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Other than drawing all day, what else should I be doing? The krenz exercises where you draw a line 100+ times?

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First, try to be more honest in your life. With yourself, your peers, and strangers.
You don't draw all day.
Secondly, instead of seeking any more active activities, how about spending some of that spare time on cleansing your polluted, miserable mind from all the garbage that keeps swirling around it?

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pyw if you've been drawing all day it should be easy to show us

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depends. what are your goals and intentions?

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learning Japanese, so you can gain access to the superior drawing knowledge of the Nipponnese

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or chinese
they can do both realism and anime better

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do autistic bugman studies

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>Quits WotC because the art director at the time was being a cunt to her
>Goes to be a cunt to others as soon as she gets any semblance of pull
Why can't women handle authority at all?

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off topic retard go back to /r9k and crying yourself to sleep.