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Do you guys ever worry that paper will become obsolete? I enjoy drawing on paper but it is becoming harder to get paper these days as everything moves to digital

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I like drawing on paper because of the tactile feedback.

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If I were you, I'd be more worried about the total collapse of the electrical grid.

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It isn't getting harder to get paper

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Anime industry still uses paper for lineart. software vectorizes everything. It'll be fine.

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this lol
What a stupid fucking thread hahahaha

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Over 80% of paper and cardboard is recycled I think, it's one of those rare ecological success stories. Absolutely retarded thread either way

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I doubt it. Some mediums are resilient to digitization. Most people still prefer paper books to ereaders, for instance. Vinyl records and cds are still being made.

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To be an anal asshole there are certain types of papers that respond to certain mediums that are getting harder to find.
Even to the point where either the manufacturer stops making it or they go out of buisness so if you want to use a specific paper there may be a finite amount of it out there.
As for typical copy paper though no we are not running out of that.

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This, the security most substations have is incredibly low in relation to how important they are kek. Also mud for baseballs.

go to your local paper company there are too many options, and if you want the really premium stuff well if you got money you will get it easily.

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Even in an overly digital world, there'll always be posters, restaurant menus, junk mail, and so on. There'll always be printing, and therefore paper.

But if the situation with Aardman Animation's running out of clay shows, there's always a risk of niche products, or once mainstream products, eventually discontinuing. I wouldn't be surprised if Linoprint slabs, or Scratchboard paper, or particular high quality papers like Bristol Board or Illustration Board become quite hard to get.

Paper as a whole though? No. We're tactile creatures, and we're always going to want a physical form of sorts. So there'll always be a market for traditional art supplies to some extent.

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The bloated bureaucracy of any government will ensure paper companies will never go out of business.

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No, are you fucking retarded

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Digital will become obsolete before paper. I believe one day we will not produce enough energy to afford digital art on a worldwide scale.

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Ecoterrorists still want to ban it tho.
It's not about ecology, it's about control.

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>total collapse of the electrical grid.
This. Digital fags are going to get btfo so bad while trad fags will be able to draw in cave walls with charcoal.

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Just wait till the cave collapses too! HAHAHA!

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People would be more worried about their next toilet paper roll and other bodily essentials than some naked pinup of Hatsune Miku.

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matter of fact, society will murder artists just for wasting precious printer paper

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I worry about art companies going out of business because the younger generation doesn't care the same about art the same way the older ones did.

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>it is becoming harder to get paper these days
Do you live in Antarctica or some shit