have any rendering guides worth sharing?

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Stop samefagging your own thread stupid faggot

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This thread should have been /HAM/ and then it would have been based

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There are 0 even sketches posted here

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BASED thread. Mindlessly doing gesture, drawing cubes and tubes will make you hate art. Pic related.

You need to draw what you love, and that is anime right? So copy anime faithfully, and use construction like hide chan does, it's literally that easy bros. But if you're a gigabeg and still chicken scratching like that one dude in asg, I would advise you to do some exercises first like doing line exercises do get more confident, then try to copy, first copies will be dogshit, but the more you do it, the better your observation skills will become.

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Couldn't find my picture of crabchan anymore, the one where /ic/ tan is telling her to draw what she likes and crabchan comes and tells her that she needs to do all the fundies first

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a knower has entered the thread.

Literally just rename this general to HAM and it would have more purpose then ASG permastudies

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>desperate samefagging to try to keep his thread afloat
It's pretty pathetic, OP...

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learn to read IP count crab

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so (You) and 14 anons shitting on you? lmao

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trying to hard to fit in

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good luck anon

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thanks, this place will prosper soon

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>Mindlessly doing gesture, drawing cubes and tubes will make you hate art. Pic related
>no pic attached

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maybe he's speaking from experience

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When will someone finally post their work

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0 drawings

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DOA general made by retarded slopfag who can't draw or make decent acronym.

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pyw crab

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Stop bumping this gay thread

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the seethe in this thread is palpable

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please tell me you have the airplane one

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Some jank "master study" I drew

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looks nice anon do more

is that you soda but with a very changed art style?

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>is that you soda but with a very changed art style?

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keep going then, id prefer bigger tits personally but nice to see you always learning more

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it's supposed to be a femboy trap whatevas but i need to work more on male anatomy

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Ignoring the subject matter, would any kind anon be able to redline where the horizon is for this?

How does someone even begin to plan a scene for this without just completely winging the perspective?

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if you were to put this onto a perspective grid, the horizon would be off the canvas but the guidelines would still extend into the scene

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You don't need a horizon for something like a bunch of -aligned- buildings using linear perspective. A horizon represents an infinite set of vanishing points that share a common infinite plane (the "ground"). Since you want to draw buildings that all share the same vanishing points, you can simply pick one vanishing point for each orthogonal direction. Since the buildings all sit on a common plane, one or two of the vanishing points will directly land on the supposed horizon of the ground (or zero if the ground plane is parallel to the view plane). One or two of the vanishing points may land at an infinite point (represented by a line instead of a point).

In this picture, you could guess that point X lies on the common plane (and common horizon, H) of the scene. You could also guess that point Y lies on the common plane and eventually meets the horizon as well. Since point Y is different for each building, and seemingly infinite for each guess, this makes the angle of horizon H somewhat uncertain, but most likely close to parallel to the lines that converge to point Y. Both points Z and X vary between buildings, also making estimation of horizon H somewhat uncertain.

For the most part, regardless of the horizon, the orthogonal points for the buildings all seem to be roughly in the same direction. However, maybe the points are fudged because he free-handed it (most likely explanation), or maybe they are purposely different to give the illusion of a wider scene, like curvilinear/fisheye perspective, but using straight lines like linear perspective (Studio Ghibli is known to do this). The unlikely explanation for this particular picture is that the buildings have different rotations that set them off of the common ground plane (which would be an alternative explanation for the variations of points X, Y and Z, if one were to assume that the buildings were supposed to be rigidly aligned while adhering to linear perspective).

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Wow thank you anon, I had to re-read the first two paragraphs you wrote probably 10x over before I half understood it. You're explanations really well written and helps understand the picture even more then when I was reading Perspective Made Easy. Capped for future revisions thank you

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Oh and as for the second part, what would be the most logical way to start setting up a scene like this?
Would you go ahead and put lines far out as you did in the explanation, targeted at a 'viewing area'? Or would the artist of the image likely free hand the buildings 'imagining' they're going to an offscreen point?

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Personally, I would free hand during the composition/sketch phase because I want to get a feel for the scene quickly. The buildings become a way to frame the central subject as opposed to a mechanical perspective tool. When you are sketching, you can use already drawn perspective-parallel lines as your rough estimator of a vanishing point. Then when you want more accuracy, you create a ruler object and roughly fit it to your scene, then fix up any lines that noticeably diverge from the ruler (if you care to, it really depends on what kind of picture you want to draw, and sometimes roughly accurate is good enough; Or you can use slight curvature to give a slight fisheye feel to it, in which case your painting program is less likely to provide a built-in ruler for this; however, you could find a plug-in or 3rd party tool like Lazy Nezumi, or just eyeball it).

Here is an example sketch, and then I roughly fit a 3 point ruler to it (using Paint Tool SAI v2). The ruler object makes the divergence in my roughly oriented lines much more apparent.

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holy appeal.. taken many notes thanks anon. is there any extra resources I can use to get this stuff down more? I read and did the exercises in Perspective Made Easy so I dont really want to redo it, maybe a different book?

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"Framed Perspective" volume 1 and 2 perhaps, but it's really just a bunch of the same stuff but with better drawings. It goes over mechanical ways to draw certain shapes (like ellipses and cylinders), regular precessions of shapes (think like equally spaced fence posts), ways to project shadows.. but also gives the same suggestions of just roughing it, and more emphasis on composition.

What you probably want to do is thumbnail compositions and then fix up perspective as needed like above. When you are thumbnailing compositions, particularly with a volumetric scene in mind, you want to think about where you are viewing from:
Are you a mouse in the corner? Are you a camera on the ceiling? Are you an eagle 100 meters high? Are you a person standing in the crowd?
And then, for extreme views, you want to consider "how far away from the scene am I?" and "how well can I see the entirety of the scene?"
Am I looking through a pair of binoculars? (Probably narrow field-of-view; The picture looks more flat; Perspective-parallel lines look actually physically parallel on your canvas; Common vanishing points are very far away from each other, relative to your canvas).
Am I 10 centimeters from subject's face? (Probably a wide field-of-view; The picture looks very distorted; Perspective-parallel lines look like they rapidly converge to vanishing points; Common vanishing points are very close to each other, with possibly 2 or more located on the canvas, for example.)
Also consider depth and overlap of objects. For example, the girls above look giant because they are partially obscured by the buildings. If they were instead clipped in front of the buildings (or the buildings removed completely), but the same size on the canvas as before, it could completely change the perception of the scene, yet the mechanical perspective could remain completely the same.

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All your posts have been very high quality and a lot to take in, thanks anon I will check out the book you recommended

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Any anon kind enough to share resources for hentai style rendering?

>> No.7022758

Unless you're specifically asking about bodily fluids, what on earth is hentai style rendering?

Captcha: TADA

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3 shadow shading vs actual hentai style rendering, its very distinct

Heres closer to a mix of the two, ill post some good examples of the latter later

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This pic is how you properly "copy" by referencing a part of a picture and applying it to your own art. This is what /asg/ is supposed to be all about but its filled with copymaxxists trying to achieve 1:1 copy ratio as if weeb shit were bargue plates. A better example is eo58 on youtube who makes good use of reference.

>> No.7023559

If asg was filled with pics like that it would be worth following their steps, something like that were its directly applied to an original work (even if its a shitty cloud strife) is far more valuable then burning time recreating something theyll never use

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Here I have more examples but this one has it pretty clear where its no longer just the 1 2 3 shadow system

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Well im not really surprised theres no resources for rendering like this, still dissapointed 1 anon didnt have an obscure source though.

Even if its paid id be willing to throw 20usd at it and share it here

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See the thing I don't understand is, how can you (OP) make a general for something but you're even passionate about the thing you made enough to know what resources are needed >>7023855? None of the resources in your thread macro have 0% to do with Hentai specifically.

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See the thing I don't understand is, how can you (OP) make a general for something but you're not even passionate about the thing you made enough to know what resources are needed >>7023855? None of the resources in your thread macro have 0% to do with Hentai specifically.

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We just need 1 general for anime stuff. If the community believes /asg/ needs to be tweaked then it can be done. Splitting the userbase is retarded.

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>anon offers to buy resources for the thread
>this a bad thing

what level of crabbing even is this, worshipping asg isnt going to turn you into krenz

>> No.7024243

I hate these bitches because they're from a mobile game. And that's predatory behavior that hurts japanese kids.

>> No.7024671

Are you a tourist? There is already 6 generals already dedicated to anime and /asg/ is the worst of it all.

>> No.7024995

this one will become the best after it removes the copy shit

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There are a few problems with the core of your question here.
To start with, none of the pictures are hentai. They're just anime babe pinups, they're not even explicit.
You have the images, you really should just... study them. Look closely, drop them into a canvas and try to replicate them on your own. Once you've tried to replicate them a few times, track down the artists and see if you can see some of their tools or processes, and try to replicate their work again with this new knowledge. We don't know how these artists rendered them, because there's lots of ways you could do it.
Even if somebody could tell you exactly how these artists made these images, it still wouldn't bring you any closer to actually being able to do it yourself, because the way you draw things like that is the same way that's been repeated ad nauseum on this board forever: study, try, fail, study, try, fail, study, try, fail etc until you eventually succeed. So ultimately, you had your answer before you even asked the question, you just didn't know it.
And in the end, all these artists presumably came up with their own solution to the question of "how can I make a hot anime babe as appealing as possible?". Figuring out the answer to these questions is crucial for your development as an artist, both in how and what you want to draw. To be given all the answers is to deprive yourself of growth.

>> No.7025021

>"how can I make a hot anime babe as appealing as possible?"

This is the true question only a little while back I've started saving the pictures that really stick out into a different folder

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Does anyone have more of these kinds of skin rendering tutorials? Seeing steps on how they approach shading a particular body part is nice, like seeing the solution to a math problem.

>> No.7025473

>do form studies
>do value studies
>do color studies

It's not that hard anon.

>> No.7025481

why not just post a guide to help a beg out instead of stating the obvious

>> No.7025488

Practice your spheres dude.

>> No.7025491

got a guide for that?

>> No.7025499

I meant more along the lines of what kinds of settings a particular artist applied to certain layers to achieve said values.

>> No.7025500

Idk how you sleep at night having other people take care of you you need to think for yourself from now on anon.

>> No.7025506

I'll ask in beg then, thanks

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Since OP is a faggot nodraw i suggest calling the general all things anime /ata/ instead this shit ass acronym next thread.

>> No.7025539

/HAM/ has been repeated too many times in asg, it will become

>> No.7025543

there is already /alt/

>> No.7025549

that is the most /beg/gest mistake you can commit anon. Enjoy falling for /beg/ traps many times over.

>> No.7025554

Only by (You)

>> No.7026081

>video is "forbidden or private"
Was this the vid from OP that is now missing?

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>instead of stating the obvious
Verse 2 says, "You only have I known of all the families of the Earth, therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities"
So until we come back to these commandments
Until you come back to these commandments
We're gonna feel this way, we're gonna be under this curse
Because He said He's gonna punish us

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>instead of stating the obvious
Verse 2 says, "You only have I known of all the families of the Earth, therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities"
So until we come back to these commandments
Until you come back to these commandments
We're gonna feel this way, we're gonna be under this curse
Because He said He's gonna punish us
The so-called Nodraws, Prebegs, and Permabegs.

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>instead of stating the obvious
Verse 2 says, "You only have I known of all the families of the Earth, therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities"
So until we come back to these fundies
Until you come back to these fundies
We're gonna feel this way, we're gonna be under this curse
Because He said He's gonna punish us
The so-called Nodraws, Prebegs, and Permabegs.

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No, OP had posted a Sycra video but: >>7025000 happened

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thank you kind guide sharer anon, all of these are exactly what I needed

>> No.7026873

any videos for like this one? the pictures excellent

>> No.7026875

Op samefagging

>> No.7026960

Nice samefagging you stupid retard.

>> No.7027076

yay the asg spammer is here

>> No.7027164

Damn that sucks but what's 2FA?

>> No.7027165

Why don't you google it instead of artificially bumping your thread with question after stupid question?

>> No.7027467

>every single person poster must be 1 person

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time to draw some hornii mumei art with some value coomposition

>> No.7027530

sexo, very nice anon. Do you use gradiant maps to color your works?

>> No.7027865

Thank you anon.

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>> No.7029881


>> No.7030212

samefagging bitch

>> No.7030428

im not the guy who posted the leg tutorial tho, cant be samefag

>> No.7031001

hello OP

>> No.7032452

post another tut

>> No.7033823


>> No.7035250

nah, i just plan them out in greyscale beacause its relatively quick to do in the sketch stage, sometimes I use gradient maps to color certain things and add effects but most of it I color pick manually myself

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>> No.7038174

I have a question on this. I notice a lot of anime style artist do this light desaturated color on shadow areas that are in the back of the drawing. How does that work?

>> No.7038183

Jump off a cliff, retard.

>> No.7038206

I am really sorry for you. Wish you the best, anon.

>> No.7039212

They're doing it to draw 'less attention' to the further behind parts

>> No.7039231

Jump off a bridge, retard.

>> No.7039384

They do it that way because the only other alternative would be to make the shadow areas darker. The girl in this case already has somewhat dark hair, so they decided to just do rule of cool and make it lighter instead. If it works it works.

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>A redundant general thread full of shitposts remains up for several weeks
>A productive Ai thread gets deleted in a matter of days
Really makes you think.

>> No.7039393

You got your retarded AI ass btfo HAHAHA

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I see, thanks. I see it be used a lot in anime art but just couldn't get my head around how they'd go about it.

That also makes a lot of sense, though i see it be used in occasions where that isn't the case (pic related) and i think it looks pretty cool. It makes the drawing visually more interesting than if it was just darker in the back. Maybe thats the point. oh
lol thanks guys. I think i might have finally trully understood this. Even if it's just on surface level

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gmi also because of fellow brakka enjoyer, I dont even play the game but I keep drawing her

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terrible tutorial tbdesu

>> No.7044740

I can just go to pinterest for this. What’s the point of dumping images like this and pretending to ask questions but post no work of your own?

>> No.7044787

>anon asks for skin rendering tutorial
>post one
>huh why did you do that

>> No.7044793

hey man...

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>> No.7047415

Enough of the skin ones, can we get some manga line weight variations, seems like the topic is never talked about

>> No.7049082

there was a good one for that with a guy and his hand towards the viewer which had the different line weights for which impression you were to give

>> No.7050731

does anyone anon have this one

>> No.7050770

Derek Zoolander, a model. Idiot.

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>> No.7051093

Did /asg/ get deleted kek. Can't find it on the catalogue anymore.

>> No.7051099 [DELETED] 


>> No.7051100 [DELETED] 

Guys, posting 50 pages of tips and drawing nada won't help you get a drawing done

>> No.7051140

This is good but the guy was more of the 'centerpiece' I remember it having arrows pointing to different sections of him showing what their lineweights represented. The character looked kinda like a beach dudebro chad brad, might have been wearing a backwards cap too

>> No.7051848

Which one of these generals is the main anime general.

>> No.7051866


>> No.7051891

trying too hard, relax tribal autist

>> No.7051896

This is fucked, can we pls just contain everything to one general. This board is already slow enough.

>> No.7051900 [DELETED] 

guy asked where /asg/ was retard

>> No.7051912

Doesn't help that for some reason it doesn't show up when you search for asg on catalogue

>> No.7051913 [DELETED] 

you got some filter or has hidden it then

>> No.7051917
File: 1.15 MB, 1926x922, asg missing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7051921 [DELETED] 
File: 132 KB, 831x437, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.7051924
File: 105 KB, 1880x573, hidden.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wtffffff why would it be hidden? I don't remember hiding it.

>> No.7051970

no one asked

>> No.7052004

I did

>> No.7052071

the voices arent real

>> No.7052651
File: 48 KB, 1024x724, GFuU8ZNbYAAv3JY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.7053649
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>> No.7054293

not loading for me anon

>> No.7055047
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>> No.7055052
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>> No.7055846

this is the one, thanks a lot anon I find a lot of value in this image even if I don't draw any men